iPhone SE (2020) vs Pixel 4a: Ultimate Value Phone Showdown 2.0

The Pixel 4a is finally here and it comes with an attractive new price tag! At $350 its now $50 less than the iPhone SE. So as promised here is an updated head-to-head video. Can the Pixel 4a compete with the iPhone SE? Which phone comes on top! This is out iPhone SE (2020) vs Pixel 4A match up!


00:00 Intro

01:33 ROUND 1: Built Well, Looks Good
02:47 ROUND 2: Crisp, Bright & Vibrant Display
05:11 ROUND 3: Battery Life & Charging
06:06 ROUND 4: Performance (Gaming + Multitasking)
07:18 ROUND 5: Great Photos & Videos
11:14 ROUND 6: Secure Fast & Reliable Biometrics
11:52 ROUND 7: Intuitive Software
12:57 ROUND 8: Price
13:03 Tally of Scores
13:50 Optionals Checklist


WATCH @The Tech Chap's Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE vs OnePlus Nord in-depth camera comparison:





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100+ comentarios:

Dave Harrison Flores
Dave Harrison Flores:
You forgot discussing the storage, for 349 usd, the pixel 4a has 128gb while 64gb for the iphone se 2020 at 399 usd starting price.
amrit bhattarai
amrit bhattarai:
Iphone SE feels premium and you would pick it from the table out of the two, until you see the screen from the 2010s and rethink your choice
You forgot in your price compqrison "check list":
-One comes with a fast charger in the box.
-One has 128 gb base storage.
You need to clean the lens on pixel 4a. This is the only review where I see the iPhone's picture as clearer and sharper when everyone knows the 4a has much clearer pictures.
yatin mulik
yatin mulik:
Watching him struggle to make that iphone look as interesting and worthy is funny😂
Aaron Crawford
Aaron Crawford:
Seemed a bit staged to get to a tie
If you like ios just choose iphone and if you like android just choose pixel. Easy deciding
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison:
You missed the fact that if you buy the iPhone SE that matches the Pixel 4a's 128Gb storage then the iPhone is $100 more than the Pixel. To me 128Gb of storage is essential.
I think only preference here is Android or iOS. Those two are so different that every other difference seems lile nothing. So, if one prefers Android there's no IP rating or build quality to go for iPhone. Same is the other way.
Great video anyway! 👍
Vicon de Guzman
Vicon de Guzman:
My only problem with iphone se is its outdated design... Other than that i'd go for the iphone se.. but in this comparison, pixel 4a is a no brainer choice..
Pixel 4a all the way. That dated design of the iPhone SE is a no go. ☠️
ankit kakran
ankit kakran:
Pixel 4s is a clear winner here..
Iphone SE battery backup is worst in recent time.
Shanku Ghosh
Shanku Ghosh:
And apple paid a large amount for this review.
Just Vibin'
Just Vibin':
In 2020, there is no place for a notch, no matter the price.
Richvan Nair
Richvan Nair:
There's a typo on the iPhone SE's battery capacity
You forgot that iPhone SE 128 is 100 dollars more than the pixel
Is i am the only one who heard iPhone battery capacity 1821 mah battery and seeing 1415 mah on the screen
Kauri Channel
Kauri Channel:
Bias level percentage of this review: 100
Watching him talking while his mouth is inclined to the left makes me anxious. 😅
christoph schemiczek
christoph schemiczek:
Did you ever heard of Steve Urkel? It’s the voice man, it struck me when I was listen to you! Steve is alive! Great:-)
Sladjan Ristic
Sladjan Ristic:
5:34 In the background, Sarajevo the capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
James Tan
James Tan:
pixel 4a is my gadget.
📱 damage by water also not under warranty cover.
Joe Hickey
Joe Hickey:
Both have pros and cons, I think the eco system is a major thing to consider.
Great showdown 😎👍
Austin Noriega
Austin Noriega:
Finally The review comparison I needed thank you
Felipe Silveira
Felipe Silveira:
Thank you for listening to your viewers! I commented on the last video about stereo speakers and you added the item on your list! Keep up with the awesome work, buddy
Gerrard 114
Gerrard 114:
Man, samsung ads keep popping in and out on these videos. I guess they want you to know who's the best.
Wow 👏 👏 look who is this 😍 🙌❤🕶 ultimate battle ❤ Street fight ✅
Avi Vishwakarma
Avi Vishwakarma:
14:56 but dont have 3.5 mm audio Jack 🐱(iPhone se)
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
What percentage of ppl keep the same phone for over 3 yrs anyway? I can't imagine having same phone for FIVE YEARS lol. I'll take that 4a now, pls TYVM.
I love watching your videos. It inspire me to know more about technology.
The script of the videos of gadget match are next level. Keep up the great work Josh also to ur script writer if you are not already...
Toby Teng
Toby Teng:
Have been waiting for your review!
Soumalya Chakraborty
Soumalya Chakraborty:
One of the more sensible and practical comparisons. Love the way you laid out the categories and the objectivity. Keep 'em coming
choice icon
choice icon:
Both has small batteries
Akshay Ramesh
Akshay Ramesh:
You said You'll pick up the iPhone after seeing the 10YO display! Very great advice😂 and We have winner now 😁
Alexandre Bertani
Alexandre Bertani:
Super interesting this style of video!!
Aaron Louviere
Aaron Louviere:
Deal breaker for me is the headphone jack. No jack, no buy. I'm going with the Pixel 4a
Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza:
you forgot local storage, the Pixel has double of the iPhone storage . hard to pick one for sure. i love the iPhone Se for it's power and software support but the Pixel 4a with that beautiful full screen fill my eyes with joy 😍😍. this time i think i will go with the Pixel 👍🏽
Chandramowli shvaran
Chandramowli shvaran:
It's simple if you want android it's Pixel
If you want iOS then it's SE that's it 😇
Anirudh Addanki
Anirudh Addanki:
The only thing that's keeping me from getting the SE is the tiny display
Harikrishna R
Harikrishna R:
Sir, could you please do a camera comparison between One plus Nord and Oppo Reno 4 Pro.....😊😊😊
Mondli Ngwenya
Mondli Ngwenya:
Im really interested in the Samsung A line. Any chance we can see a line-up on this channel? Most tech channels only seem to feature flagships
Matt Sanchez
Matt Sanchez:
I own both of these phones, the SE is my work phone. I never use the SE except to check email and answer work calls, it’s not practical for anything else because of the tiny LCD screen
Lalit Chauhan
Lalit Chauhan:
Ayy I'm early!
6:54 UFS 3.1 ON Pixel 4a??
Lyndon Coleman
Lyndon Coleman:
To me, beautiful display, long battery life and a great camera is a must and the pixel 4a checks all the box
Russel Mejos
Russel Mejos:
New Vid 👌🏻
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Gabriele Diex
Gabriele Diex:
Iphone has also the wifi 6, hdmi video exit and e-sim possibility.
Alan Silva
Alan Silva:
Here in Europe:
Pixel 4a: €344
iPhone SE 128gb: €515
Domenick Llegue
Domenick Llegue:
Can someone that have the iphone se 2020 answer me if the phone heats too much while gaming?

Rly wanted to know since im intereseted in buying it
shovonur rahman
shovonur rahman:
Excellent review!!!!
Great review
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema:
Gerald Marco
Gerald Marco:
I. Moon9
I. Moon9:
Your contents are loveable dear. 👍
Grace Ramirez
Grace Ramirez:
Heyyyy... thanks for that showdown.....lots of info....can you make a showdown for Samsung Galaxy a71 and Huawei nova 7se.....
Syaril Naseem
Syaril Naseem:
Pixel 4a vs Oneplus Nord for the next head to head comparison video, please :)
James Baker
James Baker:
‼️ I think you can skip all 16 minutes of the video and say these are both really good midrange phones... It comes down to - do you prefer iOS or Android? That question supercedes any other on this comparison.
Luke ET
Luke ET:
I'd say pick up the 4a but the say the iphone feels better
Sreejith Prakash13s
Sreejith Prakash13s:
2.13 🥰Harry...
Asela Hemantha
Asela Hemantha:
The best head to head video. Thankz Michael❤️
Rick Everett
Rick Everett:
So every other comparison and review the comparison etc the battery life especially photos are way ahead in the pixel. Strange.
Sky Sora
Sky Sora:
Never been this early.
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3:
This is a beautiful phone 💓💥💓💓💓
Kinks & Curls
Kinks & Curls:
Watching this on the iPhone SE
tanvir ahmed
tanvir ahmed:
Bro you missed pixel 128gb Storage
I think that’s a must for using a phone for 2 years
Roland Tecson
Roland Tecson:
I'd say it's a tie in the camera department..
John Ray Ablaza
John Ray Ablaza:
Pixel 4a is the clear winner for me 💯
Nice Vid MJ 🤗 your avid fan here hehe frm ph ❤️
Mark Anthony Reyes Aguion
Mark Anthony Reyes Aguion:
Wow. Pixel for me. Hahahahha
imran mirza
imran mirza:
Pixel 4a defenetly bcoz of the camera, stock android and especially the design.
Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel:
I still go with iPhone SE no matter what :-)
Balázs Molnár
Balázs Molnár:
5:17 1821 -> 1415
Leonardo Pereira
Leonardo Pereira:
Mojibul hoque Zihad
Mojibul hoque Zihad:
Lol comparison 🤣
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh:
Finally a 💲paid video by Apple 🙏🏻
roshan shah
roshan shah:
5:15 1415mAh or 1821mAh ??
What was that video editor app?
Tommy Sawyer
Tommy Sawyer:
7:00 - Pixel 4A has ufs 2.1 type of ROM, not ufs 3.1.
Your're more likely to get a defective pixel than a defective iphone. Also, the iphone is going to outlast the pixel in terms of support and repairs.
Great review as always. One other major difference with the iPhone you have to spend an extra $50 to get the same amount of storage as in the Pixel, as well as another $50 or so to equal the quick charging that the Pixel comes with out of the box.
Alex K
Alex K:
Pixel simply because the screen is different from my iPhone 7. Need something that feels new as well
Nafis Rekkles
Nafis Rekkles:
The design is such a big factor I had to go with the pixel 4a
Arthur Robles
Arthur Robles:
Should I get the 4a or wait for the 4a 5G? Is 5G going to make any difference for the life of the phone in the next 3 or 4 years? Thank you.
Balázs Molnár
Balázs Molnár:
The iphone is 399 for 64 GB, 449 for 128, the pixel is 128 so... 🤷🏻‍♂
Also the "399" retails for the equivalent of 553 here, thanks I'll pass 😂😂😂
019_Anshuman Tiwari
019_Anshuman Tiwari:
I would choose android over iOS
Paul Andrew Sacramento
Paul Andrew Sacramento:
I haven't been a huge follower of this channel but this video may have just changed that. I love the comparison you did here; it was fair and the points you brought out were really good ones. I personally prefer the Pixel here mainly because of the screen. I've had the Note 5, Note 8, and now S10+ and I find it extremely difficult to move to a smaller display. If I were looking for a great camera phone, I might pick up the SE only because it takes better daytime photos. Anyway, I really love the way you made this comparison. Keep it up!
Himalayan Wanderer
Himalayan Wanderer:
My Pixel 2XL goes head to head on still photography with iPhone 11. I'll wait till Pixel 5 for an upgrade.
Great comparison.
How did you get such close results for battery? Most of the tests I have seen place the Pixel4a as the far and out winner in that respect.
Minute 5:30 in the background on the TV - Sarajevo
Adam A-K
Adam A-K:
Where's the OnePlus Nord and Xperia 10 II?
J VON J Archie
J VON J Archie:
Ok you lost me within the first five minutes of the video in category one when you said the iPhone has a 5 year old design with bigger bezels and a smaller screen and if it were sitting next to the (physically modern designed look) Pixel 4a on a table you would pick up the iPhone instead. 😳🙄 Like really?you can't be serious..🤨
THE BATTERY IS WHAT? dude it's 1821 not 1421
Ajim Bong
Ajim Bong:
You have the best comparison videos...
My gadget match is the pixel 4a
Pxl 4a
Peter J
Peter J:
You can literally fast charge on SE just sold separate the fast charger doofus my SE charges in less than a hour full w a samsung fast charger
kenchuvich Morcozo
kenchuvich Morcozo:
A budget phone with IP rating and wireless charging? I'll pick Iphone SE. Besides, I'm not that selfie and bar junkie at night so I don't see having no night scape on the phone that a bummer.