James Wiseman Is Selected #2 In the 2020 NBA Draft!

Watch the moment James Wiseman started his NBA journey and was selected No. 2 overall by the Golden State Warriors during the 2020 #NBADraft!

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100+ comentarios:

First thing that I noticed were the concords 11s 🔥
Great pick for Warriors. He has a lot of potential and could become a star.
Saucy With_It
Saucy With_It:
"With the 8th pick the New York Knicks Select Stephen A Smith from Winston Salem University he has unmatched iq of basketball and his arguments are so good he can trash talk anyone and we like that in New York"
He cried of joy because he knows he got a good shot of getting to the finals and winning a chip lol

Edit: And if I were LaMelo I would cry of sadness because I would have to go to the Hornets
He'll be a great fit for the warriors as is rn, will be even better over time when he fills in with size.
ClydeJustVibe YT
ClydeJustVibe YT:
Im not a warriors fan but now they have a great team👌
Eddie G. Robinson
Eddie G. Robinson:
He's sitting with Penny who was drafted by the warriors once upon a time.
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony:
Still we know warriors were gon pick him because they were in needy of a center
Get MP
Get MP:
The warriors just got the best player in this draft
Don Don
Don Don:
I met James at the mall and that boy tall af 😂😂 I’m 6’2 and I look 4’11 standing next to him
When you realize you gonna play with curry i would cry too
Nic Dosal
Nic Dosal:
news just broke klay tore his achilles, prayers ma man
Mheaybert 19
Mheaybert 19:
I can now imagine how many lob passes steph gonna throw during transition offense ? 🔥
Aaron Nguyen
Aaron Nguyen:
This is hugeee for Memphis fans and Warriors fans!
Undisputed Legends
Undisputed Legends:
Perfect Line up
Point guard- Steph Curry
Shooting Guard- Klay Thompson
Small Forward- Andrew Wiggins
Power Forward- Draymond Green
Center- James Wisemen
Dear NBA,

This happened 40 mins ago.
0:11 that relief reaction from wiseman🙂
Smart choice by the Warriors. Needed a Rim Protector and Paint player.
If the warriors also get giannis, they would instantly have a new dynasty.
Mike C
Mike C:
"Stay humble. Work hard everyday. Leave all the praise to God."
Yes 👍 👍 👍
Matthew Ko
Matthew Ko:
Reporter: How does it feel to be asked an unnecessary question?

James: [every nba player's response]
William Burt
William Burt:
Welcome to the team James! You will destroy! Get Chriss OUTTA THERE!!!!!!! There's a new kid in town!
Best player in this draft easily, Wolves wouldve picked him in a heartbeat if they didnt have KAT
Erik Bueno
Erik Bueno:
What if LaMelo was selected by the Warriors
I wanted to see his reaction
Basti Ramirez
Basti Ramirez:
Poor defensive awareness, being teammates with Dray would help his game a lot
Elite Exposure
Elite Exposure:
If James and Pippen got together with Mutombo, they would blow every subwoofer.
Akwaaba Kitchen
Akwaaba Kitchen:
He all crying and stuff! Making me emotional!
Depressed Raptors fan
Depressed Raptors fan:
I like his personality I think he can become a star in maybe 2 years
Marcos Sill
Marcos Sill:
Overall the best option on this draft! Congrats warriors !
Lawis Clems
Lawis Clems:
He’s gonna be special for the Warriors, I’m so happy we got him !!!
Donda Don
Donda Don:
I use to beast on his dad everyday growing up in Virginia. I wish this kid the best of luck and I know he got that b-ball in his blood. The warriors will be a contender this upcoming year.
Maestr0 WTB
Maestr0 WTB:
Another Unicorn in this league
Achilles Young
Achilles Young:
really happy for him getting drafted by the warriors and soon to play with the best PG in the league. I can already see the pick and rolls with him and Steph curry.
he was like, “oh my god, i’m in the nba”
California State
California State:
Glory to God so happy for this young man!!!
Dylan S
Dylan S:
Just commenting to write that Penny was amazing. So good that Jordan even were PENNY's shoes in a game AGAINST Orlando
kJ5 _x
kJ5 _x:
I like how he give praise to god amen to that
Soggy Biscuitz
Soggy Biscuitz:
Great pick. Bet he’ll be an all star in second year
Penny Lai
Penny Lai:
Thank you, Penny hardaway
Donald Moore
Donald Moore:
i just knewing he going to the golden state warriors
Veeshall Kumballi
Veeshall Kumballi:
Anybody else finding creepy that his voice sounds exactly like Roger goodells, close your eyes and listen
Ivan Teoh
Ivan Teoh:
Great choice GSW... hope he can have more game time and gsw can get another player like KD
Welcome to GSW!!
We did it to Minny twice!! Lmao
Bob Lee Swagger
Bob Lee Swagger:
Next KG, I’m callin it 💯
welcome to the bay, james 💛
Dante Patterson
Dante Patterson:
I just keep rewinding the reaction. Pops was happy as hell!!
Barcelona golden state
Barcelona golden state:
Now we have a big man
3rdeye Mind
3rdeye Mind:
Mentored by Penny speaks VOLUMES!
randy capia
randy capia:
i expected james will be picked by GSW
Yeesssssss let's go dub nation
Jay Finley
Jay Finley:
That's all they needed was a good big man 💯
Welcome to Golden State Wiseman!!
Zydan Syamsudin
Zydan Syamsudin:
K if Curry and Thompson still injured or they're still in recovery GSW gon tank next season and tried to trade for picks they gon be searchin PG SG
James Wiseman is a talented Big man but there are way too many questions about him after only playing three games in college. Okongwu would have been also been a nice selection here.
My Warriors Lets Go❤️
The warriors finessed the whole league
Jon Poon
Jon Poon:
Now it’s time to watch all the film on AD. And get ready to face him in the postseason
That's a real wise pick!
Anthony Steiner
Anthony Steiner:
Poggers, I knew the warriors would pick him.
Erwin Aquinde
Erwin Aquinde:
Yeah, just what i wanted the warriors to pick.
Keltin Cowan
Keltin Cowan:
The Future best big man in the league mark my words
Sie Hock Lau
Sie Hock Lau:
Warriors picked the right guy
Kurt Chester Macasu
Kurt Chester Macasu:
I knew it they were gonna pick wiseman
Now 2021 nba season will be a banger for the warriors since wiggins didnt get traded.
Good luck, James! Go show them how good big men can still be. God bless you and your family! :)
He’s going to be the man
James Ruffin
James Ruffin:
Home Team Memphis Tigers Stand Up!!! Memphis In The Building #Congrats #JamesWiseman Dude A Beast 💪🏾
Excited to have Wiseman with the Warriors. I think it's a great situation for both the Warriors and him. Gives the Warriors a big man and provides him with the best possible environment to work on his skills.
Comedy shorts Gamer
Comedy shorts Gamer:
im telling you right now before it happens, golden state are gonna take a chip in the playoffs
Faze Liu
Faze Liu:
I can’t believe that i am the 8560 viewer in this video 😮
Ralph Yap, M.D.
Ralph Yap, M.D.:
Reminds me of Dwight howard
Tram Vlog
Tram Vlog:
His so lucky :)
one day it will be me with God in front🏀❤🇩🇴🔥🙏🏻🙏🏻
Forgotten Son
Forgotten Son:
*This was the right choice for the Golden State Warriors, they finally get the Center position they’ve always wanted*
Ese Tasi
Ese Tasi:
Penny Hardaway 💯
Nandor the Relentless
Nandor the Relentless:
Meanwhile, dubs picking Mannion? I think that's wise man!
Kev Lamar
Kev Lamar:
Penny we need you to coach in Atlanta
Kane Strong
Kane Strong:
Amazing player .
zemian Zregor
zemian Zregor:
Yon hahahaha gsw hahahaha nakakuha ng matindeng big man . Sunod naman si kai sotto kunin niyo haha
Jackie Balagso
Jackie Balagso:
congrats mr.wiseman nice pick warriors😍😍
Zachary Ellis
Zachary Ellis:
This is AWESOME as a student from the University of Memphis. We are excelling academically and athletically. WOW. Go tigers go! Congrats to the Warriors
Emerson O
Emerson O:
Is it just me, or does this guy look like a young Dwight Howard?
Angelo Ortega
Angelo Ortega:
Nice pick GSW. You need a Rim Protector though
K3vy Kev
K3vy Kev:
YESSIRRRRRRrrrrr, Congratulations
༒Benny ツ
༒Benny ツ:
all the people we know that it was the best option for the warriors
LA Confidential
LA Confidential:
Notice how Penny Hardaway was right by his side for the biggest day of this young man’s life. You can tell he is his coach and his mentor first and foremost. After all that happened this year he stuck by him and never wavered in his support of James, even when he was ruled ineligible and decided to declare early. Tells you who actually cares about these kids, the people who are with these kids all the way and decide to help them out and not the NCAA who looks to profit off them and make sure they receive nothing.
Red Chan
Red Chan:
He's gonna be good under the guidance of Bruce Fraser (offense) and Ron Adams (Defense)
Paul Tu
Paul Tu:
这货有巨星相 而且据说中文还不错👍
Ronny Cary
Ronny Cary:
One of the weakest drafts in memory. Maybe their is one sleeper in the bunch
milan rai
milan rai:
Gsw hav to nurture this already talented boy slowly n steadily
Let’s Go Dub Nation
his voice sounds more like lebron😅
Cyruss Encila
Cyruss Encila:
breaking news: klay got injured again today, look it up hope not that serious
Dunk Dunk Dunk🔥🔥
James Ross
James Ross:
James Wiseman seems as good of a person, as he is a basketball player. Congratulations! Great Pick for the Warriors 💯
Benedict Palaca
Benedict Palaca:
Great Pick Warriors!
John Aaron Sala
John Aaron Sala:
he can become a Giannis type of player! hope no injuries will occur
big j j
big j j:
Hope him and curry can go crazy on the warriors great pick
Res publica
Res publica:
Penny protogè best player in the draft scary with him going to G.S.