Jason Sudeikis Confronts Olivia Wilde About 'Traumatizing' Their Son at Amusement Parks

Guest host Jason Sudeikis welcomed fiancée Olivia Wilde to the show, but confronted her about why she keeps "traumatizing" their young son at amusement parks. The couple also chatted about Ellen and Olivia teaming up to cut his long hair the last time he was on the show, and what their two kids thought about his new look.


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Lillian T
Lillian T:
I’m so sad they broke up, they seemed like a really cool couple
Daniela Chamorro
Daniela Chamorro:
“So we get to sit and talk! That’s special.” She’s hysterical.
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu:
As a Harry Stan I never thought I would ever say this but Olivia and Jason were perfect.
Sally Rose
Sally Rose:
This was so awkward but adorable and sweet! They really love each other.
Janet Hill
Janet Hill:
These two are REAL couples goals. Loved how much they made each other laugh :) Yuss!!!
Prapti Panchal
Prapti Panchal:
After the rumours of Harry Styles and Olivia dating... This is what I am being recommended constantly!!
KT Four
KT Four:
i love the fact that they didn't bother to pay for the picture at Disney and took a picture of the picture instead.
They both deserve to be happy. They seemed so great together. But you never know. I hope they’re both happy.
Mackenzie Dougan
Mackenzie Dougan:
We need Ellen to interview Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds together!!
Nadia Said
Nadia Said:
“You can get whatever you want for $500,000”

Jason is a savage 😂😂
ugh they're too perfect to be separated
Jonathan 916
Jonathan 916:
They both strike me as very ordinary, nice, down to earth people.
Pilar Muhammad
Pilar Muhammad:
I had the same thing. My godfather took me on space mountain when I was 3, I was super tall so I was able to go on. My mom...not knowing this was happening until the last minute, jumped into the seats behind us and had such mom fear. To this day....20 years later im still scared and traumatized.
Terri New
Terri New:
I love their personalities, they are so cool!!
Samhitha Santebennur
Samhitha Santebennur:
if you’re also watching this in 2021 then let’s have an emotional roller coaster together
Ilana Melichkin
Ilana Melichkin:
I love Harry but these two were so sweet together I wish he wasn’t involved with her.
Ellen should put together all her favorite celeb couples on a one big game show.
Alexandra S.
Alexandra S.:
Love her since House, Thirteen was probably my first conscious crush as a teen 💖 I am so proud that she has grown so much and what an amazing woman she has become
Samantha Porras
Samantha Porras:
as a harry stan, wow these two were AMAZING together. they complemented each other so well
hello hi
hello hi:
They were so sweet together. She really is amazing and I’m sure her and Harold would be great. But these two just seem so in love 🥲
Samantha Fleitz
Samantha Fleitz:
They are honestly perfect for each other!
Real genuine mom and dad vibes😂
MariaConcetta M
MariaConcetta M:
Listen I love Harry. I’ve loved Harry since I was in the eighth grade (I’m 23 now). But if it comes down to taking sides, I’m taking Jason’s side. He deserves so much better. Olivia… what’re you doing girl?
Titaness Writes💀
Titaness Writes💀:
The exact same thing happened with my mom and I on Space Mountain when I was 4/5 in '88/'89 😅 I slipped onto the floor of the car right out of the seat belt. She had to grab ahold of me the entire time. I still remember how freaked out she was.
i feel like we were sitting in on their first date hahah
Alexis N
Alexis N:
If we could just get a Couples Retreat remake including the two of them, Dax and Kristen, and Emily Blunt and John Krasinski 😍
I love her and harry but I would’ve loved if these two stayed together they seemed so in love
This interview had nothing to do anything but their personal lives 😂 haha they were literally just talking haha no questions about her recent project or nothing ahha but I love it 🤣
Carrie Ogdon
Carrie Ogdon:
Their so funny together! Love them! ❤️❤️😂😂
I get Amber Heard vibes when I see Olivia.
A. Pseudonym
A. Pseudonym:
there's always one who loves more than the other and I think it was jason 😭
Teresa Alfano
Teresa Alfano:
LOVE these two together! So adorable. ♥️
Jon E.
Jon E.:
I could listen to them have discussions all day. Wow. 😂
Angelique Skyë
Angelique Skyë:
I love them they’re perfect for each other!
Willow Fitzgerald
Willow Fitzgerald:
I didn't know they were together until now and I love it, they make good parents
Jacqueline Pizarro
Jacqueline Pizarro:
Ella es muy simpática me encanta su humor
Arya M
Arya M:
I am a Harry fan and if their relationship is real and they are happy together then I am happy for them but Olivia and Jason just looks perfect here, their chemistry is real good and seeing this idk if Harry is the match for her.
If this right here isn't couple goals, then I don't know what is. 😍
It's cute how she makes him laugh so much. And HE'S the comedian.
Antonia Chavez
Antonia Chavez:
Hands down one of the cutest Hollywood couples!✌🥰
Emma Burgess
Emma Burgess:
The sadness in him now though…oh my heart 💔
Cathleen Rocco
Cathleen Rocco:
She was an IDIOT for leaving him.
Nga tsetan
Nga tsetan:
They have such a good energy together. Hope they both are happy now😊
Spirit J
Spirit J:
Such a lovely family and Jason is very liked in the industry and so much more established than most. He worshipped her 😭
Mircea Dimian
Mircea Dimian:
After seeing him in "Maine Justice", my posture has changed from looking down on him to bowing.
He is probably one of the most underrated actors of all time.
Daniela Lopez
Daniela Lopez:
seeing this in 2021 is another kind of experience
Isobel Merren
Isobel Merren:
I've seen two seperate time lines of their breakup being talked about, and one of them is them breaking up a mere 7 months after this, and I just don't see how that could be. they were like proper perfect.
Christopher Marcek
Christopher Marcek:
Wow had no idea he was lucky enough to get her. She's awesome
tiffany lara
tiffany lara:
They're the cutest couple, and I have a mad crush on Jason. I'm glad his girl adores him as well as he adores her
meriem frk
meriem frk:
Parents jokes are the best 😂😂
Nena R
Nena R:
I love these two super chill and funny beautiful children!!! ❤️
4:43 has me dead 😂😂
Great couple, he's one lucky man!
Susan Weisheit
Susan Weisheit:
I need more of this, are they my new Dax and Kristen?
Marvin the Monster
Marvin the Monster:
I don’t believe that these two are truly broken up...
I’m sad they broke up they were so good together
Elgirnon Fredericks
Elgirnon Fredericks:
I just love Olivia Wilde
the moment they spoke to each other the chemistry was just like ALIVE
Aw it sucks they didn’t work out they were so cute. But I hope they both find happiness apart
So sad, they seemed like they were so in love but if Harry makes her happy then I wish them the best.
Justine G.
Justine G.:
Bigger Issues
Bigger Issues:
And in a heartbeat we suddenly realise what an insincere attention seeker she actually was, all along.
Joanna Nfps
Joanna Nfps:
I hope they get back together
Juicy Janelle
Juicy Janelle:
THEY ARE PERFECT 😍😍 ugh he is so sweet with her it’s adorable
Abbey Kat
Abbey Kat:
My dad took me on space mountain when I was 4 as well... my mom was furious and I was covered in bruises for 2 weeks 😂
M K:
I love them as a couple in this😂😭
George F
George F:
They are an adorable couple.
Shardae Page
Shardae Page:
This seems like a great match. Their personalities are cool.
sanskriti ghosh
sanskriti ghosh:
i love how they're vibing they really understand each other ! ahh perfect couple
Such an underrated couple😍
I did not know they were together but they're adorable
Nichole Wilson
Nichole Wilson:
You guys rock... Keep being amazing!
An ultimate dim Thule
An ultimate dim Thule:
That Oedipus joke, man. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Omg did we know she was as funny as him!!?! I love it!!
Sam Sterling-Court
Sam Sterling-Court:
We need to see a version of this with Will And Jada...they're couples goals!!!
jenae pillay
jenae pillay:
This is the first time I'm ever hearing Olivia speak 😂😂
Jason is so funny 😂
Anna Soboleskaya
Anna Soboleskaya:
Aww...Jason so in love with Olivia😍😍😍
Anna Giannetti
Anna Giannetti:
Shame they broke up, seem perfect together. Always sad when kids involved
as a Harry Stan, Olivia and Jason was such a nice couple
Jp Armani
Jp Armani:
Watched sleeping with other people the other day..struck on a different level..💯 Very good acting and a touching story Jason
Rachel Hendricks
Rachel Hendricks:
People actually believe celebrities are in healthy relationships based on their public personas.
Erin Condon
Erin Condon:
Let’s get all the couples of Hollywood to interview each other like this. How interesting would that be?
Sanaa P
Sanaa P:
Not me looking at interviews of her after the Harry situation....No but on a serious note she’s so gorgeous and seems like she seems a really nice person. 🤎
Ronda Doolin
Ronda Doolin:
She's gonna regret leaving him
Magic Mountain
Magic Mountain:
That was so funny "we wrote them a cheque for 500,000.00 " lol
Swayslay 20
Swayslay 20:
I love them together ♥️♥️
Damone Stephens
Damone Stephens:
And she gave all this up for Harry Styles. Jesus Christ. I hope Jason finds someone that actually loves him. And if she tries coming back after this fling with Harry he doesn’t. He deserves better
Fun fact: She's the one who chased him 😏
Curt Dover
Curt Dover:
Wow Jason is actually a great host
Kate Robertson
Kate Robertson:
I love them dancing together 😍 lol so sweet
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
Samantha Hunter
Samantha Hunter:
The Hollywood couple we all needed
So now all of these Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles and Jason Sudakis videos are in my recommended. 🤣🤣🤣 anyone else?
harry styles is a Greek god
harry styles is a Greek god:
Omggg this is my first time hearing her voice, I didn't expect that
Cadillac P
Cadillac P:
U can tell they truly love each other. Reminds me of me and my girl
Such a lovely couple
Lilian Anzolin
Lilian Anzolin:
Li tantas notícias sobre as atitudes horriveis e entrevistas dela que sinceramente acho que Harry ❤️ merece uma pessoa melhor.
He's so funny as hotspur's coach on that nbc sketch. Wish they make more of that
grace !!,!
grace !!,!:
that little dance in the beginning was so cute i keep replaying it 🥺🥺🥺