Introduce Baba Yaga scene - John Wick Chapter 1 (2014)

Starring : Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist,Alfie Allen

Directed by : Chad Stahelski

Film Description
Legendary assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) retired from his violent career after marriying the love of his life.Her sudden death leaves John in deep mourning.When sadistic mobster Losef Tarasov (Alfie Allen) his shugs steal John's prized car and kill the puppy that was a last gift from his wife,John unleashes the remorseless killing machine withing and seeks vengeance meanwhile Losef's father (Michael Nyqvist) - John former colleague - puts a huge bounty on John's head.

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Top Powerful
Top Powerful:
Viggo got revenge John Wick Chapter 1
K Blank
K Blank:
“I heard you struck my son, why?”
“Because uh, he took John wicks car and killed his dog.”
*starts writing his and his son’s will*
Garrett Rutkowski
Garrett Rutkowski:
I wanna see a prequel where John wick completes the “impossible task”
JB pedring
JB pedring:
They should make a movie re: John Wick before he retired as an assassin.
Ezekiel Blackiron
Ezekiel Blackiron:
Something that the movies have done very well is create this powerful aura around all of the characters that are "seasoned".
Aurelio has this aura of genius to him and intense respect but he also feels like he'll clobber your skull if you disrespect him.
Viggo has this aura of a very powerful and wise king, when he hands his son that glass of Vodka he makes his son take a few steps back just so he could stand in one particular spot and show that the world moves for him, not the other way around.
Then you have the man himself, John Wick, who's aura starts off as so gentle and kind as if he was scared the world was made of glass but then once he's dug up his past he has this strong and deathly silent aura as if the Grim Reaper himself wouldnt dare cross paths with him.
Russel Murphy
Russel Murphy:
That was the moment he knew his som was a dead man walking, because he knew who was coming after him.
Baba Yaga.
the reason he gives his son vodka is because when it comes back up it hurts so much more
Farhan Shameel
Farhan Shameel:
Something small but the detail about the old book containing John’s phone number is cool. It shows how far back Viggo and John go, as John was probably one of the first hired assassins with Viggo even through the beginnings of the criminal underworld when the operations were smaller and contacts were in books. It shows so many years of history in only 5 seconds of screen time and its pretty brilliant
And what's even funnier is that Viggo was enraged at Auerlio for what he've done and probably would have made a team to come for Aurelio's head. But the moment Aurelio told him why, he immediately understood his situation.
K.I. Hernandez
K.I. Hernandez:
You know the son is an idiot when he still believes that he can kill John Wick despite everything his father said.
RAW Knowledge
RAW Knowledge:
Arelio:He stole John wicks car and killed his dog
Mob Boss: O *hangs up
*John Wick says nothing*
"What did he say?"
Zhenya Yang
Zhenya Yang:
Viggo: I once saw him kill three men in a bar... with a f*** pencil
Joker: Dada, the pencil's gone
FastZebra Zoom
FastZebra Zoom:
When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks the closet for John Wick.
My boy Theon always getting beaten up, give my boy a break
Arnold Shortman
Arnold Shortman:
Protip: If your enemy is John Wick, whenever you ask: "How many men do we have?" The answer should be "Not enough".
Dame Da Ne
Dame Da Ne:
Iosef: How much for the car
John: Not for sale
Iosef: Understandable have a good day

*credits roll*
I like how Aurelio is still scared, even if John is dead theres a ton of people that owe him a favor that may come for whoever killed the legend known as john wick
Cocoy Nohay
Cocoy Nohay:
It was Vigo’s fault for not even giving Theon a list of persons to avoid messing with. John may be retired but still..
Bruno Legaspi
Bruno Legaspi:
Chuck Norris: I hear you are all scared of Baba Yaga hahahahha
Killers: well it's not exactly Baba Yaga sir, it's John wick
Chuck Norris:....Oh...
Mecha Mecha
Mecha Mecha:
I still really love this scene so much, Viggo goes from "Pissed off Mafia Dad" to "Scared shitless" just at the mention of what the stupid thing his son did to John Wick.
Ender Spino
Ender Spino:
Why the Hell does Keanu Wick looks like John Reeves?
Mohit Pal
Mohit Pal:
Bill gates at Domino's pizza :
Gates: can I have some pizzas?
D. Guy: how many?
Gates: how many do ya have.
Jacob Hoffman
Jacob Hoffman:
Probably one of the best scenes in movie history
Chris Suis
Chris Suis:
If John wick actually retire and live a normal life.. Even his maid is an expert assasin
Dora Chan
Dora Chan:
If only Viggo told his son about how legend John Wick is. Then the story would have started in Chapter 2 😂
The John Wick Wiki should be called 'Wickipedia'
Kyle Lester T. Aunzo
Kyle Lester T. Aunzo:
When Aurelio recognized that car is belong to John Wick 😂
Don't ruin other peoples lives kids. You never know when the person is a masterclass assassin who lost a loved one not too long ago.
Vigneswara Prabhu
Vigneswara Prabhu:
The bodies he buried that day laid the foundations of what we are now.....
Clive Flintlock
Clive Flintlock:
Malekith: "I heard you stuck my son"
Malus: "Yes sir I did"
Malekith: "And may I ask why?"
Malus: "Yeah well because he stole Gotrrek's Axe sir and uh, killed his manling"
Malekith: *Shocked* "Oh"
First World Problems
First World Problems:
I love this scene. They all find out who the stolen car belongs to and their expressions are great. Just pure shock
Cruel Angel
Cruel Angel:
Aureilo: Yeah, well, because he stole John Wick's car, sir, and, uh, killed his dog.
Viggo Tarasov: [pause] Oh. Hahahh always gets me
CeCe Bunny
CeCe Bunny:
When he heard the name "JOHN WICK", he knows he's screwed.
0 2
0 2:
Everybody gangsta 'till John's Dog died..
I love how John has almost as many gold coins buried in a stash that the mob boss does in his safe. You would imagine that as a boss he would have some serious money laying around so the implication that I get is that John Wick was so highly paid that he could afford to bury a mob bosses entire income worth of coins and not give it a second thought.
July Rijoberroa
July Rijoberroa:
Plot twist: he didn’t need his car he was Just looking for NEO
Mike Lowry
Mike Lowry:
It should be titled “Babayka” not “Baba Yaga”. Baba Yaga -- is an old witch, living in a dark forest. Word "baba" here derives from "babushka" or "babka", means an old elderly woman. Just using "baba" solely is an unpolite slang for women overall. "Yaga" is a name. The reason it was misinterpreted is Baba Yaga sounds similar to Babayka, which in turn is an analog of western character Boogeyman, in a way you use his name to scare children. So, when you want something to be called cool and tough, you should really refrain from saying he is a Baba Yaga, because that would mean he is an old witch-woman.
Jay Pritchett
Jay Pritchett:
8:05 "You will do nothing, because you can do nothing..." That line gives me chills!!!
J Ambler
J Ambler:
I love how when the son says he’s “taking his business somewhere else” there’s a blank expression on the shop owners face because he knows that it isn’t going to matter.
Emmanuel Chibango
Emmanuel Chibango:
That f*** nobody is John Wick; boss music starts to play in the background
Venn Miranda
Venn Miranda:
This scene prove that, work hard and let anyone tell about you.
Father: Oh...

Son: Oh...

Like father like son
Lidya Caroline
Lidya Caroline:
John wick chapter 3(2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
Rohan Shah
Rohan Shah:
That "ohh" by Viggo has such a deeper meaning
He knew that John's Wife died a few days back and her last gift to him was that dog..
That dog represented the last bit of happiness his wife left for him...cause she wanted him to happy even after passing away from this world...that tells us about how much she loved him
and Viggo's son took it from him that happiness and love.......
So what happens when you takes someone's last bit of love when that person has only know how to hurt and kill others....
He kills you..... that's what that "ohh" represented
Grandpa once told me, good karma is a blessing but your bad karma will ruin generations.
And this scene proved it so well.
His silence was like : "Aint no body gonna be civilized after killing my dog"
V: "I heard you struck my son..."
A: "Yes sir, I did."
V: "And may I ask why?"
A: "Yeah, well... because he stole John Wick's car, sir, and uh... killed his dog."
V: "...Oh..."
V: {Internally} **Sad Keanu**
sankhadeep sarkar
sankhadeep sarkar:
Father- "what did my son do"?
Teacher- "He stole John wick's car and kill his dog"
Father- Oh😒
no one
no one:
This is one of the best character introduction I've seen. Epic! It keeps you wondering who he is and then the reveal.
kelbo sskii
kelbo sskii:
Well he stole John Wicks car sir

Mobster: Picachu meme
Johann Sanne
Johann Sanne:
Oh Theon... u just cant ever get the love that u want from your father can u?
"Oh." has never had such a profound meaning than in this little scene.
Kleiner Helfer
Kleiner Helfer:
Random servant of Vigo: "How many of my men do you need for the crew?"
Vigo: "Yes."

Edit: John Leguizamo
Lance Reddick
Willem Dafoe
Clarke Peters

are very underrated actors in the John Wick series.

Imo they have played their parts very well.

The suspense between the car shop guy and John at the beginning of this scene was always nerve wrecking to me because I feared that John would punch a hole through his head or something.

You could see just how stressed out he was and in a moment of desperation he even struck Vigo's son and even Vigo understood and did not ask any further, did not argue with the car shop guy.

All these small details make you understand how much of a Babaj John was to all of them.
Tripleblade 82
Tripleblade 82:
I always loved the sound of Vigo opening the bottle of vodka. It kinda sounded like a book being opened, and Vigo was reading the story of the legendary John Wick.
"I heard you struck my son."
"I did sir."
"May I ask why?"
"He uh, stole John Wicks car and uh killed his dog."
"Oh. I hope he's wearing his brown pants."
Val Venus
Val Venus:
You are now the richest man on earth. Congratulations.. Sir?

“Have you seen my son?”
I love how during all this with Viggo explaining to his son about John Wick and then the phone call Avi is off to the side losing his shit.

"What did he say?"
"Oh God"

Perfect lol
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn:
1:11 I love how they made that guy at the back weaponize himself with a steel rod. Subtle details like this makes the movie even more awesome.
pj neon
pj neon:
john wick 4, shows the part where he kills 3 men with a pencil
John was still grieving too. Vigo knew at this point there was no saving his son. He didnt just kill the john wicks dog ...he killed the only connection john had left of his recently deceased wife.
Aurelio: get out of my shop!
London Journo
London Journo:
"Let us not resort to our baser instincts, and handle this like civilized men-"

*John Wick has left the chat*
*literally says nothing*
"what did he say?"
3:22 is that the guy who play the vulture on nine-nine?
Mr. Jersey L
Mr. Jersey L:
6:36 Even his father a company having a headache . haha
Yasiel puig
Yasiel puig:
I get infuriated every time they kill that dog, aargh!!!!
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia:
What’d he say
Enough 😂
Odil Ermatov
Odil Ermatov:
After clicking, Thanos prayed that John Wick's dog would not turn to dust.
Mona Adebara
Mona Adebara:
One of the most sexiest scenes ever. „I need a ride „
That’s all. I love John wick.
Prateek Pushker
Prateek Pushker:
"Task your crew"
'How many do you have '
Im old greg
Im old greg:
"Didn't he hear a word I said"?😂😂😂
Arkryder 52
Arkryder 52:
The only thing viggo should have said when John wick answered the phone was. "What can I do to make this right so you don't kill my son? Or me."
“It’s not what you did angers me son..

It’s who you did it to.”
Chase Vayda
Chase Vayda:
I honestly loved Arelio & would love to have seen more of him. He showed his bad assery in just a these few minutes
"Oh." One of, if not the greatest, one word lines of dialogue in movie history.
2:40 that "oh" tells you a lot hahaha
Viggo: "Hello John, I heard what happened to your wife and uh... my condolences. It seems to be fate, or happenstance, or just bad fucking luck caused our paths to cross once again... John? Let us not resort to our baser instincts and handle this, like civilised men and move o..."

John: *Hangs up phone*

What did he say?

Viggo: enough...

I love it how everyone is so afraid of this guy who seems normal at first but then... when you make him angry and kill his dog when he snaps... at you... it might just be best to say goodbye to your life and everyone you love because you're not going to be around for much longer.
Mummy Ix
Mummy Ix:
When he heard John wick. HIM:oh
The greatest "oh..." in cinema history. ..
Big Hero 6
Big Hero 6:
Aurelio: yes because he stole his car and killed his dog.
Vigo: oh..
Later, Vigo: well john wasn't exactly the boogeyman, he was the one u sent to kill boogeyman
Son: oh..
Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers:
when he says he needs a ride that's literally my mechanic shop
Adrian Castaneda
Adrian Castaneda:
“Guess we’ll be taking our business some place else.”

The most badass moment in john wick...
Bishwajit Sutradhar
Bishwajit Sutradhar:
I want a separate movie on the "impossible task".
CoverDrive 18
CoverDrive 18:
The bodies he buried that day laid the foundation of what we are now...
John will come for you and you will do nothing cause you can do nothing.. 🔥 🔥
1:02 has to be my favorite part of the movie. The moment he realizes he didn’t actually kill John but also killed his dog. Like he can’t believe how stupid they are and that he’s looking at dead men. Great acting. So subtle.
Bernard Delos Santos
Bernard Delos Santos:
Aurellio is mad at the same time happy that he can punch Theon without getting any worries, lmao
Best. Character. Introduction. Ever.
LHP Official
LHP Official:
Lesson one to survive:Never pissed off someone that could kill you with a pencil
David .M
David .M:
"May i ask why"

Never mentions that his son disrespected him at his shop because that's trivial to Viggo. HOWEVER with what he did say it paints the picture in Viggo's head that as soon as Arelio heard of what Yusuf did he struck him out of discipline rather than out of line. That made sense to Viggo. If Viggo wasn't so taken aback by what Yusuf did he would have thanked Arelio but when in shock all he could muster was "oh." All that man thought about was the thousand futile attempts to mend this incoming tempest up to the "have you seen my son?" Point. By then he had already figured it was hopeless.

To watch a kingpin refuse to try what he has mastered in his trade at first and attempt the unthinkable: to appeal to the devil's humanity, is a telltale sign of how perturbed he was.
The only action movie where the villain didn't underestimate the hero.
Josh Battista
Josh Battista:
Someone probably already said this, but I'll say it too. This scene explains perfectly the kind of man John Wick is and what we're in for.
tom jeri
tom jeri:
The Best representation of the phrase " You messed up with the wrong person"
Rifki Akhmal Jibran
Rifki Akhmal Jibran:
I love how there's a phone in the basement when john is digging for the weapons
"You will do nothing, Because you can do nothing"
ClownHas NoPenis
ClownHas NoPenis:
Damn, you know you're the real deal when a mobster knows you're going to come after his son and he CALLS you to ask not to instead of just killing you
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez:
To a very powerful man silence from john wick was "enough"
Nik lampe
Nik lampe:
When John put the phone down vigo was like nah hes dead
Ishmael Sudre
Ishmael Sudre:
7:52 I like how Viggo is already mourning his son's death, even though he's not dead yet