Jennifer Lopez performs at Joe Biden's inauguration

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100+ comentarios:

Togedemaru's Iridescence
Togedemaru's Iridescence:
Crazy how they got Joe Biden to give a speech at Jennifer Lopez’s inauguration.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi:
When she sang "Let's get loud" I thought everybody gonna start breakdancing
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:

-Jennifer Lopez, January 20th, 2021 at Joe Biden’s inauguration.
Koko Puh
Koko Puh:
Proof that confidence will take you anywhere 💯😅
Abigail Torres-Soto
Abigail Torres-Soto:
I remember singing these songs as a child in the 70's for assembly and I am grateful to say that they still stir my heart! God bless America!
Gina sverige
Gina sverige:
"This land is for you and me" "Una tierra para todos" Great performance JLO. Love to hear you speaking in Spanish! This is a multicultural, multiethnic land!!
S. Pohl
S. Pohl:
She crushed it. Just beautiful, Jennifer.
Rayson Chan
Rayson Chan:
Nostalgic voice, every lyric is felt and understood! Love her soft voice.
Nina Love
Nina Love:
This brought tears to my eyes! Then she broke out with Let's Get Loud and I had to laugh, this was an iconic moment!
minij hooi
minij hooi:
I was actually hoping that she would sing "Let's Get Loud" either at these inauguration or at the evening celebrations 😂
Aaron Grace
Aaron Grace:
She is, and always will be "Jenny from the block" and with performances like this, it only proves it!
I H:
She sang beautifully!!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
"This land is for you and me" "Una tierra para todos" Great performance JLO. Love to hear you speaking in Spanish! This is a multicultural, multiethnic land!!
Lorena bautista
Lorena bautista:
She actually did a really good job. She stayed within her range and pulled it off. She must have been extremely nervous and for once I commend her on this performance.
Cecilia Muzi
Cecilia Muzi:
Chills still. I was soooo happy on that day! Thanks Jennifer Lopez!!!
miko foin
miko foin:
“This land is your land, this land is my land from brazil, morocco, london to ibiza straight to LA new york, vegas to africa.”
D D:
It's so nice to see people hugging and kissing again, shaking hands, singing concerts for the crowd. Even if I can't go to my own family's funeral, it's nice to see these guys having a good time as a crowd during Covid.
Honey Pineda
Honey Pineda:
I loved it had me in tears. !!!😍😍😍
Howard Brown
Howard Brown:
Wow! How endearing a rendition of these two songs. I love that they were put together for this great day. She did an amazing job and I love that she made part of it in Spanish! I was blown away at the end when she sang with such emotion, "this land was made for you and me." a nice, nice and effective way of stating that America is for all peoples and a wonderful rebuke of that last guy and his policies of separatism and white supremacy!!! Well done Jennifer. So very well done!!!!!!
Hedwig Barszcz
Hedwig Barszcz:
Brawo super dziękuję ❤️👍
Zim and Af
Zim and Af:
Army that goes Moomoo
Army that goes Moomoo:
Ay I mean I definitely hear the improvement. I dont consider her a great vocalist but ima give her credit for improving. Also when she dances on stage, she is pretty stable too
James Esper
James Esper:
Love this song played it like 50 million times 😍😍 Hello America people's all the way from *NAGALAND ✝️* Love Y'all 🤗 God bless America may the president Joe Biden Live long and be a successful President in the History on America 🇺🇲
Nantie Steyn
Nantie Steyn:
So simple and so moving, and such a tribute to the diversity of the nation.. Good on her.
She sang it so well
this performance makes me so emotional
Julie Munneke
Julie Munneke:
Beautiful rendition and medley. Thank you!
She killed it!!! Loving J
This was absolutely beautiful and heart-felt! This performance proves singers don’t have to breath heavily into the mic, much less moan and over-sing a song! Plus Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely beautiful!
Omar Drakeford
Omar Drakeford:
......and can sing and did sing!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥Bravo!!
ASALI Online Tv
ASALI Online Tv:
I believe 2021 will be better to every one who read this 💪💪
Im_carlo24 Instagram
Im_carlo24 Instagram:
Eva Andressa
Eva Andressa:
Queen killed it with her voice ❤👑
Imagine if Pitbull suddenly appeared lmao
Catalina Perry
Catalina Perry:
Why is everyone bashing her? She sounds good here.
Phyllis Howell
Phyllis Howell:
Wonderful! Respect!
Ino Scheipering
Ino Scheipering:
Junhwa Oh
Junhwa Oh:
Well this is my take on this. Beyoncé has limitless vocal capability yet decide to lip-sync. J Lo may not have the best vocal, but she showed her courage and put her best foot forward. That’s true American spirit. With that said, kudos to you J Lo. Keep pushing
I thought she might start singing Let's Get Loud in the middle of an inauguration.
Rita Guerrero
Rita Guerrero:
Beautiful song Jennifer Lopez, great voice
"Let's get loud" LMAOOOOO
Michelle Otto
Michelle Otto:
Always knew that she was a talented singer, performer and had a smooth transition between the songs,, but the vocal range, control and tenderness were jaw dropping!!! I am picky, believe me I was awed!
Michael Swan
Michael Swan:
Inspiring! Gracias.
man this makes me wish that people like Luther vandross was still alive
Pastis Vodka
Pastis Vodka:
Beautiful voice💙
BDTR BetterDeadThanRed
BDTR BetterDeadThanRed:
Her face crunching up is showing how much muscle she’s putting into this performance? Can clearly hear her breathing throughout!... very well sung
Sophia Large
Sophia Large:
The ‘let’s get loud’ was 100% the best bit
Skylark 1961
Skylark 1961:
She was so confident and sang from her heart. Awesome!
BG Antonio
BG Antonio:
Wow! Amazing performance 😍
Rachelle Kebaili
Rachelle Kebaili:
She sounded fantastic! Great job, Queen!
neon neon
neon neon:
Wonderful voice 😘
Jenis Stanley
Jenis Stanley:
This is classy 👌
Crys Dee
Crys Dee:
Let’s get loud is the best she ever sounded in any song.
Akosua Coach
Akosua Coach:
I can't believe I watched on Tv and I am watching again❤
Larry Trice
Larry Trice:
Great performance 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Adrian Hidalgo
Adrian Hidalgo:
Perfect ❤️
Her strong vocals suprised me... I've always been a fan, but seriously didnt ecpect her to perform this well live.

Jenny still has it
She did amazing ❤️
Generic Name Here
Generic Name Here:
Absolute perfection
Bill Watson
Bill Watson:
I'm so proud to be alive during this times. I never thought I would witness an American Black/Asian Women to become the Vice President of the United States. I'm honored! I purchased my Historic Keepsake Video of the entire Inaugural events from The quality is wonderful. It was everything that took place from Jan17th -20th.
I like the Performance. 🙂🇺🇸
Aviel R
Aviel R:
For those that don’t understand Spanish, she said “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. So appropriate. 🇺🇸
The first thing I thought of when she performed this is Joey in Friends when he's in Vegas and he meets his identical hand twin! 🎵 This hand is your hand... this hand is my hand... no wait that's your hand.. no this is my hand 🎵 😂😂
Dina Walker
Dina Walker:
I'm so proud of you , Ms. Jennifer Lopez
lori burke
lori burke:
Beautiful...well done Jennifer Lopez.
Miguel D Garcia
Miguel D Garcia:
Beautiful thank you JLO
Kelechi Progress Ejike
Kelechi Progress Ejike:
Jennifer Lopez. I love her voice. Great
John JLover
John JLover:
Iconic ❤️❤️
Wow love this
She’s so beautiful & did a great job 💖
robert byington
robert byington:
It was damn near pitch perfect and she is a GREAT inspiration to so many people she should get props just for that; people who just want to criticize don’t understand how difficult what she did was and truly cool that she snuck in some Spanish to boot!!!!!
beautifully sang
Stephan Hollinger
Stephan Hollinger:
Ahmed Rachael
Ahmed Rachael:
Why do people say she can’t sing??? She sang this pretty well
Aaron Creagh
Aaron Creagh:
First song I was allowed to sing at home or at school (This Land is My Land)
Junhwa Oh
Junhwa Oh:
She improved her singing quiet a bit, but I really was missing Jenifer Hudson’s powerful soul blessing America
Ambrose Norris
Ambrose Norris:
As a Native American I have mixed feelings about the first song. This land was originally the Natives and then taken from us. How can u say it was made for both of us when it was taken by force.
Isabel Ramírez Carrillo
Isabel Ramírez Carrillo:
the sweetest voice
Charles Rodin
Charles Rodin:
Sebeilwe M Kganathe South Africa Bei
Sebeilwe M Kganathe South Africa Bei:
In events like this i definitely, always miss Whitney Huston 's super powerful voice singing The national anthem of America.. She would have sing heaven down. Gone with the voice and the message. 😔
Roel Versantvoort
Roel Versantvoort:
I still love JL!! you are great!
roadrunner 3
roadrunner 3:
Just beautiful
Sophie Ann Jensen
Sophie Ann Jensen:
Magnificent preforming,touching glorious voice❤️❤️❤️🤗
benbela Gmoney
benbela Gmoney:
It is a spiritual performance,,, it heals.... ❤️❤️❤️... We loving you from Kuwait 🇰🇼
Jorge Sánchez
Jorge Sánchez:
She said in spanish:
Una nación bajo Dios, indivisible, con libertad y justicia para todos.
Which means:
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
She is amazing. Love you Jennifer
Anthony White
Anthony White:
Very nice 🙂❤️
Casey Wiggin
Casey Wiggin:
Good performance
Sabina Hernandez
Sabina Hernandez:
Thank the Lord she can dance 💃🏻
BeeKay Dee
BeeKay Dee:
You've just gotta give it to Americans. They sure know how to put up a great show, even in the face of adversities. Bravo!
Humbly Blessed
Humbly Blessed:
Such a talented and beautiful woman. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance 😊
Abdul Ismail
Abdul Ismail:
I keep on listening to this this is very good
Laura González
Laura González:
Bravo 👏 para JLO
Amazing voice 💖
Maya DZC
Maya DZC:
Y'all joking around, I think she did a stunning job. Love her❤️❤️
I saw JLo at the 1999 Women World Cup final halftime show. I can't believe that was nearly 22 years ago.
Tayana Liss
Tayana Liss:
This comment section is so confusing😂 are y’all happy or not happy that she performed?
You were amazing well done 👍
Kristen Scott
Kristen Scott:
This was pretty good, I was expecting to cringe but I actually just have a goofy smile on my face now