Jeffrey Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI

Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who was accused by many women of helping procure underage sex partners for Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested in the United States on Thursday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has said.
Maxwell, who lived for years with Epstein, was taken into custody at about 8:30am local time in the state of New Hampshire, said FBI spokesman Marty Feely.
Epstein killed himself in a federal detention centre in New York last August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.
Maxwell has been accused by many women of recruiting them to give Epstein massages, during which they were pressured into sex. Those accusations, until now, never resulted in criminal charges.

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100+ comentarios:

Ashitaba Kyō
Ashitaba Kyō:
That is one diagusting person. How can you do that to other women, nay, children!!!
Mentalidade Gaff
Mentalidade Gaff:
HOPE THEY MANAGE TO KEEP HER ALIVE! She knows way too much
Look how this is framed!! She was "laying pretty low" these last months. What?!! She was on the run! She's a fugitive from justice.
Steven Harry.
Steven Harry.:
You keep saying Epstein "took his own life". I don't think it means what you think it means.
Mark Davey
Mark Davey:
Why are they saying 'Took his own life' when it's been ruled a homicide?
Ethan Brzezinski
Ethan Brzezinski:
News reporter: Epstein took his own life
Me: No he didn't
LadyChampas Montana
LadyChampas Montana:
They should keep a firm eye on Maxwell so she doesn't end up dead or murdered. They should offer a deal so she can tell them all the names of the rich, wealthy, filthy elite club.
FINALLY - Show the world Ghislaine Maxwell arrested and in hand cuffs!!!!!!!
Ahsan Mohammed
Ahsan Mohammed:
‘allegedly' “took his life”
“took his life”
BREAKING NEWS: Ghislaine Maxwell found hanging in cell, cameras broken, guards asleep, apparent suicide.
MargotDemi Vevo
MargotDemi Vevo:
What about Prince Andrew? This is a joke. Get him NOW
Crystal T
Crystal T:
Omg I am jumping up and down with excitement. Finally Finally maybe our system does care about poor American white women and children. Also middle class American women and children. I am crying and jumping up and down with excitement of her arrest. I was sexually abused and rapped as a teenage girl. So this case is close to my heart. I hope her victims will finally get the justice that our criminal justice system owes them. I stand with the victims and I am so sorry for what you went through.
Filmer D
Filmer D:
"took his own life in a New York prison last year". GET REAL.
She just been found dead in her cell . Cameras switched off staff where tired and unexperinced . You got that new here first
G F:
But where /when /how??? It’s “ reported “ she was arrested... where are the photos/ the high paid lawyers account of her situation??? It’s been 24hrs + at this point,, Very fishy at this stage..
James George
James George:
Kyle Jarvis
Kyle Jarvis:
"took his own life in prison." is there anyone on earth who actually believes that? anyone? one single person? because i don't know any of them.
a j
a j:
Wow....Im amazed they actually arrested her.
Big boss From BK
Big boss From BK:
Stop saying he killed himself. He was killed !!
Her lawyers have said that she is absolutely distraught over being arrested - so much so that she's actually suicidal.
jane doe
jane doe:
I want to see the police body cam footage of her arrest. I want to see the interigation room footage as soon as it is available to the public.
m pa
m pa:
Carlos Marcello, allegedly head of the Mafia in New Orleans, had a sign in his office. "Three may keep a secret, if three of them are dead". Something like that.
Why does the news say he took his own life, firstly they have no cameras on that night, then they move his guards and roomate, they lie saying his lawyer asked for him to be off watch which a lawyer cant request and ppl still believe he killed himself?
She gonna about to sing like a canary and then we all know what will happen. Look at Epstein. End of story.
Lol so long to find her. All that security yet they can't catch their own people in due time. She's probably covered all her tracks by now.
Jonny Diggs
Jonny Diggs:
This story certainly did not go away on Shaun Attwoods channel. Thanks to Shaun, this story stayed relevant in the halls of YT, ever since the Epstien story broke. 😎👆
Nik Nik
Nik Nik:
To the victims - it is a fact that victims will NEVER EVER be made whole, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. Recover and do your best to live your life journey. God Bless
carlos laend
carlos laend:
Did I make myself clear?! He took his life in prison.
trok 13
trok 13:
Are we really still saying he took his own life..?? Bc it has been proven otherwise..
What made her think that she could of been hidden for so long, eventually you will get caught Everything that you put your information in this digital world, is easy to be tracked.
James Jumps
James Jumps:
"She was arrested in New Hampshire, that's a state above New York..."

Laughing. Did we really need a Geography lesson?
eden 2
eden 2:
Where is the footage of the arrest, something is a bit of
Saad Malik
Saad Malik:
People who disliked this video are apparently very sad about her arrest. Sad
Stina XOXO
Stina XOXO:
About time..this is huge! Many more to come and be unsealed..the world is not ready
Dj Mossy
Dj Mossy:
I think back up cameras and double staff need to protect this one.
Ethan Klein
Ethan Klein:
“took his own life”
Clarissa Traylor
Clarissa Traylor:
If you're going to say took his own life in prison put allegedly in front of that statement
xxx yyy
xxx yyy:
Jail for this criminal forever!
Elie Duguay
Elie Duguay:
What ?
No walk of shame?
Evil Vampire feeding on vulnerable! Good job FBI
Delivered Out of Egypt
Delivered Out of Egypt:
FINALLY!!! Real news!
Okolele Ekelolo
Okolele Ekelolo:
According to the news it seems that she did more than providing the children, she herself took part in some of the abuse.

The panel shown here, where she sits, is it a UN panel? Like she abuses kids and sits on panels at the UN, or whatever other things supposed to inspire women?
Mogamat Ismail
Mogamat Ismail:
Epstein's confidante?? Wtf !! Please say "accomplice "
Pete Alexander
Pete Alexander:
As soon as I hear 'took his own life' I look elsewhere
Chico Assmaster
Chico Assmaster:
Once you lie to me repeatedly in the past nothing you say will ever be believed by me. NOTHING!!!
jane doe
jane doe:
This is some of the best news ever in my life. James Comey's daughter is an investigater in this case. If anyone would want to get something on Trump she will do her best as revenge for dear old dad. Fortunately, there is not anything to find. Trump 2020
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards:
When you are dead .they can only look for scapegoat
I'm wondering why she was back in the US - when she had been in Paris and there is no extradition treaty with the US.....!
She had to know she would be found in the US - I'm thinking she might have felt that she might live longer in prison - or maybe not....? ILMFAO...!
Hpv Speedmachine
Hpv Speedmachine:
Actually she is already dead for Covid-19, she was arrested a month ago
Angele Babin
Angele Babin:
She was in Burlington Ontario Canada in November 2019
Andrea Allen
Andrea Allen:
Finally found her. I hope they get her good
rad vlad
rad vlad:
Nothing will happen to anyone important as usual. The system will never turn against its own.
mrs miggins
mrs miggins:
I'm glad she is captured. I have NO sympathy for her. Guilty as charged.
Jefferson Johanes
Jefferson Johanes:
This is like a thing you see on movies or Netflix series
Myrta Viehoever
Myrta Viehoever:
It should face up to its responsibility. Justice is the victory over the horrible behavior and use of young girls for years. She should be aware of the process alive, so take good care of her. She has a lot of masks.
R R:
RIP Ghislaine your next up. Judgement day !
na ar
na ar:
Bunker Boy was maybe a client???
Oh no...Barr will do something.
Nate Baron
Nate Baron:
So put her in a straint jacket in a locked padded room with 2 guards so she can’t potentially “kill herself”
Paul Watanabe
Paul Watanabe:
Après Polanski, Woody Allen, Dustin Hofmann, DSK, Weinstein, Haziza, maintenant Epstein. On vit vraiment dans un monde d'obsédés!
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Khabib Nurmagomedov:
Took his own life. Well not in this dimension my friend
I'd like to know how she didn't have the wherewithal to keep from getting found. New Hampshire? Why not some island in the Pacific?
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson:
New headline on July 12th: Ghislaine Maxwell died from after several inmates in the shower beat her; guards did not reach her in time; video was down. MCC jail.
Cathy Patersen
Cathy Patersen:
The British man with the mask on when they captured Ghislaine Maxwell, probably was Prince Andrew. They should of checked.
P.P. B
P.P. B:
He probably paid someone to kill him... he knew he was done for... Either that or it was made to look like he died, but got carted away to some secret island and revived, where he'll continue doing things...
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega:
Women can do such things! Unbelievable!
Logan Cruz
Logan Cruz:
“I wish her well. ... Let them [Department of Justice] prove somebody was guilty - trump
Pika So
Pika So:
Carole Baskin, now Ghislaine Maxwell - You can't hide from Netflix!
Darren Hunsley
Darren Hunsley:
If she lives long enough????? I hope she gets what she deserves??????
Jeff in the foothills
Jeff in the foothills:
After the U.S. Attorney's detailed, high-profile announcement regarding Ghislaine Maxwell's charges, I imagine that Maxwell's lawyers will have a hard time ensuring that she gets a fair trial if her case goes to court. I get the impression that the Feds want to try her case in the court of public opinion long before anybody gets to consider the truth of those charges in a court of law. It's obvious that they believe she is guilty of the things she has been charged with, but it troubles me to hear federal spokespeople talking as though the charges they make are facts long before a judge or a jury gets a chance to consider the evidence. Of course, there is nothing new about this sort of thing...
Alexis Rolon
Alexis Rolon:
"Took his own life" sure....
Tamz Tamz
Tamz Tamz:
Pictures of her arrest or it didnt happen!!! Show proof she is captured
Great news!
Bacon and Cabbage
Bacon and Cabbage:
Lock her up 👍
Brian S
Brian S:
Maxwell didn't Epstien herself.
John Milonas
John Milonas:
Never good to know more than you should.
cam lacasse
cam lacasse:
Why is FBI protecting Bill Clinton who has been much more involved than Prince Andrew?
suzanne adamson
suzanne adamson:
No footage whatsoever of Maxwell, yet we see humiliating footage os Assange being hauled bodily from asylum. Interesting. trump must be peeing himself.
Harry Kuheim
Harry Kuheim:
Another Democrat Sicko...I hope this makes her go Insane with stress and then Prison...
Good thing she was on the East Coast and not the West she might have been protected w the corrupt Mayors and Gov ppl. Throw her in jail!!!! Finally this is gonna blow wide open many will go down now. Now the poor little girls in the world will be a little more safe. Shes a very sick women.
Ain Syafeeqa
Ain Syafeeqa:
I lost all of my respect to you for spreading fake news Al Jazeera. I wouldn't believe any news that comes from you guys anymore! Shame on You.
Anirvan Deva
Anirvan Deva:
I hope they're not going to "suicide" her too.
rio k rio k
rio k rio k:
Lock the rotten woman in for few years another personality she comes from fine family all criminals
Took his own life and his notebook with all the names as well.
evasion cancel
evasion cancel:
This woman can take down very powerful players! She might have a date with death very soon.
that's fantastic, that woman is evil and deserves to rot in jail.
Allan Appiah
Allan Appiah:
There is hope on this god forsaken 🌏
Fred Sibley
Fred Sibley:
If she was hiding why was she one state away
5D not5G
5D not5G:
Wheres the mugshot and this really has me thinking is Jeffery Epstein even dead?
Stella and Kyle
Stella and Kyle:
0:20 Took his own life?
he got killed not took his own life ?? do research
Tuah Midle
Tuah Midle:
As international media, we expect Al Jazeera to have high ethics. But, the report does not seem to contain clear facts and is full of baseless accusations. . . Al Jazeera should apologise for coming up with an allegedly false report on the country(MALAYSIA)
itsmy party
itsmy party:
since he DIED in prison. No one knows for certain if he took his own life
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson:
Took his own life? Lol
Best news all year!
Storme Brown
Storme Brown:
took them long enough. but she wont see trial.
john gillon
john gillon:
Governor Richardson must be having a hard time sleeping and it is going to get worse. he may be next. I'm pretty he would be pretty easy to turn if you put him in a small cell for a few days.
Jacqueline Mcenroe
Jacqueline Mcenroe:
He was murdered, good enough for him, be interesting to see what happens Maxwell she knows alot will see if she takes her life, or her life be taken just like scummy ebstein.
Todd Crain
Todd Crain:
wow bill gates prince andy bill hill clinton are just a few of the luminaries that will fall when and if this dirty old sick woman ever sings fantastic they all go down together !!
Geoff B
Geoff B:
We are all waiting for her unfortunate accident.