Inter 2-0 Juventus | Inter Shock Juve in Important Win! | Serie A TIM

Inter go level at the top of Serie A TIM as Vidal scores against his former club | Serie A TIM

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100+ comentarios:

Andhika Sarasono
Andhika Sarasono:
Barella on fire 🔥
Ferry Kesuma
Ferry Kesuma:
Damien Doman
Damien Doman:
Love how happy Lukaku is celebrating other people's goals. Don't see that often from strikers anymore
Ken Adams
Ken Adams:
02:14 *assist of the year*
Mark Fernandes
Mark Fernandes:
Vidal and Pirlo in 2015: Teammates
Vidal in 2021: Inter Milan player
Pirlo in 2021: Juventus manager
At the end of Juve vs Inter: They hug
Friends forever
Alejandro Barrantes
Alejandro Barrantes:
I like how romelu lukaku holds barella's shirt and doesnt let him make the celebration😂
Adeyy Dvm81
Adeyy Dvm81:
Everyone talking about Nicoló Barella but no one talking about bastoni assist absolutely underrated
Peter Foox
Peter Foox:
Lautaro Martinez needs to finish more situations with a goal. Here he could easily score 2 or 3
Rahardian Fajar
Rahardian Fajar:
1:32 that world class touch from lukaku is something
M0onkey 1
M0onkey 1:
Alexis in 5 minutes showed more than lautaro throughout the game
Cheeko Escobar
Cheeko Escobar:
2:23 Lukaku wasn’t letting go 😂
Dimas Thariq
Dimas Thariq:
1st goal: wing rotation
2nd goal: counter target
Amazed that Vidal could score a header with his Mohawk hair.
Speed King
Speed King:
2:14" - what a brilliant pass!
Nicolo Barella must be one of the most underrated midfielders, he is so massively important for Inter in both defence and attack.
Android 17
Android 17:
Tactical masterclass from Antonio Conte. Defence to Offence.
Azizjon Juraev
Azizjon Juraev:
Vidal scored the goal with his hairstyle, that’s illegal 😂 where is VAR????
Uwa Eholo
Uwa Eholo:
Nobody is going to talk about the assist for the second goal?
sahin_inter _official
sahin_inter _official:
👉🏻 B R A V O 👏🏻👍🏻 I N T E R 🐍🖤💙⚫🔵⚽🏃🏻‍♂️🏆🥇💪🏻
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
gile Inter pepet Milan
Zakir Ali
Zakir Ali:
I will ignore my mistakes as Juventus ignored their defence 😢
Esleider Valencia
Esleider Valencia:
Jajaj me encanta como el del segundo gol quiere correr a festejarlo y Lukaku lo agarra como muñeco de trapo jajajajja
Joe P
Joe P:
Barella, one of the best in Europe. Young star.
Winardo Sitorus
Winardo Sitorus:
That bastoni long pass incredible
Kayden Neath
Kayden Neath:
This whole video was Inter attacking 😂😂😂😂
Crna Gora
Crna Gora:
Bastoni had a great game... perfect in the defense and a crucial assist...
What a pass from Bastoni... What a finish from Barella... They are a part of the future Italy's. Greetings from a Milan fan.
Dan Rosato
Dan Rosato:
Wasn't really a 'shock' win, just a big one!
Azizjon Juraev
Azizjon Juraev:
VIDAL KISSED JUVENTUS BADGE & got the power and scored. All JUVE players must play with their heart ❤️ and be hungry of winning
Sitinjau Lauik Channel
Sitinjau Lauik Channel:
permainan terbaik inter di musim ini
Ali Bin Shahid
Ali Bin Shahid:
Ma man Vidal Finally scored🔥
Why is it when Juventus lose it’s always a “shock”?
Inter played much better in this game and arguably have a stronger squad in general so there’s absolutely no shock in this result.
Kaki Game
Kaki Game:
Vidal hugging old teammate Pirlo. What a moment.
Raihanur Rahman
Raihanur Rahman:
dont care whether Inter or AC win Serie A, just hope its not Juventus
Serie A is on another Level this year, very entertaining
Muzafar. M.K.
Muzafar. M.K.:
2:13. that cross felt like fifa glitch😁
Shanid 7862
Shanid 7862:
Now Serie a officially turned to Competitive league
John Odande
John Odande:
The pass for that second goal was the highlight of the match. WOW!
Pablo Suarez Rojas
Pablo Suarez Rojas:
I only will say:
Siuuuuuuuuuuuu 😂😂😂😂
cah solo313
cah solo313:
bagus kok bagus
Doctor Stealth Hudson
Doctor Stealth Hudson:
Almost five years without a Derby D'Italia win, and now it's finally here. Too long I've been waiting for this one to happen! FORZA NERAZZURRI!!! 🔵⚫
What a player Barella is. Absolute gem.
Lukaku dragging him around after the goal was classic lol
2:23 Jajajjajajjajajajaj Hahahhahaha
Javokhir Karimov
Javokhir Karimov:
This season Inter will be champion 🥇🏆
Shah Wahhh
Shah Wahhh:
3:27 i guess lukaku wanted to score that badly. ''PASS JAKIM!!''
3:19 out of context, that looks like a red-card tackle lol.
Wahyu Nux
Wahyu Nux:
I think this year scudetto goes to Inter Milan.
Juve have no chance.
A C Milan will be runner up.
I just guess.
Sorry if i'm wrong.
I just predict.
The way Inter play again juve this time is so briliant.
Marcell Medvig
Marcell Medvig:
0:08 great moment
Garend Davis
Garend Davis:
admittedly, this time Martinez needed a wider goal.😂
Forza Inter.
Diego Martínez
Diego Martínez:
What a Vidal goal.
Btw this is only Inter's second win vs Juve in the last decade in Serie A
H 1
H 1:
Vidal is the only guy who could score a header with sharp hair and it would still be sharp 😂
Arshad Pn Official
Arshad Pn Official:
1:34 silky smooth bruhh🔥🔥🔥
LN that's me
LN that's me:
Inter Milan just made my day 🙂
Yer Lastname
Yer Lastname:
Lautaro deeply loser in this match. Barella master
Benjamin Amudoaghan (SuperSonicB Gaming)
Benjamin Amudoaghan (SuperSonicB Gaming):
2:29 The way Lukaku holds onto Barella tho XD
Dhanang Wibowo
Dhanang Wibowo:
Pirlo makes Serie A this season become interesting, lol.
I don't juve to win the title this season. I'd be happy seeing a different team win.
Glad they didn't put penaldo in thumbnail xD GG INTER 💯
Jesse Lingard
Jesse Lingard:
Juve fan but inter👏🏻well deserved respect
I like how Barella complains about everyone that misses the goal, and when it's his turn, he delivers
Radyt Frankenstein
Radyt Frankenstein:
Inter Defenders its like Three way Deadlocks 😁
Arnav Upadhyay
Arnav Upadhyay:
1:34 There was a time when we used to ridicule his first touch :o
Anth ony
Anth ony:
2:23 the way lukaku screamed 🤣
Im a Juve fan, but it was a clinically perfect match by Inter.
Riyo A
Riyo A:
Inter dominated the game. No excuse, poor juve
Arshan Sheikh
Arshan Sheikh:
3:28 the way lukaku calls hakimi 😂😂😂
doire aintu
doire aintu:
1:33 what a touch from Lukaku 🔥🔥🔥!!
1:17 c'mon Lautaro gotta put that away. Keeper was still down
2:16 what a pass 🤯
Douglas Kipyegon
Douglas Kipyegon:
This was Inter highlights. Juve were outclassed
Joshua Nikora
Joshua Nikora:
What a wonderful assist for the second goal🔥
2:14 Second Goal like Balotellis Goal against Germany at 2012
Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips:
That turn from Lukaku tho
Lucas Okereke
Lucas Okereke:
When you play on ameteur and you want to keep the score realistic
Show us again this amazing pass on the second goal
Mohamed Ben
Mohamed Ben:
3:28 Lukaku harrassing Hakimi Hahaha listen to his voice
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
The pass for that second goal was the highlight of the match. WOW!
Kavindu Chamuditha
Kavindu Chamuditha:
Every top 5 leagues are more competitive in this season 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss:
Shock?!! Lol they were lucky it ended with just 2 goals it should've been much more!!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Barella is absolute class 🔥
Muhanned Bennana
Muhanned Bennana:
1O years without Seria A, that should end this season
220_Jevon Aryo Parikesit
220_Jevon Aryo Parikesit:
StylingandFitnessing with Tyson Jack
StylingandFitnessing with Tyson Jack:
Barella: scores
Lukaku: Why are you running?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo:
1:32 that world class touch from lukaku is something
Christian Ryan
Christian Ryan:
Loveeee you interrrr let's gooooooooo
Raka Fatih
Raka Fatih:
@3:28 Lukaku : HAKIIIMMM
Matt Mahler
Matt Mahler:
Gotta give Bastoni a BIG shout for that absolutely magical pass.
Enoch Mensah
Enoch Mensah:
Lukaku was on🔥🔥🔥
Bruno da Silva
Bruno da Silva:
Come on Juve, get it together!
Инженер 2025
Инженер 2025:
Always pleasured when juve fails againts inter, so as milan napoli an s.o.:)
Lukaku was a beast in the game
The best Inter of the season.
Aeryl vales
Aeryl vales:
Lukaku holding berella be like my teacher putting me Outta class
Muhammad Jordan
Muhammad Jordan:
1:34 🔥🔥
SIN Tempest
SIN Tempest:
Juve really sign him instead of poch
Dado 7
Dado 7:
Amala ❤
Kapten Legend
Kapten Legend:
Wkwkwk Juve apes 😅