Is Tottenham better without Harry Kane? | Extra Time

Craig Burley, Shaka Hislop and Gab Marcotti take fan questions during Extra Time including; whether Inter Milan's season would be a failure if they end up third in Serie A, (0:56) if Tottenham is better without Harry Kane, (1:42) why Julien Laurens, Marcotti and Steve Nicol don't have branded segments, (2:13) if Marcotti still thinks Liverpool might not win the Premier League, (2:35) if Burley is getting royalties as Jack Grealish's transfer agent, (3:11) if a player ever stole the ball from Hislop while he dropped it for a punt, (3:57) a nervous Chelsea fan expressing his concern ahead of a clash with Manchester United and (5:19) if Hislop fits in at Arsenal with the likes of Bukayo Saka, Granit Xhaka and Alexandre "Laca" Lacazette already in the squad.


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Jonn Stewart
Jonn Stewart:
This conversation was had last year when son went on that ridiculous goalscoring run when Kane got injured
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
They're faster, that's for sure. Bergjwin is class.
good bad boy
good bad boy:
I hate this discussion every time it comes up. Feel like people are doing it just to divide Tottenham. I'm a fan of Son but I'd rather Kane stay in the team. He's a great striker and the two get along really well.
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
Hala Juventus Y nada mas:
Son is tottenham best player
Is ESPN better without Shaka and Burley?
Burner Account
Burner Account:
Spurs won by one goal in the last minute. So yea they are obviously wayyyyy better without him. Duh
For the people saying Kane slows down the play that’s kind of what he’s supposed to do at times, hold onto the ball and let players get up field
Banks Franks
Banks Franks:
Son is way more talented than kane
Sangmin Lee
Sangmin Lee:
Kane is a great striker, but he is slow. Kane can be very good in a team with very strong midfield, so he can stay in the box and concentrate on scoring only. But in Tottenham with Jose's tactic, I am afraid Kane will struggle or keep getting injured. Kane should move to a better team.
Benits k stanly
Benits k stanly:
Without kane, they move the ball quickly..
Hector D. Cruz
Hector D. Cruz:
Is Liverpool better without Coutinho?
Swad Bodhy
Swad Bodhy:
So all his contribution to spurs doesn't weight anything in your stupid balance!!!
Aymen 2k
Aymen 2k:
As a spurs fan i can clearly say that we're missing smn that hold down the ball to lay it off to son or alli and is also a consistent goalscorer
Poch kept bringing Kane back too early from injuries. Three seasons in a row he came back in and the team started performing worse, including the champions' league final. Hopefully Mourinho waits until he's fully fit so it doesn't look like his knees are gone so he can press like he used to. Kane is not the slowest player, he's got some pace in him and he's class enough to work into most top teams.
Odus Aiguobs
Odus Aiguobs:
Kane makes spurs better not better off with out Kane 🤔🤔🤔
LuftWaffe ME 109bf
LuftWaffe ME 109bf:
united have just defeated city in its own stadium few weeks ago ,the away match against city was also won by united .
that pierson w mcdonald better stop being a chelsea lifer and start looking for what other teams do before saying nonesense on tv .
Za Doruphin
Za Doruphin:
We play a different game without Kane. Without him, we lack a 10 to link up play, so we use a fast and direct style. With him, we have a number 10 with an incredible passing range, an aerial threat and someone who's absolutely ruthless in front of goal. We create a lot of chances, but without Kane, we don't have someone to bury them.
Arjun अर्जुन्
Arjun अर्जुन्:
Without Kane Spurs did the unthinkable in last year CL quarter and semi finals. They lost final when he was back 😒

Also Son always steps up his game when Kane is gone. Always decisive goals.
Banks Franks
Banks Franks:
Harry Kane is over rated slow player.. Tottenham always play better when he's injured
A M:
Comparing kane with messi lol...The only time spurs reached the final was when harry kane was injured
KANE is not messi and SON is their best player not kane
Iron Fang Entertainment
Iron Fang Entertainment:
John Lukic got poached in the 80's... he had the ball headed right out of his hand for a goal.
Marty Miyagi
Marty Miyagi:
Liverpool played better without Coutinho when he was our best player.

These pundits are a joke sometimes lol
IQ of about 5 required for this.
So there's still a chance Klopp will be abducted by aliens I suppose.... lol
Andy Jay
Andy Jay:
Amazing. 0:55 the host correctly says "Are". Then the video is uploaded by a goon. Is? Get a brain.
Shaka about to find out about the Streisand Effect
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Lmao no. We beat Villa 5-2 if Kane was there to finish some chances
andy lowe
andy lowe:
We need kane to play every time he is fit
Goal machine
Shane Phillip
Shane Phillip:
Why specifically Jupiter Gab?
Discounted Mastercards
Discounted Mastercards:
kane: The Greatest Most Hated

EngliSH plAYeRs ARe OveRRaTeD
He’s holding Son down.
In a weird way, yes.
Sa J00l
Sa J00l:
If Inter finish 3rd in Serie A, would you consider their season a failure? Yes. Anything less than winning is a failure.
Are Tottenham better without Kane? No. Next stupid question.
Is there a chance Liverpool might not win the league? No. Even if their plane crashes, killing everyone, the reserves would still get enough points to get across the finish line. My god these questions are retarded.
中田 英寿
中田 英寿:
Unchanging golovin, pastore perplexity, berbatov etc. are all the same Japanese racist that can't stand Son, a Korean, succeeding.
Shaka and Craig look like they could be brothers. Such similar features...
nikesh shrestha
nikesh shrestha:
Yes yes yes yes
Damien Bell
Damien Bell:
It’s hard to say.
Suzanne Holdbrook
Suzanne Holdbrook:
Poch used Harry all the time ( fit or unfit) and should of rested him occasionally ,look what happened in Madrid. So the question should be , do the team win without Harry and the answer is yes . The table doesn’t lie.
Nah, they still need a typical centre forward.
Chris Long
Chris Long:
Yessssssssssssssssssss and more yessssssssss
Kanes to slow so yh in jose system
Zak Alrubae
Zak Alrubae:
Shaka hislop fake laugh to try and fit in 😂
Spur is more stronger with Son, Kane, Ali on the pitch
Oz oz
Oz oz:
David Webb
David Webb:
*are Tottenham better without Kane?
Dizz Low
Dizz Low:
Kane is overrated!
Jarrett Thomas
Jarrett Thomas:
Spuds needed a Complete blunder of a clearance to get this "win". They couldnt do it themselves 😂😂 had to hope and pray the other team would make a horrendous mistake
Kane would have scored atleast 4 against villa.

And he is a perfect striker for jose. I don't see dele in starting 11 next season. Spurs will play on counters. And dele doesn't fit in. To careless on the ball.
Fernando Fuerte
Fernando Fuerte:
Kane is always hurt their used to playing without Kane
Jonty Arnold
Jonty Arnold:
Already done this, get some different topics....
They lost all the credibility when they compared Messi in Barcelona with Kane in Tottenham..., it's so clear by now, Kane is not that central to Tottenham any longer.
They really have to get rid of that background music. It tends to makes the show even more boring.
Shane Phillip
Shane Phillip:
Trinidad carnival 🇹🇹 mentioned on seg about Harry Kane.............
Anthony Somerville
Anthony Somerville:
I feel like you need to knowledge of football what so ever to be a talking pundit for ESPN. They pick the absolute worst people for these talking points
Claire Coghiel
Claire Coghiel:
max tyson
max tyson:
this has gotten to the point where we are allowing extra chromosomes flood the footballing world. no. tottenham are not better without the best striker in the world. they play completely different without him so the style of play looks very different and alot faster. son is now injurned so... are we better without kane and son. surley not
Arrays of Stats
Arrays of Stats:
If I watch one more video from ESPN I will be alcoholic.
It happens every time he goes down. Of course they are better without him.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson:
LIES! LIES, SHAKA! We do wanna see pics of you at Carnival.
Yes. With Kane they are one dimensional. Also he has had too many injuries now and is a shadow of his former self
Son just shot one of the worst penalties I have ever seen in a professional game yesterday and this is coming from a Tottenham fan
Stupid take as usual, Spurs are unquestionably a better and less predictable team with Kane in the lineup.
Hi Shaka
Thor Huber
Thor Huber:
All of you lot saying he's washed up have no idea what you're saying. He has an amazing goal scoring record, but his hold up play, vision, headers penalty kicks, and passing are amazing too. He makes intelligent runs, and drops back to a 10 to unleash faster players for runs too. Anyway, bunch of morons, if that goal doesn't go in last minute, this isn't even a topic of debate tonight. And hes been way over played and injured because levy was too cheap to buy a pure backup striker. Kane and Son understand each other very well 👍
Satvik Kolla
Satvik Kolla:
Why is this even a video? No. Kane would have scored a brace easily in this game had he been playing. ESPN need to find better content. When Kane's fully fit and on form, tottenham are a whole other team.
Billy Hoyle
Billy Hoyle:
A stupid question i would only expect to see on this show
Tb Tb
Tb Tb:
Only Englishmen will think Kane is the key man, spurs will always perform better without Kane. No big clubs will buy him.
Can always count on these buffoons to ask the stupidest question!
I am glad for the sport that this financial 'doping' is being punished it is cheating, it cheats the fans (not just Man City), it cheats the players, it tarnishes all the competitions they've played in, and destroys the club's reputation. I would like to see the premier league act as well and, if proven, a demotion of at least one league should follow. Look at how Rugby dealt with breaches in their wage rules, football should follow suit.
DaVinci Wazowski
DaVinci Wazowski:
Well now they don’t have Son so...
Is Tottenham better without Harry Kane? Errrrrrrm
Wishva krish
Wishva krish:
Harry Kane is better without Tottenham
Let’s go to juventus kane
chris yako
chris yako:
Well, mourinho likes to counter attack but Kane is too slow. Who knows.
UmerPK 4
UmerPK 4:
Spurs would definitely perform better with Kane, in the lineup.
Son saved them today, but he's inconsistent.
You need a staple goal threat & Kane is their main man!
I believe Spurs had better game in chams final year if Kane stayed in bench.
Tottenham isn't the same without Kane.
Marty Miyagi
Marty Miyagi:
Liverpool played better without Coutinho.

These pundits are a joke sometimes lol
02 24
02 24:
this became a topic as well last season coz Son was on a scoring high as well and he consistently lift spurs everytime Kane is injured, that's literally like every season coz Kane gets injured every season. But still, Spurs is a more stable team with Kane and the two of them help each other in taking out the goal scoring burden
Innocent Video production
Innocent Video production:
definitely they are, if they can get another Center Forward they will b better off
Ismail J
Ismail J:
Yes they are
Nicholas Jarnot
Nicholas Jarnot:
*’ARE’ Tottenham better.....
Taufik Efendi
Taufik Efendi:
Mo will end Kane career.
Dory Ashdown
Dory Ashdown:
Should dele Ali play in the Euros or do you think he's botch job ?
Aaron T
Aaron T:
harry klaim is a fraud
Nick Furigay
Nick Furigay:
This would be so much better without the background music
Lucas Yates
Lucas Yates:
Having a few strokes of luck in their Mourinho games isn't very impressive because they were overall more impressive before.
Wan Solahuddin Wan Ahmad
Wan Solahuddin Wan Ahmad:
Yes. They are. Spurs much better without Kane.
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez:
Kane slows them down a lot
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave:
Burley's an idiot. This guy really compared Messi's influence with that of Kane. Messi is Barcelona's best midfielder, best playmaker, and best scorer. Furthermore, Harry Kane is not Tottenham's best player. Son has been far better than him in the last 18 months. I don't agree that Spurs are better without him, but if a team were dumb enough to offer 150M Euros for him, Spurs would be stupid not to sell.
Matt Barden
Matt Barden:
As a Tottenham supporter I can say the answer is a definite no.
Kyunwoo Park
Kyunwoo Park:
"Are Tottenham better without Harry Kane" is grammatically right? Isn't it "Is Tottenham better without Harry Kane? I am confused
Mount Collector
Mount Collector:
i think kane is a better striker but son is faster. if they can manage to work with each other around that, they will be unbeatable.
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington:
Inter has a trash midfield
Areeb Gul
Areeb Gul:
It is a stupid question just to divide Tottenham players and fans. And secondly Son is nowhere near as good as Kane. Kane last played full 90 mins in December and still he is their top scorer. Son is just a good player
john atco
john atco:
This type of question is surely not helping any player trying hard to regain his fitness following a serious injury..Especially when discussed by a load of old has-beens and the like...Go away and discuss who makes the best quality spam sandwiches..Man Untd , Juventus or Liverpool....????