Jesy Nelson QUITS Little Mix!

We have some heartbreaking news for all of the Mixers out there. After nine years together, Jesy Nelson has officially announced that she has quit Little Mix. Let's get into everything Jesy and the ladies of Little Mix said. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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100+ comentarios:

She’s actually my fave out of Little Mix. I love her body. It’s curvey. It’s realistic. It’s healthy. I never though she was fat. I though she was the perfect weight. She looked like she ate well and exercised, but also still enjoyed some dessert every now and then like a normal human. Bummer she left.
B r i
B r i:
The trolls and haters turned Jesy's dream into a nightmare
That’s what you call a healthy and supportive fandom. Camila and Zayn didn’t get the same support from their fandom after their decision. Wish you all the best of luck Jesy xx.
peter dee
peter dee:
Everyone has a different body type the fact that people can’t understand that is wild
Erin R.B
Erin R.B:
I'm really really sad, but honestly not surprised. Wishing her all the best and hope that she feels better over time
Haikal A level
Haikal A level:
Just like Adele said.

I don't make music for the eyes but for their ears.
Poland Mixer
Poland Mixer:
It's a pity that Jesy won't be in this band anymore, I regret that with her beautiful voice and cool style Jesy wants to leave the band, I don't care what others think of her, because for me she will always be the same sweet super singer
I met 9 years ago, so you don't have to insult Jesy because you don't like it
Jesy terz has feelings, perhaps even greater than
Jade, Leigh Anne, Perrie
I love you Jesy
and I tell you that I will be your loyal fan forever
Don't even start comparing this iconic group to fifth harmony or any other band that have broken up. They will still be the four friends who supported each other till the end
Hilda Bes
Hilda Bes:
There's nothing stronger than being able to put oneself first. I love her more for the decision she made to focus on herself and I pray she goes back to realizing how amazing she is in and out. I love you Jessy❤
Karla Morales Barreto
Karla Morales Barreto:
I’m so sad that Jesy has left but I understand and respect Jesy’s decision I really am sending all my love to the girls I know they’ll keep the group going even with them three 💜
Elaine Wang
Elaine Wang:
Her mental health always comes first. I'm so proud that she is doing this and putting herself first. We love you forever Jesy ❤️
Call me picky but I hate the fact that they used “quit” in the title. And don’t even get me started on this ridiculous thumbnail. Our Jesy isn’t a quitter, she simply left the band to focus on her mental health. I am so proud of her ❤️❤️❤️
Jasper Pajarillo
Jasper Pajarillo:
This is truly heartbreaking for all mixers. Jesy was the reason why I fell in love with the group. It's understandable why with a heavy heart she had to come up with such decision. What I don't understand are the people who fail to see the beauty in every human. WE LOVE YOU, Jesy! You deserve all the happiness and love in the world <3
Color Crafter
Color Crafter:
They’re all so beautiful and look like they’re having such fun when they performed. Mental health is so important, and it’s good to realize you need that time to focus on it. Jesy, you’re a beautiful lady, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Prayers for you and all the group!
Honestly she is the heart and the smile behind Little mix. Like I’ve been a fan since 2013 and her Jamaican accents her sweet heart and fun sense of humour is gonna be missed. Honestly it’s upsetting seeing her go but as Mixers we should be supportive as it is a dark time for the girls, and and by the looks of it she has her reasons so we should respect her.❤️❤️ Sending you my love and Wishes😇
Nathalya Avila
Nathalya Avila:
Man this is why i hate haters. Just be someone isn’t “skinny” enough to be beautiful isn’t a reason to hate on people. Jesy ISNT “fat”. She is beautiful and idk why everyone is hating on her. I support her don’t get me wrong but Little Mix won’t be the same with our her. I hate that people have to have a “beauty stander” on being beautiful.
Sending love Jesy ❤ We are gonna miss you. I hope you make a full recovery
Sibel Endley
Sibel Endley:
Dear Jesy it dosent matter how you look on the outside it matters who you are on the inside.We are here for you.
Love and support your fans
Tanaya Vicky Stone
Tanaya Vicky Stone:
they have such an incredible friendship, this isn’t the end of little mix. it’s the start of jesys journey. i’m so proud of her.
Kamran Hussain
Kamran Hussain:
Take as much time to recover as you need Jesy, we love and support you ❤❤❤
Airone VACT
Airone VACT:
Jesy has the unique voice, I love her. She is also a best dancer of the group
Chioma 2112
Chioma 2112:
Jesy, we love you and I think I speak for all mixers that have loved every second of your 9 years with the band and look forward to what is next for you. Girl, we will be with you every step of the way.
Eilidh Dobbie
Eilidh Dobbie:
Sending you tons of love, Jesy. I understand the need to take a step back for your mental health. Sending love to the whole of little mix.
Vinicius Valves
Vinicius Valves:
And then, the haters got what they always wanted: crush a girl's dream and made her feel SO MISERABLE to the point she started hating what she loved to do the most smh. Today we lost a soul to the online bashing. I blame y'all
Aisha Folakemi Omileye
Aisha Folakemi Omileye:
I will continue to love and support little mix as a trio, and I'll also continue to support Jesy in whatever she's doing
I freaking love her. She is a queen 💜💜 it's better for her to focus on her health. I hope that she won't hurt herself like in 2013💜💜💜💜 we love you Jesy
WE LOVE JESY. The girls love her, Mixers love her, she has so much support from all of us. I truly hope she feels better mentally, because she's a gorgeous QUEEN. I hope Little Mix continues to slay, and finally get some US recognition. We need Little Mix here in America
Acera, Joane Christine
Acera, Joane Christine:
you're beautiful just the way you are jessy. you're a great singer. you are amazing person. You might have thousands of haters but you also have a million supporters
Tiffany Mchardy
Tiffany Mchardy:
I’m so sad what the heck 😭 but I’m so happy she’s doing the right thing for her and her health, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her 💛
Nezuko kamado
Nezuko kamado:
I love this group, i love everything about them and i feel sad that she have to leave. I wish people will stop judging looks over talent, she looks absolutely fine and beautiful and talented and gorgeous. Praying for her health and hope she will come back soon.
waffles and cheesecakes
waffles and cheesecakes:
My heart is shattered rn, sending love and well wishes to Jesy, we love you
Tevis D.J.
Tevis D.J.:
Literally crying while on my lunch break to hear about this, but I understand that Jesy's mental health and wellbeing comes first. I hope she finds her strength and always know that she is always loved by the people she has in her life and fans.
The Seeker
The Seeker:
I mean, we saw it coming, didn't we? She had gotten to a point where she'd get panic attacks on stage. She really needed to take a step back. It was taking a toll on her. I'm happy for her and I'm glad to know she's in good terms with the other girls in little mix. I wouldn't want her departure to be due to feud with the others. I'm happy that they're supportive of eachother and it's all said and done in good spirits. I wish her the best. She has fought so hard through the years to stay with the band. She loved the girls and she really tried, both for the group and the fans. But it was too much. She got all sorts of negative comments and insults thrown on her and the constant comparisons with the other members was just too much. I really hope she can rejoin the band, perhaps as a guest, once in a while and perform when the girls have a show near her, to remember the old days and have a good time with her friends. Just once in a while. In any case, I hope she finds happiness.
third person
third person:
It's very very very heartbreaking but know that we love you Jesy and keep on fighting girls ❤️
Roselyn Nuve
Roselyn Nuve:
Jessy do what ever makes you feel happy we will support you
Natalie Paul
Natalie Paul:
I wish all the best for Jesy and hope that she gets well soon. I'm glad that she's taking time out for herself and getting better. Nothing but love for you girl, continue to shine like the star that you are. 💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖
Jenna Lee
Jenna Lee:
I’m sad because I’ve loved Little Mix since 2012! Jesy’s voice was unique and iconic.
The band won’t be the same without her.
Joshua Pieter
Joshua Pieter:
She has the most unique voice in this group. She the pepper and salt for little mix.
Karen Cable
Karen Cable:
So so sad to see her go....if I’m being honest she is my fave to watch as she has such sass and personality that exudes and her talent amazing! For her to be upset or think she is less than in any way is wrong! She is a beautiful person
As much as I want her to be in Little Mix, and as sad as I am that she’s leaving, I can’t help but think “finally”. She has been going through hell for 9 years and the happiness she feels performing and the love she has for the girls has been overshadowed by the bad for way too long. It is about time she takes care of herself ❤️
Rubi HRM
Rubi HRM:
And there goes my favorite in Little Mix member. I like her so much from her voice to her beauty, her personality and just everything else. I hope she regains herself back.
Ashaki Reeves
Ashaki Reeves:
I'm going to miss Jesy very much, eventhough i'm really sad i'll always support her decisions❤️
Naysa Kapoor
Naysa Kapoor:
Awww their friendship are so cute. I wish my friendship was like that!🥺
Krystn Dawn
Krystn Dawn:
As a plus size women, she was the one to give me the courage I needed to get through highschool with my head up. Her part of the music really help me. And it is really sad to see her go. I am not sure I can listen to new Little Mix music without hearing her empowering voice.
I love balls!
I love balls!:
I am not a Mixer, but I still cried over this. It's no one's business how she or any other person looks... if you don't have anything kind to say, say nothing, thank you
Poland Mixer
Poland Mixer:
You will always be the sweet and talented Jesy I met 9 years ago.
I love you Jesy
and I'll be your loyal fan forever
Yessica Snaar
Yessica Snaar:
Oh dear Jesy, I hope you find unconditional love asap 💜 you deserve so much better 💜 just do you and everything will come around ok again 💜
Sohail Khalifa
Sohail Khalifa:
Good luck jesy what ever you do we love you and thank you for making all little mix fan happy
Victoria Hatzson
Victoria Hatzson:
When this happens to bands/groups, the void that’s left in the band both vocally and as a personality is usually very apparent and it tends to signify the beginning of the end for that band... Such sad news, I really hope she didn't leave because of the negativity.
She was always my favorite. Tbh I really saw this coming and I’m not mad at her. She goes and has gone through so much while being in that group and she needs time to herself which as a HUMAN is very understandable.
im crying rn, i love u jesy, and i will not stop ☹️ it's been 4yrs, and i nvr regretted being a mixers, u're literally the mum, sunshine but wutever u're decisions are i/mixers will non stop supporting 💗 hope ure doing well :)
Caitlin Frawley
Caitlin Frawley:
I am sending my love to the women of Little Mix. I hope Jesy takes all the time she needs to heal. I still love them.
This is how you make a departure and this is how you support it. This group has defied all odds and that's one of the reasons I'll forever support them. Even if they break up(hoping they don't ) but let's me real no one wants to stay in a group their whole lives and when they make that decision I'm jumping on the Jade, Jesy, Leigh and Perrie train wherever they wish to take us!
Megan Grace
Megan Grace:
This is so sad to me people were being rude about her weight b/c I was just watching their videos and was so happy seeing her strut around stage because I thought wow yes I can do that too its hard to compare yourself to body weights you'll never attain but seeing someone who looks like you makes you feel seen 💗 I hope she gets better!
wwe creative
wwe creative:
She wants out of little mix and it’s better for her to do that rather than force it for others happiness over her own, she did that long enough. I’m still gonna support little mix as a 3.
Leia Nickerson
Leia Nickerson:
I've been a fan since the beginning these girls were little 10 year old means everything and still to this day as a 19 year old woman

These 4 will always be my idols and have that special spot my heart ❤

Jesy was my favourite and always will be much love to this gorgeous talented woman
Morrigan Marquise
Morrigan Marquise:
She was my favorite!! I live her!! Hope everything works out great for her!! Much love!!
Sharon Fernandes
Sharon Fernandes:
I love you girls. All the best , the four of you. Miss you Jessy, Get well soon.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elena Sitanari
Elena Sitanari:
so sad but i’m so so proud of her for being so brave and hope she finds the happiness she so deserves🤍🤍
Daisy Hamshere
Daisy Hamshere:
Can people stop saying it’s just like 1D and 5H, Jesy hasn’t left for a solo career, she’s left for herself and mental health.
Edit: I wasn’t trying to say that Zayn and Camilla didn’t leave for justified reasons, I was just trying to say that even they may have all left for mental health, they shouldn’t be compared. They are all different and had different reasons in mind when they left. If Jesy decides to release solo music in the future, I will fully support her because I love her voice. But she has left to step back from the music industry expectations. It isn’t funny and should be taken seriously so please respect her decision and send her support.
Nehat Tahsin
Nehat Tahsin:
It must have been so hard for her to make this decision. Even now it feels so surreal. I hope Jesy is ok and we’ll still support in whatever she does next now. ❤️
Ifebueme Lovelyn C
Ifebueme Lovelyn C:
I'm really going to miss you Jesy

And the gag is *you're always going to be loved and cherished*

I wish you well...get well Jesy
Brawl Gamer
Brawl Gamer:
Jesy was my favorite from LM.And she'll remain the same no matter what happens 🦋✨
I never ever thought this day would come. I am so shocked and upset right now but I know it is for the better and I will always love these girls no matter what. Love you Jesy good luck.
Mental health comes first and I'm proud of Jesy for being so strong all of these years. I'll keep loving and supporting all 4 girls always ❤
Tiffany B-W
Tiffany B-W:
I'm going to miss Jesy as she's beautiful & was my fav, wishing her and the other ladies all the best.
Karima Fouad
Karima Fouad:
I hope she makes her own music someday... Her voice is incredible
Thank you for all these 9 years Jesy... We love you! ❤️❤️
April Joy Cinco
April Joy Cinco:
She's very good in singing especially in low notes, I'm so sad for her.
Kman Nash
Kman Nash:
I’m sure when jessy is better she can come back in the band they r still friends which is beautiful
S.S Milla
S.S Milla:
I cried so much... Jesy to me was the most realistic and inspirational artist ever in a girl band because other girl members to me were sort of like the same because they were mostly absolutely slim with abs and all that shit... jesy was just so different it made her stand out in such a beautiful way in my eyes.
Jessica Saunders
Jessica Saunders:
I'm going to miss her she was my favorite in the group
Brent Martheze
Brent Martheze:
I'm really sad that Jesy's leaving. Her voice is so distinct and that low harmony of hers is so powerful and I feel like it blends them well (well whenever one of them are missing their harmony falls) but I'm glad that Little Mix is continuing as a trio. They never disappoint and are extremely consistent and they have a lot of more stories to tell. I'm a bit skeptical about how their harmonies will be as a 3 because Jesy's lower harmony is irreplaceable and LM are highkey known for their harmonies.
Dannah Rey
Dannah Rey:
I'm just waiting for her to feel like the goodness she is, and be back!! LM is NOT the same without her 😥
I think we might all have our own solo projects at sometime, but we will always come back as *Little Mix* ~ Jesy Nelson
Briana Walsh
Briana Walsh:
Sending love to Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie. I will always continue to support you girls. Lots of love Xoxo
Mercedes Hall
Mercedes Hall:
Awe so sad😭. I knew it was coming but I didn’t want to believe it. She is SO INSPIRATIONAL to others who also struggle from mental health issues. I also understand that being in the spotlight all the time is really tough and if this is right for her, I think that’s great. Little mix will not be the same without her, but thankfully the other 3 girls are also amazing.
I'm a big fan of Little Mix. I love all of their songs. I respect Jessy's decision and I will keep on following the girls on their journey. I wish happiness for Jessy. You're beautiful. Those who can't see it are just waste. (Waste of your time and waste of your concern). Build yourself love again bring a new and better Jessy than ever. Love lots girls 😘💖💖💖
Jesy u r absolutely AMAZING all I can say is u rlly dropped this 👑
miinjade 14
miinjade 14:
Kindness is free, learn from this guys:(
Little mix will always be FOUR, and their friendship is forever...Jesy be happy, thank you for ALL the things you did for us mixers ❣️
Courtney Loch
Courtney Loch:
This is heartbreaking... I love all of the ladies but had a special place in my heart for Jesy. I will always support her and the other girls. Being the same age as Jesy and dealing with mental health issues myself... I understand why she did what she did.
Christina Parker
Christina Parker:
Jesy, is an amazing singer. Wish her the best. She will be missed in little mix.
I honestly feel that this was coming and I am sad it happened. I hope she is doing better and I understand were she is coming from.
They've had a fab run and done more than a lot of girl bands do. ultimately and most importantly they still and will always (hopefully) have their friendship. Someone always calls it a day eventually,nothing lasts forever. Wish them well 💙
beauty bee
beauty bee:
Whatever happens. I’ll always support each and every one of them. Jesy deserves so much than the bullshit that she suffers from the haters :( she’s so beautiful, and her body is stunning :(
how can they even call her fat? They literally no have heart.
Mollanguinho ofc
Mollanguinho ofc:
Eu estou Devastada por isso,os motivos que a fez sair do LM são desumanos.
Jia Pia
Jia Pia:
This breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I hope the bullies are happy. She couldn’t stand being scrutinized for every little thing she did. Screw all of them.
Nujood Mubarak
Nujood Mubarak:
That just soo heart breaking I hope she get well soon and ignore all the bullies out there she’s an amazing women I love their music so much it inspires me and give me hope when I’m down
Shen Madiwela
Shen Madiwela:
Jesy deserves nothing but happiness. To all the haters who gave her a hard time I hope u r happy.
Ilavarasi Sakthivel
Ilavarasi Sakthivel:
We will miss you and your voice Jesy.😘😢
We always love you.💕
she's beautiful just the way she is
Angie MANA'O
Angie MANA'O:
Da tired person
Da tired person:
As heartbreaking as this is, I fully support Jesy. Her mental health is more important. Jesy can take as much time as she needs. Hopefully, they'll be back as a 4 piece group instead of 3. Though if they do stay a 3 piece group I'm fine with that. If Jesy is happy then we should all be happy and respectful.

Lots of love.
Dino nuggies
Dino nuggies:
She is so beautiful how can anyone say mean things about her. Oh my gosh it’s upsetting how people can do that.
ktoś zły
ktoś zły:
I'm watching this being a week late and God I can't believe. But I understand, mental health always goes first. Love to Jesy and all of them❤️
Tai H
Tai H:
As soon as i started to love the group they split. Jesy’s voice is irreplaceable 🥺😢
Eryn Lockett
Eryn Lockett:
Jesy your a gorgeous women your are beautiful 😻 don’t let them tear you down !!!you are inspiration you are awesome
Lisbet Ascon
Lisbet Ascon:
Beautiful Jesy, will miss her 💓 gorgeous voice !