Jesse Lingard insists his "headspace is clear" after Ralf Rangnick said he asked for time off

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On this morning's 'Early Kick Off', Mayowa Quadri and The Athletic's David Ornstein discussed Manchester United and the social media comments made by Jesse Lingard

Lingard insists his "headspace is clear" after Ralf Rangnick said the forward asked Manchester United to take some time off to "clear up his mind".

United interim boss Rangnick revealed Lingard is unavailable for Friday's FA Cup fourth-round tie against Middlesbrough as he takes a short break after the board blocked him from leaving in January amid interest from Newcastle and West Ham.

Rangnick said at a press conference on Thursday: "Jesse asked me and the club if he could have a couple of days off just to clear up his mind. He will be back in the group I suppose next Monday and part of the squad again."

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100+ comentarios:

Kumar Gaurav
Kumar Gaurav:
Great manager revealing true colours of players within a couple of months i think if he stays for long glazers reality will come to picture too.
Dave Beverley
Dave Beverley:
Ralf has been honest & open at the club. Supporters have long known many of the players are deliberately underperforming, causing issues & caring more about money & social media than the team. Ralf is just confirming the players that have been suspected of it.
Danial Ismadi
Danial Ismadi:
I love Ralf he speaks straight forward no running from question and that’s why I believe it can make him in trouble one day we have to protect this man at all costs
Ragnik is exposing the player power that has been covered up for so long.
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi:
the level of disrespect shown by the players and the club towards Ralf is insane, what a joke of a club.
AJ Tracks
AJ Tracks:
Pogba is a brand, a lot of Man U players are just “brands”. The fan base has had a sense of self denial on their progression for years
Draken Kraken
Draken Kraken:
Rangnick called him a professional, and the first thing he does is go to Twitter and undermine his Manager. 🤣🤣
andrew harmon
andrew harmon:
We should never have given him a new contract last time and we wouldn't be in this situation. He isn't good enough to be a united first team player in mentality or ability, this has been obvious since he was an actual prospect and not the almost 30 year old man past his prime that he is now. People forget he is 29 because he dresses like a 14 year old boy that has just fell out of allsports. Get rid ffs.
Mike Murray
Mike Murray:
some of these utd players are poisonous. player power got rid of a few managers already. ralfs not having any of it.
Bobby Green
Bobby Green:
Idk why he felt the urge to go out publicly to expose his manager, it’s something that could have been sorted in private. Honestly these players are really becoming arrogant
Mans called Jesse a first team player😂😂😂
So let's get this clear: Lingard goes on Twitter to unprofessionally call his manager a liar, while saying that he'll always 'be professional'. Is he really so thick that he doesn't understand the irony?
kiran prakash
kiran prakash:
I agree with letting Lingard go. But calling him brave is the height of stupidity. The club is fighting for survival, he is contractually bound, and now is not the time to be throwing tantrums.
Bruhh jessy acting like he's 18 years. Sometimes you have to act mature and professional coz you can't go against your own club or coach if u are really committed which i think most of players who got loaned aren't. This is the toxicity José Mourinho was talking about
Chris Lake
Chris Lake:
Well done Ralf. Calling all these fakers out and exposing them. The club will be much better without them.
The only thing "United" in MUFC is in its name now. The club is shattered into factions and sub factions of the board, players, managers and even fans because we no longer know whom to rely on. This is mainly stemming from mismanagement ironically not from the managers, but from those above them.
Only our love for the club keeps us moving on.
phil Taylor
phil Taylor:
If he was professional he’d spend less time on social media and more time practicing and if hdd we was any good Utd would improve terms in his new offer.
Still Lingard did not need to publicly hit back at the manager. A professional player does not need to respond publicly even if the manager says something he disagrees with. You deal with it internally.
Richard Churchill
Richard Churchill:
I love Rangnick like a gardener doing the weeding, to many of these players are trying to hold on to their United careers for the good of their brands & don't put in the work!
Ambika Kambang
Ambika Kambang:
Manager just trying to do his job.
There’s 1 reason ONLY that Lingard hasn’t been in the squad much for years: he hasn’t been consistently good enough. Yes, he’s had short spells of showing that he is a good squad player, but the vast majority of his time at United has been lackluster. His not playing only has to do with his skill, or lack thereof, relative to what is needed for a team as big as United. C’mon…you can’t tell me that ALL of the managers that have been at United since he’s been there have collectively had an agenda against him to not play him. It’s simple: managers play the best players. He’s nowhere near the best, and him continuing to whine like a child shows that he hasn’t matured much over the years either. A move to a club like West Ham or Newcastle is inevitable, and I doubt we’ll even see him in the squad for awhile, except maybe in the FA Cup.
phil Taylor
phil Taylor:
If I was a player and wanted to play I’d ask the manager what he wanted and do extra work. I wouldn’t go public saying what the manager said was rubbish.
Cleon Rattigan
Cleon Rattigan:
If i was Ralf Lingard would never see old Trafford in a red shirt again.
You say Pogba is an "Amazing player" then he must sonstantly be played in the wrong position, Robson was amazing, Keane was amazing etc these footballers performed 100% week in week out, Pogba does not, far too inconsistent to be called "Amazing"
Abe Hussein
Abe Hussein:
This is good. We needed a manager like this. Tell it like it is.
Sean Daly
Sean Daly:
This Jesse lingard is a young prospect, he has a long career ahead of him
Kareem Ajibola-Kameel
Kareem Ajibola-Kameel:
The contradiction in that lingard statement just highlights the problem with united. Players slacking off, taking time out for “personal reasons” even after we’ve seen their IG posts, gallivanting around the uae. Shameless.
Draken Kraken
Draken Kraken:
This is pretty much what Sir Alex said about players running the club. Big Trouble.
2 times Ralph has said things to which the players have then spoken out to defend themselves... what's going on 😂
Mr Kajja
Mr Kajja:
Lingard went a year without contributing a goal or an assist. This is the person fans are pulling their hair out over?
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald:
Jessie was off on holiday during the break, he hasn’t been professional, the last I saw of him play for Ralph he was passing sideways and backwards, complete opposite of what Ralph instructed! He’s no place in the squad!
A. Bubb
A. Bubb:
All these fans twerking for Jesse. Are you blind? Do you want such a person at your club?
Got to stop all this Man U social media crap, the clubs making the headlines for all the wrong reasons, focus on what your paid for = playing football on the pitch.
Well this means we’re gonna win tonight innit, cuz when we have this player manager fight like the martial one, we end up winning games lol 😂 😂 😂
Luigi G
Luigi G:
Lingard played very well at Westham. Why neither Solksjaer or Ragnick have given him more game time even when some starters were not at their best is still unknown to me
Victor Okon
Victor Okon:
This season has been really messy for Man Utd.
Vilhelm Thomsen
Vilhelm Thomsen:
If Lingard doesnt WANT to play, he certainly made himself harder to pick: which world is he living in?
AVFC agent Gerrard💜💙
AVFC agent Gerrard💜💙:
West ham will be some team In Europe with him just look at them without him
phil Taylor
phil Taylor:
Lingard not held hostage he has a contract.
Good on him. He wanted a move in January in order to get game time, and they've decided to not let him go despite not wanting to play him.
Mayakodeepu Gaha
Mayakodeepu Gaha:
Managers and board sidelined him.he deserves to be in the club he is loved like westham.
T A:
Jesse has shown be wants to play and can play. There's obviously something else going on at ManUtd if so many players are unhappy and underperforming. So many players haven't just gone bad. Ralf says there were too many players so that meant many couldn't get game time. And we know from decades gone by that what you hear from ManUtd isn't always the truth.
ManUtd contract situation is a disgrace and shows just how badly the club is being run.
Another sign of awful management at the top.
C Strachan
C Strachan:
Calling Lingard a 'model professional' is like saying Josef Fritzel is good with children!!
Himalayan Wanderer
Himalayan Wanderer:
Lingard digging his careers grave himself. Another MU prima donna gonna bite the dust.
rush sport
rush sport:
its clear that its the bad work of the higher up, both players and managers are victim, players deserve to move to another club, but some being blocked, managers demand resources but he didnt get any help, he got stressed players that need covers, he got titles to deliver
Dont be fooled By Jumla!
Dont be fooled By Jumla!:
Pogba was good in his first match. I really felt he ran more than normal in the match. If he ready to put in a shift in big games I think utd will be in better position. Man utd should keep 4 3 3. Which suites pogba and Bruno. Midfield Pogba and Mc Fred. Play Bruno behind cr7 and rashford or Sancho. This guve more options as substitutes. Kind of 4 3 1 2. This means Bruno and pogba can be more attcking without worrying much about defending with Mcfred behind them. Would love to see this formation.
RJ Boxing
RJ Boxing:
He’s coming home in the summer on a free ⚒
Gail asked Ralph the 1st question in that press conference
There’s nothing brave about what he did, very unprofessional of him.
"He's been held hostage".... to the extreme financially beneficial contract he signed
Boo hoo
David Ornstein : “ the word around carrington is that Jesse lingard is quite a reserved guy, very shy! “

Wtf? This is why I Never trust this guys scourges and stories....Jesse Mr Sunny innit is NOT a shy guy by any stretch of the imagination 😂
Shawn Raj
Shawn Raj:
Damn these players are so insecure.Constantly seeking for validation
T A:
ManUtd management at the top is awful: players running down their contracts, players unhappy, players wanting to leave, underperforming in the league, they look like individuals instead of a team.
Should be some scrutiny of the top of the club, it is they who made the decisions and have created this mess.
Yet again another accountant/salesman who has no interest in football (he likes rugby) has been put in charge.
Let’s just sit his ass down and do that to any players that aren’t happy. We need to be firm I’m tired of this disfunction in our club
That picture he posted in a West ham jersey a few weeks back says different Jesse
70% of manutd players= social media players
Lingard could tell Glazers to shove it ... and go and play like Rangnick wished ... it was up to Lingard if he was going to play cause Glazers suggested he took a break
A normal person not an alien
A normal person not an alien:
United should release him ASAP when the last transfer window open. He clearly didn't want to play with them anymore. Why the hell they kept him in the first place?!
Joe Nanchengwa
Joe Nanchengwa:
2:32 "Yah well the thing about the old days, they the OLD DAYS" - Slim Charles
Goldgiver Beatz
Goldgiver Beatz:
He should have stay at west ham , that was best for his career
Phil Poon
Phil Poon:
So these journalist were backing martial for going against ralf as-well yeh ?
John Aspinall
John Aspinall:
If I were Ralph, I would try to get the most out of Pogba and Lingard while they're still there. Pogba needs to prove that he can be consistent, and Lingard needs to prove that he can deliver, like he did for the Hammers. So let them do their talking on the pitch.
Kater Sam
Kater Sam:
United giving sky news like everyday man
Stone Cold
Stone Cold:
The guy at bottom right has the personality of a brick.
Tevin Jordan
Tevin Jordan:
They wouldn't send lingard now with west ham threatening Manchester united on the table.
Bodo Sam
Bodo Sam:
Anthony,lingard all know that Ralf is an interim that's why they're behaving this way
If you really want to think about it, social media is the main reason Manchester united was destroyed.... honestly just think about it
Ismail Cassoo
Ismail Cassoo:
simple; if Lingard disagrees, then cancel the leave and join up with the team
Somindra Kannangara
Somindra Kannangara:
If Lingard is a professional footballer, he wouldn’t comment in social media like that.
Sunday Dideola
Sunday Dideola:
Held hostage how Mayowa?? He is under contract man. Nonsense
Aatham Azhiqi
Aatham Azhiqi:
Seriously Murtogh Fletcher Phelan all should go.
Agbara Kelechukwu
Agbara Kelechukwu:
So disrespectful of lingard to counter his manager,shame
Geo Man
Geo Man:
I am loving this manager publicly exposing the absolute cowards that currently sit in our club! Oh boo hoo I didn't get a loan move when I chose to leave last minute after not being able to decide whether I'm staying or going for almost a year prior!! Cant play or be available for the game tonight as I need to clear my head! Lol keep it up ralph
Besmir Murati
Besmir Murati:
Lingard should go. He's not a top player for the magnitude of Man Utd. I don't think he's needed at the club even as a sub.

RR isn't a top coach and he should not be there next season neither as a coach.

The club is badly run. They destroyed Lingards hopes of playing in the WC by simply not letting him go on loan (especially when Man Utd will never play him anyways).
Can’t believe the form of English biased I just watched, if that was Pogba making that statement, all hell will be lose right now, and David Orstien sits and says Lingard has delivered when he was called upon ? You just sit here and say thrash, when was the last time Lingard delivered in a Man Utd Shirt ? The last 90mins he played he was abysmal.
kiran prakash
kiran prakash:
Farcical. 🤣🤣
Only Roy Keane can fix these lads, even if it is for 6 months.
Benjamin Shen
Benjamin Shen:
Lingard is a shy boy 🙈 😂
Daily GFU
Daily GFU:
These man hanging on pogba🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 embarrassing
Steve Kartapanis
Steve Kartapanis:
He changed his mind . He has been on his way out for 2 years . Let’s not pretend
Daniel Mcgonigle
Daniel Mcgonigle:
The agents should get done for fraud and pampering bums at utd
Jude Okolo
Jude Okolo:
Why this is news, is beyond me. In the grand scheme of things in Manchester United, Lingard does not matter
Manchester Divided FC
Usually Ornstein is good, but he is way off the mark on this. If Newcastle go down this will have paid off. Who cares about getting a few measly million quid for a guy who is leaving anyway when you could set back a rival's project by years. If we'd have been in a position to help relegate Citeh over a decade ago I would have said the same thing.
My wife sexual partner
My wife sexual partner:
Manchester United have to many overpriced overrated fragile players who are brilliant on social media not so much on the pitch
P S:
United is an absolute mess atm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Suwuibou Fatty
Suwuibou Fatty:
Man United is not West ham if he's good enough then he's too saw up, this man United player's they are fakes
Lintah Pius
Lintah Pius:
Manchester United is bigger that Ralf, He has never coach any of the big clubs in Europe nor big stars. United is not a mushroom club where they developed players and sell to bigger clubs. He is made to coach kids that are still dreaming to be star and they are ready to listen to his nonsense. I'm not United fan but I pity one of the world best team being messed up
WaleWonka S
WaleWonka S:
Ralf needs to stop talking about his players personal issues. Don't be like Arteta and Jose Mourinho who's hands stay on the self-destruct button
Leonie West
Leonie West:
he did nothing when given chance
phil Taylor
phil Taylor:
The board want Sancho to play they spent 78m
Never believe a player. Especially one using 'social media to do his talking.
A Corn
A Corn:
Team ralf!
kiran prakash
kiran prakash:
There is no conflict here. Thats the hierachy at Man Utd. Darren Fletcher tells Lingard to take a break and Lingard informs Rangick. Rangnick is an interim manager- a fall guy if anything goes wrong, but has very little control.
Peter Downey
Peter Downey:
Lingard's treatment has been shocking.
Nana Yaw Botchey
Nana Yaw Botchey:
Man United coaching staff and board are hypocrites
msaninyoze kachilaza
msaninyoze kachilaza:
Get these players out! Pogba, Lingard and Martial. One off players who are inconsistent on the pitch.
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall:
I'm sick of hearing about pogbas class and when he's on form and how he can change the team with his quality. When has he been class, when has he changed the team? A handful of times in years. The quicker he goes the better.
Irfan Aqmam
Irfan Aqmam:
Nowadays players really childish.. so much dramas..
With regards to 'The Brand" Man U and Players, it's taken time but unfortunately there beginning to look similar to how NFL clubs operate. not good, they are an English football league team not american, you can keep your american influence, thanks Woodward you snake. A new owner who loved the club would shut all this down or get rid.
Ragnick lied about Martial now lying about Lingard honestly what is wrong with him....