Jerry Stiller dies at 92. Look back at his life and career

Actor and comedian Jerry Stiller has died of natural causes according to a tweet from his son, actor Ben Stiller. He was 92.
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Cory Snyder
Cory Snyder:
RIP Jerry Stiller. I'll probably watch King of Queens all day to honor him.
Sorry to hear, he was so funny on King of Queens!
Tsuka 2104
Tsuka 2104:
Arthur Spooner... that character gave me so many laughs. Rest in peace Jerry
Kid Lightning
Kid Lightning:
Arthur Spooner: You share a bed with your mother?!

Spencer: Twin beds its twin beds!!!

Loved that episode on King of Queens.
Kay Doubble U
Kay Doubble U:
In honor of Jerry:
Star Light
Star Light:
I’ve been binge watching Seinfeld during this whole pandemic. RIP Jerry, thanks for all the laughs!
slaybeauty 29
slaybeauty 29:
"LEMON ICES!!" Loved him on the King of Queens.. He will be missed..
EJM 412
EJM 412:
A true legend. He’s gone to the big Festivus celebration in the sky and finally gets his serenity now.
michael murillo
michael murillo:
I watch king of queens almost everyday. He will be missed. What a long life though.
hazbin man
hazbin man:
Rest in peace legend
The man was a national treasure
Gary Freeman
Gary Freeman:
"you sayin you want a piece of me"
Jasmine Lamborn
Jasmine Lamborn:
My heart is broken I’m so sad, he was the best actor in King of Queen’s he made laugh me and my dad but I’m so sad he’s gone. R.I.P Jerry thank you for everything ❤️🙏🏻😢😭😔
Jo-Erlend Schinstad
Jo-Erlend Schinstad:
My grandmother loved this man. I did too. «Not that there's anything wrong with that!»
Share Of Money - Make Money Online
Share Of Money - Make Money Online:
He was a comedic genius. I couldn’t imagine Seinfeld without him
Christopher Rivera
Christopher Rivera:
RIP Jerry Stiller. I remember him more from, "The King of Queens".
Ghostrunner CO
Ghostrunner CO:
I will honor him with an incredible feat of strength at Festivus this year.
A Booth
A Booth:
We all loved Jerry Stiller. Let's just hope that the traffic on the way to the pearly gates isn't bad If So, he'll know that "you take the God D... service road and get off at the bridge" (J.Stiller, Zoolander). And once he arrives at his final resting place, I pray that an angel named Shelia will welcome him with a "warm casserole, for Christ's sake." if so, Jerry will scream out and say "Yeah, baby! That's what I've been waiting for!" (J. Stiller, Zoolander). ... #Rip and thank you for all the laughter - the gift that heals us all...
kate carew
kate carew:
RIP Jerry, you’ve given us so many laughs and you were more than a mere funny man, you had a lot of heart too 🙏🏻
I’m sure Jerry Stiller snd Anne Meara are cavorting up in heaven as we speak of them. RIP to one of the most popular, successful and beloved comedy duos of all time. God Bless.
Enrique Guzman
Enrique Guzman:
Seinfeld is one my ATF shows. I'm gonna miss him but his character will always be remembered.
Yvonne. Stewart
Yvonne. Stewart:
Yes he will be missed. Loved him.
rory calhoun
rory calhoun:
Festivus is going to have added meaning this year. The Airing of Grievances will be that much more bittersweet. 😐
LaTanya Porter
LaTanya Porter:
I like him..funny as hell. Now he n his wife r together..both so funny
Angry Grizzly
Angry Grizzly:
He finally found his serenity now. R.I.P Mr. Stiller. Thanks for the memories.
Clara Vela
Clara Vela:
The best comedian ever.
RIP Jerry Stiller.
From Colombia.
I'm 66 and he's made me laugh my entire life.
That 70s Guy
That 70s Guy:
Jerry the man who said he had everything ! Everything is having Jesus Christ. !
Lance Morrison
Lance Morrison:
Festivus for the rest of us! That will live forever!
AlexG Bats
AlexG Bats:
I loved him as arthur on the king of queen’s rip mr stiller
Michael Whitted
Michael Whitted:
R.I.P. The man was a legend.
mark brunette
mark brunette:
He made me laugh. Hopefully he is laughing at us.
Teresa Atchley
Teresa Atchley:
"Where's my TV Guide?!" And who can forget Frank in the mansierre? RIP Jerry Stiller. Thanks for the laughs and the memories.
That’s a life well lived😉 “I've got no grievances, I've got everything” Goodspeed Sir👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Wow this is sad. He was so entertaining every scene he was in
P Watson
P Watson:
I remember as a child watching Stiller and Meara on the old Ed Sullivan show. Condolences to his family.
Steve Govea
Steve Govea:
I'm fairly positive to say, I think everyone wished he was their father.
R.I.P Mr. Stiller.
my family has been binging the king of queens everyday amidst this virus, I remember watching it as a family growing up ❤️ rip legend
Walter Tovar
Walter Tovar:
Very sad day today rest in peace he was all of our grandfather bye
Big D
Big D:
The best actor ✊I have many laughs from him and his son. You can not replace a man with his personality 💎You my friend will be missed but never forgotten🎈
Eric Omar
Eric Omar:
I'm gonna watch king of queens today in his honor. You will be missed.
He was truly a King ... The King if Queens
First Born
First Born:
Praying for the Entire family,Jerry was good people,Such a Great performer...
He shall be Sorely Missed!!🙏🏻♥️
Hilarious when Kramer "stopped short" on his wife in an episode of Seinfeld 🤣😂
Sean Styles
Sean Styles:
He will be missed but, he lives on though all of his endeavors.
joey .k
joey .k:
One of the few people to die this time that old with that wasn't covid-19
Lottie Tucker
Lottie Tucker:
He loved Anne so much and only wanted to be by her side. I know these last few years without her were tough but they are finally reunited again. RIP Jerry.
Imer Flores
Imer Flores:
My condolences. May he rest in peace, he brought many of us a lot of laughter and a lot of joy!
lch jr
lch jr:
That was a lot of laughter to give, bless you Jerry.
Dylan Vega
Dylan Vega:
So Arthur Spooner finally died I guess Doug gets his basement back after 20 years.
jake miller
jake miller:
I still watch Seinfeld every night on TV RIP Jerry!
Your Big Head Cousin
Your Big Head Cousin:
What a shame. I'll always remember him as Frank Costanza. He was so effortlessly funny that i always wondered whether or not he was acting, if he was even in on the joke. What a genius. RIP
Kaneisha Hunter
Kaneisha Hunter:
Awww I loved him in Zoolander, Seinfeld, and King of Queens. He was loud funny and crazy 😆😂. Rest in paradise 🙏♥️ Mr. Stiller
Alexander canavan
Alexander canavan:
"You got the hen, the rooster, and the chicken. The rooster goes with the hen, so who's having sex with the chicken!?" One of my favorite characters of all time. Good night sweet prince.
Sang Kang
Sang Kang:
As Mandelbaums says, "It's go time." RIP Jerry Stiller.
Jaylen E. Turner
Jaylen E. Turner:
RIP Jerry Stiller
E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ R
E̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶ ̶R̶o̶a̶d̶s̶ R:
I remember the episode when he buys a cell phone BUT nobody calls him 😂😂
Left Is Best
Left Is Best:
"You had me sleeping in urine? The very idea!!" RIP JERRY 😢😢
The Great Catsby
The Great Catsby:
Serenity now and forever 🙏
What a tremendous actor and comedian
He'll be missed
His shouting and yelling has "always been there". I'll miss him, although he will always be there with these endless re-runs. Thank you for all the delightful laughs, Jerry Stiller. Rest in peace.
Joseph Van
Joseph Van:
One of the great comic actors. And, in his younger years, a hilarious stand-up comedian in league with his late wife, Anne Meara.
RIP to an absolute legend.
Enzo itGoes
Enzo itGoes:
He was indeed a “Festivus for the rest-of-us.”
ARTHUR!!!!! oh my god. this man was such a huge part of my childhood. God bless you Jerry. Thank you for all the laughs. from the past and in the future as i continue to watch reruns of your shows
Dwayne Barnes
Dwayne Barnes:
Mike Roy
Mike Roy:
My wife and I will yell that anytime we see an ant or any insect in the house. Such a funny guy. Absolutely one of the best characters in that show!
Ann van de Kew
Ann van de Kew:
I'll remember every Festivus for the Rest of us.
And, Every time I touch an aluminum ski pole.
Ms BeautyBoss
Ms BeautyBoss:
"King of Queens" is my favorite show. RIP
ooh noo, I loved that guy.
He was always so grouchy like me
R.I.P Jerry Stiller, you will be missed! You brought laughs, happiness and warmth to us all!!!! Love your movies sir! #Legend #LOVE #JerryStillerisamazing.. xoxo
Brilliant as Lt. Rico Patrone in "The taking of pelham 123".
Demeka Brooks
Demeka Brooks:
RIP Jerry Stiller!He is love and missed.
Johnny Andrés Zamora
Johnny Andrés Zamora:
“Are those the people who go around mutulating squirrels “🐿 . RIP ✊🏼
Mr LoL
Mr LoL:
Gonna have festivus for the rest of us today. Peace and love.
Nicholas Jaimee
Nicholas Jaimee:
Absolute legend. No one can ever replace him in both his roles. Such a beautiful person. RIP
Carolyn Wilson
Carolyn Wilson:
Jerry Stiller is with his wife they are making heaven laugh. 💖💖💖💖
Steve Barrios
Steve Barrios:
Mr. Stiller rest in peace you're part of the reason why in 91 92 I started watching Seinfeld and then you came into the picture or the program and took it to another level and I thank you for that
Aaron Burr Atwood.
Aaron Burr Atwood.:
A Festivous for the rest of us.
Oh My. Roy Horn, Little Richard, and now Jerry Stiller.

It happens in threes.
Auri Mastro
Auri Mastro:
Lovely words from Germany...😪😖we'll never forget you "Arthur"😔 Rest in peace we miss and love you❤😔 Now you are shining bright over us as a "hollywoodstar" 😘
D B:
He has "Serenity Now!"
Christopher White
Christopher White:
I am a time - zone , become a season , become a celebration for those who do not celebrate the holidays like you !

*_EST ( time zone )_*
*_estivus ( summer )_*
Slick Rick
Slick Rick:
Hes my favorite character on king of queens
Sam Wright
Sam Wright:
Mr. Stiller has been a legend in Hollywood longer than I have been alive. He will be missed.
Melvin Bonilla
Melvin Bonilla:
May he Rest In Peace......I loved him as Arthur, so hilarious....🙏🏼😢
Joel Smith
Joel Smith:
This is truly sad because he is my favorite actor. RIP. my GOD BLESS his family.
Dion K
Dion K:
I was watching heartbreak kid the other day and I was actually wondering if he was still alive... 2 days later I see this :(
2020 was already going downhill but now it’s spiraling out of control. This is horrendous news! RIP to the funny man...
Rick Blanton
Rick Blanton:
A life to be truly admired. Will always remember the laughs. Great man.
Aaron Burr Atwood.
Aaron Burr Atwood.:
Rest In Peace.
Such sad news. His comedic timing was brilliant. Loved him on the King of Queens. He'd go from calm to rage in a split second. 2020 has been so shit.
Rest in peace
Joe Berry
Joe Berry:
Our memories of his life will always be a festivus for the rest of us. Thanks Jerry and the best to his family and friends.
dave miller
dave miller:
"And now, the airing of grievances"!
"Then there is Festivus for the rest of us", love you Jerry LOL
Kim Bergeron
Kim Bergeron:
I've watched Jerry for along time. His comedy with his wife, Seinfeld and King of Queens. Thoughts and prayers to Ben and Amy. R.I.P. Jerry Stiller
Sean Merisier
Sean Merisier:
Yeah, he was amazing on Seinfeld
RiP Mr Stiller
Another acting legend gone. :( Wherever the winds go.
Squash Head
Squash Head:
Sure he had a great carrier but he will always be George’s dad.
Tom G.
Tom G.:
Thank you for all the laughs you brought to us over many years. You will be missed. God bless.