James Maddison oozes class! Leicester star on celebrations, Arshavin-style goal and England hopes

James Maddison speaks to BT Sport after playing a starring role in Leicester City's 2-0 victory over Southampton at the King Power Stadium.

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94 comentarios:

Ayman Yassin
Ayman Yassin:
This is one of the best interviews I’ve seen. He seems so relaxed like he’s talking to his friends. What a lad
Juice WRLD Tour
Juice WRLD Tour:
Shoutout arshavin, criminally under rated in his prime
Top interview this! Not robotic like some footballers
Josh s
Josh s:
He'll be back in the England squad for the euros, absolute baller and a very mature guy
Gaffer Gafferko
Gaffer Gafferko:
He’s talking about arshavins goal against Blackburn
Well spoken young man
PC Willis
PC Willis:
Maddison One of the best English talent out there.
fares fs
fares fs:
Imagine comments on the internet after 50 years when they show this celebration
Let’s Talk Ball
Let’s Talk Ball:
England has some of the best characters in world football and that’s a fact
Lanty Feely
Lanty Feely:
Havvvy Barness oooooh its an equalisa getinn
Luke O'Reilly
Luke O'Reilly:
Actually nice to see a footballer give an interview without the usually boring formulaic response
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner:
Sounds like a well educated and grounded man who is able to articulate himself very well.
His interviews are always great, just tells it how it is without the robotic responses most footballers give
Mohamed H
Mohamed H:
What a character- him and rashford have risen
Michael J Glover
Michael J Glover:
Great guy, great interview and I loved the celebration
Ayrton Redmore
Ayrton Redmore:
Should be in the England starting 11 no questions asked. Brilliant #8 deserves his chance at the euros better and better every season and he desveres everything he gets. Absolute class act and footballer.
Charlie Levett
Charlie Levett:
Absolutely quality player as a Chelsea fan I’d love to see him do amazing things in football ! Good lad mads keep it up bro 👊🏻
Moynur Rahman
Moynur Rahman:
Good Player, good guy, good interview. 👌
England have a lot of talented attacking midfielders/ wingers, something we've lacked in previous years. Fair play to Maddison, conducted himself well in this interview
Born Sinner
Born Sinner:
Loves Maddison, is he secretly an arsenal fan 😉😉 I wish we bought him but no chance. One of the few top players in the Premier League who ACTUALLY has PERSONALITY 👏🙏
Wheezy Tyler 324
Wheezy Tyler 324:
Amazing person 🔥👏🏻
Mase 08
Mase 08:
5 goals and 2 assists “OoZeS ClASs” 🥴
Shakib Ishfaq
Shakib Ishfaq:
Celebration ban is silly. Should ban corners and freekicks as well.
Phil Griffin
Phil Griffin:
Great character and attitude. Brilliant interview.
Lu 123
Lu 123:
Top player and always gives great interviews
Kash 47
Kash 47:
Meanwhile haaland on interviews....
This lad just carries so much class. A lad that his home town are very proud of!
June 25th
June 25th:
He’s been their best player lateky
Graham Baker
Graham Baker:
Great interview but I still think Haalands interview are a whole different class.
Matt H
Matt H:
Great interview
Odion Ighalgoat
Odion Ighalgoat:
madders 🐐
Who else hates his celebrations?
Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes:
Richard Scales
Richard Scales:
Karens demand more measures be taken to fight the virus that has a 99.97% recovery rate.
k 4pf
k 4pf:
Arshavin arsenal legend
Sam Davison
Sam Davison:
Shooter McGavin
Shooter McGavin:
Ian Brown will be unleashing a furious Twitter tirade when he sees this celebration
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden:
The celebration ban is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard
What a guy
Robert Payne
Robert Payne:
Great lad - we were so lucky to have him at Norwich.
The FA said this week "don't shake hands when celebrating!" who shakes hands when celebrating? I just knew they would then do it I swear down
Leon Daniels
Leon Daniels:
Gassed to see Maddison n mount combine this year in the euros😍😍😍
Precious Hilpert 001
Precious Hilpert 001:
OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Nettie Bauch 001
Nettie Bauch 001:
Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Arthur Hayes
Arthur Hayes:
New celebrations will probably be more entertaining well done
ศุภณัฐ วงษานี
ศุภณัฐ วงษานี:
jacob milner
jacob milner:
what a nice lad
Tammi Ostrom
Tammi Ostrom:
Beautifull Thanks.💝😋👀😛
ศุภณัฐ วงษานี
ศุภณัฐ วงษานี:
Naeem Shaikh
Naeem Shaikh:
Arshavin vs Blackburn. First arsenal goal.
Kenji Klitsch
Kenji Klitsch:
Jesse Wright
Jesse Wright:

Trying to change how we socialize, what will be left when they are done?
Connor Davey
Connor Davey:
Top lad
ceejay1872 #55
ceejay1872 #55:
mad he was at aberdeen looked decent but has turned into pure class 🙌
Top man
Julian Louis
Julian Louis:
Not even a question... he has to be in England sqaud for euros. If mount makes it over him then that shows everything wrong with football
Steve David
Steve David:
Big deal! They should all be complying like the rest of us.
Arshavin style goal??? Lol wtf
Robert Jewkes
Robert Jewkes:
What a guy. him and grealish are super sizzle 🙌
Peter Mullins
Peter Mullins:
More like Giggs v Arsenal Cup replay 99.
King Henrik
King Henrik:
Mind this guy was doing a decent job up at Aberdeen, quality player and good guy all round, met him on a night out a few years back n sound as fck keep it goin my man
Jojo Harper
Jojo Harper:
Hugging and wrestling at set pieces, but no contact when celebrating. Thanks to the Contwats 👏
Tony machevelli
Tony machevelli:
An absolute baller but sadly we have a FA Shill for a manager! I have said it once and will say it again the FA make it there lifelong objective to hinder england.
Class player
Parveen Pari
Parveen Pari:
Arshaviiiinnnn!! Four!!!!!!
Can someone tell me where I can watch football on an app for free please I have no money
Ed Ball
Ed Ball:
get a room
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy:
Social distancinh celebration
George Coombes
George Coombes:
Top bloke
Not celebrating when these players are tested twice a week is moronic. This whole thing is a mega scam
Garry L
Garry L:
Whot a top guy
Saw this guy play against us at the Emirates a few years ago when he was playing for Norwich. An attacking midfielder who scores goals, he would've been a great Ramsey replacement instead we're lingering in the bottom half playing dead football.
Riz. M
Riz. M:
Which arshavin goal he is talking about
God i hate the phrase 'oozes class'
One analyst said it one time and now every fan says it when their midfielder does a 9 yard through ball.
Anthony Michaels
Anthony Michaels:
Welcome to Arsenal
Stylish ute
Stylish ute:
Arshavin vs Blackburn
Mr snow
Mr snow:
Then they all get in bath together after game ...
These guys train together everyday, take the same team bus, use the same cafeteria, share the changing room (including showers & toilets). But yeah, not coming close when celebrating is gonna reduce transmission lol
Abraham Chinye
Abraham Chinye:
Grealish, Maddison, Foden, Mount... England's now stacked in cams
People who think he shouldn't go to the euros need to watch football
Mad whenever grealish scores a worldie or plays absolutely outstanding or plays tricks in a game he doesn't get an interview yet maddison gets everything all the compliments etc
Jewsunbury _
Jewsunbury _:
It’s all for show. If they’re safe to play football together they’re safe to celebrate together
He looks like a villain
Jude Browne
Jude Browne:
They get tested 3 times a week there isn’t a problem if they celebrate and jump on one another
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed:
Leicester THRASHED Southampton 9-0 but NOT in this match bc they had not as much chances as Southampton took many of them
Richard Scales
Richard Scales:
This is not social distancing, this is social conditioning.
Immediately after doing the socially distanced goal celebration, didn't he shake hands with Barnes and give him a hug?! I'm not imagening that, I watched it back on MOTD several times! Kind of defeated the point of the socially distanced celebration! 🤣😂
kofi rey
kofi rey:
This is not 🚫 English
Ben Hopkins
Ben Hopkins:
As a Norwich fan, I sorely miss him. Our only good player during the 17/18 season, absolutely class
Ramnath Reghunadhan
Ramnath Reghunadhan:
No offense to Madison, but that is nowhere near Arshavin's goal.
He will go down in history as the first premier league player to come out while playing
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker:
Behaving like a slave is not class.
Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2
Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2:
No to forced or coerced vaccines, write to your MP.
The vaccine does not stop the spread of the virus,