Israeli model Yael Shelbia named 'prettiest face of 2020'

International supermodel model Yael Shelbia was awarded the number one spot on the TC Candler's 31st annual independent critics list of 2020's most beautiful faces

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53 comentarios:

Anthony Sinclair
Anthony Sinclair:
How did the make-up artist make such a beautiful girl look so bad?
Not You
Not You:
Why show a video clip of her looking like death when she is actually a very attractive woman?
Kawika Florida
Kawika Florida:
There are regular girls out here that are a lot prettier.
Nat Sarim
Nat Sarim:
WOW. I'll say this. If she doesn't want to be the polar opposite of her new title, Fire the person who suggested the black lip paint. Scary.
Yael Shelbia
Yael Shelbia:
Sorry, not a fan of the dark lipstick. I prefer the all natural look as God intended.
Enesa Softic
Enesa Softic:
ماشاءالله 🌟
Monalisa S
Monalisa S:
I have a relative that looks like that.
Jackal N
Jackal N:
G.G. is still the best in my book.😉
rose marry
rose marry:
Ronald Soriano
Ronald Soriano:
Kunis comes from a Jewish family and has cited antisemitism in the former Soviet Union as one of several reasons for her family's move to the United States. She has stated that her parents "raised [her] Jewish as much as they could", although religion was suppressed in the Soviet Union.
Mike Switzer
Mike Switzer:
Woof. I can pick out thousands of other beautiful Israeli women that are more deserving.
palokshi maan
palokshi maan:
From my opinion Yael Shelbia look beautiful from her eyes and lips because they are attractive and Yael Shelbia looks like taylor hill there is no commen difference and from my opnion most beautiful girl in the world is Hande Ercel
Anıl Uner
Anıl Uner:
She is so beautiful Jewish model for me and very lovely girl.
Faith Harvey
Faith Harvey:
Damn why is everyone hating on this girl? I mean to me she isn’t the prettiest in the world but she is beautiful
Is it a woman or a man?
Anyway, Beauty isn't in the flesh it's in the Spirit.
e To eiser Maz
e To eiser Maz:
I'm Alone 😍😥
zilar islipar
zilar islipar:
What do u mean by sayings that our mothers telling us we are beautiful But it’s not true? Listen every girl is beautiful in her own way and please just respect yourself
Groucho Marx eyebrows and Bozo-Goth lips with zero time on hair-do. Great bone structure but little else.
Jayson Larong
Jayson Larong:
Wow love u
a watchman on a wall
a watchman on a wall:
don't see it lose the lipstick
Bible Addict
Bible Addict:
I think that on average, tall and skinny girls are very beautiful and usually have very striking eyes. I've seen many tall and beautiful women. Two of them are First Lady Melania Trump and also beautiful Ivanka Trump. I think Ivanka needs first place for famous people.
Felie dim
Felie dim:
I read it for being the prettiest face but i still prefer Adriana Lima
Did she said Tc calender?
mohammed sarfaraz
mohammed sarfaraz:
Israel lobby must have worked hard to get her too spot
The Queen of the Corona Crisis
K King
K King:
No way!
jose arrollado
jose arrollado:
I'd give her the title of "prettiest face"
But the girl has no body at all.
Linda Deavours
Linda Deavours:
What Michelle Obama is not #1 ? Thank goodness
Krabby Kat
Krabby Kat:
she quite a regular pretty white chick...dont get the hype except that one photo in a white blouse doing the rounds on social media
rjol hmittegri
rjol hmittegri:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis:
Nope, thats just a bit off. Maybe its her personality.
ah G sford San
ah G sford San:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
batsheva kahn
batsheva kahn:
ana zack is more
Semsem Eini
Semsem Eini:
That makeup makes her look awful.
Lol. what a joke!
mai pi
mai pi:
eeeeekkkkkk..... not even close..
Monsieur P.
Monsieur P.:
There are prettier ISRAELI BORN women here in FLORIDA LOL
Ced 7
Ced 7:
She not even the baddest in Israel lmaao Gal Gadot way finer
Kevin Alay
Kevin Alay:
Cmon i see better looking seriously
Mike LaBelle
Mike LaBelle:
Uh yeah I don't think so, especially with the black lipstick, she looks like a stand in for the adams family.
sumanta bhowmik
sumanta bhowmik:
She dont look like so
Hell no
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Who said she's a beautful woman of the world? Lier Media..
One good enough reason Jewish were chosen ones
Bear Bones
Bear Bones:
Those black and white clothes are ugly
jack winchester
jack winchester:
Disgusting. This isn't beauty.
Ronald Soriano
Ronald Soriano:
Mila Kunis is 1000 times prettier
Danel AWMZ
Danel AWMZ:
You mean palestinian model?what is israel?
Pure wild Spirit
Pure wild Spirit:
Ester revisited
Maņequin Pís.
Maņequin Pís.:
Shes russian.