Javier Pastore - When Football Becomes Art

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ASComps - Match Compilations
ASComps - Match Compilations:
Is Javier Pastore the best nutmegger in the game??
Pastore was one of the most underrated midfielders when he was in his prime at psg. He was the most confident player on the ball, no situation he couldn’t get out of. It was actually crazy to see him play back then
alfree muteba
alfree muteba:
“When football become art” is the best and most satisfying serie 🥰
Junior Maragh
Junior Maragh:
Not many people know him but when they do they wont forget him
Not only that he is one of the best passers of alltime
Very underrated, he's so natural talent. Vision,control & flair. Great video as always
Bautista Garais
Bautista Garais:
My favorite player ever. So much finesse and creativity, unreal.
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
What really caught my attention was the fact that psg spent 50M on him which was a lot of money at the time, besides that I’d tune into psg games just to see him play, i loved watching him as he has a lot of similarities with ozil.
Not fast,no media hype.... But pure talent❤️He is so confident on the ball on his feet👌💯😶
Samatar Mohamed
Samatar Mohamed:
Thanks for respecting a forgotten enigma, injuries robbed him. Questionable choice to go to PSG. One of my favourite players from his Palermo days.
A _Q
A _Q:
I remembered playing him in Fifa 13, well I have just one word for him “Magnifique”
finally someone who apreciates this artist.
Haritiana Razakarisoa
Haritiana Razakarisoa:
If only he could play with his fullest level without any injuries during a season he would be one of the best midefield of this decade.
Pierre A
Pierre A:
Every Parisian fan Knows the real Level of pastore. The Guy has talent and class like very very few players in the whole world. A real diamond. Unfortunately, his lack of serious and physical work have ruined his carreer while he could have been One of the very best. We loved him so much.. miss him
Holy crap. Had no idea this guy was this good
Top 10 creative players ever from Argentina. So underrated.
Daniel Fernando
Daniel Fernando:
really love how he's play, a natural talented player, but the injury always be his kryptonite
Viajando Brasil
Viajando Brasil:
Pastore é o Rei das bolas entre as pernas do adversario. nunca vi um jogador ter tanta habilidade pra isso. de cada 10 jogadas, bem sucedidas. ele cloca entre as pernas 6 vezez, como queria esse cara no meu time
K Major
K Major:
I always love him since at Palermo. Hes talented.
Last Samurai
Last Samurai:
The streets will never forget😤🔥🔥🔥
Neil Luhar
Neil Luhar:
In 2018, when asked about who can fill the number 7 shirt at Manchester United, Eric Cantona said Javier Pastore. He said he’s an amazing player playing for Argentina which is a big country, but he isn’t playing for PSG which is a small club.
What a player he was
one of my favorite player, really specific playstyle, he could be the best player in PSG, he often was when he was at 100%. But too many injuries, he could not improve himself, always trying to bring back his level and injured again and again. But i always wanted to watch the game when pastore played.
Joseph Harris
Joseph Harris:
I miss Pastore, it was an honour seing him play for Psg many times at the Parc
Siempre fue un distinto el flaco, crack total!!👏👏
Yougo Igo
Yougo Igo:
Le talent pur et dur !
CK Muan
CK Muan:
I didn't know he's this good
Gaston Navarro
Gaston Navarro:
Cuanta magia tenes en eso pies flaco sos un grande ojalá vuelvas a tu mejor nivel y a la selección crack..
The streets will never forget this maestro!
My Favourite player 😍 🇦🇷
Elegant player. When he was at Palermo I thought he could become the next Kaka'. I still enjoy his playing style.
Johan Bosqui
Johan Bosqui:
That's dope 🔥🔥🔥 Wonderful player
lo que juega este señor por dios!!! este jugador es sin dudas de esos que no son lo suficientemente valorados, este es un enorme jugador con un nivel por encima de muchos pero muchos jugadores!!
IlIlIl IlIlIl
IlIlIl IlIlIl:
such style, one of the best players ever
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Cavani Ilicic pastore dybala - once upon a time in Palermo...
El Flaco, very underrated player
Iliase IGlesias
Iliase IGlesias:
He was the first super star at psg in 2011, I remember when they bought him from pallirmo
He was beast before ibra and ney come
Camisa 10 clássico, vem pro Grêmio fenômeno 👍🇪🇪🇪🇪
He surely is a pure Argentinian blood!🙌 💯🔥
Henry Vojyger Baiden
Henry Vojyger Baiden:
Pastore has the magical touch and flair of Zizou5
Dream Teen
Dream Teen:
Silky smooth touch. Love him.
Emir Maslo
Emir Maslo:
So sad to see he is neglected in roma,and he started so well with that backheel goal last season
Everything is a Mind game
Everything is a Mind game:
Probably the best cam I have seen this past decade the guy could have been word class if he was not injury prone
Bree Nun
Bree Nun:
Other day i was reacting to his skills,i miss him on PSG
Joy Tuch
Joy Tuch:
One words: class
We can never replace him😪
marc_ ridzuan
marc_ ridzuan:
Modern football looking for stats more than the beauty such like this. That's why Pastore become one of the most underatted footballers in this era.
Javier tu nous manques a l’époque de tes belles années parisiennes 😭😭🇦🇷❤️
Nutmeg king😍 what a player 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Alex Galitier
Alex Galitier:
Quel joueur un pur créateur de jeu spectaculaire dommage que le physique à pas suivi àvec le talent
probably the most underrated dribbler of all time, he didn't have pace or physicality. But boy was he good on the ball
Аурелиано Буэндия
Аурелиано Буэндия:
When he does it so easily, I begin to think that he can slow down time by a second
Fuad Ahmed
Fuad Ahmed:
Berbatov would be a great one for this series or Rui Costa, Riquelme...
Ali Durrani
Ali Durrani:
And to think PSG had both him and Veratti in the midfield... Insane
Salih DİLEK:
Kesinlikle çok değerli bir oyuncu.
27 Comps
27 Comps:
I love this video! Thank you bro, very unique clips :)
Léon Mailliet
Léon Mailliet:
Makes you wonder what could have been ... just imagine him healthy in his prime with PSG and Argentina. I always felt like Argentina, despite all their attacking talent, were lacking a player just like him in midfield. Imagine this for the 2014 World Cup:
Mascherano, Biglia- Pastore , Di Maria - Messi - Agüero. Would have been unstoppable in my opinion
Luige 11
Luige 11:
Didn’t know he was this good
Magic 🔥💣💥
Mas A
Mas A:
Still remember his goal against Chelsea
Royan Junior
Royan Junior:
OMG he's nutmeg skills is very amazing!!!
JasonFRA Gaming
JasonFRA Gaming:
Le roi des petits ponts👍
Ibrahim 78
Ibrahim 78:
He is really one of my fav
You don’t get many ballers these days over 6 foot 1 so Pastore is a very special player
Sahara Mulier
Sahara Mulier:
Gran jugador
Vem ser feliz no São Paulo 🇾🇪
Barzan Cin
Barzan Cin:
100 talent
000 dicipline
Random Dude
Random Dude:
If Argentina have used him well he , Argentina had might have won one cup at least. Shame that Argentina board and manager don't used him well
Mr Planetary
Mr Planetary:
Great comp and crazy instrument
idolo ❤️💙
Muhammed Nihal
Muhammed Nihal:
One of the best
Vihan Subramaniam
Vihan Subramaniam:
This is what Ive been waiting for, finally.
Ananta Deb Bhattacharyya
Ananta Deb Bhattacharyya:
We need video of Robinho: dribbling is an art
El Noah
El Noah:
A fucking god when he was at his prime
Joe Hay
Joe Hay:
When making football videos become art 🇦🇲😍
A very good player but what you don't see in compilations are all the easy passes he's missed, even after making a crazy nutmeg or a surprising run. He did some amazing performance at PSG but was never considered as a solid choice because he could also spend 5 games in a raw playing only very bad football. I loved him at times but he remains an enigma.
Henk Potvis
Henk Potvis:
Who’s watching in 2021 to this legend
Yo this your best work yet bro. Music, everything. BEST ONE YET
Pan African
Pan African:
Thierry Henry When Football Becomes Art
Bilal Mahomade
Bilal Mahomade:
I don’t think many players are as artful as David Silva
Agha Humayun Yousaf
Agha Humayun Yousaf:
He was like Prime iniesta & Busquets merger together
Kanguam Wade
Kanguam Wade:
nnoou yfjith
nnoou yfjith:
Juste dans la gestuelle de ces bras tu vois qu’il est hors normes techniquement
The perfect mix of Zidane and Nene
Ball is life
Ball is life:
If anyone remembered the interview of Eric Catona Saying he's a talent in a talentless club. ✊ From Full Time Devils video, with these lengthy highlights I can see why. 🔥
Javi ❤️🇦🇷❤️
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander:
Pls David silva when football becomes art he is retiring this season bro I have typed the same comment on every video that now after writing pls all the other words come in the recommended
Ahmad Fawwaz Azime -
Ahmad Fawwaz Azime -:
i really dont understand why psg let this guy go to another club. To be honest for me he is one the best midfileder of his generation, he able to read the game and compose with the ball. what a talent!
Cyril Ologe
Cyril Ologe:
At his prime scintillating
Mauricio Rios
Mauricio Rios:
Good Video⚽
s i l v e s t e r
s i l v e s t e r:
Dude I miss those player intro page in your videos please bring it back ♥️ btw love those Travis Scott type beats
Fahrudin Medjedovic
Fahrudin Medjedovic:
Ronaldo nazario de lima when fotball becomes art... the best striker of the 90s and the best striker at real Madrid in early 2000
Zuhair Yassin
Zuhair Yassin:
i wanted him in barca way back
IlIlIl IlIlIl
IlIlIl IlIlIl:
11:30 insane
Top 5 midfs of all time
Berat Koç
Berat Koç:
Bu adamın mevkisini hiçbi zaman çözemedim
Y en Argentina es infravalorado Javier Pastore.

1. Diego Maradona
2. Lionel Messi
3. Javier Pastore
4. Alfredo Di Stefano
5. Mario Kempes
6. Ariel Ortega
7. Pablo Aimar

Quizas me falte alguno/ pero en mi opinión estos son los jugadores mas talentosos argentinos. Sin títulos colectivos o individuales/ dentro de la cancha.

Riquelme? Puede estar en el puesto 8 o fuera de los 10 tranquilamente. Fue un invento mediático y de marketing.
wan azri
wan azri:
Pastore at Palermo is on fireee
blu gosiame
blu gosiame:
class player