Jeffree Star SPEAKS OUT about Kanye West...

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Let's talk about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West allegedly getting a divorce because beauty guru Jeffree Star is allegedly seeing Kanye West in Wyoming...




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Noah the Corpse God
Noah the Corpse God:
are we really believing the toilet seat licker smh
Boyana Cholakova
Boyana Cholakova:
It doesn’t matter if this is real of fake IT’S HILARIOUS..
girl almighty
girl almighty:
I think Jeffree & Kanye will need that Adam & Eve discount
Ariel Apolo
Ariel Apolo:
No way her “lawyer friend” breached client confidentiality
Letter n
Letter n:
It is actually illegal for a lawyer to reveal information like this without consent this is why I think it's false
Onna Mado
Onna Mado:
“... And she’s friend with Tana Mongeau.”
Mikenna Stevens
Mikenna Stevens:
This doesn’t even make sense... Jeffree Star is supposedly a racist, and Kayne claims he’s homophobic. Happy 2021 y’all 💀
Rosé is your bias even if shes not
Rosé is your bias even if shes not:
i never thought i’d hear someone be described as “a doctor phill, toilet licking, tiktoker” but here we are
mei bb
mei bb:
I hate that people are forgetting this is a family with CHILDREN. Forget they are celebs, divorces are painful and not for you to get clout 🌸
Spongebob's Window
Spongebob's Window:
Even when he was exposed for being a liar, hypocrite, and bully, he's still relevant and active. Meanwhile Jenna Marbles dissappeared off the face of youtube after she offended people with her old videos
ruthie ann
ruthie ann:
this probably isn’t true but that would be so fucking funny if it was
Lizzy Brodie
Lizzy Brodie:
Jeffrey- “see guys, I’m not racist!”
Goth Smoker
Goth Smoker:
Plot Twist: It’s actually James Charles
“she’s also friends with tana mongeau” that explains SOMETHING
I tried to explain this whole thing to my husband but he lost me at “so a girl who once licked a public toilet seat went on tiktok...”
Taehyung's hands
Taehyung's hands:
“Jeffrey and Kanye” the stupidest thing I’ve heard on this year
Ashley Ellen
Ashley Ellen:
“It came from a toilet licking tik toker” killed me.
Karen Smith
Karen Smith:
I love your channel so much because you are only about the video and facts and not about making fun of the people in your videos or making fun of what they prefer such as what they voted for.
Tori McMullan
Tori McMullan:
Anyone else always hop on tea spill first whenever theirs drama? I love your non biased informative analysis of situations before watching people just defend themselves in their own videos when I dont even know the situation 😂
Ana Ana
Ana Ana:
I can just imagine Jeffree sitting in his hot tub, sipping on some extra expensive champagne while laughing
i can’t believe we r believing the girl who licked a toilet seat i’m not saying its fake but it’s hard to believe😭
J3lly Bell13
J3lly Bell13:
The thing is, even if Kanye WAS sleeping with Jeffree, she would have outed Kanye to the whole internet which could be very harmful to his mental health
Sarah Herbert
Sarah Herbert:
I am beyond relieved to be watching this video! Period. And only for one simple reason, other than of course missing my daily tea...🍵 I have been SO wrapped up in politics this past year, I've basically neglected this entire side of me. And I live for this shit!!! Oh Jeffree!💖 I've so missed the drama....
Never thought I'd ever say that but I feel kinda bad for Kim.. 💀
Beauty Becca
Beauty Becca:
“Since they’re getting a divorce I FEEL that I can make they’re lives more difficult and embarrass someone by outing them.”
Alexa Nicole
Alexa Nicole:
girl i can’t take this anymore 😭 jeffree could’ve been our first lady
Sarah Jeffrey
Sarah Jeffrey:
When all this came out I knew I could count on tea spill to recap it all for me 😂
who else loves this channel? These vids saved me in quarantine😌😍
jake ryan
jake ryan:
I always low key knew this was fake but believing it for a day or two was amazing not gunna lie 😂
Verity Dixon
Verity Dixon:
This is all just too damn hilarious! Hollywood, media stars, and the people who feed into stuff like this really have nothing better to do? Why do we flock to this kind of stuff?! Why am I laughing and feeding into it by watching this video?! Rich people problems are so addicting!
Maisie Symes
Maisie Symes:
Kim hasn’t worn her wedding ring because she hasn’t put on any jewelry since the robbery - that might explain why we haven’t seen the ring in a long time :)
"She needed to end the relationship for her own sanity"
Yep sounds about right
I just love that so many people are believing it, it’s hilarious, I can see jeffree laying back laughing the days away while everyone runs around like headless chickens.
Kitten Cosplay
Kitten Cosplay:
"It came from a Dr. Phil, toilet-licking, tiktoker" about threw me into the sun 😂😂😂😂
It's Malcolm
It's Malcolm:
TEA SPILL HEY GIRL!!!!!!!!! I see Tea Spill. I click Tea Spill. I LOVE ME SOME TEA SPILL YALL!!!!!!! Day made 😁😁😁
Mona Wang
Mona Wang:
“dr. phil, toilet-licking tik toker” what is this era that we live in
Leila Leila
Leila Leila:
jeffree sees the rumors:
also jeffree: i was in a really dark place...
yan zhao
yan zhao:
This is literally all "Believe me", "My source is reliable", "She said" "He Said".

This tea has no more merit than a naruto fanfiction. and no im not hating on tea spill i'm hating on the girl spreading the rumour with no evidence.
Someone told me this rumor and I actually laughed out loud. This is so ridiculous 🤣 like how are y'all surprised he's soaking up the attention and stirring the pot
Fábio Pagin
Fábio Pagin:
"and she's also friends with Tana Mongeau"

when I tell you I CACKLED
Naracia's Reincarnation
Naracia's Reincarnation:
I was not shocked and devastated by this. I laughed SO LOUD
Thanks for the tea sis 😘
Lee_Know_ You_Know
Lee_Know_ You_Know:
Even my mom knows about this shit, she knew it before me. The tea has reached everyone at this point-
Bibi .SurpriseMe
Bibi .SurpriseMe:
the fact that this even is being talked about as if it could be real is blowing my mind 😂
Marie Lawrence
Marie Lawrence:
can we just talk about how this dude ran for president....AND SOME PEOPLE VOTED FOR HIM!
157 Urvi Mande
157 Urvi Mande:
Now I have watched the same story from like 4 different TEA Channels😂and because of this quarantine... I'm not even complaining!😂🤭
K is crazy
K is crazy:
I sat there watching this happen thinking there was no way , then I saw how Jeffree was acting and I immediately knew by the way he was thriving off of it that it was probably just drama 😂
i don't support jeffree but i love the way she handles this whole situation. if you believe someone who has a reputation of licking a toilet then it's ur problem
Ken Barbé
Ken Barbé:
I need more of this in my life!
lol this is so obviously fake I can’t believe it’s gotten so big
Haleigh Sandoval
Haleigh Sandoval:
Thank tea spill I got the full scoop on the tea
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez:
IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONEEEE. Seriously tho, I heard about this tea but I wanted you to upload a video so I can get the whole package 😫😫😹
was quite obvious it was a rumour but ID LOVE TO BELIEVE IT, ive been howling at tweets about them
So that's his way of covering the sexual assault allegations, I see. Pile up bizarre drama so people talk about it and everyone forgets? Typical Jeffree, I see
Omg guys we are talking about Jeffree Star here, we know he is capable of talking to this girl and pay her to say those things, her reputation was already bad so she had nothing to lose.
k o k o k o
k o k o k o:
5:17 if this was true, then damn. Lawyers be spreading tea to their friends instead of good ol' confidentiality 🙄
Sharlee Coulton
Sharlee Coulton:
I won’t believe the divorce stories until Kim says something, they’ve been spewing these divorce stories for years and nothing had happened,
Magic *
Magic *:
Can we talk about the fact that you posted *4* videos in the past week? Thank you tea spill☺️
lord reyna
lord reyna:
Thank u for posting! Bc I am so lost as to wtf is going on! The entire world got me upside down lol
Marcus De Beer
Marcus De Beer:
Arely Castellano
Arely Castellano:
I was about to watch Jeffree’s video, but then your video was suggested. THANK YOUUUU , so fast with the tea girl love it❤️❤️
This is the dumbest rumor I have ever heard of. It’s hilarious.
“Trustworthy and reliable past” girl 😂
"It came from a dr. Phil toilet licking tiktoker" IM SCREAMING like thats your reputation sis 💀💀
em coates
em coates:
idc what anyone says ... for the foreseeable future this is true to me it gives me SO much serotonin
A lawyer would never leak this. Especially an high powered attorney that Kim K can afford to go to. That woman is pulling this out of her ass and it got her the attention she wanted. She will do anything for it game/“clout” (like liking a toilet seat). I hope they sue her.
Grim Aristea
Grim Aristea:
I was honestly ready to believe this but then you said “friends with tana” and I knew it was fake
Tabby Omwenga
Tabby Omwenga:
No one:...
YOUTUBE: They'll believe anything at this point
Talia Martinez
Talia Martinez:
I think Jeffree is just trolling at this point, it's just a ploy to get him back into the spotlight on better terms.
channel name
channel name:
Okay, a lawyer who has anything to do with big celebrities like this would never breath a word about their business and risk his job, ESPECIALLY not to someone associated with being a clout chaser or whatever 🙄 she’s gotta be bullshitting
thicc kitty
thicc kitty:
We've gone into tier 5 in the UK but it's been okay for me personally... until I saw this... now this is a reason to not be a fan of Jeffree Star
I mean, would Kim really even care if she came to the decision of wanting a divorce due to Kanye’s erratic behavior? Assuming that’s the true reason that is.

I mean, good on her for focusing on her goals and dreams as well as looking out for her kids. I don’t particularly care about the Kardashians or anything but I can’t fault her for doing what she feels is right. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Popstar Juandissimo
Popstar Juandissimo:
Honestly this is so ridiculous and because of how crazy the year has gotten already I wanna feed into this. 2021 will be crazy on our terms lol
dustin dailey
dustin dailey:
spill it sis ☕️
gwen chase
gwen chase:
This blew up like a whole lot. I'm from Italy and at my workplace we have the radio on all day long. This was discussed at the radio. I was living. 🤣🤣🤣
Roger Guillen
Roger Guillen:
Thank you Tea Spill for uploading this so I don’t have to give him views
The fact that we are believing this, has got me shook 🙄
I love you Jeffree Star! 😂
the fact that jefree always got dirt on everyone is crazy to me
Yes some new tea to sip😌
Dee May Say
Dee May Say:
I was about to make a deposit at the bank and literally step aside just to click on this tea while saying "Oh hell no!" lol kanye would never
this may sound random but i love your voice and the way you speak, so therapeutic 🖤
Finally some light-hearted tea lmao
I know it's a joke, but thinking about Kanye hooking up with Jafar Starfish is the only thing that's making me smile right now
honestly the fact that jeffree is playing along with the rumors is kinda funny. like i don’t like him but sometimes going along with it even if it’s not true is wayyy better than addressing it and turning it into a serious thing
Yasmin Hernandez
Yasmin Hernandez:
I give 48 hours before Jeffree Star goes on a Instagram live and address it as a joke. Or I give it a week before Kanye writes cryptic message on Twitter.
LOVE the quote, “toilet licking tiktocker!!!”🤣🤣
Thea Nt
Thea Nt:
This girl is such a clout chaser I swear. As if we’re gonna believe that Kim K would even bother suing a nobody who started a ridiculous rumour on tiktok. Girl please, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame
hannah overton
hannah overton:
Okay but imagine Kim kardashian being your lawyer lmaoooo. “Your honor, my client is like, not guilty.”
dulce garcia
dulce garcia:
i thought it was true. then you explained her past actions (i don’t keep up with this stuff so i had no idea who she was) and then i was sad because i wanted it to be true 😔🖐 i feel bad for the kiddos and for everyone involved, i’m sure it’s not exactly easy for anyone but could you just imagine ?? like gorl
This is what Jeffree wanted all along. LOOK HOW MUCH PUBLICITY HE GOT OUT OF THIS!!! Pure BS
kard kim
kard kim:
reason why jeffree is hating kim : she hangs out with paris hilton
Maria Turner
Maria Turner:
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the hair in the thumbnail? Okay moving on
People watching this like:
-in bed
-not in full screen
-reading the comments

Dam thanks for 1k likes 💖😊 (hope y’all have a good day)
Eva L
Eva L:
I found the Page Six article right after I read about it on Twitter yesterday. People will believe what they want to believe.
Stephanie Bernhard
Stephanie Bernhard:
I wish this was real for the sole reason that I would have MONTHS of entertainment lolll
You just know Jeffree is lovingggggggg this
Miris Rios
Miris Rios:
“Dr.Phill, toilet licking tik toner”😂😂😂😂
gerbileater RETURNS
gerbileater RETURNS:
Karen Chan
Karen Chan:
2 videos in 24hrs! that's TEA HONEY