Inter 3-0 Sampdoria | A bittersweet win for Inter | Serie A 2021/22

The Nerazzurri’s home win over Sampdoria is not enough for Inzaghi’s men to clinch their 20th title as Milan take all three points in Sassuolo and finally lift the much-coveted trophy | Serie A 2021/22

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Perišić was Inter's best player this season, definitely. With 33, respect. As an LWB 15 G/A (in Serie A only) even tho he was a winger his entire career before too.
if u needs quality players 4free milan is availab
if u needs quality players 4free milan is availab:
Congratulations hakans for being runners up for two consecutive years, with two different teams!
This was an unusual Serie A season, with a lot of twists and turns. The disastrous selling of Lukaku and Hakimi had to take its toll at the end. Football is a simple game. Don’t sell your best players, and bring in the champions if you want to win.
Jose Alvarado
Jose Alvarado:
Seeing Calhanoglu NOT win it is PRICELESS! 😂
Maduka Austin
Maduka Austin:
Hakan Chanahgohu will be the most pained, he left AC to inter and now AC won the league. He is now a runners up again twice, back to back
Iqbal Taqwakal
Iqbal Taqwakal:
One trophy each for Milan and Inter to stop Juve domination. I wish they did better in UCL at least get through the semi final ❤️🖤
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc:
You can see Inter players were really anxious in the first half, then they realized Milan is leading 3-0 and carried on with much less pressure
Arudo Fudou
Arudo Fudou:
Remember when Hakan Chalhanoglu said he moved to Inter because he wanted to win the Scudetto? Now that Milan won the title, that feels like it happened yesterday. The guy got karma-ed 😂😂😂
Congratulations Inter. After the first half, a big regret, but the class you showed rewards the losing league. Two trophies are a lot. Besides, it's your dedication and effort, not trophies, that make up the team
I have been cheering for two seasons and you have never disappointed me
Inter the best💙💙💙💙💙
Cal Irons
Cal Irons:
Man I love serie a 💚🤍❤

These last few seasons have been remarkably entertaining. Congrats to Milan & Inter on great seasons
Marten Andriansyah
Marten Andriansyah:
Congrate Hakan, brace runner-up. What a Serie A season with duo Milan dominated. Forza Milan
Ishraq Hossain
Ishraq Hossain:
do you know AC Milan's annual sqaud cost was only €175M. While Inter and Juventus €260M amd €370M respectively. 🤣
Raka Dian Saputra
Raka Dian Saputra:
Thank you inter, thank you inzaghi for a wonderful season, let's get it back next year

And congratulation to milan, you guys really deserves it, in the last 5 match we could see who want it more
Milan fan: Inter have been outstanding this season. I'm happy Milan won, but i'm under no illusions, Inter have most likely been the best team. It's great to see both Milan sides back on top.
Gan Ja
Gan Ja:
I wish i personally knew calhanoglu.. really wanna see his face after milan win.. forza milan
Israel Davi Neris Alves
Israel Davi Neris Alves:
Perisic tem q renovar , é um jogador bem útil pro time e pro treinador
Calhanoglu leaving for inter was a dirty move - I'm glad he didn't win the league. Forza AC!
Sarawak's Sky Dweller
Sarawak's Sky Dweller:
Hakan Çalhanoğlu
Finished runners up with AC Milan in 2021
Finished runners up with Inter Milan in 2022
A great player without any league trophy
Ferry Ferdyan
Ferry Ferdyan:
Altough I'm rossoneri fans, but Inter deserves huge respect for winning Coppa Italia and make the Serie A title race exciting till the end... 😁👍
Anh Khoa
Anh Khoa:
imagine joining Inter from directly Milan hoping to win Serie A :) Karma for you Hakan!
Y 19
Y 19:
Yay! AC Milan sleeping giants are on there way back beautiful title winning season
Kurt Wild
Kurt Wild:
Aldilà di tutto è bello vedere queste due squadre al top,complimenti all'Inter però quest'anno è stata la vittoria del gruppo,del carattere,del cuore ❤🖤
Meifrans Tulangow
Meifrans Tulangow:
Tidak masalah klo ngk scudetto karna 2 piala sudah ditangan💙🖤 we love Internazionale milano
I was there and the atmosphere was amazing. What a player Correa is! 🤩😮‍💨 unfortunately they couldn’t w the title 🥲
Unknown Freedom
Unknown Freedom:
Great season love that Milan won
Super amazing season for milan and inter..we win scudetto this year so lets fight again another season..respect for inter#forza milaan😍😍😍😎
Heros Amador
Heros Amador:
Proud of this team Avanti ⚫🔵. Congrats to the cousins.
Damien Muretti
Damien Muretti:
I found this to be a really bad video until 2:57 onwards…it was marvellous! 5 stars ⭐️
HW Inside
HW Inside:
Congrate Hakan... Brace Runner up....🥳
the season not end yesterday for Liverpool and Inter ❤️💙
Richard Macharia
Richard Macharia:
Sampdoria keeper is world class. Deserves some recognition
Olivia Bailey
Olivia Bailey:
As in Inter fan I have to say a massive congrats to AC, but next year Italy will be blue & black
Forza Inter 💙🖤
Well done AC Milan !!!
Osman Fatih YÖRÜK
Osman Fatih YÖRÜK:
Hakana üzüldüm. Bu sene takımı maestro gibi yönetti.
Congratulations Milan...what a season...Still Forza Inter...👍👍👍
Nerazuro Nerazuro
Nerazuro Nerazuro:
The second goal from us is so beautiful
Maman Black
Maman Black:
2 piala pasca ditinggal pelatih dan beberapa pemain kunci bukanlah prestasi yang buruk, sampai jumpa musim berikutnya. Terima kasih inter ⚫🔵
George Nuamah
George Nuamah:
Take heart. You guys did great. We know the feeling. 😫
Dwayne k27ism
Dwayne k27ism:
I'm a Milan fan and I am happy for my club, however I have to admit, Inter would have def won it 2nd time in a row if it werent for some close calls. Still, I am happy we won in the end. Next season will be a thriller since it is no longer a secret, Milan mean business and Inter want revenge.
grazie per la stagione Milan! 🖤💙🤝❤️🖤
Miss Yati
Miss Yati:
inter's performance next season should be even better than this season. although this season's performances weren't too bad 💙💙
Thanks Radu you're milan legend we will remember you forever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hahaha Hakan in the end lol u deserve it
Muhammad Afif Harist
Muhammad Afif Harist:
Line Up


S. Handanovic 1 (GK)
M. Skriniar 37
S. de Vrij 6
A. Bastoni 95
D. Dumfries 2
N. Barella 23
M. Brozovic 77
H. Calhanoglu 20
I. Perisic 14
L. Martinez 10


E. Audero 1 (GK)
B. Bereszynski 24
M. Yoshida 22
A. Ferrari 25
T. Augello 3
R. Vieira Nan 14
A. Candreva 87
M. Thorsby 2
T. Rincon 88
A. Sabiri 11
F. Caputo 10
The Codfather
The Codfather:
Crazy that Inter Milans keep who made that mistake cost them the title...
By far the best Italian seasion
Radostin Georgiev
Radostin Georgiev:
What a title race, Milan is red and black but congratulations to Inter for the great fight. Let's see who wins two stars first. Forza Milan
iqbal assegab
iqbal assegab:
still need a striker like R.lukaku
Pra Lem
Pra Lem:
Sampdoria's gooal keeper was 🔥
Lucky Jaidi
Lucky Jaidi:
Always forza Inter ♥️
what a great struggle inter, congratulations to AC Milan #forzainter
Thomas Fleischer
Thomas Fleischer:
Great performance by Sampdorias Goalie.
Yuli Setiyawati
Yuli Setiyawati:
Inter got Supercoppa and Coppa Italia this season,not bad at all. Next season Champions League must be the priority. #ForzaINTER
S k23
S k23:
many blame radu and the game vs bologna.but you forget that inter lost home against Sasuolo( milan defeated
them today) and also that inter lost at home against ac milan 🤷
Putut Purwandono
Putut Purwandono:
At the end, both Inter and AC Milan have successfully gained advantage from Juventus decline in two consecutive seasons..
Y Koba
Y Koba:
Inter Milan has shown the world the grit that any champion must have.
Pazza Inter amala!
Patria Hario
Patria Hario:
Thank you inter. Inter still the best, even this season failed the scudetto. I still Forza inter 💙🖤
Ndy De 73R
Ndy De 73R:
Forza Inter Forever🖤💙🖤💙🖤💙🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍
siran syach
siran syach:
Thank you mr. Inzaghi, thank you all squad members. You made me proud for all hardwork. Win or Lose, I M Inter Milano 👏
‍‍‍Spider-Man Mosque
‍‍‍Spider-Man Mosque:
Serie A and Premier League both had final day title races. Congratulations Inter and AC Milan for stopping Juve’s domination
To think this would have been first if we had a decent back up goalkeeper.
Ronaldo John
Ronaldo John:
As a ac fan iam loving this🤣🤣🤣🤣
yuk nang joe
yuk nang joe:
Thanks to Radu the goalkeeper
Syahrul Abdullah
Syahrul Abdullah:
Amazing seasons
Jem Philbert
Jem Philbert:
Hakan thought he would of win the Scudetto with inter lolz
Natasha Natali
Natasha Natali:
Victory does not give strength - struggle gives strength ...
If you fight and don't give up, that's strength...Inter, never give up...Inter is strength!!! Forza Inter!!! 💙🖤💙🖤💙🖤
Nico Anggradiawan
Nico Anggradiawan:
Terima kasih inter musim yg sangat luar biasa ...berjuang sampai akhir demi juara...tapi tahun ini milik kami milan ....
Inter have no faith before the league start. Zhang said we'll go only for 4th, no scudetto mentality from director.

Well deserved for Inzaghi and team. We will better next season.
Puji Vetra
Puji Vetra:
Forza Inter ❤️
Complimenti to Milan for the Scudetto this seasons, well deserved! Inter 19 & Milan even better 21 (If the B title is counted) LOL!😂 Once again congratulations! See ya at The Super Coppa!
Sometimes a penalty miss could cost a Scudetto!
Dhi Mancini
Dhi Mancini:
Perhaps Skinnier is the best player.
Perisic was involved in both Bolonga goals. First one was a mistake by refree. Second one was unlucky. Perisic passed the ball back thinking it was Handa. But Radu couldn't control it. How could he, even Buffon couldn't.

Time to give credit to Handanovic.
danny pratama
danny pratama:
Forza Milan ❤️🖤
Narcyz ksg
Narcyz ksg:
Grazie Inter, Forza Grande Inter per Sempre Polonia fans 🖤💙🖤💙🏆🏆👍👍
Sport V
Sport V:
Congratulations to Hakan.He will tell us what it is to win the coppa😂🤣
Forza Milan!
Tutorial Ga Mutu
Tutorial Ga Mutu:
fans who bullied radu, did not have a brain. even radu did not make a mistake vs bologna, the just having 1 point..
i'm not regrer ac milan win the scudetto, they deserved. we lost because our own mistake.
win 2 thropys, with new coach, and lukaku, hakimi, eriksen departed
Fermín A. García Gámez
Fermín A. García Gámez:
The goalkeeper of the Sampdoria is so underrated!
Ifants Aurells
Ifants Aurells:
What a season...
Tony Butarbutar
Tony Butarbutar:
Wake upp!! 2 titles in one season..!!!!! 👍👍
Justin Sabrinsky
Justin Sabrinsky:
audero was playing impressively well
pedhi hartanto
pedhi hartanto:
Thank you Mr ,Simione Inzhagi.this year is fisrt time to be inter coach and you give two thropy, it s so great , i hope next season inter can get scudetto number 20, keep strong, keep spirit, and always GRANDE INTERRRR SIAMO NOI AMALAA.AMALLAAAAA AMALLAAAAA PAZZAAAAAA INTERRRR AMALLAAAAA
Khanh Muhammad
Khanh Muhammad:
Inter Nên tự trách mình. Inter đá rất hay, rất đẹp mắt, nhưng nếu có hlv kinh nghiệm inter đã bảo vệ được chức vô địch.
Anthony Gumbs
Anthony Gumbs:
Well done inter 👏 two trophies. They key lesson here is to use the pain of losing the League to drive us on next season. Losing to bologna was what cost us the league.

Congratulations Milan you were the most consistent team and have used the experience of coming close to finally lift the cup.

To the bitter Milan and juve fans coming here to gloat. I would ask the question. "Are you that small minded and bitter?"

The league is better for our rivalry, Milano will be painted red and black tonight... May this inspire the Nerazzurri for 2022 - 2023 season. As always - forza Inter 💙 ⚫ 💙
🐍 🇮🇹 ⚽️
Pandu Rachmatika
Pandu Rachmatika:
milan won 1, inter won 2 trophies. Overall its an equal season for them. Congrats and thanks for both for such an entertaining drama
Ari Exotic
Ari Exotic:
Bravo Radu

Perfect blunder
Emilio da Londra
Emilio da Londra:
Grazie lo stesso ragazzi, prossimo anno sarà seconda stella per noi, garantito. Siamo troppo più forti.
Misael Eros Wijaya
Misael Eros Wijaya:
Tetap Menyerah Jangan Semangat _ Inter
Opadoyin MICAH
Opadoyin MICAH:
Love how the camera panned out to Hakan
Bravo Inter ...!!!
Love the commentator's voice
Gilang Rhammadan11
Gilang Rhammadan11:
Milan go Milan.💪💪
Hello Hi
Hello Hi:
Sempre forzza Inter ❤
Cam’ron Ajjali
Cam’ron Ajjali:
if inter respected their team as title winners , they would’ve kept lukaku and hakimi and would’ve worked on building up from there
Marlen Mustafin
Marlen Mustafin:
Calhanoglu is genius lol
hasruddin jumain
hasruddin jumain:
menang tapi tak senang...Forza Milan
Gianmarco Bellotti
Gianmarco Bellotti:
manco giocando in 12 contro 11 tutto l'anno ce l'avete fatta!! Forza Milan quanto si gode
Made Ari Poeger
Made Ari Poeger:
The saddest goal celebration😢, I hope they use it to fuel up next season campaign. Forza Inter per sempre!
Fikri Fauzi
Fikri Fauzi:
Despite everything, the scudetto is going back to Inter's stadium :)