Introducing Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla.

Red lips: check. Feathered bangs: check. Legendary jumpsuit: check. Christian Serratos will star as legendary Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla on Selena: The Series. Coming to Netflix in 2020.

Selena: The Series is a coming of age story that follows Selena Quintanilla as her dreams come true and all the heart-wrenching and life-changing choices she and her family have to make as they navigate success, family, and music.

Selena: The Series, Only on Netflix:


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Introducing Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla.

As Mexican-American Tejano singer Selena comes of age and realizes her dreams, she and her family make tough choices to hold on to love and music.

100+ comentarios:

This looks like an actress acting as Jennifer Lopez acting as Selena
Kayla Lozano
Kayla Lozano:
Y’all realize that they are trying to introduce a legend to a new generation! Why can’t y’all just be grateful with what we got smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
Lala Solorzano
Lala Solorzano:
The girl playing Selena looks more like Jlo than Selena bruh
Shelter Two
Shelter Two:
I’m down for a Selena series, but y’all really should’ve kept the original vocals. Nobody was trying to hear Jennifer Lopez sing & we’re not trying to hear this one sing either. It’s cute & all, but we’re gonna need Selena.
D T:
The only version I'm interested in is Chris her widow. He's the one that should make a movie on his perspective.
Women With style
Women With style:
I was good with the original Selena movie. Just play that on Netflix.
nazodi pulido
nazodi pulido:
Why does she look more like Jennifer Lopez than Selena
Ximena Miranda
Ximena Miranda:
I mean, at least leave Selena’s voice.
solo el sol
solo el sol:
*Actresses playing Selena* : Maintain workout routine, cut out carbs, strict diet

*Selena IRL* : I eat everything! chocolates are my fav :) I love Coca-Cola and can finish an entire medium pizza by myself 😂❤️
Josh Harrison
Josh Harrison:
Netflix in 2019: SELENA THE SERIES COMING 2020
Us almost halfway through 2020: 👀 🧐🧐
I feel like they should have keep Selena's voice for the songs.
I'm from Corpus Christi, TX. People around here talk about what they were doing when Selena died the way people talk about what they were doing when they heard about 9/11 or people a generation ago talked about JFK being shot.

You can buy canvas bags and travel cups with her face at the grocery stores and gas stations. Her music is still played-- I'm white, and even I know Como la Flor and Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (and "Dreaming of You"). Little girls still print off lyrics to her songs at the library, and every spring, her memorial downtown is covered with white roses.

Don't mess this up, Netflix. Or you're going to have the wrath of Texas after you.
I wish the Selena movie was on Netflix
Latina Rodriquez
Latina Rodriquez:
Selena was thick not skinny she has the looks don’t get me wrong she beautiful loves her character in walking dead but Selena has nice curve to her body
baby olivess
baby olivess:
Just by the looks of this y’all might as well just put her movie on Netflix instead
Sahara Coleman
Sahara Coleman:
The Original movie with Jennifer Lopez was amazing and very well played. Real talk, can we get a redo of an Aaliyah movie though? 🙌🏽
Why y'all already trash talking this c'mon I'm just happy Selena is back into our lives
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez:
real ones know her from the walking dead as “rosita”😌.
Angel Bencosme
Angel Bencosme:
Netflix you playing with me😭😭 when is this coming out
Some of y’all are really ungrateful. We’re teaching this new generation about a legend. Her family put this series out for everyone man.

We miss you Selena, 25 years 😭
Fifi Girardi
Fifi Girardi:
Can’t people just be grateful that they haven’t forgotten about Selena and we’re getting another version of her story.
Angelique Spenser
Angelique Spenser:
Selena's family is PRODUCING the show, no doubt they had a hand in casting. If they believe in this chick, then let's try and support her BECAUSE IT'S WHAT SELENA WOULD WANT US TO DO.
Remember that when Jennifer Lopez was cast as Selena people were Mad bc she wan’t Mexican. There’s always going to be people that don’t like certain things about a movie/tv show. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out
Clemente Ramirez
Clemente Ramirez:
Yes finally a Selena Netflix show
G. Leija
G. Leija:
I don’t care about the actress if she doesn’t sing or look like Selina, the important part is we are gonna teach this generation about a great and awesome angel that ever existed on this planet. So don’t be ungrateful.
Gabrelle Edghill
Gabrelle Edghill:
I'm glad that there letting us know more about the late singer.
Kat Gee
Kat Gee:
This is going to make a whole new generation of people fall in love with Selena. Why is everyone hating on this so much
not even excluded
not even excluded:
Really wished that Chris Perez coulda made a series based on his book but hey it is what it is
When is this arriving on netflix!!! The suspense is killing me!!!!!!!
Kelly D
Kelly D:
Everyone’s talking about looks, screw the looks. Why didn’t they use Selenas original music? This music sounds terrible!!
Netflix announced the Selena series is coming out October 2020.

You’re welcome! ;)
alondra aguilar
alondra aguilar:
Why is there so much hate it’s amazing that they are still keeping Selena’s memory alive and showing it to another generation.
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez:
Guys, her family is producing this series. Have some respect.
Jlo has some commonality to Selena. This version of Selena doesn’t look as similar as Jlo did in her part. But at least they're keeping her legacy going :-)
Selena Marie
Selena Marie:
It may sound weird to say this but she looks like she’s imitating Jlo in the movie vs Selena umm 🤔
Mellie Purp
Mellie Purp:
My question is.... Why get a actress that looks more like the JLo version of Selena? Hahaha that a bit odd
Jailah Wilson
Jailah Wilson:
Y'all talking about real ones know her from the walking dead, real ones know her from Ned's Declassified as Suzie Crabgrass🙄🙄
Who’s just waiting for a release date already 🥺🤦‍♂️ come on already lol
Michael del Castillo
Michael del Castillo:
Had no idea Christian could sing! Looking forward to seeing more! Weird seeing anyone in the walking dead wearing non post apocalyptic clothing...
The series should’ve came out today we been waiting
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez:
Hopefully they use Selena’s voice for the series like they did in the movie. 🙏🏼🙏🏼
j sip
j sip:
Selena would’ve taken over the world if she was still alive.
super excited, selena was a very strong mexican american woman that made our hispanic culture beautiful 🤍 she will forever be missed!
Aesha Alberts
Aesha Alberts:
Why too skinny to be Selena lol I love that Selena had the body and curves! Meh
Adri R
Adri R:
This looks like someone impersonating JLo, impersonating Selena lol 💀💀💀
When is this gonna be on Netflix?? It’s already 2020 I’ve been waiting lol
Abel Valadez
Abel Valadez:
I like when they do remakes because it makes me remember that music back then was way better than today 💯 real lyrics
Rosaisabel vitela
Rosaisabel vitela:
So basically she looks like Jlos version of Selena
She looks nothing like Selena
Some things should just be left untouched
Danny's Game Zone
Danny's Game Zone:
She looks like Jennifer Lopez not Selena, I understand Jennifer played Selena in the movie but you guys are making a movie about Selena, not Jennifer 😠
M Cortes
M Cortes:
I'm glad that they are coming out with this series.
ew no
ew no:
tbh she looks more like Jennifer lopez from when she played Selena, I'm still most likely going to watch this either way though.💀💀 I hope it's worth watching!
Manu SeiniCecilia Talalotu
Manu SeiniCecilia Talalotu:
Rest In Peace To the Gorgeoussss Selena Quintanilla Perez, her movie still is one of my all time faves ✊ And Also know that Jesus is coming soon, Be wise and and Be ready🙏☝️
Omar Campos2
Omar Campos2:
you guys aren’t excited that there telling the story multiple times for people that don’t know who she was. They’re just trying to keep Selena alive in our heart and to never forget her.
I love Selena. But I think it’s pretty awful to make a series and not use HER voice! She was an artist. Like ouch wth?
Ricky Wilcoxson
Ricky Wilcoxson:
I wish we had more time to get to know her
Elana Marie
Elana Marie:
This is the part when I actually start using Netflix more
Indayy Ashley TV
Indayy Ashley TV:
My favorite song of her is Amor Prohibido, como la flor, bidi bidi bombom

Love from Philippines
Rey HL. D
Rey HL. D:
Plot twist: This is actually a story if how JLO did the Selena movie.
cesar prado
cesar prado:
When is this coming out? I want to see it.
Johsten Marquez
Johsten Marquez:
Netflix almost had gold until they decided to let the actress sing in place of SELENA 🙄
Aya Swain
Aya Swain:
When they gone add the movie to Netflix
Annette My Channel
Annette My Channel:
I was very excited about this until I sow this preview, the actress look more like JLO the. Selena. Hope my opinion changes once this starts.
Ryan Ansloan
Ryan Ansloan:
Netflix coming in hot to take the day from Disney+
Asia C
Asia C:
I feel like she doesn’t really look like Selena but she looks a lot like j lo’s version of Selena.
I love how authentic they made her home look. Reminds me of my amas casa
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful
Ur One And Only Slim Beautiful:
I don’t care what anyone says..... IM EXCITED TO SEE THIS !!!
Don’t care who plays her
You know this is goin to be good....

Thalía Avila
Thalía Avila:
Bad, this actress is more similar to JLo that JLo herself
Sarah Samhy
Sarah Samhy:
Bro people in the comments like she’s nothin like Selena... her voice or body like duh there was only 1 Selena.
She lived a life that was worth living and it was taken away from her for no reason what so ever. She would have dominated the music industry. No Hispanics at that time were actually making noise the way she was. She had a unique sound in her voice where you can tell instantly “That’s Selena”. And the talent in her singing shows in her music.
Jonatica Lovatica
Jonatica Lovatica:
spoiler: in the end she dies.
Captain Wonder Woman
Captain Wonder Woman:
It’s Suzie from Ned’s declassified school survival guide I am so excited to see this show!!!!
Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson:
I'm just glad that we all still remember her. It's not about looks or how an actor sounds compared to originals. It's all about the love being put into it. That's what Selena was all about.
Gorda Chula
Gorda Chula:
I wish the Quintanillas would've let Chris come out with his version.. or well his life with Selena. I don't know if you all have read his book, but my goodness that would have been an amazing movie or series.
Lexi Ellis
Lexi Ellis:
So when is this coming out out I’ve been waiting forever!!!
Shugg R.
Shugg R.:
I’m just thankful they’re continuing to show off her story ... a legend never dies!!
Kaela Barajas
Kaela Barajas:
So when is this coming out I’m just now seeing this tbh
Amb3r Mous3
Amb3r Mous3:
Why didn’t they use Selena’s voice. Why.
Sam Perez
Sam Perez:
I love Christian Serratos but they should've cast Amanda Solis
Mr Jahangeer B
Mr Jahangeer B:
Not tryna get cussed here, but Demi Lovato could have played Selena in this...just a thought.
Tyanna S
Tyanna S:
At least her family keeps her legacy alive not like Aaliyah 😓
Elli Arellano
Elli Arellano:
Hopefully we will get to see guys such as “where did the feeling go” and “cien años”
The fact that her family is part of this & is very open to show more of her is really dope! Still waiting tho😂😂
I’m just happy they are keeping her memory alive and I’m happy that when I have kids they are gonna be able to know who she was
Dezzle Capone
Dezzle Capone:
NETFLIX we need y'all to do an Aaliyah movie PLEEEAAASSSEE
Sizzal Speakin'
Sizzal Speakin':
I literally had to Google who Christian was
Victor Creed
Victor Creed:
Damn... such a young, beautiful talent Selena was. Taken away by some fat jealous torta... such a shame..
Tanesha Milton
Tanesha Milton:
I still thought demi lavoto was perfect since they both have the same big smile
Yvette Rhea
Yvette Rhea:
I love this actress in The Walking Dead series. Can't wait to see this.
Chance Brandau
Chance Brandau:
I’m excited for this don’t get me wrong but when will Selena be played by someone with her beautiful face shape? None of the people that have played her have had her gorgeous cheeks that make her smile all the more beautiful. And let’s hope this new version actually has lipstick on the microphone like the real Selena always did.
0:31 c'mon i can't be the only one looking at the cake 😳
Nó Ïñrô
Nó Ïñrô:
I love the Selena movie soo inspiring
I wish she was still alive:(
All people on the internet do is moan and complain. Christian is a great actress and singer. At least watch the first episode before you whine!

I wish they casted Cardi B just to make you all cry.
Isela Medina
Isela Medina:
When this coming out?? I tried see trailers
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera:
J.lo was phenomenal as Selena. That film was incredible.

I love Christian Serratos and I hope this series will give her the break she needs. She deserves it as much as her Twilight costars😊
jonny p
jonny p:
Netflix: We have Selena

Disney+: "ay ay ay como me duele"
Should of had demi lavato play selena. She looks more like her than this girl.
vin moore
vin moore:
Why was I still expecting to see JLO at the end. Hahahaha

Why do a remake? Why not just show the first one?

This could be an insult to JLo, real talk. She doesnt deserve this coz her portrayal was of no question, this remake has, btw.
Brianna Martinez
Brianna Martinez:
I'm so excited even though she doesn't really look like Selena but it's okay I just can't waittt
Jerry Tapia
Jerry Tapia:
Omg 😂 I thought it said Christian Siriano at first and spit my coffee 😂 💀 I pictured him with his glasses dressed as Selena. Made my day.