James Rodriguez ● Welcome to Everton ● 2020 ???

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95 comentarios:

Sign him carlo, sign him!
Geof Thompson
Geof Thompson:
Honestly don't care about the age or price, he will be easily the best player we have if can get him. He's a huge step up in quality.
James Rodriguez would be a tremendous addition to the team, welcome to Everton.
Madridista here. Evertonians, you will love him! A wonderful player, puts in a great cross, can score and is an amazing sweet, humble guy. You're getting a steal
Julian Hidalgo
Julian Hidalgo:
He needs a coach who gives him total confidence and I believe he will be amazing again. From a Madrid fan who follows the team all day.
Óscar Pardo
Óscar Pardo:
If James shows his true condition they would be taking the best signing in their history
The Scream
The Scream:
its better to be the head of the mouse, than the tail of the lion....he will do great at Everton
Sebas Giraldo (Folkboy Music)
Sebas Giraldo (Folkboy Music):
A Colombian here, and you guys don't know how happy I feel when I read your comments.

I don't know about Everton, but I know James would love to play in a team like this. It seems that you'd like him and I hope it's a good transfer then!

I might see some matches!,

Greetings from London.
Rodriguez, Doucoure, Allan. Everton going to have a serious midfield next season. From the worst to one of the best.
Would be an Insane Signing for Everton!
Maik Rodriguez
Maik Rodriguez:
Me llena de mucha felicidad al saber que el crack va volver a desmostrar su talento y alzar su nivel 💪🏻👏🏻
Nelson Pelaez
Nelson Pelaez:
Colombian here : Thank You Everton! Thanks for believing in our most talented player from Colombia! I hope James & Mina bring many joys for the Toffees!
Deiby Ordoñez Arana
Deiby Ordoñez Arana:
Que jugador siempre lo he pensado y es el mejor del momento en su generación Colombiana,y no entendí como no lo tienen en cuenta, woooow.
Que goles...
Shubham Pant
Shubham Pant:
Everton fans you guys have our golden boy now, give him a lot of love ❤
Barry Walls
Barry Walls:
Finally the Carlo factor might work for us. No chance he'd look at us otherwise
Envious Fred
Envious Fred:
More of a family surrounding at EvertonFC, that he needs.
Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking:
Iam from Colombia and I can tell you for sure that he is one of the best soccer players our country has ever had. James not only score goals he makes amazing goal passes. He has the same pedigree passing skills as the legendary Colombian player Carlos el Pibe Valderrama. Iam now an Everton fan. GO EVERTON!!!
James is a good player, he is going to do great things for Everton
Noel Carrascal
Noel Carrascal:
You should know what you signed to play for your team. If you expect a horse who runs the field like a best in show trained dog, he is a bad signing. If you expect a playmaker, he can make a difference and be a good signing. Every set piece will be an opportunity for mina to score with a header. Ancelotti knows how to play him, so give him some slack. Also, he has a reputation for shutting up his critics. Don't judge him after every game, only if Everton goes up higher in the classification at the end of the year. He should make a difference even if he plays a few bad games, and when he does play well, it will be a soccer concert. His problems in Real Madrid was that that team favours the Spanish players over him. If James had been native Spaniard, he would not have been on the bench so much. You have a bargain. Use him wisely.
Darren Hansom
Darren Hansom:
Great signing 👍
Sérgio Ramos Football Skills #Forças palmas
Sérgio Ramos Football Skills #Forças palmas:
*boa sorte james,que seja feliz ai*
As a arsenal fan I really like especially for his passing like the time he curl that ball with the outside of his boot to cudrado
Nemam Meno
Nemam Meno:
I hope James kicks up his potential again. good luck :)
Brandon Moncada
Brandon Moncada:
I Carlos picks up Santi Arias on the cheap he's a genius and will have some big time threats on offense and solid play on defense. I want much more from Mina, and I know if James and Santi are there he's not gonna let them (or Everton) down.
Great player,good luck James
Owen Leonard
Owen Leonard:
Mental this finally we are gonna sign someone and its james mad
Bernardo Gabriel Goyo Grümbaun
Bernardo Gabriel Goyo Grümbaun:
Que jugador es James muy bueno
Felipe Jurado
Felipe Jurado:
Maguic, player
Cortés & The Crown
Cortés & The Crown:
Not many teams can buy players with such length of footage, all worth showing, right?
Nurul Nabila Aziz
Nurul Nabila Aziz:
What he's doing in Madrid. He far away better when he play with Bayern
Movingup onthetable
Movingup onthetable:
anyone who thinks James is a flop has not been watching. he's killed it everywhere he's been since river plate days. This man will be the reason Everton achieve any type of trophy in the near future
Freddy Maria
Freddy Maria:
Let's go and play James show you are very talented
Toffee Blue Nose
Toffee Blue Nose:
E erton nearly signed him when he was 18 years old
jeremy hawess
jeremy hawess:
best player ever
Bruno Henrique
Bruno Henrique:
Jesús Soto
Jesús Soto:
Falto el servicio de James a Tolisso
Bayern vs París
chidera ejike
chidera ejike:
We are ripping teams apart this season coyb
Knockedspore84 FIFA 21
Knockedspore84 FIFA 21:
Get in finally a player singed and it's from REAL MADRID
Emmanuele L.
Emmanuele L.:
He should of gone to MANCHESTER United
the genius crazy
Please let it be true 👍
OP Shopi
OP Shopi:
Colombian - yerry mina and James Rodriguez
Does anybody know the song at 4:23
Daniel Felipe Fernandez
Daniel Felipe Fernandez:
James es un crack 😎
Oskar Mogi Färber
Oskar Mogi Färber:
Welcome Recreativo Izatapalapa💪💪🏆
omar millan
omar millan:
Good luck CRAK 👍⚽️👍⚽️👍⚽️
ojala sea verdad y salga rapido, everton, atle de madrid o al napoli, todo es mejor a que siga quemandose mas, espero que vuelva a recuperar ese gran nivel...
David Villa
David Villa:
I hope Everton becomes his last team in his carrer
Imagine that midfield allan and rodriguez that be great
Andres Tarazona
Andres Tarazona:
James is not speed, but he is intelligence in midfield
Juanjo Arévalo
Juanjo Arévalo:
everton just needs a cb and a rb and the european places would'nt be so far away
Tyler durden
Tyler durden:
james vai só colar nas assistencias para o pombo
görkem doğan
görkem doğan:
Come To GalataSaray James Rodriguez :)
Jake Smith
Jake Smith:
Get in lad!
king slayer
king slayer:
top 7 in pl is coming
Peter Wardle
Peter Wardle:
Hes 4/9 to join us with the bookies so looks good
Muhammad Faith Khairi
Muhammad Faith Khairi:
i didnt now that james could intercept
Guys will we sign allan or doucoure??
He has signed
A comprar la camiseta de James David en el Only
Carlos Eduardo Reina Osorio
Carlos Eduardo Reina Osorio:
What the name of second song?
rojastrigre24 [cyt]
rojastrigre24 [cyt]:
yerry mina + James
Michael Rathburn
Michael Rathburn:
8min mark whats the name of that track?
James Jim
James Jim:
Not a good decision for permanent. A loan deal makes more sense.
Si él se considera el mejor de Colombia como será el peor,apenas un equipo mediocre para un jugador mediocre.
Hahaha l expect next primier league
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
I hope I'm wrong. Totally. Hope he is a superstar.
Javier 33
Javier 33:
franklin granda
franklin granda:
James Rodríguez se irá para el eterno media tabla de la liga inglesa, un club que ni quita ni pone y nunca sale a jugar un torneo internacional desde hace muho,
solo apoyado por un técnico como Ancelotti OBSOLETO además que es de los pocos que lo apoya en Europa si no es el único.
Ollie Morland
Ollie Morland:
IDK looks a bit like Tom Davies to me... :)
Lewis Nightingale
Lewis Nightingale:
Don’t look all that primer league is a tough league as well
jose aias gomez
jose aias gomez:
La única camiseta que James tiene segura es la de la selección Colombia
Luís -FuRY- Oliveira
Luís -FuRY- Oliveira:
Jesus 'Tecatito' Corona
Samuel Bautista
Samuel Bautista:
James lo ficha Ancelotti- juega increíble- Ancelotti se va- banquean a James- James lo ficha Ancelotti y así sucesivamente
abel henao
abel henao:
Futbol Hastası
Futbol Hastası:
Ertuğrul Yavuz
Ertuğrul Yavuz:
James rodrigez welcome to galatasaray
Alto Burger
Alto Burger:
Photoshopping a player's head onto the body of another player.... then making a "welcome to the club you haven't even signed for" video is the epitome of cringe
Galatasaray alacak
Arda Değer
Arda Değer:
Galatasaray Galatasaray Türklerindir begenin üste kalsın
J D:
Whats with the crap music ?
Jony Moreno
Jony Moreno:
De que año tienen q poner videos jugando de este tio jajajaajaja
abel henao
abel henao:
Jr Salgado
Jr Salgado:
santiago mera paz
santiago mera paz:
That’s not happening
Az 95
Az 95:
I hope this not real 😞
Jeffrey Calderon
Jeffrey Calderon:
This can't be his new club
Cam Gomez
Cam Gomez:
What the heck is Everton???
Constantin Mario
Constantin Mario:
Not a good decision
spartaco tapias
spartaco tapias:
Ahora sí que terminó su carrera un equipo que no pelea ni mierda mejor vete achina y deja de joder te fuiste apeliar de censo a ese equipo
Keith Powell
Keith Powell:
Nuts, Not a Premier League player, not fit enough, not mentally up to it and definately not good enough !
Good player but so overrated. Never deserved to play for Madrid and it is showing
BlueGoon 420
BlueGoon 420:
Nah tom Davies is better

Everton continue paying massive money for average players. Horrendous recruitment policy they have. Moshiri is financial a black hole of mediocrity.