Jeffrey Epstein accuser says Ghislaine Maxwell threatened her life, FBI "failed" her

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, who says she had an inside view of his alleged sex trafficking operation, is sharing new details of what happened. Maria Farmer and her younger sister, Annie, claim Epstein sexually assaulted them. Farmer is suing the Epstein estate over the alleged incident. In her first TV interview, Farmer talks to Anthony Mason about why she’s still seeking justice even after Epstein’s death.

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100+ comentarios:

Guys, we need to keep this story going until Maxwell is caught.
Gregory Pankow
Gregory Pankow:
When will people realize there is no "conservative" and "liberal" just the wealthy predators and the exploited poor.
Nick B
Nick B:
ABC failed them as well by burying the story 3 years ago, awful
Nestor Matos
Nestor Matos:
This is trafficking for the deranged wealthy, has been going on for centuries. Thank God these women are alive.
Bermsy Fructa
Bermsy Fructa:
Can't trust FBI to investigate this case they'll cover up tracks which link Epstien and intelligence agencies.
Dennis B
Dennis B:
How come every woman points out Maxwell yet Maxwell is never arrested.Hey FBI, go arrest Maxine. P.S. Her dads a billionaire.
The most shocking thing about this report is that CBS actually published it.
Where is gizzlane? These are real accusations
Jim G
Jim G:
Jail guards charged: 2

Pedophiles charged: 0
Never forget that Epstein "killed himself" immediately after Democrats Bill Richardson and George Mitchell were named as his clients.
Peter Allen
Peter Allen:
Why is this maxwell woman not under arrest,and why is the fbi dragging their feet on this.
Michael Di Liberto
Michael Di Liberto:
Well........I guess we all know what Victoria's Secret is now.
Henning Kallweit
Henning Kallweit:
Is Maxwell going to be the next to "suicide"?
This is so efed up I can't even
gwreeves1987 Reeves
gwreeves1987 Reeves:
Trying to save face, huh, CBS?
So glad all these strong woman coming forward and taking action
The FBI cannot produce a copy of her report because a dirty agent put it in a shredder.
Nolan Burchett
Nolan Burchett:
This is so upsetting
Milko Vasilev
Milko Vasilev:
Wow. God bless u girl . stay safe . be safe.
Dee Smith
Dee Smith:
How about releasing the interview made three years ago? Love your damage control.
Dennis B
Dennis B:
WTF? A News service covering Jeffrey Epstein?
top-ical movement
top-ical movement:
The "land of the free and the home of the brave "..!!
Trucker Baty
Trucker Baty:
I hope this lady is packin heat, and knows how to use it
Paul Germana
Paul Germana:
That's because the FBI is Un-American. They are bums, not disciplined soldiers.
andre M
andre M:
Jeffrey Epstein is mossad. Ghislane Maxwell's father is the most decorated hero in the entire history of mossad. This was a mossad blackmailing ring and Epstein was the face of it. Did you know Ehud Barak has visited the NY apartment of Epstein?
Dan M
Dan M:
My guess is jewish mob / intel / elite operation. Possibly with part of the u.s. intel. Huge scandal. Expose them. Release the docs judge. Pubic has right to know.
The fact that Maxwell hasn’t been arrested yet is an indictment all in itself.
John Shepard
John Shepard:
Epstein was an outer circle member, there is an inner circle we need to find who is in it.
The Batman
The Batman:
Keep making memes, its working.
Old Bull Lee
Old Bull Lee:
Where the FBI fails to carry out justice, the people will take it upon their shoulders.
MG Massey
MG Massey:
Being threatened as a survivor..happens all the time.
Why do you think so many are afraid to come forward?

Abusers..of power who use people
have a vested interest in silencing survivors.
free thinker
free thinker:
Thanks for at least covering this
Keep the Epstein story limited don't dig to deep we wouldn't want to focus on to many of those elitist on Epstein's flight logs.
Justice Served
Justice Served:
Anyone else find it interesting that Epstein was found dead and the video camera conveniently wasn't working and the guard was in the bathroom when he supposedly snapped his own neck.
The Humble Pundit
The Humble Pundit:
ABC did with the Epstein story exactly what NBC did with the Weinstein/Lauer story. Buried it because too many people that were in the circle were about to exposed. Sickening.
Dan Livni
Dan Livni:
Where is Ghislaine Maxwell
Fresher D'en a M Fuuuka zzz
Fresher D'en a M Fuuuka zzz:
As cbs helps to fire a non-whistleblower ... haha
All these people need to go down!! Not just Epstein who supposedly “died”!! We need to keep our kids safe and stop the Elites from creating a race war because they want to continue abducting children. We are stronger together!!
Jordan Moir
Jordan Moir:
At least 10 years too late (when I knew) but I'm glad you decided to finally cover an actual news story.
Todd Aaron
Todd Aaron:
FBI cover up
Sheila MacPherson
Sheila MacPherson:
Now the girlfriend is getting away with it like Epstein did.
No worries Mate
No worries Mate:
ABC is just a guilty as maxwell and Jeffrey!!!!! Some one from ABC should be in prison!!!! Go ahead and remove my comment. The people know the truth!!!!!!!
President Elect Rob Chan
President Elect Rob Chan:
CBS is part of the
rudy harper
rudy harper:
So, reporters, journalists! Go ask the DOJ and the FBI why so silent? Your job is to find out. Otherwise you are puppets for the higher ups. Really. Let this sink in!
crickets from ABC
Steve Squaw
Steve Squaw:
So the man hunt for Wexler and maxwell is under way .... right?
Frederick Connie
Frederick Connie:
Oh the media cares since the guy is dead now 😂
Emma Horgan
Emma Horgan:
Delighted Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested by FBI today - hopefully Justice will be served
Eve Northrop
Eve Northrop:

the victims had a similar look. all of them.
Comandante Chingon
Comandante Chingon:
Accuser? Or Victim?
Milko Vasilev
Milko Vasilev:
Wouldn't be surprised if a week from to find out they report on her "suicidal" death.
Epstein is connected to political and hollywood elites. Bill clinton rode to his private island 29 times. He was murdered in prison to protect those elites.
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie:
Maxwell knows more than Epstein ever knew. She needs to be captured.
Maxwell got caught, finally. Let’s hope she doesn’t get “suicided” this time, and more people connected to them are bought to justice
Well my, my, my
Swapnil Chatterjee
Swapnil Chatterjee:
I bet the MI6 has started hunting for Ghislaine Maxwell.
Milko Vasilev
Milko Vasilev:
Why is nobody talking about this . why WHY . ?????
It makes me so very happy to see CBS continuing to cover this story despite all other American MSM outlets dropping it due to connections to Epstein. Thank you.
Thomas Thomas
Thomas Thomas:
Epstein & high profile Friends makes "To catch a Predator" TV series look like a pilot.
Nicholas obando
Nicholas obando:
My children are victims of pedophiles and we are going through the same thing and fighting for our voices to be heard
Illumi Notme
Illumi Notme:
"Was there video tape?" More brilliant journalism from the lidless eye network. Bless and protect this woman and her family.
Joseph Sisneros
Joseph Sisneros:
"Suicide" within the next week 😂😂
Guilty Pain
Guilty Pain:
who shed she??
Matt Grele
Matt Grele:
She would get a child "video immediately cuts" lol
I feel like SEE-BS is involved somehow...
Miss Maxwell needs someone to give her a few phone calls telling *her* to look over her shoulder when she leaves the house.
Jack Dough
Jack Dough:
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali:
Have u ever watched the movie sliver 1993 with sharon stone, maybe epstein was that kind of a guy collecting info on people and just being overall creepy
charlee mcwhirter
charlee mcwhirter:
Do one with just their eyes entitled " Our Eyes Are On You, All Of You " !!! What a statement that would make...
Raw Bacon
Raw Bacon:
Her Billionaire Father Robert Maxwell was presumed to have fallen overboard from the vessel Lady Ghislaine, which was cruising off the Canary Islands. His nude body was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean.
Hasta Luego
Hasta Luego:
“And gradually I began to hate them”
BOOM They have her now! @ BOOM
Ghost Of 1776
Ghost Of 1776:
So where are the stack of DVDs labled with names of the rich and famous found at one of Epstien's properties?
Turbo Crystal
Turbo Crystal:
The FBI failing the American people?! Color me surprised
Thank you for exposing this. However, why wasn’t the name of the security guard exposed: Randy Bowie
He’s been will smith’s body guard and has a security business
Chase Jackson
Chase Jackson:
So that's how he got rich from blackmail.
Hopefully it was revenge and Epstein is just the first of many.
Maggie Edwards
Maggie Edwards:
Gosh what a tragic sad situation the trauma 🤦🏾‍♀️
Dan K
Dan K:
Cocodrile'$ tears 😭
D M:
Well, well, the common threads of similar madams seem to converge: they knew where she was jogging, ready to threaten her life. Well, well. I cheer for every single such female predator that gets taken down.
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Andrew, Gislane, Alan Gertuwitz, and all other enablers need to continue to be investigated and held legally responsible. VICTIMS LIVES MATTER
Anonymous Post
Anonymous Post:
They know where Maxwell is, the rich and powerful are just trying to silence her.
#Q #Qanon
Somehow seems the burst of motivation is for money right... maybe what caused the problem in the first place. I don't know but why was she even hanging out with him?
News flash. FBI is in on it.
El M
El M:
Lol i find it adorable she had to explain who the wizard of oz was
Hunter Feraco
Hunter Feraco:
Oh how I hope Wikileaks gets ahold of those tapes
ann Rowell
ann Rowell:
Glad you found your art again God bless you
What happened to the video tapes?
So glad they arrested Ghislaine. Thank you to Maria Farmer and the other survivors!
Nate Knows
Nate Knows:
Where's the tapes?
B I:
Andrea Gass
Andrea Gass:
Look into the backstory on Victoria Secret and how it was obtained.
Lori g
Lori g:
Who has the videos? I feel like they will never get Justice and everyone involved is protected. Disgusting
ABC sold them out
Lyn Utermark
Lyn Utermark:
Drama... good job CBS
Todd Aaron
Todd Aaron: