Jessie & Descendants Cast Find Out About Cameron Boyce (Reactions)

Most of Disney Channel's "Jessie" and "Descendants" cast have responded to their co-star Cameron Boyce's passing on social media.

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100+ comentarios:

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. Honor Cameron and keep his legacy alive by donating today. ❤️
Jennifer Dong
Jennifer Dong:
"I never gave it back and I'm so happy I didn't" 😭😭😭
Anqelic_ Rxse
Anqelic_ Rxse:
When Jessie said in that one episode.... "You won't get it back till 2020".... He didn't even make it that far.. 🥺🥺🥺
rachel !
rachel !:
Cameron was my whole childhood. over a year later and i’m still not over it🤧 rest in perfect peace Cameron Boyce💕
Just Rey
Just Rey:
The people who disliked this were crying so hard that their eyes were blurry and they mistakes the dislike button for the like button
Liam Dugan
Liam Dugan:
Disney had a pencil
Cam had a Highlighter
Disney drew the Word
And Cam made it Brighter

Edit: omg thank you so much for all the likes i dont care about likes i care about LIVES
Persis Arhin
Persis Arhin:
This was recommended for me in 2020 I’m glad they recommended this again because my memory of him was slipping away. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jamie Morris
Jamie Morris:
"Dont cry because he died." "Smile because he was born." Copied

Spread this everywhere we did it with XXXTENTACION so we can do it with him.
Raheel Osman
Raheel Osman:
When China started crying I just burst into tears... And when I saw the clips of Cameron being goofy just made me cry more. Cameron will never be forgotten. It's only 4 days from now until it's been exactly 1 year since he passed
... RIP cameron❤️gone but never forgotten ❤️❤️❤️
•NightmareBefore _sally•
•NightmareBefore _sally•:
“Never say goodbye because good bye means going away and going away means forgetting”
-Peter pan
We’ll miss you forever Boyce. R.I.P 👉👈💔🥀😖😭
Ik this hit China skai and Karen the hardest Karen was the one who found his lifeless body and China and skai knew him since they were kids
Presley Roos
Presley Roos:
china’s reaction is the definition of grief. one second she was laughing about a memory with cameron and the next second she burst into tears. this is a death that i won’t get over, she won’t get over, or any of us will. rest peacefully cam.
Sophlove Cc
Sophlove Cc:
I can’t believe it’s been over a year without him. He did good and will be remembered forever
Sometimes it just feels like he's still alive until reality hits :(
Mariama Toure
Mariama Toure:
"Mom why do the best people die early?"
"When you pic flowers in the garden which one do you pic?"
"The most beautiful ones........"

Forever will love you Cameron Boyce
Is my banner black or red
Is my banner black or red:
i feel so bad for his bestfriend Karan “Ravi” you can tell hes never ever going to heel from this
Harper Da Baddest Anderson
Harper Da Baddest Anderson:
*"I'll never have a friend like Cameron."*
-China Anne McClain

Man, that hit me hard...
Spotted_clappz 808
Spotted_clappz 808:
Cameron died on day before my birthday.When I looked on google and found an article bout his death,At first I thought it was a joke until I looked more into it.😔Sadly it was true. Rip Cameron
Liliana Garza
Liliana Garza:
I never got to meet him but I wish I did he sounds like the kind of friend that I wish I had I’m so sorry for his loss may he Rest In Peace
Omggg Chrissy
Omggg Chrissy:
sometimes it’s still just hard to sit and think, wow he’s really gone. rip Cameron you’ll be forever missed. you were my favorite character on Jessie and many other movies as shows that you played in. fly high. 💕🥺
Alberto Castro
Alberto Castro:
*"Don't be sad because it's over, smile because it happened."* - Dr. Seuss
But I created a new quote.

*"The beggining, the middle, and the end. But the end is just the beggining."* - Me 2020
50K Subscribers Without A Video Challenge
50K Subscribers Without A Video Challenge:
He never got to get maried
He never got to have kids
He never got to have grandchildren
He just got to make every kid happy
You always be remembered 🕊🌻🌼💙
Adele Webb
Adele Webb:
My favorite part in Jessie was when his stuff koala was a stowaway in his pants.
R.I.P Cameron. One of our brightest stars have fallen.
“Don’t cry because he died” “Smile because he was born”

Spread his legacy and smile that’s what he would have probably wanted.
Rest In Peace I really hate not seeing him Around i wish he was still here 😭😭😭
Isabella Blaser
Isabella Blaser:
He’s not gone. He’s just an early bloomer. We will all meat him at that point one day. He just might get their sooner. I’m sure he’s in a great place. Somewhere were he us very happy. We will all see him again one day. Stay strong. Because that’s what he would have wanted!!!
Many celebrities have died. I was sad but didn’t pay much attention. But Cameron’s death hits different.
RIP ♥️
Dara Skeete
Dara Skeete:
Cameron Boyce will always be known as someone who was a giver , a dancer , smiler , a kind friend , a joker that did not deserve to have his life taken but at least he is in a way better place now REST IN PEACE we will always miss you Cameron your spirit will always live on
Enid Etheve
Enid Etheve:
Dont cry because he died, Smile because he was born.. (i did not make this... so please dont comment hate on this..)
I’m glad this was recommended. Cameron was literally the cutest actor in Jessie. I’m gonna miss him🥺🥺😭
Alison Smith
Alison Smith:
Descendants my favourite line he said was: I’m not to thrilled I risked my life for him
Jessie my favourite thing he did was: hug the cast
R.i.p Cameron 😭❤️ forever in our hearts 😘😭
Noorie Husain-y
Noorie Husain-y:
I’m with China. It’s so hard to believe that he’s actually gone!😭😭😭
Is my banner black or red
Is my banner black or red:
china’s part is a such good example of grief, one second shes laughing and smiling about a memoire, next minute she’s crying about it, sad.
Ernest chitechi
Ernest chitechi:
This is so sad why Cameron Boyce hold on we need to be with you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Britney Shropshire
Britney Shropshire:
I remember being at the beach, going through my phone and the news suddenly popped up. I remember being sad, and I couldn’t believe the guy from the show I literally grew up with had gone away. I am 21 now, same as Cameron would’ve been if he would be alive today. At the same time I felt peace as I prayed for him to be in a good place.He had already accomplished so much at such a young age. And that’s something I can only look up to .
Kelsey Wilder
Kelsey Wilder:
As I watched this I could see the pain and the sorrow that the Disney stars were going through😔😔. But he will always be in my heart. And I will never forget that❤️❤️
McKenna Anderson
McKenna Anderson:
i feel so bad for china she’s known him since they were little kids
My favorite scene of Cameron? Probably every scene he was smiling.
•Sugãr Łemøn Łiah•
•Sugãr Łemøn Łiah•:
Me watching at - 11:35 Pm- on the -14th September 2020- and now I’m just crying myself to sleep I still can’t believe he’s gone and the day he died I woke up just to be in tears.... 🙏🏼🙏🏼 R.I.P Cameron the most inspirational, Caring and Loveable Goofball🙏🏼🙏🏼 I hope god is treating you Right 💚
If Cameron was there in your darkest times he wouldn’t want tears he would want for y’all to be ok and happy he would want happiness not tears
Khansa Jamil
Khansa Jamil:
Just remember that he is not gone he is still here in our hearts and his beautiful soul will never be distinguished!
naphtalie beliard
naphtalie beliard:
I remember waking up rushing, excited just to watch Jessie.If you never watched Jessie or Bunk'd you never had a proper childhood XD. But this man always made me laugh every time. It's so sad that he died at only 20 years of age. It's always the good people that disappears :'(. R.I.P
Drama Llama
Drama Llama:
Just remember: When you go to a garden, you pick the most beautiful flowers. That’s like how god chooses the most beautiful people to take to heaven.
Halimo Mohamoud
Halimo Mohamoud:
My fav line from carmryn. (In jessie) "I show you a moon" rip camryn boyce :((( 😭
Moon Light
Moon Light:
When you miss some one who's gone, always talk to people who are close to you about all the good times that you had with the person who left you. They never left, they are always there. No matter what anyone says, they are always by your side.
Yusur Al-qaraghuli
Yusur Al-qaraghuli:
Trust me calm down i know how sad it is. he has never ever even met me but,he is the best guyw ho could have lived on earth. i cam down here on the comments to try and make every one smile. so here i am about to say something that will hopefully change your frown upside down. I know that everyone is taking this in as a sad moment but dont. its not a sad moment you guys are just looking at it wrong. Dont think of it as goodbye but think of it is see you soon. We all know he was amazing so he probably went to heaven, and i am sure that once we dissapear we will see him forever. Be good all of your life and wenever ur day to die comes u might go to heaven and meet cameron boyce because heaven is forever living there is never an end EVER, so dont feel upset just keep up the kindness and respect and u will see cameron soon i promise you all. I hope this speech helped you guys calm down a little and think of him passing away in another way. and if you do lose anyone then plz know thats its not goodbye its see you soon. and if anyone ever feels upset then they are thinking wrong. stop looking at the bad side of everything u need to look up and stay happy because with every heart breaking moment comes the best moments. u all just need some patients. Breathe and stay peaceful, i pray for not just indaviduals but the world to be peaceful and see the best of things. here is a qoute i made Life is a test that you live and in the end you either fail (hell) or pass (heaven). God didnt make the world an easy place so thats why we have to make it or atleast believe because we all must stay strong and we will all be back together with our loved ones happily so make sure to say kind loving respectful and u will pass and se every loved one. Peace out
the world peace helper and lover
yusur (thx for using ur time and plus i think i helped you well i hope i did)
Jana Qaddoura
Jana Qaddoura:
He was young
He didn’t get married
He didn’t get the chance to have kids
He didn’t watch them grow
Didn’t become a grandfather
But he still filled my heart and childhood with happiness and laughter 😭 😭 😭 ❤️❤️
Crystal girl hayley 2.0
Crystal girl hayley 2.0:
heck its 2020 and ppl are still grieving everyone loved him so much
hope maswanganyi
hope maswanganyi:
The video of Cameron Biyonce is shoking😭😭😭😭😭😭
•Gacha Linda•
•Gacha Linda•:
“I never gave it back and I’m so happy I didn’t”

I feel so bad 😭😭
Yusur Al-qaraghuli
Yusur Al-qaraghuli:
EVERY ONE dont be upset u should smile becuase you will see him you guys should just be patient
Richard Hawkins Jr.
Richard Hawkins Jr.:
The 2.5k people that dislike this video are cold hearted smfh
Kylee Martin
Kylee Martin:
This is so hard for everyone....

He was a hero.He was greatness . He was such a great person.

We all lost part of ourselves that horrible day.

And to those of you using him for no no. I can't believe this. I wont believe it
Sophia The Idiot Kid
Sophia The Idiot Kid:
"Dont cry because he died." "Smile because he was born." Copied

Spread this everywhere we did it with XXXTENTACION so we can do it with him.
this broke my heart i grew up watching his shows
and loved him and always will i remember watching
a jessie episode in which jessie had said ''your not
getting this car back till 2020" to luke and it broke
my heart.
rest in peace cameron you will always be
remembered and loved for those you made
Love you cameron forever
Prime Plays
Prime Plays:
I feel too terrible, I was crying with China. I want to remember Cameron by his accomplishments and not the death. But it's too emotional to forget.
I love you Cameron.
Seeing China's reaction really breaks my heart 😭😭
itsyagirlashy 9
itsyagirlashy 9:
When China started crying it broke my heart. When I saw everyone crying I was crying with them. Cameron didn’t deserve to die, he was too sweet, too strong, too giving, and he’s in a good place now. He might even be above heaven because he was too perfect. R.I.P Cameron, We all love you to death ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖💝💗💘💓💞💕❣️😍🥰😘🥺😊
Brianna Buchanan
Brianna Buchanan:
A year later and it still puts a lump in my throat. He will be and has been my favorite actor. The only thing I regret is not being able to meet him. Seeing this today and 9/11 yesterday has made me cry. My love and prayers go out to everyone who has lost someone, if that is covid, 9/11, or in anyway. 🥺❤❤❤
Ahmonie mosley
Ahmonie mosley:
May he rest in peace. God bless his family and friends.
Devan Joseph
Devan Joseph:
I was at camp and these girls were laughing and saying it was so so soooo sad and kind of not being serious about it. I just fell to the floor and started sobbing, no one understood and everyone else kinda laughed and whispered to each other. I was the only one who cried. Because that day my childhood fully ended. It was obliterated and gone just like that. Hello adult world.
Miya Vlogs
Miya Vlogs:
*This hurts*
For all my 2011-2015 jessie fans you know we *ALL* Grew up with Cameron thus for this hurts so much
Nourhan Chaar
Nourhan Chaar:
The 2.6 people who disliked literally u guys are cold hearted
Yeehaw Lol
Yeehaw Lol:
RIP cam
We will always remember you
I’m rewatching Jessie and I’m sad 😭😞🥺
Sofia‘s Welt
Sofia‘s Welt:
I am looking this in august 2020 and I am crying. I didn’t even known him as a person just like the coolest actor that I have ever seen in my live 😭💔
Miss you, you will every day be in my heart. Love you Cameron !!❤️
Delaney 624
Delaney 624:
The fact that none of us knew him personally yet all of us were/are heartbroken by his death proves just how amazing he truly is..he was able to impact so many lives without meeting those people and that is incredible
psx poison 2k4t
psx poison 2k4t:
“how can we watch descendants 3 without crying?”;’(
I remember thinking this can’t be real and it was and just broke apart
t_katora_333 games
t_katora_333 games:
This made me cry all over again Cameron will always be in my thoughts and u know he's watching us all up from heaven who else is here crying I can't be the only one. Heres some advice make as many memories as u can because before u even know it they could be gone like before u got the chance to tell them that u love them TELL THEM BECAUSE IF U DONT U MIGHT NEVER GET TOO! 😭😢
PrettyDarkskin 1
PrettyDarkskin 1:
I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I just remembered last summer one morning I woke up and it was all over the news and tik toks and just everywhere. I remember him as my Disney crush 😅🥺. I was so in love with him. He just looked like he made everyone smile in Jessie, Decendents...1,2, and 3. He just looked like he naturally carried that happy Spirit around. He always outshined and stood out in shows and movies for me for some reason. All I remember is crying for like 3 months every morning I woke up because it was a reminder of that sad morning I woke up and found out.
Baby_Girl 9201
Baby_Girl 9201:
This was in my Recommended, I’m crying
Anastasia Edwards
Anastasia Edwards:
Cameron was one of those ppl that u wouldn't think would die in a thousand years. 🙏💖
Leah Spagnoli
Leah Spagnoli:
We all loved him so much, even though it has been almost a year it still breaks my heart to think about him
CutePink Candy
CutePink Candy:
I'm so sad I never got to know about him when he was alive :(((( I watched his movies Descendants, Jessie those and I had a crush on him in Jessie :( If he was alive my dream would be to meet him! I really love his characters RIP Cameron Boyce Love you forever!
Nyanadong_ 906 Ayuek
Nyanadong_ 906 Ayuek:
Me: Watching and starting to cry 😢😭😭😭😭

He is my favorite movie star and will always be my favorite R.I.P #CameronBoyce
look at that happy smile
Favorite scene in Descendants is when Carlos met Dude for the first time. I grew up on Jessie, and Descendents is good trilogy. Will miss you forever and always Cameron Boyce. Rest in Peace.

P.S. people of the comments stop using this emoji🙏. That's the high-five emoji.
imagine being in their shoes... this news literally shocked and made everyone so sad... Imma miss you cam. RIP 🙏🏽
Jason C
Jason C:
It’s weird how he has been gone for a year and we still miss him
ლNekoi Chibiლ
ლNekoi Chibiლ:
He was such a caring and happy guy!
At least...he could share his talents with the world...I also feel bad for those kids whose name was never known by the people, and whose death was never heard of. So many inocent teens and kids die at a very young age and never did what they dreamed of. Cameron’s life was short but a very nice and amazing one
I'm sad too see him go and it's almost around the time he passed, when I was little I had the a crush on him for the longest time all threw jessie 😭😭 let's celebrate his life instead of mourning even though there is nothing wrong with that💕👼🏻😥
Ashely Moore
Ashely Moore:
RIP Cam..... We all will miss u... We will always remember.... 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥.. Rip... He was gone to soon but never forgotten
100k subscribers without any videos challenge
100k subscribers without any videos challenge:
Whoever disliked this is cruel. Cameron was way to young to go. And he’s forever in our hearts!
Esdrey Benitez
Esdrey Benitez:
Uma lo lamento tanto si que era como un amigo hermano no podemos seguir así pero ahora Necesitamos estar más Unidos para poder lograr superar esto de Cameron intentemos lograr algo yo creo que Cameron con Carlos también hubiera querido que no estuvieras así Bueno lolamente eso quería decir y mis buenas condolencias adios
Austin Buell
Austin Buell:
When I heard about it the day after it happened I balled my eyes out and stayed in bed all day I love you Cameron forever! ❤️
Dynashley Mena Abreu
Dynashley Mena Abreu:
I'm watching this in 2020 and it still make me cry like if it was yesterday I remember when I hurd that he had died I went to my mom and told her and went right back to my room and I cried for hours he was a huge part of my childhood and he will alway be one this broke my heart and it still does 😿R.I.P to a legend 🕊 fly high❤
Elizabeth Hardson
Elizabeth Hardson:
I love you and I miss you you were just so Young... why did this have to happen to you...😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 everyday I think of u just cry myself to sleep thinking about you like right now I'm crying I've been crying for 2 hours it's just sooooooooooooooooooo s-sad nothing will cheer me up after what I saw with my own two eyes.... R.I.P I will never stop loving you
iesha rhone
iesha rhone:
I’m pretty sure we all woke up in the morning and watched Jessie before school 😣 It’s just hurts because he was an amazing actor he stood out ! He always smiles ! It’s horrible seeing someone So happy pass away but everything happens for a reason right ? That’s just something I’ll never understand 😭
Danica Tasić
Danica Tasić:
This video makes me so sad... I wish Cameron was still here cause we need him in this world... He was so nice kind funny..... And i'm so sorry for all of his friends that lost him... I'm litaraly crying right now... Reast In Peace Cameron you will always be in our hearts... 💕💔😭😖🤧
hi pls don’t sub to me!!!!!
hi pls don’t sub to me!!!!!:
"Don’t be sad he’s gone, be happy he was here" Love you cam💖
Rachel James
Rachel James:
Whoever disliked this video has 100% no love or heart
Raymond V.
Raymond V.:
I still can't believe he's gone. I don't want him to be gone. I want him to come back, but I know he can't. You'll live forever in our hearts, Cameron 💔
Diamond Bees
Diamond Bees:
I pray that Jesus wrap his arms around this son of a God. R.I.P Cameron Boyce 💔
Peony Gacha
Peony Gacha:
Honor Cameron for everything’s you’ve done for the community 😭
Gaby Rodriguez
Gaby Rodriguez:
8:05 that hug is out of the world!!! He will forever be missed!!! He is an angel with god!!!❤
Urvashi Kumra
Urvashi Kumra:
I just watched descendants for the first time yesterday... it hit me hard when I remembered Cameron was gone. Jessie was my childhood... I wish I had watched this (descendents) sooner so I didn't have to flood my room with tears like I did a year ago :(
Alyssa YouTube
Alyssa YouTube:
I can’t believe 8 months ago he’s hard to believe one of the most famous Disney stars ever is gone, and people are still joking about death to this very day 💔 RIP CAMERON
theweekly tea
theweekly tea:
nooo🥺 this song was literally the first song i heard when i found out he died. its so erie and makes me shiver just thinking about that day. fly high cam❤️
May Fall
May Fall:
I’ll always miss him 🥺💔
hi pls don’t sub to me!!!!!
hi pls don’t sub to me!!!!!:
"Don’t be sad he did, be happy he was here"💙
No Mercy Karl
No Mercy Karl:
The 2.6k people who disliked this video dont have manners this is so heart breaking