Jeffrey Epstein accuser speaks out ahead of Netflix documentary release

One of Jeffrey Epstein's accusers, Sarah Ransome, says Epstein raped her on his private Caribbean island. She says Epstein had help from two women who were close to him. Ransome, who spoke with "CBS This Morning" co-host Anthony Mason, is featured in the Netflix documentary series "Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich."

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Amira T.
Amira T.:
If you’re going to call his crimes “Alleged”, at least have the decency to concede his suicide is “Alleged”.
Endless Nameless
Endless Nameless:
No mention of the fact that the electrician saw Clinton on the island? No mention of his pal Bill Gates? The media is so astonishingly filthy. Always pretending to be the arbiters of truth. They are the exact opposite. They are mouthpieces of corrupt power.
Epstein was gonna sing like a Canary but was murdered.
Floyd Roberts
Floyd Roberts:
They need to lock the prince up next
James Sumner
James Sumner:
This is what happens when powerful people do something wrong. Everything gets covered up. They just drag their feet until until people forget about it
Migg Rodriguez
Migg Rodriguez:
Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and all of Jeffrey Epstein close friends should be held accountable.
Robert Pickacard
Robert Pickacard:
OK let's clarify this once and for all...Epstein was not an "alleged" sex offender he was a known sex offender and he certainly had no intention of or managed to commit suicide. Period.
Kevin Ngo
Kevin Ngo:
Why is this not getting enough traction? Epstein was not only involved, there were others who went to that island as well
callmelater justmiii
callmelater justmiii:
How come they can't find her but they could find Osama bin laden. 🤔
James Lade
James Lade:
You’re shocked that other women assisted the abuse? You think all women are perfectly good? This has been happening throughout history. They were part of it and got some benefits. Ghislaine is in hiding because she knows that she is 100% guilty
Pepijn Lai
Pepijn Lai:
When he says died by suicide, it sounded like the wanted to emphasize that point in particular.. also no mention of Bill Clinton.. Curious
"I have no recollection...." 

That's the phrase of a liar and a coward.
Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez:
When you have to plea the fifth, most of the time it is because you're guilty.
Jd Fergusson
Jd Fergusson:
STRANGE that her girlfriend Oprah was on the ISLAND ,and helped Harvey Weinstein get young actresses
They should rename documentary, "Filthy and Rich".
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez:
THIS NEEDS TO BLOW UP! Don’t stop talking about it. Tell your friends!
03:07 "... after Epstein died by suicide..."
Highly debatable.
The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette:
"I have no recollection" = L I A R
Daily Dew
Daily Dew:
If they, the accused, weren’t who they are so rich I don’t believe the alleged so called victims would sue them for sexual abuse! None of the involved are angels either. They are all bad! ALL! All bad people!
C H:
she is the best friend of Oprah, friend and visitor of epsteins island and friend of weinstein.... what a joke
Agent Orange
Agent Orange:
How does she admit to doing it and not get arrested?
Steve Shortridge
Steve Shortridge:
andrew doesn't acually 'deny' anything, he conveniently says he "has no recollection'
Why haven't these two women been charged?
That is the question to ask.
Correction: "last year after someone suicided Epstein..."
Kate Mott
Kate Mott:
Funny how Gail Kings best friend Oprah spent time on the island but she doesn’t talk about that
All these accusers that recruited girls after they themselves were 18 should be jailed along with Maxwell . There is no excuse to after being abused by Jeffrey , to recruit more girls to be victims .
Need to know basis IFU
Need to know basis IFU:
Andrews body language says "I'm a BFFLiar!"
Jameson Hook
Jameson Hook:
SO INTERESTING THAT THIS DOC IS COMING OUT RIGHT WHEN THE LOOTING AND RIOTS ARE HAPPENING ! DO YOU SEE A PATERN HERE PEOPLE ? the msm will always have a staged distraction to keep people away from the truth .
Tommy Two Toes
Tommy Two Toes:
What were these girls parents doing while their minor daughters were spending the weekend on some island in the Caribbean with a strange man they didn't know? The parents also belong in jail.
Wesley Gordon
Wesley Gordon:
Interesting that CBS didn't mention that the contractor talks about Bill Clinton being on the island with Epstein as well.
Leslie Guzman
Leslie Guzman:
Can y’all use her name in the title instead of “Jeffrey Epstein accuser”?
Jeka Tatu
Jeka Tatu:
What about the other hundred cameras recording the coming and going on in the prison?
David A
David A:
Ghislaine Maxwell is Daughter of Robert Maxwell, who was essentially an honored contributor to Mosad projects and objectives! Too powerful to expose? It seems so.
Doug Lang
Doug Lang:
Alex Jones was covering this guy for years and the MSM said nothing... they are complicit.
patricia S
patricia S:
For nearly 20 years these young girls cried out for justice, and they were ignored.
Thomas Bayer
Thomas Bayer:
There's many epstein in this fake world it's sad
Jamis Ins
Jamis Ins:
Why would Prince Andrew go to a known paedophile island with his “Age appropriate girlfriend”? He needs jailing. Above the law?
Tristin Day
Tristin Day:
Glen Maxwell is behind it all!!!! Her dad is who trained Epstein to sell girls and The maxwell family needs to pay the price!!!!!! Look all this up, do your own research and take everything with a grain of salt. It's sad how much we're kept in the dark
sara k
sara k:
I’m wondering where these girls parents are??
These talking heads will pretend to care, but won't push to get them behind bars.
"Come out to my private island and we'll talk over your 'fashion career'".
michael patrick
michael patrick:
I’m curious as to why me too is silent over this. I would expect a wave of protest from them.
Why were other women recruiting these girls knowing what was going to happen?
Why aren’t these women giving name? All I hear is Prince Andrew. Why is this Roberts woman smiling so happily with Andrew. She doesn’t look like a captive. Why doesn’t she name who she was trafficked to?
Big money was thrown around and bigger money stands to be made since his alleged suicide.
Why was Maxwell hanging out in New Hampshire? She knew she was wanted by the cops. She’s wealthy. She could have gone to a country with no extradition treaty with the US or UK. Doesn’t make sense.
There’s a lot of men and women involved in this but I doubt the full truth will ever be told.
Wealthon Ngo
Wealthon Ngo:
All for the money! Shame shame"
JMas 86
JMas 86:
Its crazy these girls are "survivors" when they went back to him for years and got paid every time they went over they were young not saying Jeffrey's not a monster im just saying they had a chance to not go but still went for money
so who did he work for and who killed him? This piece is propaganda junk.
Money money money. No one is innocent -- corruption.
Steve Vareno
Steve Vareno:
"Whereabouts unknown" They know where they are. They're being protected by all the others who were involved, and if they were arrested they would have an "accident" like ebstien. I didn't put quotation marks at the end of that last sentence but for some reason this auto correct keeps putting them there incorrectly.
Random Runner
Random Runner:
God bless these brave women. Look at them trying to act like it wasnt a giant web of pedophiles.
Bonnie Cochran Jensen
Bonnie Cochran Jensen:
He was murdered. What a bunch of liars.
Ryan B
Ryan B:
Ghislaine is done now.
Retta Brown
Retta Brown:
I suggest that those charging Trump prove it. I don’t believe you
C Williams
C Williams:
Sarah Kellen Vickers aka “ Sarah Kensington ” has explaining to do too.
Zkeleton Z
Zkeleton Z:
Aaaaand they totally left out the part where two separate people have now said that Bill Clinton visited Epstein's island. Why am I not surprised.
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ
Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ:
Clinton, Prince Andrew and Derschewitz have some explaining to do.
Daddy Loves you
Daddy Loves you:
Its weird that the Metoo stuff, where most aligation where false had more media coverage than this obviously, global pedomafia ring.
How is Kellen and Maxwell still free?
Dave Smietanski
Dave Smietanski:
Almighty God will pronounce justice one day in us all. They will get their’s.
Brenda Bradley
Brenda Bradley:
Both women are liars and Ghislaine is just like her father
Mi M
Mi M:
Sociopaths and psychopaths: the secret, protected group, which runs our companies and government.
Jeffrey Epstein introduced Melania to Donald Trump. EPSTEIN is the reason we have Melania as First Lady (and Trump's 3rd Wife).
he is not a financier nor his money was all his. Why is the media not reporting the facts.
dylan hutchinson
dylan hutchinson:
Thank you for reporting this. Can’t get enough attention
Um no mention of the technician seeing Bill Clinton there, why not Gayle?
maxing must
maxing must:
How weird that CBS is actually covering this after all these year's and after hundreds of kids abused!
Clinton was on the travel manifest 26 times, but of course he never went since he's happily married 😆
Merlyn Mac
Merlyn Mac:
Prince Andrew should have just been like I was on ecstasy, don't remember anything.
Malik Miah
Malik Miah:
Where is the Prince. The world is watching. America.. Justice
david toorchen
david toorchen:
Epstein was a Mossad agent
Thomas Price
Thomas Price:
Greed,money,the love of money and power !
David Schmidt
David Schmidt:
I Hope He Is Really Dead But I Don’t Believe It...
Patrick Fynn
Patrick Fynn:
Evil is evil.... Clintons killed him because he was going to tell everyone about this underworld
Will Smith went to the island too, that pervert.
Amir Ismail
Amir Ismail:
What a messed up people. The docuseries is so dark...Jeffrey epstein can manipulate every powerful people in the world
Mr. Epstein was killed so that he would not give police the names of very powerful people.
A J:
All of the evil is going to be exposed soon. This is going to be a biblical moment. And it's gonna blow us all away how deep this goes.
There are evil people out there.
J. Sias
J. Sias:
Ghislaine was caught and is being charged as I type. To all those insinuating she won’t be ‘allowed’ to be caught. Maybe she’ll say what that scumbag didn’t have a chance to.
this is what Revelations says are Jews who are not jews
annette rivers
annette rivers:
Epstein is no longer useful to those in power, so he had to die. Bill Barr what say you?
Gia Pacella
Gia Pacella:
Arrest Kellen too
Caroline Laronda
Caroline Laronda:
If you really want to be informed watch “ the fall of the cabal “ .
mehdi ibrahim
mehdi ibrahim:
This girl isn’t even underage thou
Jessie Hughes
Jessie Hughes:
The prince was like a parrot: Raaa, raaawt,i dont know who she is...raaaawt!! 🤣🤣
Right Patriot
Right Patriot:
They always have no recollection....
Bearded Jagger
Bearded Jagger:
Notice how careful CBS was with their wording to add emphasis: died by suicide in prison.
Rough ZF
Rough ZF:
That was a very convenient suicide for so many important people involved
Kelly MM
Kelly MM:
By suicide ..... come on
H Factor64
H Factor64:
B ill G ates ......and Epstein were financial partners, vaccine partners and both financed by the Global Dark Money Cabal
F Paim
F Paim:
And what about the island underground, the children in cells, the rape rooms, the temple...
LiS Wright
LiS Wright:
I can't figure this out. Somebody help me. Where were the parents? Or were these girls foster children?
Michelle Ann
Michelle Ann:
Shame on Prince Andrew What is the Queen going to do to cover this up
m pa
m pa:
It's a pity Ghislaine is so depressed, now, and all. I wonder how long before she decides to check out.
Michael Rapson
Michael Rapson:
"Allegedly" suicided. Get the narrative right.
But but but “sex is just physical” for humans... 🙄
dave miller
dave miller:
"Alledged sex trafficking ring".
"After Epstein died by suicide".
The media continues to spin the story as much as they can and maintain the lies.
Halbert King
Halbert King:
Shaun Atwood has an interesting vid on the Epstein case.
Jessica Hicking
Jessica Hicking:
People make me sick!
Love the weed plants in the background
i love when the lovely people get busted . I love that the "Prince" is now exposed .