Jerry Stiller: The Untold Truth

Best known for playing the cantankerous Frank Costanza on Seinfeld, this veteran actor has been a constant presence on film and television screens since the late 1950s. But fans may still be surprised by how little they know about this TV icon and comedian. This is the untold truth of Jerry Stiller.

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara were aspiring young actors when they met in 1953. The couple were married for 61 years, before Meara's passing in 2015 at age 85. Married in 1954, it wasn't until 1961 that the two would begin working as a comedy duo, using their marriage as a source of material. Meara told The New York Times in 2008,

"Jerry started us being a comedy team. He always thought I would be a great comedy partner. At that time in my life, I disdained comedians."

Initially performing in New York City nightclubs, Stiller and Meara became nationally known within a year, going on to perform numerous times on The Tonight Show and making 36 appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show.

In a 1977 interview with People, the couple revealed why they decided to put the brakes on the act around 1970. Stiller explained,

"I love Anne, but if I had depended on her in my professional life, I would have lost her as a wife."

Meara added:

"I didn't know where the act ended and our marriage began." Keep watching to learn The Untold Truth Of Jerry Stiller.

A married comedy duo | 0:21
A Star on the Walk of Fame | 1:29
Selling wine with radio commercials | 2:31
Tumultuous relationship with the Knicks | 3:29
Seinfeld's second Frank Costanza | 4:24
Questioning his Seinfeld character's ethnicity | 5:44
"Seinfeld" - the best years | 6:58
Appearing in Ben Stiller movies | 7:35
Always giving money to panhandlers | 8:38
Marital disagreement over Donald Trump | 9:20
A health scare at 91 | 10:21
The same apartment for 50 years | 10:56

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Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift:
What were your favorite Jerry Stiller roles?
Cyndy T.
Cyndy T.:
I can't believe that they didn't mention his character Arthur Spooner from King of Queens. One of the best characters ever on TV. Huge mistake to leave that one off.
Aubrey Pico
Aubrey Pico:
You guys have a beef with The King of Queens, or something? He was one of the leading characters.
Tony McNeil
Tony McNeil:
So no mention of his 9 seasons as a weekly regular on King of Queens as Author Spooner.?.....odd
No Arthur Spooner?????????? I call Shenanigans
Writing Mother Fashionista
Writing Mother Fashionista:
Ok he was amazing in King of Queens!! Why not talk about it!?
Kevin Crowther
Kevin Crowther:
I can't believe they didn't even mention "king of queens"...his best role
Chi Nice
Chi Nice:
I’m being shocked that you didn’t mention Jerry for playing Arthur Spooner. That was the character that I me him for and absolutely loved! What a shame. Smh
Curtistine Miller
Curtistine Miller:
I liked Jerry as Arthur Spooner on Kings of Queens ,RIP.Jerry Stiller

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby:
So he spent about 9 years on King of Queens, in my opinion his best work and Ms Swift never noticed. Interesting.
graphicats 3D
graphicats 3D:
No drugs. Not an alcoholic. A really funny man in a not so funny, often mean spirited, industry. True talent. Serenity forever!
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme:
Okay, how could you do this segment without mentioning Stiller's incredible character from "The King of Queens", Arthur Spooner? Makes me feel a bit cheated for watching the whole thing...
DG's Tanks
DG's Tanks:
He was funny in every role he played, nobody could’ve done those characters better! RIP
Moise Hermantin
Moise Hermantin:
Jerry was also great in the King of Queens
She worked on King of Queens as well, that was Spence Mother. R.I.P. Jerry Stiller
TMY rose
TMY rose:
I remember watching them as a young girl and then on the king of queens.Being married 61 years to the same person shows true love
Freaks Of Wrestling Podcast
Freaks Of Wrestling Podcast:
why did u not mention king of queens at all
B Brown
B Brown:
How’s we not mentioned king of queens bro 🤨
Xander Lowe
Xander Lowe:
I was too young to watch "Seinfeld," so my first introduction to Stiller was "King of Queens." Sad no one ever brings that up.
Mike Moats
Mike Moats:
What a nice story, stayed married had a good life . God look after them.
RIP Jerry stiller 🙏🏽 “A Festivus for the rest of us!!!”
Zachariah Laryea
Zachariah Laryea:
Great job. You left out the part where he was on King of Queens.
rafael cisneros
rafael cisneros:
"Arthur Spooner" is not only my fav character but my Favorite episode of the King Of Queens!
Jim Boynton
Jim Boynton:
There is serenity now.
Idiot- 983
Idiot- 983:
RIP, Thanks for so many great laughs.
Crystal Cane
Crystal Cane:
They were the best a lovely couple I loved them.
Linda Duncan
Linda Duncan:
His role in Seinfeld was awesome, but the role in King of Queens was hysterical. I loved watching him in anything, because he always brought something different and outstanding to the characters he played. I loved seeing him with Anne in the King of Queens. Love him.....he will be missed! 🙏✝️💕
Gary Low
Gary Low:
I’ve stolen many elements of his comedy in my daily delivery. He’s a great source of hilarity
William Scott
William Scott:
Hello King of Queens
To not mention his King Of Queens part is weak as piss.
When you see Jerry from the side you sure can see Ben!
R.i.P the greatest:(
Eva Lu
Eva Lu:
I loved the guy on Seinfeld and King of Queens but my favorite showers were with his wife Anne. RIP Jerry. 🙏
TMY rose
TMY rose:
The silly things he did on King of Queens were so funny and silly. Watching him and his lovely wife playing together on this show was also a delight. I just know as the older I get there have been so many great actors pass on after watching them as I grew up and seeing them at young ages . Just like the Golden Girls, that is another show I will never get tired of watching them over and over again, even my husband loves watching them. I remember living at home with my parents and my sweet Mother and I would watch these ladies together and Mom always said Sophia gave the show a sweet kick especially her stories of Italy and the things she made up, they are all gone now except Betty White and she added the spice to the Golden Girls with her crazy stories of growing up in Minnesota. There are two people I would love to meet and that would be Betty White and Jane Goodall, who knows maybe I will someday.
Bob G
Bob G:
Freaks Of Wrestling Podcast
Freaks Of Wrestling Podcast:
RIP Jerry Stiller
Jesper Rosenstock
Jesper Rosenstock:
Yeah This video sucks. The man was one third of THE KING OF QUEENS !!!!!!
Metal Marty
Metal Marty:
How can you do a special on Jerry Stiller and not mention he was Arthur Spooner for 9 years on King of queens?
No mention of almost 200 episodes appearing King of Queens ? Arthur Spooner is one of the funniest characters ever
He was only on 20+ episodes on Seinfeld yet you mention that lol
Brian Coughlin
Brian Coughlin:
Hahaha he was in Airport 75 he was drunk the whole flight
J.C. U later
J.C. U later:
He made more appearances on Sullivan than on Seinfeld wow
Carrie Caldwell
Carrie Caldwell:
What about King of Queens? It’s as if it never happened. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ellen Dolber
Ellen Dolber:
Carrie's father on king of queens, he was a great character?.? And Doug just went along with it and so did Carrie, that was half of the show!!
john maki
john maki:
Sad that great talents like Jerry Stiller are leaving us!
I didnt know that was his wife for the longest time and all those episodes of king of queens. Another great comedic gone RIP Jerry Stiller or always basement Arty to me
Jose Guandique
Jose Guandique:
Rip Jerry Stiller Died
هبه مؤمن
هبه مؤمن:
Rest in peace ❤
God Emperor Pepe
God Emperor Pepe:
I’ve been shouting “Serenity Now!” Every time tensions get high in my house during quarantine lol.
I had to give this a thumbs down 'cause his great role on King of Queens wasn't even mentioned. He was so instrumental in making that sitcom memorable. I remember them from when they were on Ed Sullivan. They both were funny.
Sorry to know that now they're both gone. R.I.P. ANNE & JERRY
John NY
John NY:
Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara's enduring marriage was inspirational, especially for a show business couple. Jerry Stiller's Frank Costanza was one of the funniest characters on Seinfeld. He will be missed. RIP.
I loved this old man, I only knew him from King of Queens. But he was my tv grandpa. 😥😥❤️❤️
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton:
Just a wonderful man God may he rest in peace
Jim Christiansen
Jim Christiansen:
"Serenity Now" I say that all the time...
Gene Hasenbuhler
Gene Hasenbuhler:
They both appeared on King of Queens and you never mentioned that! WTF?
Note Toself
Note Toself:
Here's a thought ...How bout showing some of their comedy instead of your high pitched annoying yacking?
Mr Sosha Da baad Man
Mr Sosha Da baad Man:
Festivus forever restus in peace.
Mary Minott
Mary Minott:
Not one mention of him being another great father Arthur Spooner on The King of Queens
RIP Jerry Stiller you will Be Missed... "Serenity NOW!!"
R.I.P. Jerry Stiller you’ve always been a funny, comedic and wonderful actor throughout the years. You have been really great👍🏾 entertaining your fans and other people who needed a laugh and entertainment for other people all over the world. We will miss you!
JimEats ASMR
JimEats ASMR:
RIP Jerry stiller. I love that man. Loved him as Arthur from King of Queens. I loved watching his hands movie I found his hands very interesting.
I loved him in King Of Queens, and are now rewatching them. I never knew he was in Seinfeld, so i'll be watching that next for sure!
r. joseph Grundy
r. joseph Grundy:
Reading the comments below and thought to myself: "Why would King of Queen's be mentioned? He was only on that show, for almost a decade!"
Jesse LeBlanc
Jesse LeBlanc:
Always the best even on king of queens he stood out and made every episode better and this from a King of queens and Kevin James fan
Daisy Cocoa
Daisy Cocoa:
What about the King of Queens? One of his best rolls if not his best!
Elephant Shoes
Elephant Shoes:
Please redo this video and add King of Queens. It had NINE seasons!
Trebor Seveer
Trebor Seveer:
Festivus for the rest of us. Feats of strength. lolol
Thomas Margolis
Thomas Margolis:
A life lived well.
Geek E Media
Geek E Media:
I mostly know him from the king of queens
Glenn Mercer
Glenn Mercer:
For how much jerry is associated with Seinfeld he only appeared in 26 episodes out of 173 episode series
But what a impact it had !
Richard Morris
Richard Morris:
1)A king of queens, 1B) Seinfeld.
Brenden John
Brenden John:
Man, the legacy that couple leaves behind, it's beautiful.
C NearWheel
C NearWheel:
Actually his character on Seinfeld and King of queens are the same one
RIP Uncle Max
"Blow out the damn candles! Stop it Frank your killing him!" 😂
JMD inlove
JMD inlove:
God bless. Thank you mr. Costanza. You were the best.
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna:
He said the art spooner character was hard for him to play. his hard work paid off, he was the central character imo, and hilarious.
Ryan Whitaker
Ryan Whitaker:
oh so you are just going to blow by king of queens thats bs
Katie Orjonikidze-Casey
Katie Orjonikidze-Casey:
Such a wonderful and brilliant actor and comedian, may his soul rest in peace.
David •
David •:
RIP Jerry Stiller. Favourite was king of queens. Sad to hear hes passed on. He had a great life. Rest easy mate.
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid:
He was on the movie The Taking of the Pelham Bay 123 original not the remake. When I saw him come in I instantly thought he was going to suggest they wear a Bro.
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Meyer:
Loved his role, on king of Queens. Rip Jerry❤️
Kadar Shahir
Kadar Shahir:
I watched them both as a kid they were hilarious and in 50
Larry Flynn
Larry Flynn:
When Arthur Spooner offered to pay reparations to Deacon was one of the funniest scenes ever.
Sol Amande
Sol Amande:
Father Festivus has left us. Long live Father Festivus.
He made me laugh so much on King of Queens
Mitchell Mulder
Mitchell Mulder:
Why no mention of the great role he played in my favorite sitcom, “King Of Queens” ?
mandybelle p
mandybelle p:
This makes me sad. Prayers for the family
Omg how am I just realizing that Meara was Spence's mom on the king of queen now it all makes sense I how she an arthur had such great on set chemistry
Are we just going to ignore his awesome role on King of Queens? He was way funnier in his role on that show compared to his role on Seinfeld....
John Aiello
John Aiello:
R.I.P. 🙏😇Jerry Stiller...." A FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US!!!"
Strangely enough iv been watchin re runs of king of queen's all week mainly for the character Arthur his main role for me really as he was rarely seen in Seinfeld
dark side
dark side:
That man, his wife and his son (Ben) gave me more laughs and good moments than any living person every deserved! RIP
Free Spirit1980
Free Spirit1980:
Rest In Peace ....forever a true comedy legend
Calvin Napier
Calvin Napier:
I loved him in King of Queens!
They were a fantastic couple and comedy team. Their chemistry was amazing! His best role was Arthur in King of Queens,which he never received enough credit for....we will miss you Jerry. RIP
Trebor Seveer
Trebor Seveer:
Very funny man playing a crazy old man. RIP You will be missed Sir.
Ignez Maciel
Ignez Maciel:
He is the spit image of my ex.........I don't know if I love him.......or if I hate him.....🤔🤔🤔
Dilly Dally
Dilly Dally:
Never knew Spence's mom on King of Queens and Arthur were actually married.