Jared Leto's NEW Look As The Joker! (My Thoughts)

Jared Leto is Returning in Zack Snyder's Justice League, and he has a new look! Here are my thoughts on it!

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Hopefully he can gain some redemption.
The Arkham Games' Joker had short hair, and he was wonderful.
Bill CIA Wilson
Bill CIA Wilson:
Jeremy is slowly transforming into Jared Leto himself.
Sanjeev Kc
Sanjeev Kc:
He should have the word “REFURBISHED” tattooed on his forehead.
Inquisitor Lorenzo
Inquisitor Lorenzo:
If He has no "damaged" tattoo on his forehead, how will people know that he's damaged ?
Henry Chinaski
Henry Chinaski:
He should have the word “FIXED” tattooed on his forehead .
Blank Space Provided
Blank Space Provided:
Joker didn’t mean to grow his hair long. He’s just been stuck in quarantine like the rest of us.
Idle Porpoise
Idle Porpoise:
C’mon Jeremy. We can’t act like this hasn’t happened before. Ryan Reynolds getting that second chance to be Deadpool in 2016 was the greatest redemption portrayal ever!
If he slices his face off and wears it upside-down, I'm all in.
Shelby Damnwird
Shelby Damnwird:
This joker looks like a norwegian black metal vocalist
alex lazzerly
alex lazzerly:
It’s become a tradition to have Jeremy put out a video on a new Joker look.
J Morgan
J Morgan:
Leto in the movie “The Small Things” is how he should be Joker, just crazier.
A Man Has No Name
A Man Has No Name:
Can't deny the fact that he's an outstanding actor. He did his part as joker but storyline and direction awfully failed in catching us by the throat like other joker movies.
River Ruiz
River Ruiz:
I almost missed that “hunka hunka” at the end. I’m glad I didn’t close the video. 😂
Stephen Miller
Stephen Miller:
He looks like hes on his break and doesn't want to be bothered.
chase “Wallpaper31” whichard
chase “Wallpaper31” whichard:
“Do you wanna know, how I got these, tattoos.....removed?”
Cwosby Jones
Cwosby Jones:
micheal meyers walking around saying hunka hunka like that makes him even scarier
Scott K
Scott K:
The only Leto performance I've enjoyed was Fight Club. And that's only because I got to watch his face get beat into blended lasagna.
Wayne Washington Jr.
Wayne Washington Jr.:
I'm surprised no one has thought of the idea that Joker's scene in JL Snyder Cut could be a flashback and this image is the scene of him torturing Jason Todd. Hence why he has long hair and no tattoos. Just a thought not saying it'll happen.
Bob Sandwich
Bob Sandwich:
It looks like Jared letos in the world's most terrifying bathroom stall
Bryant Barry
Bryant Barry:
If he acts as creepy as his last role in The Little Things but slightly more unhinged, I think he will nail it. We know the man can act
Brandon Meyer
Brandon Meyer:
Letos joker laugh makes me think it’s his “a crazy person trying to emulate laughter” as apposed to Heath ledgers joker laugh, where it seemed to just be his natural crazy laughter.
I love Leto’s Joker laugh. I love the way he played the character. I just didn’t love that one tattoo.
Storm Bringer
Storm Bringer:
"Mother is the name for god, on the lips and hearts of all children."
Clay Grover
Clay Grover:
Love this dude’s Affleck impression. No one does that, it’s all Bale all the time
That "Hunka Hunka" as Mike Myers was hilarious, take my like and comment Jeremy you beautiful reviewer man
Loa Eterna
Loa Eterna:
Jared Leto is an amazing actor, really hope he can do a good Joker.
Go watch “The Little Things” and imagine that character’s energy cranked up a few notches and there’s his new take on the Joker.
The long haired Joker pic next to Jeremy makes me think Jeremy could play the Joker surprisingly well...
TK Sproule
TK Sproule:
You had me at "hunka hunka" 😂
Not gonna lie, I’d pay money to see a movie with Mike Myers shouting “Hunka Hunka” at me.
your ben affleck batman is actually an amazing kylo ren impression
Drew Gold
Drew Gold:
Anyone find it interesting that most people didn’t like “the little things,” from WARNER BROS, and we all couldn’t help but think 🤔 “Jared Leto should have been like THIS as joker. That movie may simply have been put together to get hbo max rolling, AND set up faith that Jared will deliver this time with his joker
Larry Jake
Larry Jake:
I disagree, a "honka honka" Michael Myers would be terrifying
best joker= tommy wiseau's, not even a competition lol
Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson:
They'll all try to live up to the myth Heath Ledger created and they'll all fail.
Jeremy doing "the laugh" is my new ringtone.
Jared Leto to the original justice league cut:

"you could not live with your own failure, and where did that bring you?
Back to Me!.."
Rodgers Reviews Comics
Rodgers Reviews Comics:
I love how he looks! Just hope he gets a good redemption, he's great actor.
Came here after watching the Snyder cut and I can indeed say, he was redeemed,
Daniel Iles
Daniel Iles:
"We live in a society" joker 2021
Jean-Francois Joanisse
Jean-Francois Joanisse:
I swear when I saw the picture I thought they casted Jeremy, shaved his beard and slapped the makeup on.
David F
David F:
"No second chances"

*laughs in Shamalayan*
Evan Larsen
Evan Larsen:
After all this speculation and hype it's going to be hilarious when he's still terrible and only in the movie as a dream sequence for a minute.
Choked on my food when “hunka hunka” Michael Myers hit
0:14 "different joker" I've only ever seen Jay Baruchel in "This is the End" and when you said "different joker" right here, you sounded exactly like him for a split second
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson:
Imagine a Jared Leto Joker with an Amputated arm like his role from Requiem for a Dream 😳
I didnt realize how much I needed Jeremy wearing a Michael Myers mask and saying Hunkahunka...but now I have that... my 2021 has peaked...
Cinematic Tendency
Cinematic Tendency:
So, this “new” Joker invalidates the tattoo (Damaged) I got on my forehead? Great!
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright:
1:24 what’re you talking about Jeremy 😂 almost everyone fails upward in that town
Ibrahim M. Kontagora
Ibrahim M. Kontagora:
I feel like it's a "death in the family" flashback scene.
So, after having a breif rapping career,joker is back on the streets doing his actual job?
The Vagabond
The Vagabond:
Almost forgot he’s also Morbius
McKein Mull
McKein Mull:
He looks like the Jared Leto Joker after he saw what everyone had to say about his Joker.
Say what you will about Bale's Batman voice but it has become the goto live-action voice people think about when refering to live-action Batman. For all the flak it got him, Bale really did something unique that left its mark on the franchise
Lee Yaj
Lee Yaj:
Although his screen time may be short in the Snyder Cut, I am rooting for Leto’s redemption as Joker. And I hope his performance can at least be a step up from the one from 2016’s SS. Because there’s definitely potential for him to become a solid Joker. He probably just needed better direction and writing. But we’ll see once the Snyder Cut comes out.
Deviant Dario
Deviant Dario:
He looks like he's half way to becoming Nattramn from the band Silencer.
Anurag Srivatsa
Anurag Srivatsa:
I'm convinced Jeremy is actually the one playing the Joker.
Froogle Smoogle
Froogle Smoogle:
Leto's Joker coffin was set with Phoenix's Riot Blood Smile scene.
I dont think I’ve ever heard of “Second first chances” before lol
jay foges
jay foges:
Jared Leto Joker looked like a haunted Raggity Ann doll before.
Kush Patel
Kush Patel:
Absolutely love how this has more views than your falcon&soldier trailer thoughts
This picture just became a meme
"So how's quarantine been for you?"
I remember how upset he was when he found out how much was actually in the film. Saying he shot enough scenes to make entire another movie and how he couldn't do anything because of contracts.
I’m so glad they took off his stupid “damaged tattoo”..looks super unique 🤟🏾👌🏾
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez:
That Michael Myers “HUNKAH HUNKAH” killed me🤣😂. I was not expecting that😭
I love when Jeremy brings out the props!
John Doe
John Doe:
I’m loving all these visuals for the jokes! Great editing
Lamar Newton
Lamar Newton:
Jeremy Jahns. The living legend. Salute!
Still no love for Queen Latifah's "Equalizer"?
Tanner Parks
Tanner Parks:
I read somewhere that Joker is appearing in a new Knightmare Sequence for Batman that lasts around 4 minutes. I don't know if it's been confirmed though
Shannon Bayley
Shannon Bayley:
Jeremy: "Lightning striking twice just doesn't happen"
Electro (Jamie Foxx): Am I a joke to you boy!?
Jeremy: "... Yes"
Vladimir Doyle (Raider Nation kid)
Vladimir Doyle (Raider Nation kid):
I've have watched the "hunka hunka" part so many times it's still funny
Juanpi Jimenez
Juanpi Jimenez:
What I love is that Zack made the tattoos disappear without any explanation. He said something like "maybe there is a fast tattoo removal in the future". Even he knew that the tattoos were a bad design idea
Chaos is Coming
Chaos is Coming:
still my best movie Joker, however he is in this movie <3
Jimmy_ Woods89
Jimmy_ Woods89:
All Jeremy has to do is shave his beard, paint his face and lips and he's Joker. He's already got the hair down🤔
MasterOnion North
MasterOnion North:
The Michael Myers part made me crack up big time. On a more "why am I so serious note".... I never cared for Leto's Joker look at all. Nope.
s7r0w -
s7r0w -:
I just scrolled through the videos looking at the thumbnails to see how he gradually grow his hair and beard 😂
Eddie Tacos
Eddie Tacos:
When you already worked 10 hour shift as a cook & you boss makes you stay extra look...
Claudia s
Claudia s:
Loved Leto's Joker before, love it even more now.
09 José Fonseca
09 José Fonseca:
Jeremy, never "Hunka Hunka" me again please
I've come from the future, where the trailer has been released....and.the joker looks/sounds amazing :D
Ace trainer Jax
Ace trainer Jax:
There is a movie i'd love to see Jeremy review and that's boss level, i think it's a movie right up hie alley.
5:00 🤣🤣 You sound more like Kylo Ren. It's actually pretty good.
Ozzol Doshadda
Ozzol Doshadda:
Personally I love the new look. I do however have great interest in seeing all the supposedly cut scenes with the joker that exist. I'd like to see why Leto things those mattered.
Abel Mathew
Abel Mathew:
I actually love this new look. It's scary, menacing and deranged. I wouldn't want to be in his cell.
john johnny
john johnny:
Remember when Jeremy had an earring, clean shave, and a month old buzzed hair cut?
Jared Leto is an amazing actor...hope he can prove it
I was taking a bite of lunch at that last “hunka hunka” and well, I didn’t swallow it.
Ill allow it. I just hope he drops the "Jack Sparrowness" and goes more creepy with it.
I can't wait for the trailer and the damn movie coming next month! I do believe there should be an Aider cut as well...
J Smith
J Smith:
omfg its refreshing to hear the agreement of giving leto actually having anytime as his role as Joker.
Adaptive Gamer
Adaptive Gamer:
That terrible witch cackling Jared would do in SS I forgot😂😭 ah Jeremy, never fail my boy
Katie Cope
Katie Cope:
That Ben Affleck impression😂 I thought I was listening to kylo ren 🤣
Wait, is he damaged? How do we know if he’s damaged if he doesn’t have it tattooed on his head???
Christian Garrity
Christian Garrity:
Jared Leto should just go on screen as his normal self. It would be way more terrifying.
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming:
I mean his joker still looks like the Great Value version. I hope he does away with that laugh too.
Personally, in my head canon now his tattoos from SS were temporal, similar to those which kids are getting on summer vacations. xD
Hes gonna be in it for a few minutes at most. They really didn’t shoot that much new footage.
i always thought leto's joker was a tragedy, the phoenix made me realize it's a comedy.
Ruben Munoz
Ruben Munoz:
When I first I saw the photo I thought it was for The Crow.