Javier Mascherano ● The Warrior ● Crazy Defending Skills Ever |HD

Javier Mascherano ● The Warrior ● Crazy Defending Skills Ever |HD
Music : Skrillex - Children (T-Mass Remix)

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80 comentarios:

Tahsin Tasnim
Tahsin Tasnim:
His dedication and passion for the game was everything Barca needed.
He used to give in his everything while defending.
I miss Masche
al pacino
al pacino:
We, defenders, are so underappreciated in this world.
the most underrated centre back !
Gaurab khanal
Gaurab khanal:
One of the greatest defender in the history
Santosh Rai
Santosh Rai:
He would make a great coach one day. ¡El Jefecito!
Man his tackles so clean and well timed
Shahadat Hossen Shanto
Shahadat Hossen Shanto:
Miss you warrior in Argentina team 🇦🇷🇧🇩😣
defenders are sooooooo underrated
His greatest tackle ever was against prime Robben back in 2014 world cup semifinals
Mayuresh Dawkhar
Mayuresh Dawkhar:
Y'all searched for this after he announced his retirement yesterday.
Saint Rich
Saint Rich:
If he's determined to coach he will make a great coach in future and people like him are people that can win the world cup in future as a coach
Joel Vazquez
Joel Vazquez:
Never went into a play with out giving it 100%
Deetya I love you
Deetya I love you:
the best cb ever in the world.
Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale:
Melhor zagueiro dá Argentina, em seguida o Otamendi
El león carajo! :v
Lucid. Vinh
Lucid. Vinh:
0:52 always be the best tackle from Mascherano at World Cup. No one can believe he can stop Robben scoring at that moment.
Raiyan Khan
Raiyan Khan:
Who's here after hearing he retired from football
AK 47
AK 47:
He played CDM. And love how he played there
Leng Bing
Leng Bing:
Best luck in China, Masch!
Subhadip Bhattacharjee
Subhadip Bhattacharjee:
he is the 1 of the resons that Argentina made their path to final in 2014 WC...a truly under rated defender..
Gracias por todo Masche!
Syd Manson
Syd Manson:
Amazing Work! Is an Amazing Video.
Alexander Fiore
Alexander Fiore:
El mejor sin duda
Legend 🙌
Aposentou A Lenda
mondli kwanele
mondli kwanele:
My favourite player 🔥⚽⚽
Arbar Rahman Siam
Arbar Rahman Siam:
One of the best diffenders of Football history
Sangeeth Surendranath
Sangeeth Surendranath:
He was the perfect replacement for puyol. Even he was not played in his natural position
Agustin Ramirez Alcaraz
Agustin Ramirez Alcaraz:
Garra, Huevos y Corazon!!! Sos un verdadero Leon Javier
My favorite defender
Rehman Siddiqi
Rehman Siddiqi:
Big fan of this man the great defender i have ever seen. Miss you the worrier.
Sarkis Mjalli
Sarkis Mjalli:
In my opinion he's the greatest cb that ever played in la liga
"you'll make yourself a hero today"
Abish Tourangbam
Abish Tourangbam:
Macherano this player i like
Markel Garcia
Markel Garcia:
Gracias por todo jefecito
Adarsh Aguero
Adarsh Aguero:
My favourite defender
Kaushik Bhattacharya
Kaushik Bhattacharya:
A Barcelona and Argentina legend.
Irving Flores
Irving Flores:
El verdadero capitan de la Argentina que los llevo a la final del Mundial 👊🇦🇷👌
Lamin Saiddy
Lamin Saiddy:
David Radovic
David Radovic:
Barca defenders
Jordi alba marserchano pique umititi s.roberto
عب البريكي
عب البريكي:
El Pistolero
El Pistolero:
2:40 The Best
Anish Sandaka
Anish Sandaka:
Amazing video
Heannison Santos
Heannison Santos:
"Um dos"melhores defensor que já vir. Mito!
علي حازم
علي حازم:
Cube Sugar
Cube Sugar:
I think he was almost closest from puyol
Lololala GOTE
Lololala GOTE:
Como se lo extraña
bel video bro se vuoi iscriviti al mio canale😉
Brahim Mikhici
Brahim Mikhici:
Swavey Ange
Swavey Ange:
he is good
Who come here after he retired
Gonzalo Manrique
Gonzalo Manrique:
The best defender
Sumner LB
Sumner LB:
Masche regresa a la selección :'v
0:59 nada para decir.
Suhra Alungath
Suhra Alungath:
Jhoni Butar Butar
Jhoni Butar Butar:
I really missed mascherano in barca squad
Roronoa Kujo
Roronoa Kujo:
He is a legend
Cem Mutlu
Cem Mutlu:
Future Barca treble winning coach!
he was almost unpassable in 1 on 1!
Canal NãoTemComo-Boy
Canal NãoTemComo-Boy:
Saudades quando jogava no timão
Best defender
ricardo almada
ricardo almada:
Como lo extraña el barsa
pablo gabriel bello
pablo gabriel bello:
despues de maradona, viene mascherano
George Hernandez
George Hernandez:
What's the songs name
I will miss him
Harichand Mondal
Harichand Mondal:
Julius Oppen
Julius Oppen:
Goodbye Mascherano
Nicolas Dolce
Nicolas Dolce:
el gefee manda y otamendi tambien
Enzo León
Enzo León:
Te extraño masche
Blas Rangel
Blas Rangel:
Si alguien te dice que masherano es malo solo respira y piensa: pobre niño bobo
Sanal Kumar
Sanal Kumar:
which theam song
Mascherano is the best Argentina player all time. Better than Passarella, Simeone, Ruggeri, Zanetti, Riquelme, Aguero, Messi, and Maradona. No debat!
#Milansempre #Forzamilan #Milan7UCL #Milanisking
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez:
Icon card next fifa hopefully
Gaston Manrique
Gaston Manrique:
César Loureiro
César Loureiro:
Mascherano 😎
Andres Moncaglieri
Andres Moncaglieri:
Music on this video almost ruins mascherano career
Mart Manana
Mart Manana:
What's with the truly madly deeply dodgy music? Ruins the video
Martyllo Groover
Martyllo Groover:
Estas homenajeando a uno de los jugadores mas bravos del mundo y le pones un tema tan maraca... Pero no este, todos los videos
Francisco Gonzalez
Francisco Gonzalez:
Ya no tiene nivel
white wolf
white wolf:
Mascherano is bad, if you see calmly you will see that in all the shorts of this video the only thing he does is intercept passes, then give a quick pass, he is afraid to play with the ball, or perhaps you ever saw him haggle ?, or running with the ball ?, Have you seen him stop a ball with the cue ?, Make a wall with someone? Did you ever see him make a goal ?, and do not say the excuse that he is a defender and that his function is not make goals, the vast majority of defenders make at least 5-10 goals during their carrers