Jared Leto Might Name His Next Album After Kanye West | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jared Leto talks about nailing the accent in House of Gucci, writing 264 songs during the pandemic and scaling dangerous boulders.

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Jared Leto Might Name His Next Album After Kanye West | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


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100+ comentarios:

Scott Klingensmith
Scott Klingensmith:
Fun fact? Jared is older than Jimmy. Have a nice day
Tony Simone
Tony Simone:
Everyone's talking about Paul Rudd as the celebrity that never ages, but Jared Leto is hands down the celebrity that's most immune to aging. He could easily pass for 35 (and he'd still look a fresh 35).
That's Dope
That's Dope:
Jared: "the older I get.."
Me: sir you're not getting old, you stopped aging in the 90's
caitlin martin
caitlin martin:
Jared needs an Oscar for this role. He literally goes all out for his characters
Michael Jenard Ligan
Michael Jenard Ligan:
Jared is such an enigmatic person, so mysterious, so charismatic
Jared is going to be 50 years old next month 😳
Jared Leto is also the one who should definitely win people's sexiest man alive.
Samarpit Karar
Samarpit Karar:
It's hard to believe that Jared played the role of joker. I mean, just look at him, such a drastic transition! Proves that he's just as great an actor as he's a musician.
Jake Super
Jake Super:
Jared leto is proof of the importance of being lean for ageing well
Safwan Ahmad
Safwan Ahmad:
I’m as the long time fan of 30 Seconds To Mars so proud to see Jared’s journey of being an actor. He’s proven himself that he’s capable of doing anything. From being a singer of a band and pursuing acting, what else he can do next? Running for president?
Jared seems like vampire. he doesn’t Aging.
Vampire Gang:
1. Paul Rudd
2. Jared Leto
3. Keanu Reeves
Chad Hogan
Chad Hogan:
He's an odd but fascinating dude. Especially how he's managed to keep himself looking so young without any really obvious cosmetic procedures. He will have had some stuff done, but its been very tasteful.
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz:
I just want Jared to share his skincare routine with me from 1993 when he stopped aging
Always funny to see them 2gether😂 hilarious.
Jared Leto and Keanu Reeves should do a movie together.
I'd love to sit down and have an intellectual conversation with Jared. Honestly, he's so fascinating to listen to and seems incredibly intelligent. Not to mention his hilarious sense of humour.

He could read my shopping list and I'd be in raptures. Lol
Sandy Workman
Sandy Workman:
He's mastered the art of giving compliments and giving love. He's always so charming and sweet.
Lauren W.
Lauren W.:
*been a fan of Jared for so long, he simply DOES. NOT. AGE.* 😍
Tramaine Canty
Tramaine Canty:
Jared Leto has so much Steven Tyler energy
Marizane Bogdan
Marizane Bogdan:
It's beautiful the way he talks about his mom, I've read a bit about his family, they have a very nice story.
Rob Chy
Rob Chy:
Jared is an amazing man..he is himself, some might find him different..but thats ok, he isn't hurting no one, he doesn't disrespect,call names ,push hate so to those that like to hate on him for whatever reason..look into yourself.
I am turning 54 years old in a few days and I can honestly say I'm still a 30 Seconds to Mars "family member" have been since their first cd, concert, video..
Age is only a number and living life like there is no expiration date is a wonderful thing.
I'm glad to see this man loving life and staying healthy..wish we all could.
So to Jared Leto keep doing what you are doing and God bless you and your beautiful family..
Much love to Shannon and many thanks to your beautiful, strong amazing mother 🙏

Blessings 💜
I was born in 1998
Jared started 30STM in 1998😃😃
23 years...
I can't believe he look the way he looks...insane...one of the most beautiful man i have ever seen. Intelligence, beauty, talent, grace, charisma,charm, chill, humour, weirdness. He has everything in him and man i'm just blown away by his presence. ❤️
Love how calm he is
Shaun K.S.
Shaun K.S.:
I know he's playing Morbius, but he would've made a fantastic Gambit.
Renee Moreno
Renee Moreno:
I have always admired his "being". His spirituality and grace, gratitude and his style all his own. May he be blessed always. 🙏🥰
Courtney Cartwright
Courtney Cartwright:
I know everyone says Jared Leto is a douche but man he's so attractive. He doesn't age, he's a great musician, great actor. Is there anything he can't do?
mi ola
mi ola:
He could be 25 or 125, he is like a vampire.
Jared has that confidence when YOU KNOW your hot - the guy's hitting 50 FFS and still looks like he could play Jordan Catalano. Btw, if you don't know who Jordan is, then shame on you, it's the best coming of age series EVER.
Carl Gonzalez
Carl Gonzalez:
jared should get an oscar for playing a 33 year old everyday of his life
Idk why everyone always slanders Jared he’s actually really nice in real life I’ve met him twice on two separate occasions and his brother as well, both very sweet gentlemen Jared even invited my friend and I to a separate free gig his band was having in LA on one of the times that I met him
Gonzalo Navas
Gonzalo Navas:
It's incredible, the way Leto is like 150 years old and doesn't look older than 9!!!
Rhiannon Levenson
Rhiannon Levenson:
He says as he gets older, this man still looks like he did 30 years ago. He's so fucking good looking
Isn’t he damn near 50! I truly believe he drank the blood of Jesus as he has not aged since his 20s.
Bruna Cubbins
Bruna Cubbins:
I love him so much, such an inspiration.
1001 HRH
1001 HRH:
Hes so handsome and he looks like a nice guy but at the same time i find him really intimidating, like he has a really dark side.
I’m just glad there’s going to be a next album
James Richardson
James Richardson:
I was a fan of 30 seconds to Mars way before I knew Jared Leto was an actor
He has a very 90's Interview with the Vampire look going on. Like it!
Jessica Damron
Jessica Damron:
A forever talent. We’re so lucky to have the music and movies.
hana horvatic
hana horvatic:
I'm so in love with Jared Leto,that man is unike God's masterpiece,that voice, he's casualty absolutely everything about him it's just amazing ❤️❤️🔥🔥❤️❤️
Dian Diaz
Dian Diaz:
Is there anything that he cannot do. He’s amazing and I love his music completely
Avis Troian
Avis Troian:
lmao i love how smooth the entire conversation went just talking about random stuff
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
He plays challenging roles. He looks so unrecognizable for this role.
Rufaro Asuquo
Rufaro Asuquo:
Jared is underrated as an actor and as a singer
I've had a crush on Jared Leto since 1994 when he played Jordan Catalano on "My So Called Life". And became a life long fan of 30 seconds of Mars at the same time. Even seen them at 1st Ave in Mnpls.
The Tonight Gaming-
The Tonight Gaming-:
Jared and jimmy and steve higgins and the Roots are legends!
How handsome he is. He just doesn’t age and a excellent actor! ❤️
Leelee B.
Leelee B.:
Jared leto looks like Lestat from queen of the damned and I’m loving it
Thomas Leon George Robert Gladwell
Thomas Leon George Robert Gladwell:
Existing A Cave better be the next 30 Seconds album name, that's such a good name Jimmy came up with that suits 30 Seconds To Mars to a tee and it's a good metaphor for the last few years, Jared take Exiting A Cave, any variation on that title because its absolutely amazing
Please explain to me HOW did Fallon become the host of this legendary talk show?
Yandra Mrls
Yandra Mrls:
He’s in his 50s and still look younger than I do 😂
Charla Abbott
Charla Abbott:
This man gets more handsome with time although he doesn’t look a day past 35!
Remember hm from early 30 seconds to Mars phases and it's amazing seeing him on big screens. He's so weird and I love it
Noe Adorno
Noe Adorno:
Jared will be 30 yrs old for ever :D
Jared is such a talented musician and talented actor, Suicide Squad did him wrong with that joker role. He's still a great and amazing actor and I love him.
When Jimmy asked what was in his backpack, I honestly heard "can of wieners" too. Nasty. 🤣🤣
Cant wait to see Morbius and the house of Gucci
The Rogue Paradise
The Rogue Paradise:
I already want to see him playing Ares in Tron Ares.
Erna M
Erna M:
264 new songs.... can't wait for the new album! it's great!!
Shasta Kelley
Shasta Kelley:
He can always get it!! Period
I love that he embraces his Louisiana roots! He’s amazing ⚜️
nina starr
nina starr:
He's got a Jim Morrison vibe goin on. The way he's dressed and the hair
MRI Mirnz_R
MRI Mirnz_R:
Hes an amazing actor
The second Jared appeared on the screen, I was like "wow, Jesus is now a metrosexual".
Nessa D
Nessa D:
He is living a colorful life..OG fan of 30 seconds to mars. Crazy how great he is in entertainment
Jared looks stunning as always
Kimmy ツ
Kimmy ツ:
Some of these celebrities really do leave you genuinely baffled. I mean like why is he that good looking at 50?.
If you've lived, you see that the majority of human beings look a certain way at 50...
Some look great, yes. But he looks...preserved. Even imagining him without the hair and with other clothes on, nowhere near 50.
Samantha Oberry
Samantha Oberry:
You made me laugh. Jimmy’s cute too.🥰
Dj Scotty Mash Ups
Dj Scotty Mash Ups:
Jared sounds like an 80 year old, same energy level too.
Excellent interview. Love Jared. Love 30Secs2Mars....yes I'd pinch him too and damn I love and want that shirt!!!!
Jess Smith
Jess Smith:
geez this guy never ages <3
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor:
The never aging Jared Leto he might as well be a vampire 🧛 oh wait he is! I can’t wait to see Morbius!
Jared: 'as I get older...'
Errrrrrm I think his aging genes malfunctioned at like 35
USA Gent
USA Gent:
_Carabiners_ actually sounds like a great album title
Jared is our real-life Lestat
Mary K Buchanan
Mary K Buchanan:
He will be one of those gentlemen that get better looking as he ages...
E E:
I am so happy and thank you for such a perfect look and perfect interview. I love you so much
lolita x
lolita x:
hes too attractive and like a sculpture .
brian johnson
brian johnson:
Love them both, but there is a real connection happening here lmao
Natalia G.
Natalia G.:
Seriously, just watch any YouTube video with Jared from let's say 8, 10 years ago- this man did not age ! How is this possible he looks exactly the same🤯👌😉
Natalia G.
Natalia G.:
Seriously, just watch any YouTube video with Jared from let's say 8, 10 years ago- this man did not age ! How is this possible he looks exactly the same🤯👌😉
Lainie Medina
Lainie Medina:
My absolute pleasure, I've missed you, I love you deeply.

Words we all dream Jared would tell us.
Even jimmy seems starstruck. What a beautiful man!
Amazing interview💯💯
Jonathan 35
Jonathan 35:
He would be perfect for the role of a Vampire....
I mean The guy doesn't age
Kerri Lake
Kerri Lake:
Another more obscure Kanye themed album name idea could be the rapper name that Ye himself gave to me, "Yerri." He mixed our names Ye & Kerri together obviously, but I'll allow you guys to use it if you'd like. 😉

TakeXare • StayWell • MuchLove
Iadira Saenz
Iadira Saenz:
His a solicitud kind of dude, he loves nature. That’s how he stays grounded, good for him!!’
Nyrat of the Night
Nyrat of the Night:
This is the greatest title of a YouTube video I've seen in a hot minute - besides, somebody has to do this, why NOT Jared Leto? 🤣🤣
Tania Dejavu
Tania Dejavu:
Jared is so sweet ❤
T GR8 1
T GR8 1:
He has changed so much... Bold voice! Did you observe this?
Jared is the GOAT entertainer. Period.
This guy is amazing😍
Yay Yay 219
Yay Yay 219:
He is turning the big 50.... in december and can pass for 30 .... Lots of Leto Love ❤❤
Jared! That is all. We smell an Oscar and other awards
Glitter world
Glitter world:
He is so handsome,and he is a great actor
Real life vampire~! He never gets old!
Ann Gaffney
Ann Gaffney:
How is Jared Leto not the sexiest man alive??????
Luke P
Luke P:
Why am I waiting for Jared to say “King Crimson”
Pohor Debbarma
Pohor Debbarma:
I got to know Paolo Gucci was Jared after I saw the casts 😂😂😂😂 didn't even think of him while watching