'It feels massive, I cannot believe it!' | Jurgen Klopp FA Cup Winner's Press Conference


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100+ comentarios:

Kev Irl
Kev Irl:
He has won the lot in 6 years!!! Outstanding achievement considering the billions other clubs spend. We are blessed to have him as manager.
Gretar Einarsson
Gretar Einarsson:
Irrespective (my mistake to say irrelevant) of how many trophies we win, this team and JK is in every way one of the greatest Liverpool teams ever and among the greatest PL teams in history and most definitely of our era.
Dan Graham
Dan Graham:
Heartbroken blue here. Massive respect to this incredible Liverpool team. Congratulations on the cup win and good luck in Paris 👏💙❤️
Genuinely in awe of the man. Sadio missed his spot kick, but Klopp made sure that there would be no naming, he said it was his fault. Almost saying he’s imperfect, but you know what, I think that this is the greatest manager of my life time and I do not regret the words I say “I’m so glad that Jurgen is a red”
Ahmad Safieddine
Ahmad Safieddine:
I never seen a manager that praises neuroscientists. Massive respect
Klopp is officially a LFC legend!
Best in the world, period. What he has achieved with the financial resources available to him is just unbelievable
A wonderful manager and an even better human being, just wonderous absolutely wonderous
Congrats Liverpool from a Everton Fan. Klopp is a legend and put together a legendary Team. Am I Jealous? Hell Yeh. But got to hand it to them. Amazing manager, players, team and achievements. Well deserved success and they are rightly having fun.
Les Corlett
Les Corlett:
Konatè was a colossus at the back. What a player and still only 22, the future's bright for the lad.
What an unbelievable achievement for this team, I'm so proud of all of them and of our beloved boss.
I've been supporting The Reds since '74, seen all the ups and downs, the great and not so great players who've pulled on the shirt but this squad is possibly the best I've ever witnessed.
The Mentality Monsters will go down as legends beside the greatest we've ever had and deservedly so.
Brenda Walker
Brenda Walker:
As an Irish woman who's been following this team along with my eldest son for years now, I have to say that it's the best feeling in the world to be a fan of this great club and to its greatest team ever imo. Jurgen is one of the best managers of all time and the greatness he has brought to this club will go down in history. Long may he reign and respect to the team for their effort and comittment.
Best manager in the world right now and the best Liverpool managerxin 30 years!
Love this man. getting him is best thing to happen to our club in years!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch, tolle Mannschaft, toller Trainer. Ihr habt das soooo verdient! 👍👍👍💖💖💖
Brian Jones
Brian Jones:
One of Jurgen's great strengths is bringing in experts - when other people dismiss them. I am thinking of the throw-in coach, and now a neuroscientist on penalty training. He brought in Bayern's nutritionist, he developed the best data team in the game.
Jack Dominiak
Jack Dominiak:
Hendo is the only captain to lift every possible major trophy that can be won....just let that sink in.....Jurgen has also won every possible trophy and Trent at 23 😳
Valerie Purves
Valerie Purves:
He s amazing!! He deserves utmost respect and his boys just love him because he loves them
brandon gan
brandon gan:
Klopp arrived with promise of “a trophy “ in 4 years.. now he had six in 7 years. He is GOAT
Darren Midwinter
Darren Midwinter:
I just love this guy. The most genuine and humble manager I can recall. Liverpool are incredibly lucky to have him.
Mark Bowers
Mark Bowers:
I wish this man a long, happy and healthy life.
P M:
Words cannot describe how amazing this man truly is. Thank you Jurgen.
Amazing bloke, so happy he is staying for 2 extra years. Never felt so happy watching Liverpool in 40 years. Double, treble or quadruple, it's been great to be part of. Now West Ham do us a favour and win
Desmond McCarthy
Desmond McCarthy:
Love the fact that in two cup finals that back up players have scored the winning goals, shows the belief and strength of this group. Very very special and something to be proud of.
Ruediger Forsch
Ruediger Forsch:
Was für ein großartiger Verein! Diese unglaubliche Performance und Mentalität ist einzigartig.
Russ 62
Russ 62:
Can you just imagine what this is doing to Guardiola? Priceless. We go again and win over even more supporters all over the world. Thank you Boss. You are a true inspiration.
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
Congratulations Liverpool so Proud with the team and the staff. its been working hard to win the Trophy 8 in the row FA CUP Emirates. Best team of Liverpool YNWA, I'm so Glad Jurgen is the Red!!!!!
Jack Hughes
Jack Hughes:
The fact he’s partly taking the blame for Mane’s miss says so much about his character!!
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
As arsenal fan. Respect for klopp. Legend!
Oddjob Triumph
Oddjob Triumph:
This Man is a Genius and we love him
The Ronin
The Ronin:
Not a Liverpool fan, but I love Jurgen and his passion for the team he manages.....Well done Liverpool.
Pete P
Pete P:
What a manager we have! Always gives credit to the opponent.. What a great manager👍🏾
Me vs  Me
Me vs Me:
How can you hate this guy it doesn’t matter what team you support, absolutely great manager with amazing personality 👏🏽
Craig Chan
Craig Chan:
Jurgen thank you for everything you have brought to LFC but more importantly thank you to ulla jurgen love you two both always so proud to be LFC fan right now an in the background pep an Peter thank for everything you guys have done for LFC many thanks guys always
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi:
Liverpool had great managers in the past, but Jurgen is the greatest.
Blackburn, Lancashire , England , UK, (BREXIT)
Blackburn, Lancashire , England , UK, (BREXIT):
Winning everything in 6yrs is just outstanding.
Ahmed Abbas
Ahmed Abbas:
A great Boss! He made a fantastic team that feels like a family and delivers beautiful football on the pitch! Our Liverpool keeps collecting trophies and the Klopp era is one of the best in our history, if not the best of all! YNWA
DiReal 2dcore
DiReal 2dcore:
Klopp is the Manager of every club's dream. He manages not just the football but the club's finance and that's where he has an edge over Pep. Klopp has delivered, now we're believers
Fidel Wayara
Fidel Wayara:
What a coach and a motivator for turning average players into world class performers. I don't think i will ever love and believe in any other manager the way i do in klopp
Daniyar Kamalov
Daniyar Kamalov:
The best coach of last 10 years in any league.
Abba Justice
Abba Justice:
The best manager of all time
Wisdom everywhere when he speaks
In klopp we TRUST 😍
Toby Ireland
Toby Ireland:
It’s true, the Premier League should have taken this into consideration and allowed the team time to celebrate properly; they are human beings like us not machines! Putting in a game on Tuesday is crazy
What a manger , what a human being!
We Never see a manager this candid but knows the perfect balance of what to say when
He is by far the best liverpool manager in history imo given what he has achieved with the resources made available to him in an era where clubs spend billions just to fight for 4th place🤣
Wayne Erradu
Wayne Erradu:
Thank you Mr Klopp you made us believers and the Team has delivered.
Emily An
Emily An:
He s amazing!! He deserves utmost respect and his boys just love him because he loves them
Jack O' Lantern
Jack O' Lantern:
Love this manager and this team! The definition of "digging deep"
blackporsche roadster
blackporsche roadster:
He just says what everybody knows. He is intelligent and just does the right things. I can remember always questioning previous Liverpool managers decisions and then this concern coming to fruition. He is the ONLY manager except Alex Ferguson, who SEES things that the fans do. I think it just comes down to intelligence, but he is so personable and likeable too, which makes him just the perfect football manager. His substitutions are almost always spot on too. Best I've ever seen.
Paul Barber
Paul Barber:
Well Done Liverpool, another amazing trophy success. Klopp is a fantastic Manager and humble individual. He's creating an incredible history with a brilliant group of players, who just never give up.. YNWA..
Yonko Hristov
Yonko Hristov:
I am Liverpool fan from Bulgaria 1976. The reason I became such a fanatical red supporter has two names: Bob Paisley and Sir Kenny Dalglish. Thank you Jurgen for allowing me to demonstrate the Liverpool passion to my son. Yesterday before the game I told him - we will win it boy. And he (17 years old) told me - I know and most importantly Jurgen knows.😀😀
andrew lloyd
andrew lloyd:
Jurgen Klopp... This man has transformed this club, we were an OK team, a fallen giant, this man, brought in by John Henry, has systematically transformed LFC into the Magnificent team they are now, LFC are WINNERS AGAIN, not even guardiola and all his Arab millions can emulate Liverpool, he must be so jealous. I've followed Liverpool through the good times and the bad times, this is without a doubt, in my humble opinion THE GREATEST LIVERPOOL TEAM IIN HISTORY, MANAGED BY THE GREATEST MANAGER IN LIVERPOOL HISTORY TOO. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE WIN YESTERDAY, AND I HOPE YOU CAN EXACT REVENGE ON REAL MADRID NEXT WEEK. SO VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL.
Mweetwa Gamela
Mweetwa Gamela:
Minamino is one of the real reasons why we won both domestic trophies. What a guy
Dawood Auckbaraullee
Dawood Auckbaraullee:
You've done ✔️ Jurgen. More power to you. Thank you for the beautiful game we watched 👀 ❤️ 🙏🏽

Such a great achievement 👏🏼 👌🏼 🙌🏾
We loves you Coach ❤️
Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson:
One of the greatest managers in world football and what he's brought to this team has been nothing short of phenomenal
stefano moretta
stefano moretta:
And also people forgot that we lost mo and sadio for a month for the African cup....what a season
Virgil Tracy
Virgil Tracy:
Best manager of all time. “So glad he is a Red!” YNWA 🏆 So proud of the boys.
Freddy Fischer
Freddy Fischer:
My friend Kloppo from Dortmund is a great great or one of the absolut best Team-Manager. I mean, nobody on all Football-fields on this planet can built a real TEAM with real social character., only Juergen. He is a genius. Kloppo....we miss you so much !!! Greetings from Germany
Barry Kam
Barry Kam:
He is the first German Manager to win all major titles (6) with one club and the second do it after Sir Alex Ferguson. Two legends
Felix Lievano
Felix Lievano:
He duly praised Luis Diaz but also remarked "He should have scored". I think Diaz was a bit unlucky Today
Arguably the greatest manager we’ve ever had
Ben :
What a manager! I got to agree we were lucky in both penalties as penalities are just a toss of coin but the way the team manage to just go over the line. I'm so glad that Jürgen is a red!
If he does the international treble off the back of this double then he is the greatest liverpool manager of all time.
Jason Tripp
Jason Tripp:
I have been a red since 75' and had the privilege to have many many fantastic players and teams but considering today's finances the team/s Klopp has built have been an absolute joy. Klopp is one in million and has become the heartbeat of the club, he has connected with the city and club in a way that no other has apart from Shanks and I hold him that highly. Bob won more but from an already successful position. Klopp and Shanks both picked up the club at a low ebb, embodied the team and players with an ethic and mentality that mirrors the fans passion and desire. Truly alongside Shankly.
Pond Elf
Pond Elf:
The best manager in the world.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams:
He is the modern day Sir Alex. Completely different to Alex but gives his club the same winning never give up mentality 👍 Best manager in world right now
Karon Porter
Karon Porter:
My heart is bursting with pride for this absolutely beautiful human what an achievement for Liverpool may it continue Y.N.W.A
The ARC:
Thank you for being a Red! Thank you for being so humble and down to earth and a really good example for old and new fans of this amazing team.
Quincy Campbell
Quincy Campbell:
The way he speaks tells us so much about his character. What man, a real role mother. As Ali said he's like a father to those boys. That says it all.
Raul Silva
Raul Silva:
un líder increíble , potencia jugadores, le da identidad a la institución , anima a los fanáticos, respecto absoluto a los rivales, es perfecto y me alegra verlo hoy feliz en la victoria, sin soberbia con humildad, aprendamos de este señor
James Palmer
James Palmer:
I'm so happy and proud to be a lfc supporter! Congrats to our boyz, the amazing staff and the whole club! Big JK the one and only! Ynwa ✌️ Make us dream again in Paris 2/4 only 2 more steps ❤️
George Middlemore
George Middlemore:
Now we’ve won it all. Even though I’d like one more prem or one more ucl. I’m content forever after what this man has done. 22 and I’ve seen my team win it all
P. Alex
P. Alex:
Well done to Jurgen and the boys.
Good luck in the Champions league final!
olive morris
olive morris:
What a legend and absolutely the most amazing beautiful gentleman. Love love this team
what a great manager. Liverpool must keep him for long
What a man ❤️
David Denham
David Denham:
I really like and admire Klopp…….and I’m a City fan!…..
George Morrison
George Morrison:
I could listen to this man all day.
Ju Bear
Ju Bear:
Never cease's to amaze me just how big hearted this man is. I mean there can't be that many people, if any, he comes into contact with that go away thinking "that's not a genuinely great bloke" I'd put that above most of his bloody amazing attribute's, that make players think "I want to play well for this guy"
Ive supported LFC all my life Nice one lads 2 domestic cups down I'm buzzing & cl final to come ! the treble is definitely still on this team is the greatest I've seen 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
serry ciok
serry ciok:
Best manager of all time. “So glad he is a Red!” YNWA 🏆 So proud of the boys.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali:
danny james 2020
danny james 2020:
Klop with the summer muscles 💪 💯💣💣My team my manager we love you LFC
Ian Holden
Ian Holden:
Absolutely brilliant final congratulations Liverpool FC
Deejay Tubbster
Deejay Tubbster:
„Nobody knows here! You are REALLY interested in quadruple!“ I love him. Mainz‘ heart was in shreds, when this outstanding type of guy quit and went to us. Ours was, when he quit and went to you. Someday your heart will be as well, but until that, he will give you so much joy. On matchday and in between… Jürgen, you are the best sportsman in the world.
Benjamin Franklyn
Benjamin Franklyn:
He is right, I was around to watch Dalglish,Rush and company. It was MAGIC!! I am not sure if this young team is there yet..but they definitely on their way there
Rüdiger Orth
Rüdiger Orth:
I am absolutely made up witht the result. This LFC team is stunning!
kenny smith
kenny smith:
Genius of a manager, I rank him along with Shankley and Paisley.
surya g
surya g:
I am so glad that Jurgen is a red!!

Just for the joy this team brings me even when they are not winning trophies, I think they are the best ever!
Pragyananda Maharjan
Pragyananda Maharjan:
Klopp! Man, I love this guy obviously coz i am a liverpool fan but i dnt think anyone in the world can hate him. And what a Manager😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sadat X
Sadat X:
We Love Jürgen Klopp!
Ali Zain
Ali Zain:
What a man! What a gloriously beautiful man
Karon Porter
Karon Porter:
He is one special man everytime I watch him I burst into tears 😢 he's incredible he loves his team they love him and also he loves Liverpool City.. im thinking OBE Jurgen ❤🏆❤🏆❤
I knew the day he arrived, this was going to be special. But damn, I didn't know it would be this fun.
Mike Friend
Mike Friend:
Liverpools incredible run this year is down to Allison scoring with a last minute header last season
Quadcopters R Fun
Quadcopters R Fun:
You have given my family such great memories. Thanks Juergen Klopp and the Liverpool team. YNWA.
Mohit zC
Mohit zC:
One of the greatest coaches ever
Such a lovely man, and a beautiful team of happy players. May the Lord bless Liverpool..!!
What a team and what a manager 👏👏👏♥️♥️ respect to the mentally monsters. YNWA
Greatest ever Liverpool team. Yep I said it.. EVER
Rayah Zoulou
Rayah Zoulou:
Congratulations to LFC for winning the FA Cup..Great coach..Great man..the normal guy..the realistic one..now let's focus on the champions league final against Real..my best wishes with LFC..let's play our best football and win that too..hope all our first team players will be fit and ready..
Master Singleton
Master Singleton:
Jurgen Klopp is one of the footballing coaching and management GOATS.
Anayat Rahman
Anayat Rahman:
Klopp built his way to success.
Pep bought his way to success.