Jannik Sinner vs Carlos Alcaraz: FIRST ATP Meeting at Paris 2021 | Extended Highlights & Reaction

Looking back at the likely historic first-ever Carlos Alcaraz vs Jannik Sinner on the ATP Tour... with their reaction at the end too. They meet for the second time at Wimbledon...

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44 comentarios:

Tennis TV
Tennis TV:
WHO WINS today at Wimbledon? Predictions please…
Ashar Ali Khan
Ashar Ali Khan:
The rivalry I'm most excited about after the big 3.
Today's match will surely be the exact opposite of the Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas match in terms of attitude)) but still, this will be extremely entertaining to watch. They are both future of the tennis and I hope we are watching the birth of a new great rivalry.
Corn Flakes
Corn Flakes:
What a match this was,the rallies were incredible and the ground strokes of both were brutal,and alcarez’s variety got him the win.
This will be a great rivalry!😃
Súper Ten
Súper Ten:
It's incredible how this 2 players were progressing to fast. They have an incredible future.💪
Max Y
Max Y:
it's always a shoot out between these 2, so fun to watch!
GF 陳
GF 陳:
And then Sinner becomes the only five players who can defeat Alcaraz this year.
Onyema Ubanesse
Onyema Ubanesse:
Can't wait till you guys get grand slam license. Your videos and the camera angles are really good
Kilian Obermeier
Kilian Obermeier:
The first encounter was close, but Alcaraz has developed so much throughout the last months. Alcaraz in 4 sets
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas:
Sinner should get a special MIP award for the shortest time to becoming a top ten player in the history of professional tennis.
This is the beginning of the rivalry of two future tennis superstars.
Alcaraz’s serve has gotten 10x better is such a short time. Can not wait to see how much more he’ll improve over the years.
Carlos saying he'd like to be in Jannik's position in a couple of years...he met his goal a year later 😊. I can see these two having a friendly rivalry.
redi xhemalaj
redi xhemalaj:
this match is unpredictabpe..Sinner with top players becomes a real phenom..I expect fireworks today
strawberry pie
strawberry pie:
Sinner:"I hope we play some more"
Alcaraz: "oh yeah, for sure!"
These two guys have intense rivalry potential. Great to see these young guns firing away.
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
Hopefully two future all time greats. imo Alcaraz is slightly better though
This is the best angle I've ever watched tennis
David Wheeler
David Wheeler:
Probably the best tennis I have seen on the planet.
The Big 3 are in for trouble!
From Paris court 2 to Wimbledon Centre court
it was fun watching Sinner beat Alcaraz today. Clearly Alcaraz hasn't quite mastered how to play on grass just yet. This should be a great rivalry going forward. I do wish though that Alcaraz would stop with the fist pumping after seemingly every point he wins. To me it's already gotten old.
Here it is, the moment that I and all the "real" Yannick fans were waiting for ... The rest of the world, now has understood ...
F La
F La:
High Quality of tennis 🎾
Sertonin is shoooting
I’ve been waiting for more footage of this match for half a year
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Alcaraz now won a slam and i hope it motivates sinner to win in 2023. These 2 can be next decade double digit slam winners
Alex Celo
Alex Celo:
Goated camera angle
Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver:
Who's watching this prior to their Wimbledon match?
Sel Os
Sel Os:
They had to schedule this the same time as Silverstone F1 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
watch what you wish for Jannik 😅
Ray Will
Ray Will:
Apart of me still think Sinner has a higher ceiling .
Andrija Beocanin
Andrija Beocanin:
Alcaraz is right handed Rafa, simply amazing..
As a sinner fan, I don't think sinner has a chance :(
Hoy se vengó de ti Carlitos no pasa nada, a la próxima será
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez:
The next Big ones
Maveni Renthlei
Maveni Renthlei:
i guess jannik beats alcaraz this time
brett haber you have no soul, Brett haber was hating on sinner through the whole game I’m gonna we don’t appreciate commentating like that let him go he’s bad for the sport
José Pedro
José Pedro:
Was the lady commentator only paid to come and talk about alcatraz.?
Francisc Iarinca
Francisc Iarinca:
Carlos! YOU are the new Năsal?! Never! Sorry!
Johny M.
Johny M.:
Carlos is nobody, small kid
Sinner will win Alcaraz today! And Djokovic will win Sinner in quarter finals!
Wasek Billah
Wasek Billah:
Alcaraz is the most overrated player of all time....
Sinner is destroying Alcaraz now. Alcaraz is overrated.