Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Are ENGAGED

Jennifer Lopez announces her engagement to Ben Affleck in a video posted to her website. Watch J.Lo share the "exciting and special" moment with fans!

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E! News
E! News:
Congrats to Ben and JLO! 😍 😍 😍
Omgggg, I’m so happy for them, truly! I think this is the first celebrity engagement I’ve felt this happy about. Because of their history, I’m so excited for them. Congratulations!!
Vilma Martins
Vilma Martins:
I love this. Their love didn’t work the 1st time and 17 years later, here they are!! CONGRATULATIONS 🥳!! A TRUE LOVE STORY. I’m sure NETFLIX producers are planing a movie on this and here for it 😍
Laurel's Faves
Laurel's Faves:
I love the fact they got back together after so many years. ❤
Erik Cisneros
Erik Cisneros:
Omg! He actually looks happy! I was all for it the first time and now the second time gives me so much joy! Congrats Ben and Jen!🥰💍❤️💚
Roxy Arce
Roxy Arce:
Omg why am I crying over this, so happy for them. True love is worth the wait
Kim King
Kim King:
I think this one will last for her. He’s the man of her dreams. Timing is everything. It’s their time.
if it’s destiny, you can’t stop it ♥️
Desiree G
Desiree G:
True Love NEVER dies. They are in a better place now. I'm very happy for them. Beautiful love story ❤️ Congratulations💕
Aussie Nic
Aussie Nic:
Love this! It didnt work out the first time but 17 years later, with a few marriages, divorces and a drug addiction under their belts love has gone its full circle.
I love that the ring is a different jewel and symbolic. Now THATS romantic!
💚💚💍I have been waiting for this moment since 2004, I’m a huge fan😍 I knew you would get back together💋💋Love always wins. 😀 Now I can’t wait for that wedding that was supposed to happen 20yrs ago. The Real “Mrs. AFFLECK” 💍💍May GOD bless both of you and your united kids 💋💋👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💚💚💚💚💋💋💋
Tracey Colebrook
Tracey Colebrook:
Congratulations to them both. Hopefully they make it this time. ❤❤
M. M
M. M:
Happy for them and I hope it works out. I hope I'll get to experience a happy ever after love story one day! 💗
Christina Mulundu
Christina Mulundu:
This is a beautiful love story that will go down in history.
What a beautiful love story!!! I'm so happy for them!!! True love will always find a way. 💍
Gustavo Beirigo
Gustavo Beirigo:
She deserves all the best! Shes an icon and special human being ❤
Cecilia Imbong
Cecilia Imbong:
What a beautiful love story they're really meant to be congratulations Ben n Jlo😍😍
M Laurynn
M Laurynn:
YAY!! Best, most uplifting news this year. These two were meant to reconcile and it is just fabulous! CONGRATS TO THE BEAUTIFUL COUPLE & their blended bunch of kiddos!
Ani Mik
Ani Mik:
Oh God! I'm crying! I'm so happy for them!
Celine White
Celine White:
That’s the definition of true love 😍
Mrs. Christina
Mrs. Christina:
Always thought they were meant to get came full circle...& with a beautifully blended family...
Jonathan Fowler
Jonathan Fowler:
Congratulations to them both I think Ben is a very lucky guy. From all I can gather of Jennifer over the years she's a very nice woman.
Hatinuke Olanipekun
Hatinuke Olanipekun:
Congratulations!!!, you deserve all the love you can get.
Forever Immaculate
Forever Immaculate:
Let’s make it to the altar this time 🤞🏾😩😂
Ashleigh Rose
Ashleigh Rose:
I was REALLY hoping they'd actually tie the knot this time around, they're the definition of soul mates and "if you love someone, set them free'
Jesus is king over all the nation
Jesus is king over all the nation:
This is a beautiful love story they look so happy. God bless you both on this journey of love
Virginia D Zavala
Virginia D Zavala:
Pray that they make it and have a wonderful life together
Sheila Slattery
Sheila Slattery:
She deserves all this love!
Tina Arafat
Tina Arafat:
Omggggg yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Ppl their engaged ! Wow bennifer you guys have made my day today with this special news ❤️,Jenn u guys really dropped a 💣 on us !¡! I am so so happy ! For you both wow 😳 congratulations ❤️🎉 I love you both so much the ring 💍 is stunning! "XO TINA ARAFAT 🌹
Green is her favorite color, so congratulations 🎊 to Ben and Jennifer.
J. JJ:
🎵Marry me Marry me say yes🎵 literally the soundtrack to JLO’s life!
Chris Delgado
Chris Delgado:
Oh this is going to work out well. They both have such wonderful relationship histories.
Heather C.
Heather C.:
Again?! Love it but Gardner is amazing n I love her too. Her interview with Ellen last week was amazing! J Lo didn't want to be engaged on camera so I am glad Ben heard that n did it off camera n then shared! Congrats. I want shades of blue back n bring Ben to the cast I love that show! Ben has given her the best engagement rings. Original n beautiful!
barly pachuau
barly pachuau:
So happy for both..feeling cry too coz true love comes back at the time
Sabrina fz
Sabrina fz:
I think they are meant to be together
Island Gyal
Island Gyal:
She's been engaged to 90% of the men she's been with. Love that for my Queen 🔥🔥❤️❤️congrats Benifer
Rena M
Rena M:
I am so happy for the two of them!!
Kea E
Kea E:
Life is complicated and as long as they are happy that’s all that matters. Congrats 🎈🎊🍾 and here’s to more love and laughter. ❤️
I love them together… happy for them,hope it works this time! Benifer is back!!!
Sandra G
Sandra G:
Congratulations to this beautiful couple!!! 💍♥️ Wish you all the happiness in the world! You two deserve it! ♥️ And I totally love the fact that they actually got engaged privately and then decided to announce it! Bravo! May God bless you! ♥️
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez:
OMG congratulations to both, they deserve to be happy, God bless You both.❤️❤️🌹🌹🙏👍
Jackelin Parralez
Jackelin Parralez:
Que felicidad se lo merecen el se ve que siempre la amo, los tiempos de Dios son perfectos. Y llego su momento.
Congratulations to Ben and Jen. I pray that they have plenty of happiness and health. So happy for them. 🥰😘🥰😘🥰❤️
Debbie Ziemba
Debbie Ziemba:
Congrats to Jlo and Ben fantastic news I hope u have many years of married bliss together!!!!!
Lenni Lenni
Lenni Lenni:
OMG...i'm so happy for Bennifer...🥰💞💍and i"m waiting for The Wedding🥰💕🔔🔕
Uniquely Designed
Uniquely Designed:
She looks really happy!! I think this is it!! I hope so! I wish her and Ben all the best! 🙏🏽❤️🎊🥳
OmG! my tears get down.What a beautiful 💖 moment! Blessing of Love Health and Joy for both Jenny and Ben ✨💕✨
LB One Love
LB One Love:
Finally! So happy for them!!
Loving a full circle moment
Inesha Dixon
Inesha Dixon:
I am so incredibly happy for them. I think they both had good past marriages but, life happened. They had to learn to grow part as individuals once again life intervened and brought them together again. Congratulations!!!!🍾🍾🍾🍾
Lisa Lucero
Lisa Lucero:
Congrats for the gorgeous couple,wish you the very best lots of happiness for both and for your blended family,you guys were meant to be,love never fails!!💕👍🙏
G L:
I’m so happy for them!!💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰
Evelyn Arranguez
Evelyn Arranguez:
I'm happy for u guys.
Hopefully this is for good. Congratulations
Kittipeach Ngao-pong
Kittipeach Ngao-pong:
Congrats to both of you Jen and Ben. Finally ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sarbear ❣️
Sarbear ❣️:
Crazy like what is that 20 years later?? Just insane. They still can connect in that way. Glad he's sober also. 👍👍
Agent Jalen
Agent Jalen:
One of the best, special and surprising love stories ever! I wish I could have something special like this!
Macarena Sanchez
Macarena Sanchez:
I'm happy for them 😍💖
Alicia Lynnette
Alicia Lynnette:
She looks happy! 🥰
Sama Lama
Sama Lama:
Congratulations Jen and Ben , you both were meant to be ,wishing you the best of Happiness and Love Forever and Everrrrrrrrr. 💚💛🌻🌻🌻
Rings don’t mean everything it’s what you have in your heart and respect you have for your love To pray together stay together
Kenzi Tyler
Kenzi Tyler:
🍾🥂🤍Huge Congratulations To You Both🥂🍾 Love You Guys! 💒 2nd Time DEFINITELY Lucky! 💞💞💞
Saffire Channing
Saffire Channing:
Aw man, they're back together? I can't believe it. Then again, it's Jennifer Lopez so nothing is unbelievable. That girl sure does like 'collecting' fiances and ex-husbands!
It was meant to be.💕
I am really happy for them because I was heart-broken when they broke up in 2004
I am so incredibly happy for them! True love wins 💗
Silvia Aleyda Ehioghae
Silvia Aleyda Ehioghae:
you guys follow the instructions to watch the video. It made me tear up beautiful !! Just for people that loves Jlo or Ben and celebrate what REAL LOVE is about
I hope this last forever 💕
Lo B12
Lo B12:
Aweeeee!!!! Wish them the best!! 💕💕💕
Congrats. But dam. How many times has she been engaged or married lol.
Tony Trotta
Tony Trotta:
Jennifer has been engaged five times, as reported by Parade.
mariam tchokho
mariam tchokho:
This is real love 💙🙌 congrats to them
Regina Perkins
Regina Perkins:
Congrats Jen an Ben. So happy for you.
Tim Monbrod
Tim Monbrod:
God Bless them‼️🇺🇲✝️
Lande Barber
Lande Barber:
I love them together congratulations to them both💕
Rhian Hegarty
Rhian Hegarty:
I love how her engagment ring matched her top in the video mind.
I’m balling. So happy for them both!
Steve Henderson
Steve Henderson:
Congratulations J Lo & Ben on your engagement ! 🎉
Michelle Peters
Michelle Peters:
Congratulations to them both.
Jianne Legere
Jianne Legere:
Congratulations, you both seem very Happy.
Congratulations JLo!!!!
M Laurynn
M Laurynn:
BA looks so much happier & younger looking with her & not hitting the booze. They are so gorgeous as a couple. We needed some REALLY GOOD NEWS this year. With Covid & Ukraine heartache, Bennifer again rings true!
Shah Decorday
Shah Decorday:
The best celebrity couple. Another duo that's cool are Ciara and Russell Wilson. Both couple just seem destined and a genuine love.
Allison La Roche
Allison La Roche:
congrats i love love, you guys will make it work.
Pamela A
Pamela A:
She looks genuinely happy!
Get married already because you get engaged every 5 minutes!! CONGRATS
Korinna Rose
Korinna Rose:
Aww I love to see it!! 😍😍🙏🏼
0:01 😄 She sounds very similar to when she wittinglly substituted the Spanish word for "excited" during the Mexican press conference scene in her movie Selena. You had to be there. Those who know, know. 😊
vitamins79 P
vitamins79 P:
Moisés Morales
Moisés Morales:
Congratulations Bennifer!!!
Sara Workneh
Sara Workneh:
i love them before after now this is the most happy fabulous life indeed
I’m so happy for them ❤
Peace Glory
Peace Glory:
May God bless you!
Congratulations both!
H A:
You can tell they are completely smitten and in love. This was bound to happen sooner or later. I feel this time their in it for the long haul. You can see it in their eyes, their very happy.
Gen Xer67
Gen Xer67:
She’s got a great track record with marriage. I’m sure this one will end like all the others. 😳
Milagros Infante
Milagros Infante:
Congratulatons!!!💍 love them both❤🎉🎊🎉🎊🎆🎉✨🎉
Congrats Jlo and please stay engaged dont marry :)) and yes I love both of them together.
Nikia Butler
Nikia Butler:
When I grow up I wanna be just like Jen! Jen don’t go to therapy and she hops rite outta one engagement and into another looking totally unbothered and recalibrated! She don’t be playing about being loved! It’s like she’s saying why should I be without love or happiness because someone doesn’t value me! I love love🙋🏽‍♀️❤️💯I hope he’s truly ready to make love work this time around🙏🏾
D Josephine
D Josephine:
So happy for them it’s what she always wanted 💖 Love JLo
Jessica Feagler
Jessica Feagler:
Congratulations Ben and JLO. 💕❤️