Leeds United head coach Jesse Marsch gives his thoughts our 2-2 draw with Southampton at St Mary’s Stadium in the Premier League.

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Idan Talker
Idan Talker:
In my opinion Jesse should have made the substitutions earlier, but we as fans cannot turn on Jesse. You can see from his interview that he understood the mistakes and is looking to improve, and I know the result wasn’t ideal but we need to believe. Still work to be done on the training pitch and in the transfer market, we desperately need a left back.
Beginning of last season to this season is night and day... It's a shame we didn't get all 3 points but the team has shown a lot of growth.
Andres Cortez
Andres Cortez:
Marsch knwos he made a mistake and I think everyone can learn from this match. We have to remember he's a new coach to the prem and to top 5 leagues in general... We are all being hard on him about using subs too late, which is completely fair and deserved, however, we should give him a bit of credit for the changes he made at halftime to get us those two goals. Positives to take as well here
Lots of positives today particularly in possession and at set plays. Harrison and Rodrigo have raised their game to new levels; the team has a good energy about it and we were the better team for a large part of the game. I did feel that around the 78 minute mark, we were starting to flag - Harrison, Aaronson and Roca in particular - and subs were required. Compare this performance with the dire effort we gave at Southampton last season and you can see the progress made already.
Luke George
Luke George:
Disappointing not to get the win but 4 points from 2 games is good going. Keep it up Jesse ☺️
Glad to see Marsch recognises his mistakes. We need a striker to replace Bamford though. I love the guy, but he's too much of an injury risk. Hopefully today shows the board we cannot make do with what we have.
I don't want to criticise Marsch but the formation and shape wasn't the problem in the final 20/30 mins, it was clearly that players were tiring and they couldn't do what was being asked of them effectively. Really surprised he didn't recognise the need for subs earlier on. It was so obvious
Martin T
Martin T:
Honestly we played a pretty much perfect game for 70 minutes, the 1st saints goal really shifted the momentum of the game and then we get undone with a ridiculously good through ball. If we keep playing as well as that then we will pick up points.
Carlos A. Gómez
Carlos A. Gómez:
He showed great growth, but we must eliminate the mistakes, and even more so when we win two-nil, we had to win that game... Long live Leeds.
James Cole
James Cole:
70 mins in total control. I think its on jesse today at 2-0 we should of changed it they put fresh legs on and we was looking tired
I'm happy with the start we've made and if we keep on improving, I'm hopeful I won't be having as many heart attacks as I did last season. MOT
Watching those that are unmentionable implode, is providing good theatre too😀
Seamus O'Neill
Seamus O'Neill:
Both goals came from the left back position. Says it all for me.
the amount of "fans" ive seen slating jesse is unreal yes a lapse in judgement with subs but it is what it is, should of been 3 points but i would take 1 point over a loss anyday, were 2 matches in to the season and bar a few lapses weve looked great and can only get better with time. it will come just give them chance
i like to watch
i like to watch:
Bit of an error there from Jesse, but let's not get too down ,4 points from 2 games is good 👍
L J:
Looking at the comments below, some pretty despicable people. Must be nice to always be perfect an always use hindsight 20-20. So many Leeds fans are just waiting to pounce on anything he does that they don’t agree with.
Be honest, i didn't expect to have 4 out of 6 points after two matches. Even if this draw tastes as a loss, progress is clear on the pitch.
Tactical manager baby Momma aka Jason Kreis
Tactical manager baby Momma aka Jason Kreis:
Obviously 6 points is what we should be at but to assume we should have that is a positive. Compared to last season. It's going to happen. If you want to win every game go play fifa.
If an outsider saw how poor soton were with a back 5 (wing backs included) and how poor Leeds were with a back five. They would have to wonder why anyone would play five at the back. At for Bamford, I saw him feeling his groin before the game started. I just hope we get in a striker. This result was on Marsch for me. He waited until the players were on their last legs before changing. But, 4 points from 6 is better than last season. We go again. ALAW.
Stephen Hawking’s football boots
Stephen Hawking’s football boots:
I thought we were ok and we were comfortable this season.
We had the best window and all signings were brilliant.
What a difference 20 minutes makes.
Hoping and praying he can get the team to gel & perform to there best , he seems capable and deserves the chance to get the best out of these players, we haven't played any top teams as yet so Chelsea coming to Elland road soon , maybe that match will be the day it all comes together.
John Schnelting
John Schnelting:
Our defense looks fragile when under pressure, especially our full backs. We really need to work on this aspect. Chelsea are really going to test us this week, as much as I dislike them they are a good side. One point would be good, three points fantastic.
We won't get relegated this year, i feel good about that. Overall Jesse is doing very well. I have faith in him. MOT
Budget Cleaning Services
Budget Cleaning Services:
JM already said that the US summer heat is what he comes from and that it isn’t a problem. He may come from that type of usuality but the Northern hemisphere players don’t. I get he’s trying to create a diamond energy like Bielsa did ie a small squad(ish) thing like an ‘us vs the world’ vibe but we need to stretch the gametime out a bit too, also, was he making a point to Radz and Victor?
The two goal against could have been hindered or even stopped if our DCM held their positions. While the work rate was there from them it was because they went a high that the space opened up.This happened a number of times in the game. Either Adams goes while Roca sits of Roca goes and Adams sits. Not both together as it leaves to much space.
Zach Holzer
Zach Holzer:
All these fans acting like we started the season with 2 losses and no points 🤦🏼
Normal Person
Normal Person:
Hope we can continue to build on a solid 4 from 6 and finish without being involved in a relegation battle
Derek Wilkinson
Derek Wilkinson:
Can't for the life of me understand why he didn't change things at the water break! In that heat 🔥he should have changed things
There n then even I could see that! But we go again mot
Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson:
I like him and we are definitely getting better, arronson is going to be a fantastic player for us. Love that Rodrigo has got a few goals, hope he can push on now and help us stay in the top half. Think just above mid table would be a fantastic season for us mot.
Julio Guzman
Julio Guzman:
Left back and striker needs to be addressed this week. Need to work on transition defense. Mistakes where made but this is a new team with a new system. Takes a little time.
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd:
Unbelievably frustrated with that given the 2 goal lead, but at the end of the day, if you’d have offered me 4 points from the first two games, I would have bitten your hand off 🤷‍♂️
Look it's poor from him, he failed to address to Southampton's tactical changes.

The delay in changes cost us, with that said we have no real depth still. There has been significant lack of depth for years
Kimberley Northwood
Kimberley Northwood:
Disappointed we had to settle for 1 point after starting strong. Still love our guys though. Hopefully will learn and adjust.
Got a feeling 'sick note' Bamford will cost us this season. He's so clinical with his shot and pass decisions and accuracy, and stays cool all the time, but he's made of glass. Out already on game 2. Skilful players who don't play aren't worth it.
Alan Dean
Alan Dean:
We NEED a new striker desperately. Bamford with or without his injury just isn’t good enough unfortunately. Please sign someone! MOT
Arthur Shelby
Arthur Shelby:
Leeds would’ve went 2-0 to 6-2 down last season, you will be fine lads coming from a city fan
Dave P
Dave P:
Not every game is going to be perfect. Mistakes were made and they’ll be addressed. This next week be on working those issues.
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan:
Look Jesse knows he made a mistake in not putting on the subs earlier the team seem as one all the Lads working for each other but we do need a striker and a left back. We got 4 points it's a start still feeling positive come on Leeds, keep fighting, all Leeds aren't we 🇮🇨🦚👊✊
Texas Hog
Texas Hog:
Blew 2 points today. Lessens the sting a little bit if I picture us tying wolves and beating Southampton 🤷‍♂️
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
This first two games this season had shown a poor defense as always. This is what we get for not sign better center backs and a left back. We sent Cresswell to Millwall and he scored twice on his first game there. Cresswell is better than Koch and Llorente right now. No need to wait to next season but there's nothing to do about it now. We can't expect Meslier saving us each and every game like he did against Wolves last game.
Leeds United Old School
Leeds United Old School:
Little unlucky today and a little lucky against wolves. Thats football 💥
James Rigby
James Rigby:
Positives - a draw away is always ok, good play generally Negative - if Southampton can score 2 against us how many will Chelsea score?! Mot
Nithin Neyyan
Nithin Neyyan:
Leeds will this EPL 😌
We need to get rid of Bamford asap.

What’s costing us is our striker/s not putting chances away.
John Furnish
John Furnish:
Still a Jesse fan, he is still learning too, he will get it right in the end
1-1-0 people! Not bad at all! Team chemistry is there. I think we can finish mid tier this season
These comments are hilarious. You’d think we lost both games to heavy defeats. 4 points after 2 games is a good result, especially for this team, and especially compared to where we were under Bielsa. We played great football and completely controlled most of the game. Issues with game management but JM will learn from this also. In comparison, look at where Everton or Wolves are right now, not just in terms of points, but the clubs themselves.
Bob Bobberson
Bob Bobberson:
Some brittle ass fans out today 😆 we knew the defense was shot no losses yet chill out
eslam medhat
eslam medhat:
We could have won, but then again 1 point is better than 0. still early on in the league and we are on the right track. happy with the result.
mark briggs
mark briggs:
This ok but we will be slaughtered when we play city Liverpool etc the key is not let them deplete our goal difference as at the end of the season it will come to that
Bamford is key but he’s unfortunately becoming plagued with injury again this is a major issue but 4 point so far is a good and the team is growing and bonding
matjus grek
matjus grek:
i believe in him
Sean Gotts
Sean Gotts:
i sure as hell am not gonna panic after what iv seen in the 2 games a home win and away draw ... talks on the german left back need to get done at 3 mill hes worth a punt .. and we need to get a striker in once we have those 2 things will improve i think as he can rotate pat .. use struik in the centre again and hopefully shore a defence a bit more
Keion Garnett
Keion Garnett:
Leeds just need a proper striker
Bamford is always injured
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Cooper:
We still concede to easily, cant seem to see out the win!
Old Gardener Guy - Finland
Old Gardener Guy - Finland:
Sonny Perkins is all i'm saying. Southampton were playing 19-20 year olds so why don't we give him or Joseph a try. Why do we think older and more experienced is better?
Gary Tomas
Gary Tomas:
We got battered here last season under the false god my god we had wait 3 months for a win
Should not be wasting a 2-0 lead, the premiership is hard enough as it is. Every point counts.
Martin Chavez
Martin Chavez:
instead of uploading so many stories they should improve the team, it can't be that the same situation always happens they should continue attacking but all they do is defend a game that was ours, we didn't lose but how great it would be to have started with 6 points in a premier That last season sucks, and reinforce the team with players who want to win, not to push the idea is to win, not that they criticize us and that we are shits that the only thing they do is lose, Brereton Diaz, we are waiting for you
Kryten 2X4B-523P
Kryten 2X4B-523P:
Going from 2 up to a draw is not a step forward.
well i think you did well your 5th in the league and you git 2 goals that is pretty good
Abdulrahman Alkhalifa
Abdulrahman Alkhalifa:
Ok, we need to see Cody at right back now,,,at least give him a chance, no Joffy on the bench means he is injured. 5 subs and we use only 4,,,of which 3 in the last 8 minutes after they equalised . Jesse will learn from this. Otherwise I am happy where we are now. MOT
Roy Rothwell
Roy Rothwell:
It could be worse, we could be bottom of the league like man utd. 😂🤣😂MOT
Laurence Farrell
Laurence Farrell:
As a Leeds United Fan I’m so disappointed 2-0 up 70th min , Bamford gone again owner and Orta need a kick in the head bollox with the recruiting left full back being crying out for, 2 central defenders are shite, as for the centre forward position 3 years we doing that looking for one and nothing so F—K Off and get one 🤫
Chris Gil
Chris Gil:
We need to Play More mature. 2:0 away from Home with 20 minutes left you kill the Game Buy passing the Ball around foul Here and there. There was No need to Go For 3:0
Taylor Adam was good showed up in a lot of spots that needed him and covered large space, if he press little bit forward and kick the ball behind the defenders a few more times, I think he could be really good.
Louis Dnd
Louis Dnd:
I think he should've made the subs earlier but in the end, it's a learning process, back Jesse
Jeffrey Hinson
Jeffrey Hinson:
shouldn't have switched to 5 in the back. Leeds will have to stay attacking and pressing for the entire 90 mins. Not only to win but to not play shitty football. He got punished for trying to play like Wolves and I hope he learns from it.
Davey Jones
Davey Jones:
Still 4th with only three teams with game in hand that can over take us
ian macintosh
ian macintosh:
If used the subs on 50 mins don't think we draw feels like a loss! M. O. T. 💛🤍💙.
david foster
david foster:
Down to him feels like a loss 2 points thrown away,playing in that heat all them subs try using them 😡
Not sue why he didnt bring Luis Sinisterra on to replace Patrick. He has played as a 9 before. We could have used the speed from James in the second half.
If this isn’t a reminder yet again that we need another striker I don’t know what is! When will the penny drop? It’s been a problem for two years now
Jesse you got it wrong sorry to say. You needed to make them subs so much earlier. So naive. However 4 point from 2, we go again Leeds
L. James 91
L. James 91:
It for sure ruined my day today, BUT 4pts from 6 isn't bad. ALAW
S Slh
S Slh:
aliosky left we had no LB Sign new LB And ST
Robert Purnell
Robert Purnell:
The team is young - they will gell better yet. The best is yet to come !!!!
jack got caught cos he was knackered, everyone could see it and yet you still left him on.
myg 22
myg 22:
Two nil is great,. Two one not so great,. Then 1 mistake and the victory is gone. Worst things have happened to us,. On we go
Ben C
Ben C:
What are you muppets waiting for, Bamford goes into the match with injury he's injury prone as is Joffy. Get a striker for the love of god especially if you're not confident enough to carry Perkins or Joseph on the bench.
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall:
Buy a striker and a defender come on Leeds 🫶
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Who Knows
Who Knows:
So basically Jesse starts Bamford when he is not fit.

The excact same thing he claimed Bielsa was doing when he had that famous Talksport

Not very clever Jesse to stamp on your own words is it ?
James Duffy
James Duffy:
We created very little to be fair and we are unable to retain possession which is a worry
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks:
Please look at pulisic. He'll want game time for the world Cup.
Pantelis Ninis
Pantelis Ninis:
Leeds, OLE !!!!, Pantelis Ninis, Athens, Greece.
i love me :3
i love me :3:
We should of done better Rodrigo was good but defence was shite
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler:
A point away is ok yes it should have been 3 hay move on
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker:
Jesse got it wrong today. Hope he learns from this result.
Brian Swanson
Brian Swanson:
Were geldhart going on about Bamford injury.. better striker on bench ..just sell him if you not going use him .... point when should been 3 ..
Sugary Goodness
Sugary Goodness:
Subs today were awful, we need to be more pro active especially when it's 35c
Davey Jones
Davey Jones:
Time for a striker?
Dave Mills
Dave Mills:
Please buy a striker and a left back. C’mon now. Nearly everyone can see it but Leeds Utd
Darryl Clarkson
Darryl Clarkson:
Poor decisions from marsche, has to make subs earlier and Bamford is just made of marshmallows, total liability for injuries just get rid and replace!!!!!
Ian Trotman
Ian Trotman:
Totally tacticaly inept totally f*****g clueless expecting even more s***e for the rest of the season 👎👎👎
Mr. Pastry
Mr. Pastry:
Striker and defender with speed desperately needed but still a good start.
Charlie Muggins
Charlie Muggins:
When we was 2 nil up you should of brought on fresh players you dozy Jeremy Kyle lookalike!.
Paul Broady
Paul Broady:
Jack still on the pitch cost us, the poor lad was shattered. Bamford is a glass man, he's had barely 2 good seasons with us. May as well play Rodders as the main striker, James is not the answer. Anyway, bring on the Chelsea 💙💙💛💛
james Olojo
james Olojo:
Big Opportunity lost but l guess glass half full.
Subs were needed man hottest day in premier league football. Just because you americans are used to this heat most of the European players in the side just aren't.
Jarred Fletcher
Jarred Fletcher:
Someone remind this guy we have subs.

This one’s on you, Jesse.
Neil Bateman
Neil Bateman:
What a tit blaming Harrison! Harrison was out on his feet and Marsch is to blame for not subbing him.