Jesse Marsch openly analyses Leeds' performance vs Palace & Kalvin Phillips' return

Jesse Marsch speaks after Leeds battled for a 0-0 draw at Crystal Palace on Monday Night Football which leaves them five points clear of the drop zone.

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It was terrible to see Bielsa go away from the premier league. But this new guy, Jessie Marsch has been fantastic addition to the league of managers.
Such a charismatic lad, hope he succeeds at Leeds and hope Leeds succeed as a whole
Interesting interview. Cool to hear a manager speak more openly instead of giving the same old boring answers
“It’s a night where we bend but we don’t break”

Bloody brilliant
Michael Carney
Michael Carney:
Really like Jessie Marsch. He says all the right things
Sia Ahmadi
Sia Ahmadi:
I really like this guy, Marsch. He's very open and honest and humble, yet capable and effective. Honestly, it's a breath of fresh air to have his attitude in the league.
Steven Moriarty
Steven Moriarty:
Hes brilliant to listen to...I think it's the American in him,dunno about their other sports but in nfl the strategies and tactics are very fluid based on the opponent so coaches are happier to give away what they tried In this game. Just hope it doesn't bite him in the long run giving too much away
Nate S32
Nate S32:
Leeds are in good hands with Jesse Marsch.
Warren O'Driscoll
Warren O'Driscoll:
Top man wish him all the best, not afraid to explain his philosophy despite the judgements that were made about him before he started the role
Ethan Power
Ethan Power:
Jesse Marsch will be a Liverpool legend if Leeds take points off City
Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes:
Very likeable guy, great energy, positive and prepared, wishing him luck and Leeds get a couple of draws and a win, big run out tho, fingers crossed
Danny Cheesums
Danny Cheesums:
I can’t believe how candid he is about the methods he uses. A refreshing change from a lot of the cliches trotted out by most managers to the media
Heel Moxley
Heel Moxley:
My favourite thing about him is he’s always putting his players first.
Really refreshing to see a manager who is charismatic, eloquent, and informative. There's way too many boring robots about!
Ian Armbruster
Ian Armbruster:
Patrick Bamford being gone has hurt them immensely
Nettle Warrior
Nettle Warrior:
He's starting with the basics, being hard to beat. Ayling managed Zaha well. There was zero threat up top though and with Burnley's fixtures, I'd pray Everton don't pick up any more wins.
he's really surprised me, i didnt expect him to impact and improve the club so congrats to him
Decent guy, has gotten good results recently.
Like he says, it’s going to take a little time for the players to adjust to his way and they will. As a Leeds fan I’m happy with him.
Anup H.
Anup H.:
I dunno why...and his gameplay...going for it, instead of playing defensively, sounds like a way to lose against city, but as a liverpool fan....I belive in him, he can do it.
The Noisy Neighbour
The Noisy Neighbour:
His interview are always great listen. We are blessed with a proper American manager.
Such a charismatic lad, hope he succeeds at Leeds and hope Leeds succeed as a whole
The Spaniard
The Spaniard:
This guy is a breath of fresh air as far as manager's go
Lee Bannister
Lee Bannister:
He's a class act!, so honest and open and most of all positive 👍
mikey burke-sweeney
mikey burke-sweeney:
If their wasn't such a thing as PR training more player and manager interviews would be like this. Chelsea fan but I hope Leeds stay up. Nice to have a Derby kinda game and they've brought something different to the league.
Alf 99
Alf 99:
Speaks well and openly believe he’s a strong manager
Gary Pearson
Gary Pearson:
“Get a point or 2 or 3 out of this “
😂love the USA Coaches
He's proven himself to be a talented manager good on him
Clara Finn
Clara Finn:
After Brad Bobley I think everyone was especially quick to dismiss Marsch just because he’s American. But he’s doing a very good job so far and I like the way he speaks. Leeds weren’t amazing against palace, but previously when Leeds played badly they’d get battered instead of being able to grind out a point
Claus Aa
Claus Aa:
Im a huge fan of this man.
Don't know if it's just me, or does it feel like Marsch gets asked to analyse stuff more often than other managers. Almost as if he has to prove his credentials 🤔
I dunno, maybe it's just me
Marsh will become a Liverpool legend if he is able to get a point out of MC game
Mr. Arya Stark
Mr. Arya Stark:
Making Americans Proud Jesse!!! We wont be a mockery for much longer if we even still are! See ya in the world cup England;D
Great point but we seem like we've forgotten how to string more than 3 passes together without losing it or passing it to the opposition. Still have concerns for relegation especially playing like this.
I hope this guy succeeds, talks like a genuine honest man
Ryan Flood
Ryan Flood:
Yeh fair play to this guy. He knows what he is doing. I am impressed with his cool, calm nature which is rare for Yankee sports coaches.
Loved Bielsa but love Jesse as well. The relegation battle really only starts now, we have a very tough run but it is what it is.
Karl Newsome
Karl Newsome:
Jesse doing a great job.
I like his attitude, really positive. I respect Bielsa, but Jesse seems to have the energy Leeds really needs right now.
Ryan Sainsbury
Ryan Sainsbury:
As a neutral I really hope Leeds stay up, I would be gutted to see them go down.
Todd Sumner
Todd Sumner:
40+ yrs United Supporter of course I want Leeds to struggle, yet Leeds pick managers that are class acts. Bielsa and Marsh! Personally hope Marsh becomes an established EPL manager!
Andy O’tam
Andy O’tam:
It’s so good to have straight forward answers! Jesse is that guy.
Arif Ghibran
Arif Ghibran:
The way that he answered the question about City is the real life version of the ‘you don’t know where I’m from dawg’ meme😂
Ad Man
Ad Man:
I love having Jesse Marsch at Leeds. Love Bielsa but Marsch is making in roads in the positive direction the way Bielsa did when he first came. I hope when we go to City we can atleast take away a few points.
I have a feeling Leeds could get another four 0-0 results this season and that will be enough for them to stay up.
It’s a shame other teams won when we did still fear the drop
I like this guy , Leeds are doing pretty well under him
Greame Bamford
Greame Bamford:
Last night 3 or 4 players were closing down the same man leaving big gaps in midfield ,lucky palace weren’t quite good enough to exploit it but better teams will, let’s hope it was just lack of playing ,but got to be happy with results since messy arrived roll on Saturday
Hope with a full summer transfer window Jesse tp push leeds in Top 10 next season
Kalvin philips is the shaq of soccer
Si Hi
Si Hi:
I instantly like him, fair play
Karthik Mohan
Karthik Mohan:
Pretty much ready made stuff to replace bielsa… this man is mint
Completely strange hearing a football manager speak coherently and actually sound original. Hmm….
☆𝔍𝔬𝔥𝔫 ℜ𝔲𝔡𝔡𝔶☭
☆𝔍𝔬𝔥𝔫 ℜ𝔲𝔡𝔡𝔶☭:
Seems a decent lad and a decent manager
Jack Hardy
Jack Hardy:
Nice to hear some praise about Jesse
Manufactured Consent
Manufactured Consent:
Of Burnley and Everton, Leeds do have the hardest run in and could still go down.
Leeds’s coming 3 matches would bring zero point .. city 0, arsenal 0, chelsea 0… hope new manager find a way to go through this challenge .. at least collect a single point from big 4.. this is important to continue the good momentum and confidence for last 2 matches
Chas Girven
Chas Girven:
Talks a good game , we'll see how he gets on. Brave appointment by Leeds though to be fair , they could of just gone for big Sam , Bruce or other experienced managers . Sleeping giants might just wake up
Could listen to him talk all day
Zero attacking threat tonight but at least the boys dug in. SBSET
Jacob Field
Jacob Field:
Palace had 3 good chances in the first half and should have scored. Leeds gave the ball away in a final way too many times. Jesse Marsch needs to try 3 forwards with better movement rather than 4 flat forwards.
TY AFTV Merchandise Man
TY AFTV Merchandise Man:
Ten Haag should’ve watched that exactly what United need
Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy:
Can't see Leeds winning many under this setup, the ball was coming back time and again last night, I think the coach is trying to change Leeds too much. He brought this sub on called Greenwood and the guy only touched the ball once. The plain fact of it is Leeds don't have a striker, they look easy to play against now.
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson:
Jessie is refreshing in his interviews.
This coach is a breath of fresh air.
Gareth Hannigan
Gareth Hannigan:
Robbie Keane what a legend man said rafiniho 🤣🤣🤣
RoskodeSoul Music
RoskodeSoul Music:
I wonder if he can still do that front flip 🤸‍♂️
Bowie Doctor
Bowie Doctor:
Yeah, KP can play football for sure.

Robbie Keane - what a player!
johnny palomino
johnny palomino:
Perhaps Orta couldn't have brought in a more experienced manager like the Premier´s Tops do. A miracle could help James but next season he will go straight to relegation.
joss ratcliffe
joss ratcliffe:
Well done Jessie . Great result. Jessie plz play geldart upfront . Put Dan James on bench plz . As fans we are really warming to you .
Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton:
Lets go! Sports Team! Ted Lasso smashing it :-D
Mboweni Xivono
Mboweni Xivono:
Jesse Marsch is a good coach. But we need Bielsa in EPL. He needs to build another strong team in the championship and bring it to the EPL
Seems like a decent bloke 👍
Steve Dresser
Steve Dresser:
What a job he has done.
Tyler B
Tyler B:
Can see this guy at Liverpool after Klopp leaves.
Josh Leader
Josh Leader:
If he makes city drop points I’ll admit america is clear of the uk however when city score the 5th I won’t be supprised
David Gasser
David Gasser:
I think half of these Leeds fans, and previously Swansea with Bradley, would rather see their squad get sent down than to have a Yank bring them a little success. Marsch is the right man for the job right now and I think he has the support from the management that will help him through the likely dip in results coming with City, Arsenal, and Chelsea up next.
Mahir Mohammed
Mahir Mohammed:
This guy is good.
Ila Modi
Ila Modi:
Agree great Marcelo however agree good change was required two clean games
Premier League Gematria
Premier League Gematria:
That was a shocking game of Football from Leeds.
Khal Drogo
Khal Drogo:
Leeds should try the "Lasso Special" in the next set piece
I want to see him get 2 points out of a game.. ;)
H F:
Leeds to shock man city
Nathan United Heilbron
Nathan United Heilbron:
They will be safe for sure
Spencer Mackay
Spencer Mackay:
Attababy, there you go.
In all seriousness this comes across really well. Decent boy.
I hope not that Leeds will go down to Championship. But rest of the matches looks very hard, compared to everton
he has the potential to be one of the goat managers
Come on Jesse. Do it for Herr Kloppo.
Day Day
Day Day:
Bend but we don’t break: love that ALAW MOT.
Music 1
Music 1:
USA positivity!! infectious....from a bees fan good luck
Paul Nutter
Paul Nutter:
Leeds kept giving the ball away, a fair few chances for Palace, meslier keeping Leeds in the game, still playing with no striker, James still running around like a headless chicken...... what's the difference as opposed to Bielsa team.... oh yeah, bielsa team created more and we're better to watch, bring on the next 3 then we'll see
Joe G
Joe G:
Surprised he understood Jamie and Robbie haha
Andre Tirta
Andre Tirta:
lingard should go to leeds next season, so they will have the jesse x jesse combo
Gettin philips fit should keep them up.
Anand Kumar
Anand Kumar:
Come on lads, get a result against Citeh!🧐🧐
Maba Bob
Maba Bob:
Nice to see everyone back Jesse haha you was all hating on him a few games back
I think most of the Premiership wants Leeds and Burnley to stay up and that small club Everton to go down.
Jack Tanner
Jack Tanner:
Odd comment from Robbie Keane about the coaches in India - many are has beens from the British game!
It took me way too long to figure out PAL was Palace. Aren't they usually abbreviated as CRY, though?