Jeffrey Epstein accuser says Ghislaine Maxwell threatened her life, FBI "failed" her

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers, who says she had an inside view of his alleged sex trafficking operation, is sharing new details of what happened. Maria Farmer and her younger sister, Annie, claim Epstein sexually assaulted them. Farmer is suing the Epstein estate over the alleged incident. In her first TV interview, Farmer talks to Anthony Mason about why she’s still seeking justice even after Epstein’s death.

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100+ comentarios:

Guys, we need to keep this story going until Maxwell is caught.
The most shocking thing about this report is that CBS actually published it.
Nicholas obando
Nicholas obando:
My children are victims of pedophiles and we are going through the same thing and fighting for our voices to be heard
It makes me so very happy to see CBS continuing to cover this story despite all other American MSM outlets dropping it due to connections to Epstein. Thank you.
The fact that Maxwell hasn’t been arrested yet is an indictment all in itself.
So glad all these strong woman coming forward and taking action
Naomi Holliday
Naomi Holliday:
God Bless her. I wish her and the other victims peace happiness and healing and most of all justice.
J Norway
J Norway:
THIS is a great story! And her sad truth needs to be heard across this nation about that awful pedophile & his preying accomplice, Maxwell, who needs to be in jail for life. LIFE!
Loulou Willis
Loulou Willis:
When they make mistakes they never try to correct it the FBI should have sent an associate or at least invited her to their headquarters to apologize that is why a lot of people can't get over stuff others want to pretend they don't exist.
MG Massey
MG Massey:
Being threatened as a survivor..happens all the time.
Why do you think so many are afraid to come forward?

Abusers..of power who use people
have a vested interest in silencing survivors.
Thank you for exposing this. However, why wasn’t the name of the security guard exposed: Randy Bowie
He’s been will smith’s body guard and has a security business
Jim G
Jim G:
Jail guards charged: 2

Pedophiles charged: 0
This is so upsetting
Joseph Menezes
Joseph Menezes:
Well, this was never about the victims, it's about privacy violation, espionage and blackmail, abuse is the very least.
I love how theres more co-conspirators involved and the media just points to Epstein/maxwell like they’re the leaders..
Delighted Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested by FBI today - hopefully Justice will be served
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Andrew, Gislane, Alan Gertuwitz, and all other enablers need to continue to be investigated and held legally responsible. VICTIMS LIVES MATTER
Where is gizzlane? These are real accusations
So glad they arrested Ghislaine. Thank you to Maria Farmer and the other survivors!
gwreeves1987 Reeves
gwreeves1987 Reeves:
Trying to save face, huh, CBS?
Dee Smith
Dee Smith:
How about releasing the interview made three years ago? Love your damage control.
Maxwell got caught, finally. Let’s hope she doesn’t get “suicided” this time, and more people connected to them are bought to justice
Milko Vasilev
Milko Vasilev:
Wow. God bless u girl . stay safe . be safe.
free thinker
free thinker:
Thanks for at least covering this
Nolan Burchett
Nolan Burchett:
sha shazan ali
sha shazan ali:
Have u ever watched the movie sliver 1993 with sharon stone, maybe epstein was that kind of a guy collecting info on people and just being overall creepy
D.A. S.
D.A. S.:
if you're going to commit suicide, one would think you would commit suicide after you found out you were guilty in a court of law. Not before going to trial.
Timothy D
Timothy D:
No one knows what really happened except those who were actually there
top-ical movement
top-ical movement:
The "land of the free and the home of the brave "..!!
Mew Ling
Mew Ling:
Its heartbreaking to hear what you went through, and are still going through.
We need to systematically take out the FBI, and CIA, period.
Both of those organizations should not be ABOVE the laws of our country, ABOVE the LAWS OF OUR CONSTITUTION!
If they are above the law, then so are WE THE PEOPLE!
It is time for a major upheaval of our so called -legal- systems, they have failed you specifically, and they have failed us!
The corruption has to be stopped!
Miss Maxwell needs someone to give her a few phone calls telling *her* to look over her shoulder when she leaves the house.
Maggie Edwards
Maggie Edwards:
Gosh what a tragic sad situation the trauma 🤦🏾‍♀️
Trucker Baty
Trucker Baty:
I hope this lady is packin heat, and knows how to use it
Milko Vasilev
Milko Vasilev:
Wouldn't be surprised if a week from to find out they report on her "suicidal" death.
Ricardo Vera
Ricardo Vera:
So many powerful people are guilty. I wonder if they were all exposed what would happen to the world. There are countries in on this.
charlee mcwhirter
charlee mcwhirter:
Do one with just their eyes entitled " Our Eyes Are On You, All Of You " !!! What a statement that would make...
Brendan Englot
Brendan Englot:
Thank god Gayle King didn’t interview her. She would have asked “isn’t this just a he said she said” the way she asked Ronan Farrow when she interviewed him about Matthew Lauer allegations.
Fresher D'en a M Fuuuka zzz
Fresher D'en a M Fuuuka zzz:
As cbs helps to fire a non-whistleblower ... haha
Lori g
Lori g:
Who has the videos? I feel like they will never get Justice and everyone involved is protected. Disgusting
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones:
Wouldn't be surprised if something happens to her for talking
Maxine Fowler
Maxine Fowler:
Maxwell's crook father was named Lydwick Hooc, so that's not her real name.
There are some situations where someone will do something for you for nothing. If you are receiving some kind of social services help, maybe, or when a friend gives you a ride or does something for you without any strings attached.

Some wealthy guy takes you to some secluded home with him to support your art? I know that to an innocent person that may seem benign but her parents literally had to be stupid to allow her to go there alone.

Remember Michael Jackson and how he would keep kids at his home? How did that turn out?

Why are people so trusting with strangers?
Christine Michele
Christine Michele:
ghislane needs to be brought to justice!!!
Now she’s suing... nope she loses a lot of credibility for that.
This is so efed up I can't even
diann h
diann h:
CBS I applaud you for the truth of this one
G R:
Epstein & high profile Friends makes "To catch a Predator" TV series look like a pilot.
Todd Aaron
Todd Aaron:
FBI cover up
Abdulalim Omar
Abdulalim Omar:
In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens.

Judith Lewis Herman
ann Rowell
ann Rowell:
Glad you found your art again God bless you
Hunter Feraco
Hunter Feraco:
Oh how I hope Wikileaks gets ahold of those tapes
Comandante Chingon
Comandante Chingon:
Accuser? Or Victim?
mark shean
mark shean:
The FBI covers for the rich and politically connected
Stephanie Roussell
Stephanie Roussell:
They need to put a movie out there to expose everyone
Stephanie Roussell
Stephanie Roussell:
They need to put a movie out there to expose everyone
I feel like the world is slowly forgetting this.
The One
The One:
I guess everyone in the entire world was paid off on this one....
Only justice left is by Divine Intervention...if you are a believer
icy ivy
icy ivy:
This is literally horror movie in real life! Damn... we SHOULD believe and HELP real victims of rape and violence. Come on people, men women... fellow humans...
Harry Drury
Harry Drury:
Thank you CBS , but
we the people , don't trust you .
We see you made a report on this , but ...
How far will you take it ?
Look into the backstory on Victoria Secret and how it was obtained.
Venita Sheppard
Venita Sheppard:
🤔 hmmm funny, how can maxwell deny anything?👁👀🧐
So where are the stack of DVDs labled with names of the rich and famous found at one of Epstien's properties?
what a great and strong woman
Where is the evidence that she’s in custody no mugshot shot?
Auntie Social
Auntie Social:
Your art is beautiful Ms. Farmer. Keep fighting for justice and keep painting!
Frederick Connie
Frederick Connie:
Oh the media cares since the guy is dead now 😂
I feel like SEE-BS is involved somehow...
A lot of young girls choose the fast way of getting things in life. Nobody blames them for being prostitutes and after certain age you can tell what's going on around you. So young girls- work hard and avoid old creepy guys !
King Kosha
King Kosha:
Why do I feel like she is more involved than she pretends to be. She only pretends to cry once. She smiles and laughs through the entire interview. She even claimed she “called” him the wizard behind the curtain.. why is that important? It proves that she was knowledgeable of all of the actions BEFORE she was told she couldn’t leave. So she was compliant until it happened to her
Somehow seems the burst of motivation is for money right... maybe what caused the problem in the first place. I don't know but why was she even hanging out with him?
Brazil Machine
Brazil Machine:
Reminder that she's said on multiple occasions that she was deprived of food and seen as less than human because she wasn't Jewish
Darren Douglas
Darren Douglas:
I hope everyone involved gets caught Outed in public & each victim gets rewarded for coming forward.Opposition will try play financial gains & dig dirt on victims .Got keep this case going 1st thing need get Ghislaine Maxwell extradited back if fled country in a court room seize her passport .I think intelligence agency heavily involved ,possibly number esp with powerful names involved over various countries
Staff will be weakest link ,people worked on private jet ,island drivers,maids,servants had to saw something Maxwell needs money ,roof over her head ,has to eat obv being protected by professional people Not easy simply vanish if havent got help .
old fan
old fan:
Has #metoo been in touch with Ms. Farmer? Has she contacted them?
Joni Ofark
Joni Ofark:
surely they can trace maxwell from cards and such..... congratulations to wexner and her father. Wow courage
Anonymous Post
Anonymous Post:
They know where Maxwell is, the rich and powerful are just trying to silence her.
El M
El M:
Lol i find it adorable she had to explain who the wizard of oz was
So they 'believe' he is dead.? What makes them think so?? ...because CBS says so?😂
Em Bowling
Em Bowling:
If you are 26 year old are you an accomplice? I mean I’m sorry that’s a choice 🤷‍♀️
Eve Northrop
Eve Northrop:

the victims had a similar look. all of them.
Steve Squaw
Steve Squaw:
So the man hunt for Wexler and maxwell is under way .... right?
Lyn Utermark
Lyn Utermark:
Drama... good job CBS
Cecelia Lui
Cecelia Lui:
Justice hopefully around the corner
Ryan Sip
Ryan Sip:
Maxwell was with her father on a boat named after her when she suddenly noticed he wasn't on the boat. He jumped off the boat naked and died of a heart attack and drowning.
Joseph Peeler
Joseph Peeler:
I believe this woman. I know liars, and she isn't lying.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez:
Never shut up about her! Keep this going
Wait... Virginia talked about an artist Jeffrey found at an art gallery and bought a painting from. The girl turned out to be a total dom and was really rough with Virginia. That cannot be the same girl right?
What happened to the video tapes?
Sal Fun
Sal Fun:
Time to sue the fbi
dat boi
dat boi:
You know what? How did this story even get leaked? The ties to powerful people are obviously there and it had to have been going on for some time. So who leaked it in the first place?
Miss Winnie
Miss Winnie:
At 26 she observed & supported the alleged activity until she went to Ohio. She also involved her sister.
Justice for Virginia!!
Chris Slayer
Chris Slayer:
Damn she exposed a lot here, even the FBI with her allegations. I hope she gets the justice she deserves.

She definitely needs to watch over her shoulder, if the government has no interest in protecting you. It’s very possible they can “silence” Farmer
Joni Ofark
Joni Ofark:
unfortunately this is a massive sex trafficking rape extortion business run by famous rich people. Each interlinked to the other ..
Paul Vest
Paul Vest:
Didn't this slime ball realize that he was messing with some really smart young ladies? Her artwork is disturbing by default.
Matt Grele
Matt Grele:
She would get a child "video immediately cuts" lol
Danielle Everhart
Danielle Everhart:
Why didn't she come forward sooner?
Weng Yap
Weng Yap:
The media reports never address the obvious issue about the role of the girls' parents. At the relevant times where were they, what were they doing, and what were they thinking when they allowed their barely pubescent daughters to become masseuses and/or go on jet-setting excursions?. The narrative about sexual abuse of these girls is grossly incomplete without such analysis.
zilver Zurfer
zilver Zurfer:
Demonic Media News He Comes with Great Power his feet will stomp the residue.
Hi because of Google Youtube's new improvement I can't directly respond to the person who contacted me on this particular YouTube about a death I believe of one of Epstein's Victims I'm very very sorry including for the child