Is This Why Matthew Perry's Speech Slurred At The Friends Reunion?

Watch the video to find out if this is why Matthew Perry's speech was slurred at the Friends reunion.

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Justine Haydon
Justine Haydon:
He seemed fine on reunion, just sad and holding back tears. Yes he’s been thru a lot even admits to being insecure, pressure to always be funny.
They took a little clip of him and made harsh judgements before reunion even aired , poor guy
Maria Costa
Maria Costa:
This world is brutal for genuine people. I hope Matthew knows he has made so many lives so much better. I identify with Chandler so much! I hope he is well and if not, I hope he doesn't give up the fight.
Yeah Chandler was my fave...the nostalgia is killing me.
Akanksha Gautam
Akanksha Gautam:
His silence is killing us , since i saw reunion , i just want him happy as he made us , and make us everytime we watch friends . I wish he forgets all those memories , and smiles ,laughs as he used to . I love him .
Stuffed Duck Productions
Stuffed Duck Productions:
I wish him all the best in his health. His role as Chandler was influential to many, myself included. Much respect.
I love Matthew Perry as an actor, he’s such a great actor and has brought me so many laughs. As a recovering addict I pray that he’s doing well and he’s staying clean. He deserves all the happiness that life has to offer.
Osama Habib
Osama Habib:
Hope his doing well
Tim Tim
Tim Tim:
Favourite cast member.
Chandler Bing always be my favorite character ❤️
S N:
It looked like he didn't have his upper dentures in and maybe he was trying to speak without letting anyone know, by not completely opening his mouth enough while speaking which would definitely cause him to slur. Between the slurring and the way his mouth is shaped, you can definitely tell he had a procedure done and maybe it didn't allow for him to wear his top denture due to pain.
Silvestro Crino
Silvestro Crino:
Just watched the interview...his eyes were clear, his speech was not bad, though a little stilted, he made complete sense when he talked and was obviously engaging with the questions being asked.... Much to do about nothing I think.
Kalem Turner
Kalem Turner:
Why did you refer to Matthew as having a 'stint' on Friends? As if he was on for a short time... that's a really weird thing to say, he was a main character like the others for the entirety of the series.
Life of Luke
Life of Luke:
He's a human like everyone else
Richard Sullivan
Richard Sullivan:
If you watched the reunion show you can see he had dentures, when I seen that I thought, "ok that explains his speech in the earlier interviews
Juan Gamez
Juan Gamez:
He seemed alone!!! He was exited to see MATTY!!! 😃… come on friends !! Visit him more !! We gotta keep him healthy and strong!!
Zac Vitanzo
Zac Vitanzo:
Hope he does well. He was always my favorite character on the show.
Claire Chuter
Claire Chuter:
Matthew is my favorite, he gave all he had to make others smile
F1 Master
F1 Master:
We need Perry and Charlie Sheen in a new sitcom...
Navin Israni
Navin Israni:
Matthew is a meme for sarcasm 101. that says a lot about his skills. he's awesome.
Mr Rocco
Mr Rocco:
Well as he once said.....

*"The game was rigged from the start..."*
Dim Pav
Dim Pav:
the reason was probably his new denture...I was glad to see even a small glance from Chandler!
Matty Spice
Matty Spice:
Dental issues is no Joke. Glad BING showed up!
David Walsh
David Walsh:
By looking at them it looks like Matt and lisa are the only ones that didn't go under the knife they look great.
Chandler and Phoebe are the funniest to me. Sad to see him out of the loop in regards to the other friends. He contributed very little and didn’t even engage at all.
Nooz Gardner
Nooz Gardner:
I love this guy so much. His humour has helped me soooo much. I wish him well ❤️
Abhishek Singh Shekhu ChampTcc
Abhishek Singh Shekhu ChampTcc:
My heart felt watching Matthew
Victor G
Victor G:
NOT TRUE! I just saw the Reunion and he had very few lines and somewhat of slurred speech... I want to wish him well and for him to know that he is beloved!! As the funniest character from the series
Rade F.
Rade F.:
The reunion brought him some good but also bad memories he went through while doing the show,hes fine.
self discarded king of ruin 72
self discarded king of ruin 72:
Hey I know why don't we just leave him alone and pray he is okay?
Luke M
Luke M:
Time pounds down on everyone a little bit each day. Some more than others.
This video makes it seem like he’s dead or something, he’s alive and thriving and I’m glad he’s making progress
I'd be pissed off having to sit there with that bell end corden
Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell:
I love Matthew Perry so much as an actor and he has shown people that no matter what you're going through you can get help or help others in the process, so what I'm trying to say is that he has done way more than any other man would do and that is seek help, admit he needs help and then consider to help others.
Mairi Rose
Mairi Rose:
I love Matthew Perry……..
My dad met Mathew in person once in Colorado. He was a super nice and chill guy. Hoping he is okay!
He was fine... don't hurt himm chandler❤️❤️❤️
professor granpa
professor granpa:
So basically the internet freaked out over nothing. Doesn't suprise me a bit.
Real Steel
Real Steel:
Oh poor mathew 😭
2468 1357
2468 1357:
Dear Matrhew Please know that thousands of people have love for you as a good human being 🤎
Chad Maybe
Chad Maybe:
Bless him for supporting other men with similar issues.
The Festa
The Festa:
That’s absolute horseshit.
His behaviour corresponds with either depression and strong medication... or depression and substance abuse.
Either way I sincerely wish him well.
Joy Z
Joy Z:
It was sad. He seemed to be hanging his head and a bit dazed. I even wondered if there was dementia. I do not mean that cruel at all. But his entire demeanor made me wonder this. I always loved Perry and hope he is ok
he's a legendary booze hound that may play a part
Abbas Mubeen Malik
Abbas Mubeen Malik:
Leave him alone. He’s doing great. We all fight with our demons, he’s currently doing now!!! Chilax and enjoy this beautiful moment.
Peaches Peaches
Peaches Peaches:
Almost seemed like he Mayb had a stroke and still rehabbing
The main reason waited for reunion is to see mathew condition , how is he doing.
David E Capps
David E Capps:
I believe the dental procedure explanation. During the reunion, I was fixated on how white and off his mouth and teeth looked.
Inspired John
Inspired John:
As a recovering pro on self sabotage, it don’t buy it.
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson:
I'm guessing it wasn't his day, his week, month or even his year...
He's clearly still on something. He's struggled with it for years.
denis dralec
denis dralec:
Nice lil story. I wish this guy luck and strength.
samuel mulugeta
samuel mulugeta:
mattew awesome
Chandler is my guy. Good to hear Matthew is ok.
I call BS. Watch some recent Graham Norton appearances. His speech has been slurred for awhile now. Also seemed a bit dazed and confused, but not as bad as in the clips from the reunion.
He had slurred speech a couple of years ago on the Graham Norton show. I think it’s the after effects of longterm addiction. He may be sober now, but he still might have brain damage from the abuse. Sad.
Lisa Davie
Lisa Davie:
Apparently it was because hed just been to the dentist which is funny because before people started saying he was slurring etc I noticed when smiles he has definitely had new teeth, they almost appear to big. Getting venneers or dentures will take a bit for him to get used to them. That's why certain words appear funny sounding.
Its not true, he's used the "emergency dental procedure" for Graham Norton as well. How many emergency dental procedures does this guy have right before filming events? He's either on prescription drugs or has brain damage.
Mikael V
Mikael V:
so sad to see, i hope he is doing okay nowadays
karley amaya
karley amaya:
he deserved to be happy. he’s made millions of people laugh and happy. he deserves it.
I was 11 yrs old when its first aired in my country in 96, and from what I read it was aired almost midnight at that time (around 11PM), so I just rarely watch it and honestly didn't quite remember how I can watch it back then at that hours (maybe it was aired in saturday night or maybe I watch the rerun that as long as I remember aired on saturday afternoon). What is stick in my mind most was the opening soundtrack, as MTV generation, I heard it so much so that hearing the song seems like take me back to my early teen in the 90s.
Ficial Intelligence
Ficial Intelligence:
Jeez. He should'a just said. Look, I had a dental procedure. Not going to be my normal bubbly self. End of story.
shazzza banazz
shazzza banazz:
I'm bipolar and my medication makes me slur my speech at times and I'm t total,,I know Matt is on antidepressants so it could be that
3010_Shreyash More
3010_Shreyash More:
Just watched friends reunion
Matt leblanc:vibe pass:checked✔
David schwimmer:vibe pass:checked✔
Jennifer aniston:vibe pass:checked✔
Courteney cox:vibe pass:checked✔
Lisa kudrow:vibe pass:checked✔
Matthew perry:vibe pass:literally dying inside
Cant watch him like that😢
Clint Beam Quillope
Clint Beam Quillope:
I can count how many times he spoke... im always waiting for him to speak but then he passes or someone speaks ahead.
Maria D'Laura
Maria D'Laura:
It’s really sad what addiction does to you .. no denying, it has affected him physically & mentally .. this is all too common in paints a beautiful picture, but pictures are deceiving..
Walter White
Walter White:
Oh do you need a reunion of Breaking Bad ?
Scooter McDingleberry
Scooter McDingleberry:
So the whole point of this video is we don't know why Matt seemed off
on this interview so we make a 4:00 minute video about nothing but rumor
and speculation. And I fall for it a watch it. I just love YouTube.
It looks to me like it definitely has something to do with his teeth. His mouth has shrunken up & that usually happens when you lose all your teeth.
jude p
jude p:
I thought something was odd about his mouth-like he had ill-fitting dentures, this makes sense
Debbie Junot
Debbie Junot:
I believe he had dentures. Matthew Perry is the best
BerZ3rker 360
BerZ3rker 360:
He looked a bit lost and disconnected the entire show. This is what drug addiction will do to your brain people!
immy Hader
immy Hader:
If emergency tooth procedure was the case Matthew himself would have cleared the air with a joke about his dental surgery ..dont think that's the case at all!!!
He was perfectly fine in the reunion. He’s older, maybe a little jaded, but he was present. The slur speech honestly might be from his teeth. Not sure if they’re dentures or just caps but they’re different and affect how he smiles.
nordan nordan
nordan nordan:
But Chandler Bing is my favorite Friend.
Matt 'Lah-blaunk'?! Okay then....
Willie Nelson Gonzalez
Willie Nelson Gonzalez:
I just hope that Mathew Perry is well and not in any turmoil.
Lyle Durand
Lyle Durand:
I noticed he started sounding different back on the odd couple, but still could he be any more wonderful
Marcus Lex
Marcus Lex:
The worse timing for Mat Perry, who loves to talk. I fee bad for him.
Justine Haydon
Justine Haydon:
It fascinates me how people suddenly have MD behind their name and so quick to diagnose. As a medical professional if you want to accuse the guy of having a stroke then assess his gait too. Walking, laughing just fine and symmetrical. If he has depression his business as we all are entitled to HIPPA rights. People only know him on screen as Chandler a character, don’t know his baseline as a human being
Neelansh Mishra
Neelansh Mishra:
He had a Dental surgery before the Reunion so that's why he Slurrs
Matthew Perry is not the first and will not be the last person to have substance abuse problems in that industry.
Actors are just regular people, with public jobs. Maybe he just doesn't want to be there? Easy for us outsiders to judge sure but the dudes rich AF and might be 'over' being in the spotlight.
anona mouse.p
anona mouse.p:
I just watched the Reunion and I do know Addicts Must decide themselves to get Help, YET I do wish the Showrunners had exercised a far better Duty of Care for Matthew Perry. He made Everyone Laugh everyday on Set; he is more than Worthy for Help in his Recovery. Bless Matthew Perry and all those seeking Recovery x!
He definitely did not seem well. And, if you pay attention to what he actually said throughout, you’ll get a sense of sadness. He said he’s not receiving the texts (jokingly but awkwardly) among other things. Their body language when Matt spoke was telling; they seemed uncomfortable. Regardless, wish him the best and that he does have friends to lean on.
Urdaddy Ozzy
Urdaddy Ozzy:
He was still talking like that on the reunion show too
Charles Schwartz
Charles Schwartz:
Believe this I have a bridge to sell you in the Sahara. If true, why didn't they explain that BEFORE airing the interview?
Maurice Collins
Maurice Collins:
Christine Mikhail
Christine Mikhail:
Not sure I buy that excuse. I’m a dentist and while there are some procedures that can cause a person to speak differently in a matter related to pronouncing certain letters , it should not cause slurred speech.
Rae Rae Badfingers
Rae Rae Badfingers:
I didn't watch friends or anything but all I have to say is on these clips on seeing, he looks like he has swelling from an abscess or procedure done.
Yannick Wolfe
Yannick Wolfe:
Having a tooth ache is the worst!
What was up with his neck though? He was slouching so much. Felt like he was struggling with spinal issues
Lorraine Schmidt
Lorraine Schmidt:
I swear i thought he had stroke, I’m not being mean, def seemed serious
Peter Evans
Peter Evans:
Older Joey ate younger Joey.
J H:
"his STINT on Friends" .... I don't think that word means what you think it means
"Unrelated medical issue"

I haven't seen the interview, but it could also be a neuro-degenerative disorder.
Teddy Lee
Teddy Lee:
This dude is broken.
I think he just has new veneers. Not Dentures per se but it's difficult to talk with some new dental work. That's my guess.
Peter Mercado
Peter Mercado:
50 really hurt this guy