Inter 1-2 Juventus | Juve Back On Top As Dybala & Higuaín Strike | Serie A

Juventus returned to the top of the table, as Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuaín struck to give the visitors a 2-1 win over Inter.

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PlayOfThe Day
PlayOfThe Day:
The 3 goals were all scored by Argentinians lol
seba giovinco
seba giovinco:
Impressed by Ronaldo he's playing all around like ten years ago
gdp fan
gdp fan:
Ronaldo seems like a 28 years old guy.
Dank Meme
Dank Meme:
Cmon Sarri, Dybala should be starting every game
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard:
Ronaldo is looking like his younger self at Juventus. he is all over the pitch, making his teammates better
Alan Jr Walker
Alan Jr Walker:
Ronaldo is playing like his Manchester united days it's freaking lovely
Ronaldo is actually ridiculous, I don’t want this guy to age any more :(
Juve's second goal... Juve hired Sarri for goals and plays like this. It might look simple, but there are months of work behind it.
Vighnesh Ms
Vighnesh Ms:
All the goal scorers was argentinians
3:21 I love that passion 🇦🇷🇮🇹
Alberto Rodolfi
Alberto Rodolfi:
3:15 Ronaldo kicks at the same time with Higuain :,D
Mr. Mars
Mr. Mars:
Dybala, Higuaín and Martinez are from🇦🇷. Argentine players are on 🔥
Toni Georg
Toni Georg:
Don't forget that Dybala and Higuain brought Juve to CL final in 2017.
Ronaldo plays so well but always small offsides disallow his goals ffs
Antonius Joseph
Antonius Joseph:
Ronaldo is really fantastic, looks like player under 30 years old..amazing
Dybala was never a risk. Just had one of those bad spells. Great to see he bounced back.
Marcos Siqueira
Marcos Siqueira:
1:37 take it for free De Ligt
Kedy John
Kedy John:
Having watched the whole game, Could say Pjanic plays with his hands the way he does things with ease.
Davi Rosembarque Garcia
Davi Rosembarque Garcia:
Dybala um monstro que ngm liga... Admiro dms o futebol dele, joga dms esse garoto
Soggy Waffles
Soggy Waffles:
Who said Ronaldo and Dybala can’t play together again?
Lucas Nyszczuk
Lucas Nyszczuk:
Goles de Argentinos 🔥🔥
Sarri took a Risk? Dybala should always start amazing player
Sholeh Wijayanto
Sholeh Wijayanto:
The fact that bentancur saw Higuain and made the perfect pass still amazes me
Wesley Thuo
Wesley Thuo:
Ain't gonna lie to you with the way inter played if this was allegri's Juventus they would have lost,inter played really well, but sarriball was great to watch especially in that second goal
André Peralta
André Peralta:
Love how Ronaldo does the same movement as higuain as he's scoring. Man cant stop scoring even when he doesnt have the ball!
Imagine if Serie A will return to its competetive days! I would love to see that
Tammy Edafe
Tammy Edafe:
My simple question is... Will CR7 ever get weak... Younger everyday!
Rain Berry
Rain Berry:
2:00 best
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn:
0:40 de light with that passing already. Wow
Abhijeet Singh
Abhijeet Singh:
3:15 Ronaldo kicks when higuain kicks , thats goal scoring instinct , that's passion.
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12:
Argentina striker 🔥
Mirshad Mirshado
Mirshad Mirshado:
Ooops, we did it again
Даниил Вакуленко
Даниил Вакуленко:
With love for Russia series A❤🤫
koli hoxha
koli hoxha:
Pjanic have make one of the best play forever!! Big up pjanic 💪💪💪
English Visual Words
English Visual Words:
Inter: I am going to be Champion ending your dynasty!

Juve: Oh, hold my Jeep's Tyres!
Luciene Galo
Luciene Galo:
Cr7 e Dybala,formam ótimas duplas
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Turin Argie 2 - Inter Argie 1
Hyu Ming
Hyu Ming:
when I first saw cr7 man u, he was 18 year old and i thought he was 22-23. Today, he is 34 but he looks like 26.
Ażżraq 2001
Ażżraq 2001:
The Former Chelsea FC Coaches🔵❤
David Saad
David Saad:
El Classico - Italian version
Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf:
0:43 great shot Ronaldo on fire
Just missing a slight curve
Elsa Margareth
Elsa Margareth:
Wow.. This is trending number 4 in my Country,Indonesia.
Felicidades Dybala! Te Amo..
Akash ALP
Akash ALP:
I'm not a football fan but I love dybala 😍, from India
Andi Kis
Andi Kis:
The best juve, cristiano ronaldo..💪💪
pablo tapia
pablo tapia:
Argentina 🇦🇷 represented lautaro, dybala and higuain
muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir
muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir:
Italian 'Chelsea' Conte v Italian 'Chelsea' Sarri.
Former Sarri Chelsea loanee Higuin had the final says.
Al Ayyuby
Al Ayyuby:
Mamam inter 😂
Anurag K
Anurag K:
I got this in my recommendation after Inter beat Juve
Maz Ogie
Maz Ogie:
Like his Manchester united days it's freaking lovely❤
Ronaldo deserves a goal for the way he played.
Gabriel -202
Gabriel -202:
Huguain was with sarri at Chelsea and they came back at juve
That was the fastest Higuain has ever run
G4 UL Channel
G4 UL Channel:
Beautifull goal, very very nice shot
Awesome the moment...
Never give up💪
3:13 Goaaaalllllaaacccooooo!
Enoch Olanrewaju
Enoch Olanrewaju:
I hope we remember that this is the clash of Chelsea's most recent coaches. Clash of the ex-blues
Danni Dcruz
Danni Dcruz:
Treding because of CR7 ❤️❤️
Paulo *Dybala*
Lautaro *Martinez*
Gonzalo *Higuaín*
Taziah Slentiller
Taziah Slentiller:
2:46. There should be penalty!
Luthando Mpengesi
Luthando Mpengesi:
I see both my ex’s
Marko Zivanovic
Marko Zivanovic:
Again, great passing game by Ronaldo, makes all the difference when he does it.
Shahed MC
Shahed MC:
Hope Inter will improve for the game at Juve.
Serie a is the best now
MeyerdPiñero #TSU
MeyerdPiñero #TSU:
Yes so how dybala ran from his mates hahaha
Aurelia Dragomir
Aurelia Dragomir:
Inter Milano: we're gonna win the 19th Italian title!
Juventus/Piemonte Calcio: hold my EA's Money
Danny Man
Danny Man:
Great game, great signs for the Serie A, and great performance by the Argentines
Finley Flynn
Finley Flynn:
Well played. Thanks for the review^)
Mad HayKim
Mad HayKim:
I wish i can play like them but my body didnt allow it.

Haha what a excuse!
Mysterious Clown
Mysterious Clown:
The subtitle make me laughing haha
Furkan Bulut
Furkan Bulut:
0:37 😖😮
Pedro Centeno
Pedro Centeno:
Dybala + Ronaldo 🔥💥🔥💥💯
Full 4uego
Full 4uego:
That’s my favorite team Piemonte Calcio 🇮🇹🇮🇹
Asaru Ptah
Asaru Ptah:
Juv go top ending inter unbeaten run Dybala excellent goal.
El papu Gomez
El papu Gomez:
Now I like the Sarriball 💥☝🔥
2:46 penalty
0:20 When you meet your ex ..
MarlonLouis Morales Liwanag
MarlonLouis Morales Liwanag:
Phenomenal 😍
ccc iii
ccc iii:
Dybala is handsome yeahh🔥🔥
I knew Lukaku wouldn't be able to score against the big teams.
Dybala shows he needs more time he scored in the 3rd minute
Agyemang Martin
Agyemang Martin:
Sarri showing other coaches how to pair Dybala with big players like ronaldo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Simatupang_ Sianturi
Simatupang_ Sianturi:
Amazing from indonesia _🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
Goenk Firman
Goenk Firman:
Best match...
Forza juve
❤❤❤from indonsia
I was HERE! Beautiful Match, respect from CZECH REP.
Carlos Alexandre
Carlos Alexandre:
Juventus campeão da chanpions leagues 👏
Man utd tho 🤣🤣
Who loves paulo dybala
All I saw was 3 🇦🇷🔥
itmamul wafa
itmamul wafa:
Dybaldo 🔥
Butt Hole
Butt Hole:
Dybala and Ronaldo are gonna be a top duo this year.
Saurus Rex channel
Saurus Rex channel:
nice ex coach chelsea..conte the best💪
cshekar14 arkati kharvi14
cshekar14 arkati kharvi14:
Congratulations 🎉Juventus 💞👍👏.
Jj Juventus
Jj Juventus:
3:13 HIGUAIIIIIIIN........
Shashank S
Shashank S:
Argentines everywhere
CR7 Dybala Higuain 🔥🔥🔥
kaleab tadesse
kaleab tadesse:
Was an amazing match really
Avdhut Kulkarni
Avdhut Kulkarni:
Dybala is the future of Juventus and best version is yet to come..
ashutosh ople
ashutosh ople:
Why do these Argentine players don't perform with messi???🤔
anselmus dedy
anselmus dedy:
Wow juventus amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ozon Miley
Ozon Miley:
Higuain play for Juve with his heart
ale salinas
ale salinas:
Argentinian power💪