Is Sergio Ramos a worthy investment for PSG? | Transfer Talk | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC panel talk Sergio Ramos as the ageing defender is reportedly closing in on a move to PSG.

0:00 Does Sergio Ramos potentially signing with PSG make sense?
2:15 PSG’s impressive starting XI for the 2021 season.
3:50 How much will Sergio Ramos play?

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Champs1 League
Champs1 League:
If thiago silva is playing for chelsea when ya’ll discredited him, you can bet that Ramos will be a really good investment considering he’s coming on a free
Desparate _ Pirate
Desparate _ Pirate:
Ramos is still a better player than 80% of the defenders right now.
Atif Saeed
Atif Saeed:
Pochettino got his hands full to deal with all the Ego's. Good luck to him and Ramos
Adam Pheasey
Adam Pheasey:
Such disrespect to Ramos. He has one season of injury and they write him off. It’s not as if he’s injury prone. Then they talk about his age like we haven’t seen Pepe and Bonucci at 38 still producing at high levels, some of the best in big tournaments. Show some respect to the goat
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko
Mincili MC Isaac Maseko:
It's Serigo FREAKIN Ramos ,flippin Mars would be happy to have him
Hip-Hop talk
Hip-Hop talk:
KIMPEMBE should play center back and Marquinhos More of a Defensive midfielder

(Edit) KIMPEMBE is better the lenglet that’s easy
Kyle Senninger
Kyle Senninger:
Ramos has had a whole year off… he’s gonna be in peak shape. The disrespect from the panel will come back to bite them.
Visça el Barça
Visça el Barça:
The actual question should be, "Is PSG worthy of Sergio Ramos's services?"
Jahmair Stewart
Jahmair Stewart:
PSG is having a strong summer. I’d sell Icardi or swap for Arthur. Sell Parades and buy Camavinga
Ziyad Karim
Ziyad Karim:
I think Kimpembe and Ramos will be in CB while Marquinhos will move to the midfield
Jahmair Stewart
Jahmair Stewart:
He’s basically replacing Thiago Silva w/ leadership. If he flops which I doubt he will in Ligue 1 there’s Marquinhos and Kimpembe
David Noriega
David Noriega:
Ramos and Navas together again ❤😭
Yes, he is a superstar...imagine the shirt sales as well. He will handle all those egos in the dressing room.
natureboy inyourface
natureboy inyourface:
Laughing at this panel. Ramos hasn't lost a step on the field, he brings a Championship mentality to the locker room. He is exactly what PSG need to suceed in Europe.
Manucher Mamadvafoev
Manucher Mamadvafoev:
if thiago silva can do it at 36, so can sergio ramos. he'll play with a chip on his shoulder to prove it to madrid and his naysayers.
Ødegåård 21
Ødegåård 21:
This is the day that Phil Jones has bigger market value than Messi and Ramos combines 😂
Sunoo Lee
Sunoo Lee:
Despite his age Ramos going to PSG is a good move given his experience and the fact he's a free transfer. Also Thiago Silva is playing well despite being age.
Great signing for PSG. Smart move for Ramos too. The atmosphere is spanish. Hes played with Navas Bernat Herrera Di Maria Sarabia Archraf before. They have now a defender with the mentality to win a CL. I believe PSG have got now a team that can win a CL for the first time. They will claim the Ligue 1 title back next season easily. Plus Ligue 1 is easier than La Liga so this will go well for him to get back to Spain squad for Qatar 2022. Which is why he wanted 2 seasons from Real Madrid so he could stay competitive to make his last major tournament with Spain.
Akshit Duggal
Akshit Duggal:
People asking sergio ramos will be worthy🤣🤣 Man best defender of last decade and on of the best of all time is joining psg for free!!. He will be the best in league 1. Moreover they are getting a leader, which we have seen problem at psg , the lack of leadership.
Salman Haider
Salman Haider:
These guys doubted Zlatan when he came back to AC Milan. Look how that turned out
Jonathan 98
Jonathan 98:
Lol these clowns never fail to me.
non 452
non 452:
PSG out here buying everyone, just waiting for them to get messi and ronaldo at this point lol.
Emmanuel Pepra
Emmanuel Pepra:
Pepe, 38yrs
Wish Ramos came to AC Milan. Would’ve been great to see him in Italy with that young fun squad.
Rahul R nair
Rahul R nair:
Wht if PSG thinking to buy Messi....
Messi , Neymar, Mbappe...😏💪
jibb odoom
jibb odoom:
I just love to listen to Alle 😂😂😂😂
Conor McDonald
Conor McDonald:
Great signing, but if Mbappe is your star player, all investment could go south...
Arya Shah
Arya Shah:
Sergio Ramos has won the champions league 5 times. I don't know about the footballing ability he has at this age (he is still class) but the expirence, mentality, and the attitude and character he would bring in the dressing room at PSG is much needed.
sHarRinGaN 99
sHarRinGaN 99:
Lol when Ramos is fit,he is more than good enough to be part of any defence
Wicked Crypto
Wicked Crypto:
Ramos share tears of love for a club that once gave him all. I can respect that. He will always be a Madrid in heart. I can guarantee this is PSG best investment.
dj alwayne
dj alwayne:
Frank is crying funny 😅🤣💥
JohneeFizter Bottom
JohneeFizter Bottom:
All these Real Madrid players. Ramos Navas Hakimi DiMaria 🔥
3 at the back! Poch loves this formation and now has the personnel to do it.
Diego Zárate
Diego Zárate:
Frank just pawned the conversation, .."Marquinhos is going to play in the middle."there´s the spot for Sergio. I think however if Pochettino plays him, it looks good on paper.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen:
Show Frank some more respect! Lol
Geo Mejia
Geo Mejia:
PSG sold Thiago Silva…aging Defender, and went on to win Champions League while PSG continued to struggle

PSG now bought Ramos…another aging CB😂 but this one has 4 champions leagues🤷🏼‍♂️
samuel ayomide
samuel ayomide:
The day an academy player becomes more expensive to buy than Ramos and messi combined, who would have thought.
Ramos is going to come back and they'll backtrack like always
نسيم الهوى
نسيم الهوى:
كل شي ما اعرف حتى من تشتموني😂😂😂😂
Sergio ramos is a great leader. I think signing him on a free is a good investment
نسيم الهوى
نسيم الهوى:
اطرش بالزفة 😂😂😂😂😂
Saware Kothari
Saware Kothari:
Poch is a good man. SO I feel he can easily manage this Ego's.
jorgito best
jorgito best:
I guess I'm a Psg fan from now on
Kevin Castilla
Kevin Castilla:
I have a question for that bald headed man who said he’s too old, how many games has van dijk played in 2021? 0… it’s not about age knuckle headed he just had injuries and was trying to recover properly
نسيم الهوى
نسيم الهوى:
خل ادردم الوحدي 😂😂 مجموعة العراق في التصفيات تضع منتخبنا العراقي الى جانب منتخبات ايران وكوريا الجنوبية والامارات ولبنان وسوريا

في منتصف الجبهة😐😂💔
Full of egos that team it’s unreal
Hakimi is the key signing
brianna phillip
brianna phillip:
with hakimi coming in its clear they might play 3 at the back with an attcaking full back playing neymar and mbappe a bit centrally
They’re buying a leader in the dressing room who happens to still be a great CB.
Keith Mosby
Keith Mosby:
PSG now doesn't have any excuses why they can't win the UCL.
They actually might win everything
Ankit Kumar undil
Ankit Kumar undil:
Yeahh ramos is here i think if they use him well or makr ramos captain psg can be great team having - di maria, ramos,neymar, mbappe, icardi wow cavani yesss hope neymar can do it with ramos plzz ramos come to psg
Zakariya Yehya
Zakariya Yehya:
The question should be " Is PSG worthy for Sergio Ramos? "
Uchiha adonis
Uchiha adonis:
Wow psg you surprised everybody again
Totor Totor
Totor Totor:
Il peut toucher les coupes avant de partir, il lui faudra longtemps pour toucher les mêmes, bon la coupe de France et de la ligue sont abordables.
Samson J
Samson J:
He’s still top 10 defender ! Just get him healthy
They were probably just as critical about the signing of Thiago Silva at Chelsea,, but we know how that turned out! Champions League Winner!
Tv Black
Tv Black:
Gone were the days when 35 was considered old in football.. you all get over it. 45 is the new old in football
نسيم الهوى
نسيم الهوى:
اني كوثر من العراق
Does the Financial Fair Play even apply to PSG ?
Ammaar Dawood
Ammaar Dawood:
I was skeptical... but after ale's cynicism Im sure he'll be a success
Alfredo Perez
Alfredo Perez:
If only Silva stayed, imagine Ramos and Silva
Ramos is needed in that dressing room... He's the leader they need.. I just hope he doesn't go there just to have fun with the boys
Vishnu Anil
Vishnu Anil:
psg now is full of ego players from attacking and defending after signing ramos
Big Lad
Big Lad:
he's officially in psg now.
Jn Mc
Jn Mc:
It all sepends if they win UCL and he contributed to it.

So the real answer have to wait about a year.
they should play 3 in the back and 5 in midfield
Diaz Castro
Diaz Castro:
if he went to united this conversation would be different
Box Of Chocolate
Box Of Chocolate:
*”worthy investment”*

As if PSG is worried about money.
Rajib Mondal
Rajib Mondal:
Oh man you miss Donarumma he made a clean sheet record in Euro.
Sebastian Monsalvo
Sebastian Monsalvo:
Ale Moreno wishes he had ramos career
Brian Kerage
Brian Kerage:
If at all he helps them win the cl otherwise noo
Brandon Booker
Brandon Booker:
It’s a huge investment into the future for PSG if used correctly.
MM Soccer TV
MM Soccer TV:
Teach mbappe and neymar how to behave
What's with big clubs signing old players for insane amount of money. Barcelona just bought an injury prone 33 Aguero. Now PSG with 35 Ramos
At this rate it looks like psg is trying to buy players who won the champions league for each position 😂
Captain EunKook
Captain EunKook:
I really thought he would join Serie A
Tim Renolds
Tim Renolds:
Navas - Bernat Kimpembe Ramos Hakimi with Marquinhos as CDM or Bernat Kimpembe Ramos Marquinhos Hakimi in a 5 defence (3 at the back)
Who's the king of ESPN FC?
4th Genna, kimmich the warrior or Odegaard 21?
yvan E
yvan E:
PSG goal is to sign the whole French team
If psg is ready to get red cars here and there in very important games sure go ahead and get him. He's the most decorated defender with a resume of leaving forwards injured left and right. He reminds me of the defender at the world cup bringing Pele down with several malicious tackles that's how despicable he is.
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
Ramos>>>> T.silva it's not all about ageing every time .It about quality.
Akshay Gopakumar
Akshay Gopakumar:
The lads at AFTV and United Stand makes more sense than ESPN FC
Ofcourse he is! Psg needs a leader who is fearless, which they lack badly. He should teach Neymar to man up and play hard.
1 1
1 1:
PSG next season : Donnaruma / Navas that spin. Behind, Ramos, Kimpembe in central defense. Hakimi and Bernat in pistons. In the middle Marquinios in recovery, Verrati / Pogba and Wyjnaldum to distribute. In front, Mbappe, Neymar and CR7/Salah with Kean replacing, all of this is in good shape !!! It will linger! It smells of the Champions League for PSG in 2022 !!!
David T
David T:
PSG players need to slow down and think more. Getting more Red Cards will help them do that...
sachin devprasad
sachin devprasad:
PSG are going mad in the window. They have already signed Hakimi Donnaruma Ramos Winjnaldum
Perfect replacement for Thiago Silva. They were missing a strong CB after Silva transfer.
Ale should get a slap to his face for comparing Ramos to silva. Thats like comparing a ferrari with a nissan.
Totor Totor
Totor Totor:
Bienvenue dans ce championnat niveau mondial, tu vas en gagner des titres , mais pour le niveau européen ( oublie ) . Le PSG gagnera , quand le Qatar aura toutes les grandes équipes européennes ( bientôt peut-être MDR.
Joshua Samaraweera
Joshua Samaraweera:
I would play 3 at the back because I feel Hakimi would be better suited as a wing back than full back plus you need to play Ramos Marquinhos Kimpembe together.
Good signing for PSG. They should use Ramos only in champions league matches. That way he will stay fit and sharp all season.
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman:
Ramos is like a Ferrari, expensive and highest quality but his value decreases fast and he breaks down (gets injuries) often
dan schriver
dan schriver:
The hate is unreal. Ramos gunna lead psg to a deep ucl run
kugan hearn
kugan hearn:
surely donnarumma would not be on the bench?????
Stevin John
Stevin John:
Jesse Pressler
Jesse Pressler:
PSG sent a last minute contract to Messi. I have a gut feeling that PSG win the Messi sweepstakes. Barcelona signed Aguero, but I am not sure it's enough. PSG has Neymar, his best friend from Barcelona. They also have Sergio Ramos. They are building a CL winner. That is why they transfer Icardi. Messi would fit in seamlessly as a striker with Mbappe at RW, or vice versa. Mbappe needs someone to help mentor him and help manage his ego. Messi is that guy.
Sarath Guttikonda
Sarath Guttikonda:
He is a leadership material and he can still perform and Psg are getting in his services not only as a great defender moreover but also as a great leader
Ragnarr Loðbrók
Ragnarr Loðbrók:
They will play all 3 together regardless.
- Doesn't matter wether it's in 5 defenders (3 CBs and 2 advanced wingbacks) or... 4 defenders with Marquinhos in a more of a CDM position.
Lvg Philosophy
Lvg Philosophy:
Ramos still top 10 CB in the world.

If he wasn't he wouldn't have rejected 2 offers from 2 different EPL clubs and one offered him more money than PSG but his love for Neymar is real.