Jared ‘Drake’ Bell pleads guilty in Cleveland

Jared Drake Bell, who played Drake on the Nickelodeon TV series Drake and Josh, pleaded guilty to attempted endangering children and disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile charges that stem from an encounter with a 15-year-old girl at a Dec. 1, 2017 convert in Cleveland.

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When I said I wanted a Drake & Josh reboot this isn’t what I meant
Ned Rostram
Ned Rostram:
This is why you should not let your kids hang around Dan Schneider.
Drake Bell learned from his playbook.
Christopher Ivan Gutierrez Espinoza
Christopher Ivan Gutierrez Espinoza:
Drake: Are you calling me a child endangerer?
Judge: I ain't calling you a childer ensaferer!
Michael Psihogios
Michael Psihogios:
This is the strangest episode of Drake and Josh ever! It was all Megan!
Josh: Drake...
Drake: Yeah?
Josh: I’ve read about prison...
Drake: And?
Josh: ....It ain’t fun
I can feel my childhood dying inside...
Mr. HandsomeCoffeeCup
Mr. HandsomeCoffeeCup:
The biggest mistake was Drake Bell not using Roberto Robato as his lawyer. If he would've pled not guilty Roberto would've stepped in with the "por favor" and it would've been a wrap
Dylan The Elephant
Dylan The Elephant:
John Zogopoulos
John Zogopoulos:
Somewhere Josh is calling him a snake.
Judgie sounds like he's got the Covid.
Shalomy The Homie
Shalomy The Homie:
“I found a way I found a way”
Harris G
Harris G:
Mindy is behind all this, she took him to court before!!
To the people complaining that this 'ruined their childhood', wouldn't it be worse if we didn't know and he'd gotten away with it?
Jason S
Jason S:
Man. First the Gary Coleman grills, burning down the neighbor's treehouse, the fake IDs, then the speeding ticket, now this!
Roman Coinberg
Roman Coinberg:
It's ok guys, grandma will pay his bail like last time.
Harry McNamara
Harry McNamara:
When they find out that you put illegal Peruvian Puff Peppers in the salsa...
Milky Cereal
Milky Cereal:
We'll never get that new hit Paramount+ series called "Hug me brotha!" Now...
Destiny Buck
Destiny Buck:
Can we get some captions, holy hell it's hard to understand the judge. Man sounds like he's been smoking 6 packs of cigarettes for his entire life. That or he's had throat cancer multiple times.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith:
Pretty sad, didn’t imagine he’d be the kind of person to do something like this.
Garry Simmons
Garry Simmons:
This lowkey looks like a drake and josh episode, the way drake is looking and acting 🤣
ibby guy
ibby guy:
Only if had told the girl his name is Jefferson Steelflex, he would have not been traced.
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia:
Drake: You’re calling me a liar?

Judge: I ain’t calling you a truther!

Josh: Hey, that’s my line.
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson:
i can see the worry in his eyes
Baron Salami
Baron Salami:
The judge sound like an elderly Saul Goodman
Luke Knizley
Luke Knizley:
Judge: I’m sentencing you to two years in federal prison.
Drake: Woah, take it easy man.

Marbella Rios
Marbella Rios:
i feel this is a sitcom lmao i cant wrap my head around the thought he pleaded guilty
Richard McCarthy
Richard McCarthy:
We see you, Drake. You messed up this time, but you'll see better days 🙏✨
bruce dorion
bruce dorion:
Man this is sad.
Austin Coleman
Austin Coleman:
I mean he’s out there having the time of his life and I feel like a loser but now the tables are turned 😹✌️🤩
Tomeus Kalle
Tomeus Kalle:
"Whoa, take it easy man!"
Ryan K
Ryan K:
I’m sure he will “find a way, find a wayyyyy”
It's gonna take some time for him to realign. 💀
Krazy Stocks
Krazy Stocks:
This probably explains why Josh didn't invite drake to his wedding back in 2017 when all of this was going down. Meanwhile everyone was hating on josh for not inviting Drake.
Looks like Dan has gone full circle.
Josh : hey drake?

Drake: yuh?

Josh: did you actually?

Drake: yes

Josh: sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
Dom K.
Dom K.:
And to think this was the guy all the girls liked in drake and josh 🥴 childhood ruined
Wow. He basically got the Bojack Horseman treatment.
Why are they just now reading his rights?
Mauricio Rangel
Mauricio Rangel:
Hey Drake, I heard a lot of things of jail, and those things aren’t good… good luck with the guys!!! Hahahaha
Helix Hellborn
Helix Hellborn:
Someone add a laugh track over this
the look in his eyes…. My childhood has fallen
usc trojans1987
usc trojans1987:
It seems that being named Jared is like being sorted into Slytherin: They ensure that you are a bad person, and that you should enjoy it!
Slow Heat
Slow Heat:
The names Jared and Drake will be obsolete.
This is so weird i believe he performed some songs at my high school. I saw him there if I’m remembering correctly.
Sundara Rao
Sundara Rao:
R.I.P Jimmy’s favorite actor (mr beast is jimmy) jimmy would be sad
Alberto Guerra
Alberto Guerra:
Helen: Drake Noo!!! Say It Aint So!
Drake: Im Afraid So
Helen: NOOOO!!!!!
This is Quite sad, after all these years he let us down
Kaleb honer
Kaleb honer:
At least he's facing the music accepting his mistakes and being honest. That probably took a lot of courage admitting what he did so many celebs would try to weasel their way out of this. We all make mistakes i hope he understands the magnitude and never does it again.
It's gonna take some time to realign, but if he looks inside I'm sure he'll find.
JOSH IS A DAD. He’s probably disgusted.
marzik himself
marzik himself:
the judge makes me clear my throat every second 💀
Jack Raiser
Jack Raiser:
The real reason he wanted to leave for Mexico 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Drake it didn’t have to end like this
Lili Johnson
Lili Johnson:
aaand there goes the last of my childhood 🤣
Angry Mobsters
Angry Mobsters:
"If you open up your mind!!!" Lyrics hit different
ZenTiK LexMaryn
ZenTiK LexMaryn:
Creo que podemos dejar de esperar el regreso de Drake y Josh 😞
Adriana Huerta Reynoso
Adriana Huerta Reynoso:
Connor Butler
Connor Butler:
That steer straight program gonna come in handy now
Jourdan Jones
Jourdan Jones:
It seems like his whole career just went down the drain
Debió contratar a Josh de nuevo como su abogado, seguramente lo acusó la maestra Jeyfer
This is almost as bad as that time he turned his house into a Bed and Breakfast!!
Christopher Jimenez
Christopher Jimenez:
I know it's not the time or place, but am I the only one who thinks the judge sounds a bit like Saul Goodman if he was a smoker? 😅
Wow, Meghan has really done it this time.
DrakeRainbow is a Bad Editor
DrakeRainbow is a Bad Editor:
Drake used to be my favorite, but now Josh is my favorite.
John Joseph
John Joseph:
Where’s the Honor Council when you need it?
He went from smirking in his mugshot thinking he’d get away with this to looking so scared loool
Miguel Ayala
Miguel Ayala:
"I've never felt that I'll ever go to jail... But I found a way... I found a way"
AA Behl
AA Behl:
The jokes are gonna be funny af 😂
Ed Da Bawsh
Ed Da Bawsh:
That's the same judge from the Vic Mignogna case 😂😂
poor judge his voice was giving up😭
Markie Mark
Markie Mark:
He only gotta pay a $6000 fine I hear 🤦‍♂️
Drake wtf man!!!!!! Whyyy you doing bad stuff u were an icon growing up!!!!
Thanks drake for finally telling truth❤️
All his Spanish fans in comments though lmao 🤣
wanna get away...

plays "Never Gonna Give You Up"

510 M
510 M:
Drake, not you dude 😔
Sammie Nochez
Sammie Nochez:
Str8 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 🤣😂
Zephyr Gaming
Zephyr Gaming:
dam drake why did you stump this low man
Dinkelber G
Dinkelber G:
El juez tenía más gallos que años.
Michael Morley
Michael Morley:
Don't flirt with 15 Year Olds. Why? Because it causes Jailbait...
K' Dash
K' Dash:
At least he did took it lightly and turn himself in,unlike there's one person who didn't turn himself in for what he did in the DM'S,IM LOOKING AT YOU EDP!!
Ravin Mode
Ravin Mode:
Let me get this straight .this happen 2 years ago. But they didn’t say this before they saying something now. Almost like Bill Cosby and Marilyn Manson..

Bill Cosby - reunite the Cosby show..
Look what happen to him

Marilyn Manson - wanted to make a huge come back…
look what happen to him

Drake Bell - Drake Bell revealed a "Drake & Josh" reboot is in the works..
Look what happen to him
This’s not ah coincidence
Judge: “I sentence you Drake Bell to federal prison!”

*25 to life Big Man booty destroyer Tyrone has entered the game*
It’s obviously disgusting what he did but I hope he’s continuing to get the psychological help that he needs… it’s so sad how child stars end up like this :(
Xavier Washington
Xavier Washington:
Hurts my heart
Fua, se pasó de rockstar:(
Adolfo San
Adolfo San:
De hecho hay un corrido tumbado que explica este caso🥵😎
Nicholas Messina
Nicholas Messina:
Megan’s begins this somehow
Drake…I read about prison…it aint fun 😂
Looks like drake did the edp challenge
Gravy Sauce
Gravy Sauce:
So Drake finally pleaded guilty on not cutting the door hold with a power saw.
Abhishek Sawant
Abhishek Sawant:
Drake and Josh - Honor Council, Part II
Vamos Drake Bell
Tiny Rhys Herbert
Tiny Rhys Herbert:
Now it’s just ‘Josh’.
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson:
Ok this is definitely a combination of an episode of Drake & Josh.
I Love That Sound - Relaxing Videos
I Love That Sound - Relaxing Videos:
Jefferson Steelflex
Maverick Crow
Maverick Crow:
All jokes aside, i hope things get better going forward.