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100+ comentarios:

Saanvi Cheruku
Saanvi Cheruku:
Why is Jeffree so quick to deny dating rumors, but can't even address the Insider article about him doing horrible things to people?
Even if that didn’t happen, those memes cracked me up 😭💀
heejin’s cement brownies
heejin’s cement brownies:
im still processing that this is even a rumor at all
Alora Rose
Alora Rose:
Capitol Hill: gets stormed.
Jeffree: I'm Stormi's uncle now.
joe mama
joe mama:
this is some of the funniest drama i’ve ever heard
When will people realize that Ava Louise is a literal self pronounced clout chaser who consistently says and does things just to get negative publicity?
i’m here faster then it took jeffree to respond to these rumors
I feel like we all knew it was lies but we just needed something to entertain us
Colleen Peterson
Colleen Peterson:
The subtle shade in the beginning "he's quick to address things that aren't true about him" beautiful
THEE Luanne
THEE Luanne:
I just don’t see two narcissists in a “relationship” together. They need someone to *worship* them.
Imagine going from Kim Kardashion to JEFFREE STAR... the DOWNGRADE
Dominique Blount
Dominique Blount:
It’s so funny how he can address unnecessary drama but not the stuff that actually matters 😐
Game Xpress
Game Xpress:
at this point, everyone is doing anything for clout and relevancy
Shemar Magee
Shemar Magee:
His priorities are:
Addressing that he is not hooking up with Kane>>>> Addressing that he allegedly provides hush money to those he sexuall harassed.
Makes sense.
He really said “lemme milk this for views real quick” 🙄
Sammy Lee
Sammy Lee:
The fact that people actually believe its true and are feeding into the "evidence".
Kendra Simpson
Kendra Simpson:
Now I can’t stop looking at Jeffree and Kanye as First Lady and president lmaoooo
we should have known not to trust the toilet licker/dr. phil liar/ clout chaser who said that she hopes she gets sued cuz “it would make a great tiktok”
He's quick to address the things that are not true about him, but stays silent when his assault allegations come to light. I think his actions speak for themselves
Low key feel like Jefree paid that girl to make that rumor up
lol he can't afford not to feed into rumors nowadays, he's losing relevancy by the day. He takes whatever scraps of attention get thrown his way.
*these rumors get more &*
*more creative every single day.* 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
uhuh jones
uhuh jones:
He’s using this to deflect from the assault allegations
Really didn't want to give his video a view, so thank you for covering it Spilly 💯
Sondia Cineus
Sondia Cineus:
He’s loving the attention ain’t he
Shouldn’t even have to address something so stupid. It’s laughable how many channels/people have tried to drum this up 🙄
Tsz Lam Cheng
Tsz Lam Cheng:
I don't think I will believe the "Dr.Phill showing , Toliet-licking" girl's rumor
Marc the spook guy
Marc the spook guy:
Ngl why did we trust the girl who LITERALLY licked a toilet bowl with tea like this?
Blitzy Quartz
Blitzy Quartz:
So he can address this, but last year’s drama? Alright noted.
Nerina Pather
Nerina Pather:
I can't believe how invested I am in this drama, it's pathetic 🥴
Jeffree is enjoying any bit of attention he's getting from this drama because he has been so irrelevant
A Sens
A Sens:
You can always tell when a celebrity is hiding something because they love speaking on things that aren’t true. But when something is true, they ignore it and don’t speak on it....
Did anybody else notice how diff she sounds in this video compared to her others? Maybe it's just me but she really did sound diff.
Arianna Reyes
Arianna Reyes:
bro my DAD and his FANTASY FOOTBALL FRIENDS were even talking about this story. IT WAS CRAZYY
Nika Hatt
Nika Hatt:
Oh fuck, imagine Kanye and Jeffree as president and the first alien 🥴🤢
Gracie M
Gracie M:
You did it again miss spilly!!! Another good youtube spill sesh!!!
I am still wondering how people even believed this rumor 🙄
G Glizzy
G Glizzy:
Honestly so crazy how this started off of 1 girl's tik tok video. I think the worst part about this is that if it was true all she really did with that video was try to out someone who was not out of the closet. I don't think that's a good look. It being fake still doesn't make it a good look.
The Magic Conch.
The Magic Conch.:
But jeffree star lies about everything so
👀 just saying ☕️
Muskan Jamshed
Muskan Jamshed:
Oriana Alcaraz
Oriana Alcaraz:
Imagine if he paid the girl to spread the rumor?
Is it just me or are Jeffree’s wigs just getting uglier and uglier
and people really believed the toilet seat girl 🥱
Emily’s Life
Emily’s Life:
Kim is sueing Ava. Look at avas last tiktok post she’s ligit making a joke about it and thinking her being sued by Kim is a flex💀
Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream:
The fact y’all really thought he was messing with that dude is so disrespectful, Not just to him but the family.
So we all agree that Jeffree needs help? 😀
Magic man The Geez
Magic man The Geez:
I still don’t even understand where this whole rumor came from or why the hell did it start (Probably for TikTok Clout)🤔😒
Lacy Flowers
Lacy Flowers:
I love your videos they’ve honestly kept me distracted from the chaos of the world rn
Linda Lin
Linda Lin:
I WAS WAITING FOR THIS VIDEO! Hope you’re doing well spilly!
Love him or hate him you can admit he’s gonna milk the clout anyway he can 😂😂😂
noy negbi
noy negbi:
That story even reached the news website in my country (i live in Israel)
It's so crazy people just believed to that girl even that she had no proof... 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Am I a terrible person for wishing this was true? 🤣 I wanna watch their egos duke it out within a strange romance.
Haley Nicole
Haley Nicole:
Your channel is literally the only type of news I watch I fucking love you and your videos so much you always keep me updated!💕💕✨
Felipe Villanueva
Felipe Villanueva:
Jurassic Starship is having the time of his life with this. Rape accusations who? Racism where? An we all forget that easy.
Bren Harris
Bren Harris:
They live something like 200 miles apart. The whole thing is just silly, and since it came from the “toilet seat-licking-on-an-airplane-during-Covid” girl, I think a lot of people found the rumor questionable 🚽 👅
I just wanna say I’ve been really enjoying your channel , I just found it a few days ago. 🥰
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz:
Honestly i wouldnt be suprised if this was true lmao
I love how you give your personal opinion, so we can like see how you look at things and how you would respect ours.
K Noelle
K Noelle:
What a relief. I’m so glad he said something. I don’t like Jeffree Star but him and Kanye?? I don’t see it.
He literally made a entire video about it when he just could have said it on insta or snap story
Nadia Graveran
Nadia Graveran:
I get wanting to mess with the media by posting false antagonistic Easter eggs, but this man has 4 children...4 SMALL children who are unfortunately engulfed in media and aren’t old enough to understand that their dad isn’t really in another state shacking up with someone other than their mom... kids process abandonment, they don’t process satire.

I know that seems dramatic but if you don’t stand for the preservation of a child’s perception then what the hell DO you stand for? Lol
hi spilly im back! i hope you & everyone are safe and happy out there! ive missed you so much spilly!
L S:
Good timing I was SO ready for my tea.
Catherine Fardell
Catherine Fardell:
if those allegations are true TRUST me I will by gosh eat my freaking shoe 👞 💀
Alex Hamiton
Alex Hamiton:
Everyone's first mistake was trusting a girl who licked a toilet seat during COVID as a "trend" lol
Abby Kub
Abby Kub:
Okay so treasonous behavior happened and this all in the same time frame is the most wild thing that has happened this decade. It’s only the second year in 😐
pink era💗
pink era💗:
I never believed it to happen, literally sounds like a scenario made from thin air💀💀
Milakale Kember
Milakale Kember:
Roberta Labruna
Roberta Labruna:
I can honestly say that this is the first time I believe Jeffree did NOT plant a rumor. And that’s sayings something.
I love all this tea ur spilling
Nerina Pather
Nerina Pather:
Jeffery knew what he was doing.. He's smart and was using this new drama to his advantage
kristal Nicole
kristal Nicole:
Omfg I said the SAME THING!!! he addresses lies about him but anything that is true is mute... just proves alot
I’m living for the memes coming out of this drama
theory: his team dropped the rumors to everyone to give him an opportunity to get noticed again
He denies it, yet he made up that rumor. He's always envied the Kardashians. He needed to deny it or else he could have been sued. And as always, these idiotic scandals you always swallow is once again his marketing strategy.
hanji’s girlfriend
hanji’s girlfriend:
honestly i wouldn’t be surprised if jeffree somehow orchestrated this whole “rumor” to sweep his v serious accusations under the rug 😶
Its Rayning
Its Rayning:
idk if its just me, but has spilly been sounding a little different to y’all?
Jeffree: *says he likes really tall men
Also Jeffree: *dated Nate, who was barely the same height as him for 5 years.
Yugare -Chan
Yugare -Chan:
I mean... if I was in his situation, I would take the piss out of it too. Especially, since it's such an out-there rumor. He's probably shook that people would believe a tiktok that has no backing and run with it, and not see that he was playing along because it was that wacky.
that purple and green wig is atrocious on him. i’m sorry but it had to be said 😭
Wendy Euphoria
Wendy Euphoria:
People really need better distractions from the world. Everything that keeps *REPEATEDLY* happening just keeps feeling like a 30 year fever dream😓
I'm tired of Jeffree Star always apologizing and then has more drama
As much as people hate Jeffree, he is a GREAT business man. I have to give it to him. He KNEW what he was doing by teasing us with those comments and pictures and he KNEW the second he released his video it would go OFFFFFF in views which obviously have been down for the past few months due to his scandals and drama🙄 evil genius
Honestly I WANT the rumors to be true at this point. Kim, Kanye, and Jeffree are all trash, let them enjoy the spotlight again, it's not like any of them are going away
Jeffree is a smart businessman he used ridiculous gossip to get his name in peoples mouths.
Isabelle Lynch
Isabelle Lynch:
Jeffree just goes along with any REAL drama NOT like beauty guru or like influencer drama but like the real deal lol he just does it for clout and he always ends up in a big predicament like when will he grow up ?
Abdul Rosyid A23
Abdul Rosyid A23:
lol, i thought Jeffree won't adress it at all because everyone talk about it and he loved when everyone talk about him, especially it got trending.
Aizawa Shota
Aizawa Shota:
Anyone else love these pictures spilly puts in the video? Idk if it’s just me, I just find them funny🤷‍♀️
He's so disgusting! When is he going to address the S.A. allegations?
hands down the best drama that’s happened in awhile
Catch Twenty2
Catch Twenty2:
Ugh I wanted to start the rumour Kanye was dating me. Goofry Star beat me to it. 😅
Lmao Spilly you taking Jeffree saying “Kris Jenner orchestrated this whole thing” seriously 😂 I can’t. You & everyone else taking everything Jeffree is saying seriously. Has anyone heard of a JOKE or SARCASM? 😂
april bagwell
april bagwell:
The fact that that girl is friends with Tana says I need to know! Also if I am not mistaken wasn't she on doctor Phil claiming that she lies for clout?
I think he’s just trying to get people to talk about it without getting sued for making stuff up. I really think he started these rumors himself, he loves attention that way
How is this whole situation a rumour omg
Yomara M Spahn
Yomara M Spahn:
Why do people keep thinking Jeffree is the bad guy? He hasn’t been in drama, he’s in a whole different state minding his own business. 😂 We all know he loves to be sarcastic. He’s a drama queen.
Watching this so I don't have to watch Jeffree's video. 👀
Jeffree is so happy this is going on and the girl that said that said she was lying and did It for clout
Arthur Fleck
Arthur Fleck:
I knew it was total BS. Kanye has HIGHER STANDARDS than THAT! 🤢
R. Owens
R. Owens:
Look I seriously do not like Jeffree but I feel like there's still a chance he thought (like most of us did) that it was so outlandish that he could play into it without it becoming a big thing because it was so clearly false?