Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Full Story on Jeffrey Epstein Revealed. From Lisa Bryant, Academy Award Nominee Joe Berlinger (Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes), and Best-Selling Author James Patterson the four-part docuseries JEFFREY EPSTEIN: FILTHY RICH only on Netflix, May 27.

Watch Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, Only on Netflix:


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Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Turkey Noodles
Turkey Noodles:
For all we know, this was made by the same people that killed him.
xK A R A M E L D R I Px
xK A R A M E L D R I Px:
This documentary wasn't as honest as it needed to be. This was not a one man operation and that's the only reason why Jeff was able to keep it going for so long. A lot of people that were/are involved were not named and I'm sure this "ring" didn't end when Jeff got sentenced and murdered. Palm Beach PD knew exactly what had been happening and never did anything until the girls started making noise.
Charles M.
Charles M.:
They are hiding a LOT of stuff.
just saying if this documentary was actually powerful and truthful it probably wouldn’t be able to air
get Smarty
get Smarty:
Just finished the documentary. I thought it was a joke. This guy was the key to putting a lot of rich people in jail forever. This was just a tease. So many sick people out there that are able to roam free.
"young women" they were CHILDREN
Jen Ben
Jen Ben:
Just started watching this on netflix, the victims who were unknowingly put in this situation is completely sad and unfathomable..however as i started listening to other victims stories most of the young women who had experienced the abuse first hand, hated it, knew it was wrong but yet still came back again & again soliciting other girls for him for money
Which is just as bad in my opinion.
There didnt seem to be a moral compass while they were making money off bringing other younger girls to the pig.
I feel like COVID made a lot of people forget about Epstein
Mily D
Mily D:
I feel for the girls and boys that these monsters got a hold of. I hope they find justice.
Just watched the documentary, what *infuriated* me, was the fact that some of these victims accepted money from him not once, but for *years* AND they brought in other girls to be sexually exploited and these very women were branded as "Survivors"

*Utterly absurd*
Now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested on July 2, 2020, looking forward to Netflix producing ‘Filthy Rich Part Two.’ I hope Maxwell spills the beans on every single person involved with Epstein. ALL victims deserve justice!
sszndd Life
sszndd Life:
I noticed most of the victims allowed these sexual acts to go further and further for more financial gains. It’s pretty shocking to hear them describe how they sold themselves SMH
Lorend Govea
Lorend Govea:
And where were the parents of all these teens ?! How can you not know where your underage daughter is, especially if she is being flown out of the country?!! Sadly the parents are also to blame, not just the sexual predators that abused all these women.
If they do this, they have to include everyone. Every. Single. Person.
Nathan Jewett
Nathan Jewett:
Just finished watching this documentary. I have a few questions. Before I ask these questions I want to make it perfectly clear that what he did was horrible and inexcusable. I'm not trying to justify his actions nor am I trying to victim shame because a few of these girls seemed genuinely remorseful and traumatized by their experience. With that being said, I would like to know why: 1. The young WOMAN (she was in college and over the age of 20) who introduced her teenage sister to Epstein admitted to taking nude pictures of her much younger sisters for "art". Why is she not being investigated for possession and distribution of cp? She admitted to taking those pictures with her to Epstein's mansion and only freaked out when said pictures turned up missing. 2. Why is the girl who admitted to going over to Epstein's mansion multiple times over a 4 year period being portrayed as a victim? And 3. Why is the girl who gave a story about being r-p-d at a young age not being investigated for basically being a pimp and persuading multiple other underage girls to go over there so they would be sexually assaulted instead of her? If she was r-p-d as a child, as she claims, then why would she help someone to potentially r-p- other young girls? Again, not victim shaming. Those girls who truly were traumatized, you could see it in their eyes and in their actions. Those three young ladies however just added to the problem by covering up their own deviant behavior which to me seems to also be part of the problem.
Gerard Burke
Gerard Burke:
this case is unbelievable. how the hell was he able to get away with this abuse for so long!
Youtube Commenter
Youtube Commenter:
The intro sequence for this series is truly phenomenal. Such great visual storytelling, music, everything about the intro is a masterpiece in my opinion.
jane doe
jane doe:
I just finished watching this. Good focus on the victims. Now they need to do another one tracking down ALL of those responsible. Someone needs to figure out how to get ghisline maxwell behind bars especially.
Watching the first episode and its hard to feel sorry for the girl because kids go through far worse and deal with it and move on. I was attacked with my friend and she ended up jumping off a building I heard a year later. I never talked to her again because it was her friends that attacked us. I moved on and still think about it but not that much. About five years later after this the guy came into the store I was working in to the jewelry counter. He didnt recognize me but his hands had blood all over them. I was thinking it was maybe fish blood..idk. Soon after that I joined the military and now live someplace else but not because of them...because my life continues. If you make bad choices bad things can learn and move on. Yes they are bad people but the victims either need better therapy or except they made a bad decision and move on.
Geri Espi
Geri Espi:
This was sad. I especially feel sad for those girls that were trapped in that island. They were raped there constantly. To those saying those girls were stupid. I was molestes very young and victims respond very differently. I was so traumatized I didn’t want to be left alone with a man while others continue it. Both is normal effect of rape. Don’t blame the girls. Blame Jeffrey, that bitch he was with, government, police force and those other sickos.
"J. Epstine was just a small piece from a big puzzle" are the words that sticked with me from this documentary. And this documentary shows just a small piece from a big puzzle about what trully happend!
Mau5 - Halo
Mau5 - Halo:
All of those girls that helped by recruiting should be put in prison.
latara dell
latara dell:
This was a well done documentary.However why hasn't Ghislane Maxwell.She needs to be punished for her very active part.Brave young women.
Moon Pie
Moon Pie:
Can someone please explain to me how a woman calls herself a victim, when choosing to go back to this man for about 3 years, get paid for sexual acts and is helping to connect this man to several other young girls? Seems like some of them are in for the money and a luxurious lifestyle.
E Dizzy
E Dizzy:
I am honestly pleasantly surprised and proud at how informed people are with this. Netflix better hope they covered ALL the angles
I have watched this documentary and what's really sad, is the young ladies in this interview have jeopardized their integrity again for a payoff... If I could not tell all of my story I would not tell none of my story. Wrong but when it comes to children,Everyone involved should have been put under a microscope. I hope you're not thinking that they have stopped.
phalexa Sky
phalexa Sky:
After seeing this very sad documentary I have a question. What happened to all the surveillance footage? Was it destroyed or does the FBI have it? Or did a miss that part?
I feel sorry for all the poor girls that had to go through this.
Love how they made the connection with trump as much as possible but could only link him with being friendly yet they completely leave out Clinton except for a quick glance and others who actually went to the island several times 🤣 thanks for letting us know who put on this docu series!
I kind of wished they talked about more about Epstein's background and family. They only mentioned that his brother wanted to do the autopsy again. They didn't dive into that which makes me wonder if they are hiding something significant.
*Ricky Gervais:* “Shut up... I know he’s your friend but I don’t care”
One of the best ever documentaries on Netflix and I know a lot wasn't shown but they need to add more stuff like this. Mega liked!!
Alejandro T-E
Alejandro T-E:
It’s a good start but it’s missing how he actually made his money, more detail about co-conspirators and the voices more victims. Also Virginia talks about how the house(s) were bugged presumably there is video and the video might incriminate a lot of people. Will there be a Season two that will go into more depth?
Girl who said she is abused but still took his offer over and over again even bringing her sisters after it seemed like she really dumb or was doing that just for money.
Plucky Bellhop
Plucky Bellhop:
The best part about this documentary is that the people who were damaged and hurt and disgusted by this man were given the opportunity to finally be heard.
Cameron Van Hoy
Cameron Van Hoy:
If this doesn’t dive into the strange facts around his death and really explore if he was murdered because of what he knew about the leaders of our world, then it’s garbage.
Andrew Dishman
Andrew Dishman:
I can’t remember the one victims name but she was the first one interviewed in the first part of the series. She didn’t honestly seem too disturbed by being molested by Jeffery or working for him. She said she stayed with him because the money good. She also worked for him by recruiting young girls for him. I think she said she recruited 100s of young girls. Somehow they painted the picture that she was a victim. I tend to think she was more an accomplice and only after the fact did she feel remorse was when Jeffrey was charged and he was no longer useful to her. They paint Maxwell as an accomplice and rightfully so, but other than the age difference the first young girl should maybe be looked at more as an accomplice as well and not a victim.
Kitty Kawaii
Kitty Kawaii:
This documentary sucked . Many of the victims were 16 and even after they knew he would pay for a “massage” they chose to participate and returned and brought in MORE girls !! I’m sorry but at 15-16 I knew better than to even enter a strangers house let alone a super rich old man who wants a “Massage” . Heather is not a victim she was evil and this documentary is so biased with not holding people accountable. If girls didn’t bring their friends he wouldn’t have continued. So people need to raise their kids better and teach them common sense .
Rule of thumb; when somebody promises you a golden future, gives you money out of the blue etcetera, something is WRONG.
You have to go deeper down the rabbit hole. Down there lies absolute horror! This docu is just scratching the surface .. .. .
Mystic Party
Mystic Party:
started watching the netflix series after I did the tarot reading on him!! Celebrity conspiracies! interesting to find out details after I did the reading:) I liked he didn't answer if he was abused or not but in my cards, it gives some info on that.
Core Technology
Core Technology:
Crazy thing is I use to work for this guy from 2002 - 2004 and was at his house every other month. There was a in house Chef he hired and I use to see him every time I was there I had no idea he was a undercover FBI agent until later when Jeffrey got busted.
Core Technology
Core Technology:
Crazy thing is I use to work for this guy from 2002 - 2004 and was at his house every other month. There was a in house Chef he hired and I use to see him every time I was there I had no idea he was a undercover FBI agent until later when Jeffrey got busted.
#GrowYourLife with Jeremiah Krakowski
#GrowYourLife with Jeremiah Krakowski:
A lesson in marketing: Include a shot of donald trump, but none of the clintons. Smart move netflix, petty, but smart
Literally everyone involved in this show is covering their asses and doing damage control for the big picture.
Ursula Remien
Ursula Remien:
"PHYLTY RICH" A great documentary on Netflix where you will see how a pedophile was a friend with so many important people in politics and in higher positions, did see minors around Jeffrey and dident care at all!!!
So sad for so many years young women had to suffer humiliation, was heart breaking seen all this young women, but their courage was inspiring, and all the people that helped to make things right give me hope in humanity. Totally recommend this documentary.
Core Technology
Core Technology:
Crazy thing is I use to work for this guy from 2002 - 2004 and was at his house on a monthly basis. The in house Chef I use to see every time I was there at his house I had no idea was a undercover FBI agent until later when Jeffrey got busted.
Not Me Not Me
Not Me Not Me:
Having watched a few episodes on Netflix. I was left more confused and had more questions. It felt like this documentary series was hiding some things or glossing over.... I’m still confused how a girl could end up going from her home in Florida or New York and end up on a Caribbean Island, top less. Not once but multiple times?
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate:
No he ain’t dead, he’s just pretending to be the CEO of Netflix guys.
Merv Cann
Merv Cann:
Where did all his money come from? Why bother making a documentary about an unscrupulous millionaire and not look into his financial records?
Kkk Kkk
Kkk Kkk:
Gives me chills seeing a role model and king like him
Daisy Méndez
Daisy Méndez:
Excelente documental Netflix!!! 👏👏Los felicito . Falta ampliar más en los amigos poderosos involucrados..
Are you telling me not one girl punched him in the nuts? Was the extent of his bad experiences them saying no and crying? He deserved far worse than a punch in the nuts and death is too good for the likes of him.
Unbranded Industries Incorporated
Unbranded Industries Incorporated:
I bet this movie either never gets released or is censored so unbelievably much it might as well be considered fiction.
Blake Johnson
Blake Johnson:
I just grabbed this from the Director's LinkedIn profile: "Lisa has also worked with and produced in-studio and in the field for high profile celebrities, athletes, and politicians. Specializing in the true crime genre for the last 8 years..." Key words being "worked" and "for".
Roxi Green
Roxi Green:
Anyone who is part of a pedophile ring should be prosecuted to fullest. At the same time, I couldn't help noticing that the artist sister, in the first episode, who claimed to have been abused, was taking nude pictures of her sisters. This taking of pictures, no less of a minor, should also be prosecuted as crime. Let us not gloss over any crime.
what about the lady that did the recruiting for him on some occasions why is she never spoken of? im sure she knows a ton. she's probably already been killed and they'll probably bring a fake actor on to give misinformation
people like him are everywhere just under disguise of honesty.
August De La Creme
August De La Creme:
"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead."
God Helpus
God Helpus:
I’m only one episode and ten minutes into the second. Someone tell me I’m not crazy. This doc is making me realize how easy it is for young girls to become sexualized, use emotional pain to paint a picture of a horrible human being, but the one they are really mad at is themselves for TAKING THE MONEY. Omg these girls are really getting one over on everyone. The soundtrack is picked to manipulate our perspective of them; to build trust w the audience. I look in their eyes and I see someone who is ashamed. That’s my opinion SO FAR. Again only 10 min into second episode
Brendan Meeks
Brendan Meeks:
“There is no way anyone could look at this and think this is ok” except every one who dismissed “crazy conspiracy theorist” for years..... if they actually go deep on this doc I’ll shit in my pants
I REALLY hope this blows up like Tiger King did! This is the type of stuff people need to be protesting in the streets about.
Donald Jenkins
Donald Jenkins:
I’ve known about this for about maybe three years or so, and finally it’s coming out into the light.
ilegal laws
ilegal laws:
I’ve seen the documentary and I have to say all these girls knew exactly what they were doing !!or where they were going!! Especially the one that brought her sister to his house and then she’s playing the victim ? come on!!! What is girls could easily just said to him no !!! And left !!
Yami San
Yami San:
Those in the comments wondering about Clinton...
Have you been watching half asleep? They made specific reference to the list of flyers headed for the island. Clinton was listed. Very much so.
jayson Lattuce
jayson Lattuce:
Everybody should look up Thomas J Stewart, he was a billionaire that had a large 500 acre property in Vashon Island Washington, he was a financier, philanthropist, and a political figure. he was the chairman and CEO of Services Group of America, a privately held food service corporation that he founded over 30 years ago, There is a whistleblower by the name of Tony Rodrigues who talks publicly about his experiences on misty isles farms which is the property Stewart use to own.. Laura Eisenhower the great granddaughter of Dwight Eisenhower has interviews with Tony on youtube.. there was a annual fundraiser every year on the property where supposedly little boys and girls where used for entertainment by the guests who were people in power and political figures.. Tony talks about being drugged along with other children and being raped by whoever wanted them..Thomas J Stewart died mysteriously in a helicopter crash in 2010 along with his wife and children, and the pilot of course. Thomas J Stewarts son Slade Stewart is now the CEO of the company and the owner of the property in Vashon Island.. Please look this up people..
Alam Alam
Alam Alam:
Netflix: " Document about predator child is bad "
3 month later
Netflix:"Oops,what it about again ? Ok release a trailer called cuties
Me :"Oh the irony"
Jan's trip
Jan's trip:
It's so sad that most women in this world experienced sexual abused . 😢😢😢
Where's Bill Clinton in the trailer? He flew on epstein's jet 26 times
They're just telling us stuff we already know. They need to tell us stuff we really need to know that's covered.
Tania Singh
Tania Singh:
More people need to know this! And the famous rich people who are also involved which are being covered up by the government!
João Gabriel
João Gabriel:
"There was something happening here that was bigger than just Jeffrey Epstein" Broaaahhh
That quote just hit in the point!!
Surya Narayan AMMA Das
Surya Narayan AMMA Das:
This is how real change happens. You have to stand up and demand it!
Susana Morel
Susana Morel:
Calling the victims "survivor" is just not right in this case, just saying. I would've like them to show all the people involved in this underage prostitution chain.
Glom Gazingo
Glom Gazingo:
Wasn't it convenient that the security footage of his jail cell wasn't recovered? Sick world.
Alice moraes
Alice moraes:
Preciso desse vídeo dublado ou legendado em Português, please!!!
sana mohammad
sana mohammad:
I feel like the parents are also responsible for their girls such conditions, that puts them in such vulnerable position! They should be prosecuted as well!
Secondly, the girls who were underage, why they were so independent that they could visit anyones house without their parents consent or any kind of supervision? I don’t understand that? Like some of the girls knowingly and willingly worked for him. Not only they kept on coming back but brought many more with them. Even though they had the experience! I do feel that to some extent those girls are responsible for the events that had taken place. How could they get away with this crime that they committed to indulge more young girls in to such heinous act! The guy deserved terrible punishment but these young ladies, I dont know what to say.....
Truth Matters
Truth Matters:
And the first person to comment and blame the victims can rot in hell with these perverts who could not get a woman without using force or manipulation. I have a daughter and two granddaughters and if anything like this happened to them I would be happy to spend the rest of my life in jail. There is no other type of justice when it comes to criminals with money except that of the old west
I feel sick just from watching this trailer. There really is no bound to the darkness of human mind.
Capalotty Slimalini
Capalotty Slimalini:
Why don’t the girls that were on the island just expose all the names of the celebrities, politicians and elites???
James Walker
James Walker:
Hold up! Somebody help me or clarify but if you watched the documentary episode 4 and when they are talking about him committing suicide. Did you guys catch when they showed him being brought out on the stretcher not covered up and with a oxygen mask and with his hands crossed. But if he was dead then he would have been brought out in a body bag and the coroner would have been right there with him to escort him out.
*In loving memory of Jeffery Epstein*
Brigitte Maier
Brigitte Maier:
I wish he could have stayed alive in a real tough jail for a long time, in order to experience the same fear, horror and helplessness that all his victims felt. Death is too good for him. As far as his girlfriend ghislaine, I hope they do find her and put her away for a very long time, since she is every bit as guilty as he is.
Spy fox
Spy fox:
This guy came back to life to make cuties
I have only watched the first episode so far but I found it kinda weird that they didnt say anything about Donald Trump considering how many women came out and accused him of sexual assault which I'm almost certain he did wonder him and Jeffrey were friends
Just finished watching this. What I don't understand is why some of these girls kept going back to him even after seeing what he would do? or even after all the years he was accused of the things he did why girls would even want to be near him? im not saying what he did was right but some of these girls werent so innocent them selfs cause they would take other girls to him so they wouldnt have to do the dirty work, Me being someone that was molested when I was little would never want anyone to go thru the things I went thru I don't care how how much money or opportunitys they would promise me I would never want somebody else go thru that cause it's something that fucks you up in the head mentally and keep in mind he was only giving them 200$.Some girls even took their sisters to him like if he was doing it to you what makes you think he wont do it to your sister?
Carl Bowles
Carl Bowles:
Money enables people to be who they are. Money enables people to get away with crime.
Money buys support, 💰 money talks.
So many questions around public figures' involvements. And the mismanagement of that prison where so many suspicious things went on. And where on earth is Maxwell?
...Seriously, if this was poor people involved in this crime we had answers to all of these questions already. I'm so tired of the double standards that apply to rich people. Aren't you tired?
Ralph Davidson
Ralph Davidson:
I watched the whole series last night.
It was fascinating but there are some things in it which irritate me.
Epstein is frequently referred to as a paedophile and even a convicted paedophile. He might have been a paedophile, we will never know. He was a prostituter of girls under the legal age. That's not actually paedophilia.
Another annoying thing is the fact that one of the victims willingly introduced her little sister to the abuse and she gets off very lightly in the documentary. She should be heavily criticised for doing that.
Another "victim" became a willing recruiter of girls for Epstein to abuse and she also escapes criticism in this documentary.
Keep On Trucking
Keep On Trucking:
I don't believe for one second he is really dead.
J Tonnac
J Tonnac:
"It was the worst experience of my life! I just remember wanting to run away as fast as I could!!"

So did you ever go back to give him more massages?

"Yes, 120 more times."
Must've been a terrifying experience
Kait Y
Kait Y:
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
PaulRevere RidesAgain
PaulRevere RidesAgain:
We need to force the government to investigate who was responsible for letting him off the first time, all involved should be looking at a prison from the inside...
B R:
Dude.. this Documentary gets me so angry. These cops... They litterally did nothing for these kids. They did less than nothing.. Some of the girls went to the police and they were THREATENED WITH JAIL TIME FOR TALKING ABOUT IT!
I can bet on my life the story is totally different. I don't much believe "survivors" stories either. This is a dirty dirty game.
Donald Hutchinson
Donald Hutchinson:
Just finished watching this and I hope they checked the box before they dumped it in the ground. And it should be followed by many more, truth be told.
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger:
I’m gonna swallow my pride and take a risk right now but can somebody tell me what the hell happened with Jeffrey Epstein like i know the basics but can somebody tell me more in depth what happened
Christina Ghunney
Christina Ghunney:
I know I'm late watching the documentary. All I can say the 'Power of a wealthy/rich white man'. He got away with this because some of these people of power, status and law do this too. And his accomplices were obviously big big people in position. What a freakin joke he was allowed to go about his business whilst in 'so call jail'🤦🏾‍♀️
R S:
If this is on Netflix you know it’s gonna be complete propaganda