Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's job safe after another dramatic Man United win? | Extra Time | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Shaka Hislop, Jan Aage Fjortoft and Gab Marcotti join Kay Murray to answer your tweets, including:
0:00 Will Manchester United's win stave off the sacking pressure on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?
3:00 What was the greatest comeback win the panelists have seen in person?
5:11 Who is everyone's dark horse to go deep in the knockout stages of the Champions League?
8:24 Will Erling Haaland surpass Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo's goalscoring records?

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100+ comentarios:

Michael Dorego
Michael Dorego:
Imagine how incredible a player would have to be to surpass Ronaldo and Messi. It's mind boggling how talented and consistent they would have to be.
Josef Bican ( MY GOAT )
Josef Bican ( MY GOAT ):
Heard Pep, Klopp and Tuchel set fire alarms at Hotel where Atalanta players stayed to help Ole win the match.😂
Sandip Sethuram
Sandip Sethuram:
Jan - Great sense of humour, always like his views in extra time. This was a good mix of experts ...
Harish G
Harish G:
It's not all over and done yet . United still have to go to Atlanta and Villarreal and defeat in both games could still knock them out of the group stage .
Zachary Wilbur
Zachary Wilbur:
I’m a Dortmund fan and I don’t love Hummels. I still don’t forgive him for how he left the club after criticizing Gotze and Lewandowski.
Sieg Hart
Sieg Hart:
give that man a 10-year contract extension he is obviously building an exciting team
Nair Da
Nair Da:
a borderline manager will never get sacked in glazers eyes unless top 4 is gone.
Stephen French
Stephen French:
Never knew jan had that many goals in 600 and odd games fair play to him that’s some going
Omar Farah
Omar Farah:
Ole has a phd in escaping the axe, just when it’s about to fall he somehow finds a way to dodge it
It's a win/win: either Man. U. lose or Ole keeps his job a little longer. Good times 🤗
Adlan Baharum
Adlan Baharum:
I saw both live but Liverpool V Barcelona Champions League Semi Final 2018-19 has to take the cake for me. Even though Anfield European nights are magical, having to score 4 goals and keep Messi and Suarez quiet was super human stuff!
5051 Manu George
5051 Manu George:
Every other Premier League teams are working so hard to keep Ole.
Harry (World's expensive CB) scoring goals and a joker back in defense.
And a DMF who works hard to give away the possession.
It is really wonderful to watch Man utd......
zerihun geressu
zerihun geressu:
"Can't defend but can score at the moment " is a good description of Maguire.
steven g
steven g:
i genuinely can claim that half of the people commenting can do a better job tactically than ole. not trolling, not a keyboard warrior but i genuinely believe that. the gap in the centre was ridiculous, mctominay goes forward and fred has to cover 50 metres of ground by himself. unless united change its system ole wont win anything.
Shell Dahl
Shell Dahl:
He is just incredibly and undeservingly lucky!

I can not make myself to believe he is safe - his time as manager is unequivocally counting down.
The pattern is that the manager shows no understanding, abilities and skills in topping the team and make them play creatively together  - and he is obviously too proud and stubborn to learn from own mistakes or listen to good advices!
Applasamy Subbha Rao
Applasamy Subbha Rao:
Come On.... There are a few goals come from Perfect Set Play. We can see the the scorer hardly move from his position because of perfect drills and perfect executions. But CR& made the day..... With... again from a Perfect Pass... We knew Atlanta has records for scoring goals. That's IT...
Anam Siko
Anam Siko:
If i was a Man U fan i would be worried by these kind of results. Can you imagine if Villarreal and Atalanta were PSG or Bayern Munich, the scorelines would be humiliating. This team will get reaped apart by teams like Liverpool and City and Ole's luck will run out eventually. By the way Man U this season won't win any silverware.
Cesar Luque
Cesar Luque:
In Ole we trust...

... In keeping United in Europe league
Please keep the faith in Ole 😂 for 2 more seasons I beg
Winning against B team Atalanta (@old Trafford) is now perceived as a silverware 🤣🤣
Alibobs Marland
Alibobs Marland:
The world's most luckiest inept manager.
Jan is right, first you need a team that dominate your local league AND international competition for at least 10 year!!
It's the UCL of course the player will have to work hard to win. They have the quality. But when it comes to the league they are gonna slack off and lose cause you'll see that they too want ole out.
He’s the greatest manager in the history of world football.
Shaq’s Blurry Vision
Shaq’s Blurry Vision:
Well I don’t think ANYONE will ever get 73 goals in one season but Haaland is the only one who could do it
manuel pr
manuel pr:
They should sack him and Bring someone good, like Conte or Ten Haag for Example. Ole is not wining the PL or UCL with Man United.
Logan 99
Logan 99:
Jose came too soon. He would be perfect right now. Sir Alex left in 2013. It will be 10 year project to be elite again. Rumors Pep wants to coach Brazil 🇧🇷 one day. So that will knock Man City down.
Ole is just getting lucky, it's a matter of time until he'll have to say goodbye...
Santiago Ch
Santiago Ch:
I wouldn't say Hummels can't defend... he can't run, that's for sure
Anh Ngo Viet
Anh Ngo Viet:
After recent performances by Ajax, Man utd should also consider Erik Ten Haag for the spot as well.... plus his philosophy is better-suited for them than Conte's
Deez Comps
Deez Comps:
Craig Burley should always be on call anyday Man utd is playing
Ole 😎king of comeback
Alexandra gomes
Alexandra gomes:
When Cristiano will retire, they will miss him so much. Football will lose most of his magic. He already won and will be kept in history.
Les Sky
Les Sky:
Ole the type to survive liverpool 👊
antoine ngemhe
antoine ngemhe:
Barca vs PSG (6-1)? Does that not count as a comback? After being down 4-0 first leg
Diakhel Pierre-Louis
Diakhel Pierre-Louis:
Ole is a pure football genius... I really believe in him.. Must give him an exeptional contract extension... Right now !! He will do better than Fergie...!
Vinay Singh
Vinay Singh:
Nobody run like cr7.. At 36 age... One of best athlete. In the world.... Pure hardwork
Volt Vortex
Volt Vortex:
Best comeback...
Zlatan’s debut for LA Galaxy anyone?
From down 3-0 to winning 4-3
Favourite TT
Favourite TT:
ManU at best will be an above ave team this season
The Sutsi Life
The Sutsi Life:
Can't believe they forgot Liverpool reversing Barcelona's 4-0 lead
man utd could get bent over by mancity and raiped 8-0 and ole would still be safe
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre:
It’s safe until the premier league teams say otherwise, you will see what happens in the upcoming 4 games in the prem true quality
San Ien Jao
San Ien Jao:
1 clean sheet in 20 games... no way this team will win anything with this horrible defense😱
Sadiq Hassan
Sadiq Hassan:
Certainly not after today's 5-0 loss
barcelona 6 - 1 PSG watching this be like :- -_-
DiReal 2dcore
DiReal 2dcore:
2 of the greatest come backs I've seen in football history are the AC Milan vs Liverpool from 3-0 to 3-3 and Liverpool ultimately won on penalties. Second is what was termed 'The Miracle of Damman' Nigeria vs Soviet Union in 1989, Soviet leading at 4-0 eventually lost on penalties after Nigeria came from behind to equalise at 4-4. So dramatic
Leighton United
Leighton United:
This panel absolutely despise Manchester United and it's so Blatently obvious they don't even try to hide it. Constantly trying to mock the club, belittle our players, manager. It's sad.
Few points of mine for this clown manager🤡🤡🤡🤡

1. I want a good man utd manager under whom if we loose I do not mind rather than win by solo our player effort. We can not win trophy without a good manager. OLE out

2. Under OLE we are winning against some bottom clubs, makes them look alike Bayern munich or Real madrid. I want this clown out

3. Only manager in history where most fan wants him out even man utd win match under him because we know we are winning by our player, not ole brain.

4. OLE got no role in Man utd win. His salary should be given in Rashford charity to feed hunger children
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
For any Ole defenders still left out there, ponder this; We are in a CL group with Young Boys, Atalanta and Villareal !!!! There was a time even Utd haters would bet their house on Utd topping such a group yet as we speak, not even you Ole defenders would bet even a paycheck on Utd (with CR7, Bruno, Pogba, Rashford, Sancho, Verane et al) qualifying at all, let alone atop the group.
Yaxiya ali
Yaxiya ali:
Everyone watching how good Liverpool and city are looking this season, Proper coaches.
Chelsea sacked lampard, got a Elite manager and won the champions league last season. We’re wasting time with ole, we need quality. Man Utd Fans need to put their Olesexuals aside for the sake of the club. All good things ole has done is related to squad and not performance or results. Isn’t everyone tired of this yet ? Lol. This is nothing new. It’s been the same issues for the past 3 years (Counter attack FC) Ole still hasn’t improved or learned anything so i'm Ole out.
I'm sorry, but the fact that Ole thinks we have been playing attacking football and the United Way is just delusional.
Means we aren't going to see any change in how we've been playing.
If you're still Ole In, please know that there is support out there. Mental illnesses is not a joke
This is the forth round of the ole wave I hope we find a new coach now
Eric Ten hag knows how to coach football and has a way of playing.
Ten Hag or Enrique is type of managers we never tried before! Elite coaches (With their staff as well) who are also excellent managers, in this new era of football you ABSOLUTELY need both
Eke's Perspective
Eke's Perspective:
2:43 😂 I guess Craig's influence is robbing off on them lol
Schrodinger's Neko
Schrodinger's Neko:
The salt if MU wins will be unbelievable...
Bob Mugisha II
Bob Mugisha II:
Ten Haag for me his perfect
The Homie Nick Gurr
The Homie Nick Gurr:
Barca vs PSG greatest comeback of all time
great laugh. love this channel.
I'm convinced that pundits and the media (except for some ex teammates) genuinely dislike Ole. I get the feeling that they don't want to see him do well. It's not his fault that we don't take our chances when they're available
Trevor mcgregor Miller
Trevor mcgregor Miller:
I guarantee one thing in football every team have their bad run of games I'm waiting on the circus excuses when team like Liverpool meet their bad patches
S Bam
S Bam:
This is the year for UTD to win things, but they won't with Ole in charge. Next year Pogba, Cavani, VDB, Matic will be gone and Ronaldo will be it will be another year of "rebuilding." Meanwhile, City will almost certainly get a striker, Chelsea will probably get Bellingham etc. Under Ole, it will be a constant state of "a project" w/o ever reaching any destination. He needs to go.
Yaxiya ali
Yaxiya ali:
If you're still Ole In, please know that there is support out there. Mental illnesses is not a joke
Good that Kay is on. The bar goes down very low and it would automatically feel exciting once Dan comes in.
LEGACY gaming  Nepal 🇳🇵
LEGACY gaming Nepal 🇳🇵:
Huge respect for ole but he isn’t the man for man United need to change if we want trophies in the cabinet
So yall just forgot Barça comeback v PSG, the disrespect 😂
Abdul Sattar Md
Abdul Sattar Md:
Barca vs PSG the best come back ever no doubt. I think these guys were not there to see it live
Tony Ejiro
Tony Ejiro:
Brazil vs Nigeria 96 Olympics semi final in Atlanta ,is the biggest comeback in football history.
I'm Woody
I'm Woody:
He may have won this match but, he still has to go. His so called 'tactics' are turning united into a joke.
If it was a top European giant tonight UTD would have lost
Its safe as ever..He will not leave until and unless we are relegated
Paul Cezanne
Paul Cezanne:
He’s not a top tactician. If they want to be a top team they need to replace him. It’s as simple as that.
Noori N
Noori N:
As long as Ronaldo is playing Ole job is save!
jersey lim
jersey lim:
Plaster on an open wound will not solve the ptoblem
and that's the reason why ole will not get sack , when it comes done to the wires his team will show up
It was never in danger to begin with
fawzi alnazer
fawzi alnazer:
United gonna get thrashed in the round of 16 IF they make it out of their group
Apollion Sacrez Leonard
Apollion Sacrez Leonard:
Give ole 20 years contract n 20 billion transfer kitty, that will do.
Man Utd is a dark horse. If they go thru the next stage, it's a great achievement.
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos:
Cr7 is the manager. OGS should obey
Haaland is disadvataged by Riola. He will end up Qatar in a few years taking 2M per game. Goals scored in Arab league will not count.
Leighton United
Leighton United:
Can anybody tell me why all rivals fans are saying Ole should get sacked? If he's that bad then why are you so bothered 🤔
Craze RapstaSA
Craze RapstaSA:
Yes yall are going to debate this all season long lol
Joseph Design
Joseph Design:
Sack Pogba if you want Ole to win games for Man U, because Pogba is a social media player and not a football player, he ruined Mourihno and now Ole and also the future managers
football fan
football fan :
Old did nothing wrong If United had finish their all chances correctly, than the score line would have been 6-2.
Michael de la parra
Michael de la parra:
This is the best people they could have togther
Hassan Ladha
Hassan Ladha:
this show was great idk the what's different
Prolays 2
Prolays 2:
This is Atalanta ffs, it shouldn't take an 82nd minute winner with this team!!!!
ole should thank the goat
Ole the 🤡🤡
piyush sopory
piyush sopory:
Typical english over optimism after 1 victory over a side that has a shoddy defense, and is number 9 on serie a. Watch them when Manchester loses the next game, they will be drowning in sadness like the world is coming to end.
Al Med
Al Med:
AD: looking for hands for De Gea, any used before, good price contact MAN-U..XDDDDD
A WIN too dramatic? Are U even listening to yourselves? I repeat , he got a WIN but nah, too dramatic... How old are you people?
Cheeky Bastard
Cheeky Bastard:
Look out Olly, Cabbage Heed Bruce is free to manage Man U now
Cully X
Cully X:
Espn,any chance you can stick Craig,Ogden,Gab and Jules on the same podcast,never on Extra time please.
Jason Boonyong
Jason Boonyong:
Westham vs Liverpool fa final for u shaka
Darragh Hogan
Darragh Hogan:
All livarpool fans all pundit s best team have won f all . Sick of clowns hyping them up all the time it's laughable.
Jonathan Chapman
Jonathan Chapman:
For this week.....
hola susana
hola susana:
He needs to be fired now
Awash no Craig is lovely
naocha sj
naocha sj:
he is not safe
jesse eddy
jesse eddy:
So tired of the Ole headlines