Jailed ex-music producer Phil Spector dies

Disgraced former music producer Phil Spector has died aged 81.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has confirmed he died of natural causes on Saturday evening.

Read more here: https://news.sky.com/story/phil-spector-ex-music-producer-and-convicted-killer-dies-12190784

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81 comentarios:

David Smith
David Smith:
He produced some great music I play it regularly but it pains me to say this as a person he was truly dreadful.
Sweaty Kim Jong Un
Sweaty Kim Jong Un:
All the talent in the world can't hide crazy.
walk in beauty
walk in beauty:
RIP Lana🌹
Clint Walker
Clint Walker:
“Lana Clarkson was a warm, compassionate, kind, loving woman who would be 58 years old now. Her energy, brightness and love of life have sustained her family since her murder 18 years ago in 2003,"--Donna Clarkson (her mother).
J andMC
J andMC:
there's a very thin line between genius and insanity
A series of gold records, a collection of ostentatious wigs and a system of music production still used to this day... forever tainted by a single act of pure evil.
Mother Mary
Mother Mary:
"Wacko Killer" is the best description for this guy.
Rip Lana Clarkson
David Brown
David Brown:
I hope the wigs didn't suffer!
Christopher Wheeler
Christopher Wheeler:
He left a great legacy in his music but, for some, all they will know about him is the murder that put him in prison. Pity.
Debra Tanner
Debra Tanner:
Omg them mad wigs lol omg lol them wigs he looked Jackson 5 brothers gone wrong he thought people loved him so much he get off with murder them wigs lol in court. That was so funny best bit off trail his different wigs every day lol
The Wall of Sound !! The Wall of Insanity!!
Yes, cold blooded murderer!
The best pop song of the 1960's Be my Baby but what on earth was he thinking if he hated someone then call security and get them to leave
Olivier Lair
Olivier Lair:
Grahame Freestone
Grahame Freestone:
His sister was in an asylum and was quoted to say that 'She was the sane one in the family'..
He died of convict-19. 😂
E - Sharpe
E - Sharpe:
Let's collab. Send me some loops..
Should have gone via the electronic chair!!
Can't deny the guy was brilliant, regardless if he's a murderer
The Fog
The Fog:
He diminished all his great work when he killed poor Lana and that's what he will be remembered for
Or Barry
Or Barry:
Got famous>Addicted to music>Drug abuse, route of every 80s musicians
linda reboh-king
linda reboh-king:
Edward Mccready
Edward Mccready:
Let him without sin cast the first stone
Debra Tanner
Debra Tanner:
Sad really how brain gets rotted mind u I think he was nt a nice man in 1970s either documenty on him with wife and family he definitely had way to much money clever man shame I brought his Christmas cd it's lovely
Stephan Hacker
Stephan Hacker:
The Crystals: "He Hit Me".
atomic critter
atomic critter:
Paul Gambicinis summary was excellent
André Reloaded
André Reloaded:
It's not as if he looks like a psycho...
Rex II ForSure
Rex II ForSure:
I have a distinct memory in the 60’s of seeing an image of Phil Spector for the time the same day that I was in the audience for a Bob Barker game show!
BBC described him as "talented but flawed".

Talk about understatement of the century - being a convicted murderer is a pretty big 'flaw'.

It'd be like describing Jimmy Saville as 'a bit touchy-feely' :o/
Hold 1 thought - Ha Haa
Covid 19
Lost Windows
Lost Windows:
Now he's Phil Spectre
Tyrone Biggums
Tyrone Biggums:
Horrible person. Brilliant producer
florida aguada
florida aguada:
May his soul rest in Peace
linda reboh-king
linda reboh-king:
Gillian Murray
Gillian Murray:
Rip weird phill..
Ben Odlin
Ben Odlin:
RIP Lana Clarkson, I hate how people are paying tribute to him
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand:
Rest in Peace Phil Spector. Just kidding.👹
@ The use of the wording quote:"...alcohol and drugs..." What does a substance, that harms and, depending on duration and frequency of misuse, destroys vital organs and/or results in early death, causes disruption of social life, on a personal, community or even society level, qualify as "not being a drug," other than the incompetence of the authors of this video on this subject?
insidegrowsite420 joeblogs
insidegrowsite420 joeblogs:
Good riddens and goodbye
MsM D:
Wow! didn't realise he'd died :-( RIP Phil.
Lisha Marlar
Lisha Marlar:
I'm sad that he died. He was my fav crazy man. One of the greatest producers
Vic tacey ettle
Vic tacey ettle:
He was a great musician and and and a songwriter blah blah blah he murdered someone that should be his Legacy
T Love
T Love:
Murderer 👎🏼
Because he murdered more than just let it be
mel grant
mel grant:
Hair bear bunch
Debra Tanner
Debra Tanner:
What nutter monster in end, drugs money results freak
Paul Teale
Paul Teale:
The wall of hair
Roy Rush
Roy Rush:
John Lennon credited Phil with "saving rock n roll" when Elvis went into the army.
Bill Wellington
Bill Wellington:
Brilliantly put Mr Gambuccini....
Safe journey
Well, good who cares about a murderer ...
Alberto Paffetti
Alberto Paffetti:
Lewis Doherty
Lewis Doherty:
He must have been a music version of SUNSET BOULEVARD.
Lisa Vigus-Brown
Lisa Vigus-Brown:
George’s mad World
George’s mad World:
Ганнибал TM
Ганнибал TM:
Sad Man
Sad Man:
we lost a real boy today :( rip
The Pires Empires
The Pires Empires:
May his soul rest in peace
Duane Hall
Duane Hall:
Should have gotten an oscar for his role in easyriders......
Harrison Mitchell
Harrison Mitchell:
Wow sad rip
Sean Dorsey
Sean Dorsey:
I thought he already died.
Mahrufur Rahman
Mahrufur Rahman:
R.I.P. May God Rest His Soul.
Forget the musical tributes. He was a convicted murderer.

Murderer Dies in Prison - that should be the title.
Mason Haselden
Mason Haselden:
rest in piss
Kaytone Man
Kaytone Man:
Well doesn’t that suck
I heard his name from Mick Jagger
Моя и Твоя Любовь
Моя и Твоя Любовь:
marvin shary
marvin shary:
Well said. I liked him Rip. I use to call him captain miller it was a joke between us.
Ms. R
Ms. R:

Mr Spooks
Mr Spooks:
Sad moment
Michelle Oakfield
Michelle Oakfield:
Rest in Peace.
Edgar Payne
Edgar Payne:
Louis Rosson
Louis Rosson:
RIP legend
Kami Tenchi
Kami Tenchi:
Never heard of him tbh.
Nina Nilux
Nina Nilux:
R.i.p 💫
Sky Blue To Luna
Sky Blue To Luna:
I find it strange how people are demonising Phil Spector worse than demonising the likes of someone like Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter, Yes Phil was a murderer but the level of crime which is worse than him which people ignore is crazy.
RIP Phil. Why did he never write a book on The Beatles? That would have been something special to read. He produced great albums such as Let It Be by The Beatles (what a snub to George Martin), All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, and Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon.
Edgar Cardenas
Edgar Cardenas:
$#$#: el pino
Big Technical
Big Technical:
Jesus is comingi