Jeffree Star SPEAKS OUT about Kanye West...

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Let's talk about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West allegedly getting a divorce because beauty guru Jeffree Star is allegedly seeing Kanye West in Wyoming...




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are we really believing the toilet seat licker smh
Mikenna Stevens
Mikenna Stevens:
This doesn’t even make sense... Jeffree Star is supposedly a racist, and Kayne claims he’s homophobic. Happy 2021 y’all 💀
God if your reading this come pick me up I'm scared
God if your reading this come pick me up I'm scared:
*Kanye happily married with Kim and 4 kids*
Jeffree: drop that mf
Kanye: ummmmm y e s
girl almighty
girl almighty:
I think Jeffree & Kanye will need that Adam & Eve discount
Why tho
Why tho:
Kanye is Homophobic
Jefree Star is Racist

they really said keep your friends close but your enemies closer lmao✋💀
Ariel a
Ariel a:
No way her “lawyer friend” breached client confidentiality
Boyana Cholakova
Boyana Cholakova:
It doesn’t matter if this is real of fake IT’S HILARIOUS..
Taehyung's hands
Taehyung's hands:
“Jeffrey and Kanye” the stupidest thing I’ve heard on this year
Onna Mado
Onna Mado:
“... And she’s friend with Tana Mongeau.”
Letter n
Letter n:
It is actually illegal for a lawyer to reveal information like this without consent this is why I think it's false
Keeho is your bias even if he’s not
Keeho is your bias even if he’s not:
i never thought i’d hear someone be described as “a doctor phill, toilet licking, tiktoker” but here we are
ruthie ann
ruthie ann:
this probably isn’t true but that would be so fucking funny if it was
“she’s also friends with tana mongeau” that explains SOMETHING
lauren jauregui is perfect
lauren jauregui is perfect:
sick and twisted theory: jeffree paid toilet licker lady to say those things about kanye and jeffree so he can be talked about again 😩
Ashley Ellen
Ashley Ellen:
“It came from a toilet licking tik toker” killed me.
Alexa Nicole
Alexa Nicole:
girl i can’t take this anymore 😭 jeffree could’ve been our first lady
Spongebob's Window
Spongebob's Window:
Even when he was exposed for being a liar, hypocrite, and bully, he's still relevant and active. Meanwhile Jenna Marbles dissappeared off the face of youtube after she offended people with her old videos
ain’t this the same girl who licked a toilet seat? and the same girl who faked an entire dr. phil story for attention? and the same girl who says she hopes she gets sued cuz “it would make a GREAT tiktok” ???
mei bb
mei bb:
I hate that people are forgetting this is a family with CHILDREN. Forget they are celebs, divorces are painful and not for you to get clout 🌸
Anti Social
Anti Social:

YouTube comments- 😂😅😀🙃

Replies under the comments- 🤬😡😠😤
Fábio Pagin
Fábio Pagin:
"and she's also friends with Tana Mongeau"

when I tell you I CACKLED
J3lly Bell13
J3lly Bell13:
The thing is, even if Kanye WAS sleeping with Jeffree, she would have outed Kanye to the whole internet which could be very harmful to his mental health
Kitten Cosplay
Kitten Cosplay:
"It came from a Dr. Phil, toilet-licking, tiktoker" about threw me into the sun 😂😂😂😂
Goth Smoker
Goth Smoker:
Plot Twist: It’s actually James Charles
Ana Ana
Ana Ana:
I can just imagine Jeffree sitting in his hot tub, sipping on some extra expensive champagne while laughing
Beauty Becca
Beauty Becca:
“Since they’re getting a divorce I FEEL that I can make they’re lives more difficult and embarrass someone by outing them.”
"A dr Phil toilet licking Tiktoker" Lmaooo the ending was perfect.. 😂😂
"She needed to end the relationship for her own sanity"
Yep sounds about right
XxStxrlivia Xx
XxStxrlivia Xx:
3:35 what do you expect two drama girls friends till the end...
Marla Seng
Marla Seng:
This is the dumbest rumor I have ever heard of. It’s hilarious.
“Trustworthy and reliable past” girl 😂
Omg guys we are talking about Jeffree Star here, we know he is capable of talking to this girl and pay her to say those things, her reputation was already bad so she had nothing to lose.
Leqing Zhang
Leqing Zhang:
Now this is the entertainment drama we want, not bye sister season 1-3
Sarah Jeffrey
Sarah Jeffrey:
When all this came out I knew I could count on tea spill to recap it all for me 😂
jake ryan
jake ryan:
I always low key knew this was fake but believing it for a day or two was amazing not gunna lie 😂
Angie Nicolle Hernández
Angie Nicolle Hernández:
bruh being on Twitter is a will ride but you get the tea on time
Lee_Know_ You_Know
Lee_Know_ You_Know:
Even my mom knows about this shit, she knew it before me. The tea has reached everyone at this point-
Stephanie Bernhard
Stephanie Bernhard:
I wish this was real for the sole reason that I would have MONTHS of entertainment lolll
Mona Wang
Mona Wang:
“dr. phil, toilet-licking tik toker” what is this era that we live in
Wouldn't be surprised if J* has new palette coming out soon and he paid for someone to start this rumour or something else to keep him in limelight 🤷‍♀️
The intro song will never get old to me. Anyone else sing it? Just me? I’m brainwashed you say? Noooo never 🙃
My teacher was talking about this that’s how I know 💀
Chief Kai
Chief Kai:
I clicked so fast I got carpal tunnel
"It came from a dr. Phil toilet licking tiktoker" IM SCREAMING like thats your reputation sis 💀💀
Kim is going to have to tell north that that relationship went south rq (omfg I’m so so sorry 😂)
Sharlee Coulton
Sharlee Coulton:
I won’t believe the divorce stories until Kim says something, they’ve been spewing these divorce stories for years and nothing had happened,
Iamfallingup !!
Iamfallingup !!:
I was not shocked and devastated by this. I laughed SO LOUD
Soon as I started watching this, Jeffree posted his response video 😳
lol this is so obviously fake I can’t believe it’s gotten so big
Ari's Wafflehouse
Ari's Wafflehouse:
K !
K !:
I sat there watching this happen thinking there was no way , then I saw how Jeffree was acting and I immediately knew by the way he was thriving off of it that it was probably just drama 😂
Caroline Montes
Caroline Montes:
It’s crazy how el gordo y la flaca ( Spanish tea show ) even put it there
This isn’t even tea, this is just a weird ass rumor
Roger Guillen
Roger Guillen:
Thank you Tea Spill for uploading this so I don’t have to give him views
Rynn. V
Rynn. V:
“Toilet licking tiktoker” the shade of it all🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣btw i missed tiktok sm 💔💔💔wish it would be available soon in 🇮🇳 😩
Magic *
Magic *:
Can we talk about the fact that you posted *4* videos in the past week? Thank you tea spill☺️
Cristal Dookoo
Cristal Dookoo:
So we not gonna talk about the team song😂 loving it 🔥
Lizzy Brodie
Lizzy Brodie:
Jeffrey- “see guys, I’m not racist!”
katie power
katie power:
Literally as I was watching this I got the notif fir Jeffree’s video😂
Yall know when he smile nd stop thats how he feels about this
Mayra Robinson
Mayra Robinson:
“Dr. Phil, toilet licking tic-tocker” giiiiiirl I lost it. 💀💀💀💀💀
Sipaia Fuli
Sipaia Fuli:
bich i’m running on 3 hours sleep rn idc idc lol i’m HERE FOR THISSS
Talia Martinez
Talia Martinez:
I think Jeffree is just trolling at this point, it's just a ploy to get him back into the spotlight on better terms.
Karen Chan
Karen Chan:
2 videos in 24hrs! that's TEA HONEY
Marisa Cohen
Marisa Cohen:
I didn’t even know how it started it just like happened all at once lmao
Neamh Cridhe
Neamh Cridhe:
i like how everyone jumps to the conclusion that this popular male beauty guru is jeffree. there are other male beauty gurus out there that are popular, you just don't follow them like you follow jeffree
Austin Carrick
Austin Carrick:
A Dr Phil Toilet licking Tik Tocker 😂😂 That read was everything!!!
dustin dailey
dustin dailey:
spill it sis ☕️
LOVE the quote, “toilet licking tiktocker!!!”🤣🤣
R3tr0 eXe
R3tr0 eXe:
If Ye and Kim brake up, we are gonna get a banger album form Ye. When he broke up last time, we got some classic bangers
Miris Rios
Miris Rios:
“Dr.Phill, toilet licking tik toner”😂😂😂😂
Leah Mesfin
Leah Mesfin:
I had enough of 2020 and y'all gonna tell me my idol is sleeping with Jeffrey?? I'm going too sleep! wake me up in 2022
the fact that jefree always got dirt on everyone is crazy to me
Danielle Conley
Danielle Conley:
The girls and the manager screamed at work about Jeffrey star and kanye west affair now I know why lol
I think it is hilarious. Ofcourse they are not dating but damn this is hilarious
Jana Smith
Jana Smith:
He just posted that he’s uploading a video addressing everything.. I’m really surprised how all of this even came up 😂
Omg haha, can't wait!!!
Check jeffree's latest instagram story lol. I'm cackling loool
Dee May Say
Dee May Say:
I was about to make a deposit at the bank and literally step aside just to click on this tea while saying "Oh hell no!" lol kanye would never
Nicky B
Nicky B:
Going from ur video to Jeffrey's anf back to laugh even harder
Bibi .SurpriseMe
Bibi .SurpriseMe:
the fact that this even is being talked about as if it could be real is blowing my mind 😂
Fancy Feast
Fancy Feast:
I don’t think he really hooked up with Jeffree, but I do believe jeffree is loving the thought of the rumors.
Imagine going to court only to realize that Kim Kardashian will be your lawyer
Puellas Selcouth
Puellas Selcouth:
I've been waiting for u to make a vid about this issue and i sure did clicked fast af
Soo Jin
Soo Jin:
Hey, Spill, JS has uploaded a video addressing this. Thought you might want to see so you can make a continuation on this for us :)
koko adabi
koko adabi:
Why am i shipping them?!
This is sooooo good.i love it
this may sound random but i love your voice and the way you speak, so therapeutic 🖤
i can’t believe we r believing the girl who licked a toilet seat i’m not saying its fake but it’s hard to believe😭
Sofia Araujo
Sofia Araujo:
honestly the fact that jeffree is playing along with the rumors is kinda funny. like i don’t like him but sometimes going along with it even if it’s not true is wayyy better than addressing it and turning it into a serious thing
This family literally turned all the men in their life crazy. I swear they’re three witches who sacrifice the soul of their men
F Kabir
F Kabir:
1:18 I recieve 101 each and every day with the help of this *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Odet Pinot
Odet Pinot:
Me : Lol i getting bored with Jemcarls jr being careless with his friend
And suddenly
Jeffree enter ❤️
i didn’t use my phone for a day... AND THEN I SEE THIS all over twitter
maidiya ourosama
maidiya ourosama:
I’ve been waiting for this one TURN IT UPPPP
Mary Aiello
Mary Aiello:
Can we appreciate how Tea Spill has been using video from Schitt’s Creek 👌🏼
Eva Masterton
Eva Masterton:
Can I also just say the dove emoji is the inspiration for Kanye's current/next project lol. Like the literal emoji
idc if this is real or fake cuz the memes of this tea is legit GOLD
Strawberry Satan
Strawberry Satan:
the amount of people that YEETED here within three minutes is impressive.
The fact this is not the first time the media claimed kanye had a gay lover(think it was 2013) is just so funny. We all know kanye and jefree aren't a thing but the memes are so funny
This just makes me think of that clip with Laverne Cox and Angelica Ross when there were outside the club with the paps.
Jessica Elizabeth
Jessica Elizabeth:
the lyrics "sucked off Kanye west now im one of the bros" be hitting different now