"It's The Hope That Kills You" West Ham 0-1 Everton

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36 comentarios:

Peter Williams
Peter Williams:
As a toffee, I'm pleased with the result, but chin up - I'd rather be in your position than ours. I'll be genuinely sorry if this messes up your end of season chances, but we absolutely needed a win today to stand any chance of getting into europe next season. Other than a channel tunnel trip to Calais!
Mr Monk
Mr Monk:
Hard luck lads , thought a draw would been on cards, hopefully use can stilll get top four
Isaiah Pavia-Cruz
Isaiah Pavia-Cruz:
You guys have had exactly what a proper Moyes-type season has been for us for a long time. Punching above the weight, squad depth starts catching up. You guys are on the up. Cheers from Las Vegas!
Les Calverley
Les Calverley:
Everton’s goal exposed Dawson as not having the quality to be a Premier league defender. That’s two home defeats on the trot and no goals. European hopes are nearly over now.
Mark Hanson
Mark Hanson:
You sound like us Toffees , we win the ones nobody expects and lose to those we should win but good luck rest of season lads
Worse thing for me was that we didn't have a shot on target! Pickford could of had the afternoon off! :-/ Everton did a top job of shutting us out. But we needed more. We're capable of more. Another worry is the points totals between 5th and 10th. It's pretty close with only a few games left. We could end up mid table if we don't end strongly.
Mr Rothskin
Mr Rothskin:
Close but no cigar! Well done lads from a Arsenal fan.
Tony Dee
Tony Dee:
Good to see both our clubs back up there challenging. We both need better squad depth. But can you keep Rice ?
hussein hassan
hussein hassan:
West ham fans are so funny,They really thought they’ll play in the champions league 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Well said Dom , never mind we go again let’s get these 3 points away at Brighton
shane stephenson
shane stephenson:
Welcome to being near the top end of the table
Everton shut out all the zones where we'd thrived in previous games. They did their homework and defended well. It was frustrating we didn't go more direct to try and bypass their block for the last 25 minutes.
Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller:
Two decent sides who dont have sufficient strength in depth. It really shows when certain players are missing from either side. All we have done today is what West Ham did to us at Goodison. Honours even for this campaign. Hope u make Europe coz u certainly deserve it.
27 Juggernaut
27 Juggernaut:
I don’t think we played horrendous. Everton just set up perfectly and just sat on the defence. Couldn’t do anything about it
dublinhammer forever
dublinhammer forever:
Should have bought a quality striker in the window. Even costa on loan till end of season would have done ⚒⚒
jerry moffat
jerry moffat:
Antonio wasn’t great today. They have all done well this far though. Who would have believed that.
Bonny Hammer
Bonny Hammer:
I see the plans to destroy Astra Goo Goo are going well on the wall.

Keep up the good work Dom. With your efforts we will win away in Romania in the 3rd round of the European Conference and dominate those farmers 👍
Mikey K
Mikey K:
It's been a long season but Leicester are there for the taking. Doubt thel add many more points in remaining games
Phil Carter
Phil Carter:
lets not be too disheartened boys, can't win every game, look at Leicester 2 Newcastle 4, sometimes you got to get things into perspective, this has been a brilliant season compared to the last 4/5 seasons, we have a team and manager to be proud of now, we keep all these players together and maybe add a couple more, there's no reason why we can't do the same next season. COYI!
kenneth lowey
kenneth lowey:
I'm an Everton fan and I like West Ham, you lot beat us at Goodison and you are really doing well, good luck hammers
Gavin Cunningham
Gavin Cunningham:
Alan had is a game today... chin up the hammers
John Gore
John Gore:
Dawson lost every header against cvl needed diop to bail him out but he couldn't because 4 at the back should have played 5 at back with cress moving in and freddy at left back carlo had how number with his set uo and system
27 Juggernaut
27 Juggernaut:
The most sense Dom has spoken
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
any english team that gets conference league will play u23s
Ray Deeble
Ray Deeble:
Even uefa football, will be tough now
Debbie Todd
Debbie Todd:
Bring on Brighton
Galactus Pro
Galactus Pro:
You never be a top4 team undtil you board start wake up and add players moyes want. and Moyes is a Dinosaur coach he doenst have a simple tactic just wait Next season u go below down
John Gore
John Gore:
There level on points i think
alan heath
alan heath:
Just when you thought ther day couldn't get worse, old happy guts spills his bad vibes
Borat The Piano Man
Borat The Piano Man:
Top 5 mate champions league
H_ L_
H_ L_:
Weren’t great today. We’ve got a real battle on to get Europe now. Full belief though in the team to pull through. Let’s keep the faith. On a side note, would love to know what’s on them pieces of paper on Doms wall 😂
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Our need was greater than yours...sorry!
Wayne Jarrell
Wayne Jarrell:
Dom should be the manager 😎⚽👍💯
Stop hoping for champions because we will get fucked , we don’t have enough players just try and get europa that’s it simple
Martin Duggan
Martin Duggan:
Richsrloson done the best screams and rolls that I seem in a long time.
We not good enough for champion league and deep down we all know it .
We just lack depth in the squad
Baroz Noma
Baroz Noma:
That should teach to stop talking like you're on the same level as Chelsea. You were being arrogant. Concentrate on teams you can compete with like Leicester, 🤔