Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deliver remarks in Delaware – watch live

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his newly picked running mate Kamala Harris deliver remarks in first joint political campaign.

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Evan Ellacott
Evan Ellacott:
So the first 27 minutes of this video were unnecessary
Riley James music
Riley James music:
I wonder how nervous his handlers were putting him up there.
Should sanitize hands before/after the speech. As more than one person is touching the stand.
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson:
If you weren't imprisoned by Kamala Harris, you ain't black!!
GN Mino Mino
GN Mino Mino:
Looters/"protesters raid a Ronald McDonald House where little kids with cancer are cared for. Any comment Biden Harris Ticket?
Representation means nothing without real transformative change.
tomasz wlodarski
tomasz wlodarski:
Trump ❤️
Daithe de paore
Daithe de paore:
Cannot wait till Donnie gets Joe on the debate stage.
Sources Say
Sources Say:
High School Gymnasiums and Democrats go hand in hand.
How did we end up here...
draken page
draken page:
Kylan Eggleston
Kylan Eggleston:
@27:52 you're welcome for that, also.
Denny Barch
Denny Barch:
STARTS at 27:50 you're welcome.
Sheshank S
Sheshank S:
The real question is, how will Sen. Harris approach pandemic policies?: @yBlE
Saurabh Menon
Saurabh Menon:
Which song at the beginning?
Tann Hauser
Tann Hauser:
bi polar govern.ments for bi polar humans
C. Doud
C. Doud:
This makes my 7 year old child fall asleep. Thank you, Joe!
Annette Schexnayder
Annette Schexnayder:
Terrance Thomas
Terrance Thomas:
We must hold dems to a standard of Social Justice.
Wow! 4 comments. LOL
XDA Lab:
E S:
China loves Biden ❤️
Truth not opinion
Truth not opinion:
In November the US gets to decide, USA or the Chaz zone. pure and simple!
Biden forgot something fr WH that's why he wants to come back. Kamala is politically ambitious. She attacked Biden. Hypocrites. She wants to be on top. Same like HRC.
sara parker
sara parker:
Toni P
Toni P:
Lame! Lame! Lame! It's a great day for America when you go away!
Luis Avila
Luis Avila:
guardian working hard for Dems!
Justine Myers
Justine Myers:
I'm soooo looking forward to debates with President Trump.
Michael Heine
Michael Heine:
I love how they can’t hug or shake hands at the end
Starseeds Unite
Starseeds Unite:
kanye 2020
Joann Rinear
Joann Rinear:
Sorry, but actions speak louder than words. Joe lives in the past. I can't help but feel, if they get in office, the first thing they will do is say they can't do anything because it's Trump's fault.
Few things to win
1. Microphone must be very close to the mouth. May be use wireless. Can not afford loosing voice in a speech. Listeners must here very clearly and loudly what the message is.
2. Stop using the tongue touching the lower inside tooth. Will improve image.
3. Move around a bit during speech. Do not be stuck to one place.

This is the first time I watched your speech. I wish all the best for you.
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder:
Gee, looks like a huge crowd
flip-flopper definition = Kamala Harris
US informa...l a person who makes a complete change of policy, opinion, etc
IL Scrapple
IL Scrapple:
black masks matter
jeff pain
jeff pain:
# 1TRUMP 2020
My 2 Cents
My 2 Cents:
The music is appropriate. I think I can man , I think I can man I hope you can man , try to use the can man , you got to walk across the floor man , don't stumble your words man :)) Music is as crazy as the man appearing.
t t
t t:
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
Rock on 💙
Denny Barch
Denny Barch:
well..... this was great to be able to find, but in all honesty i hope they don't do this gushing silliness about family or the type of son he had or that silliness. be humble, authentic, honest and above all, retain the integrity PLEASE.
Abbey's Grandma
Abbey's Grandma:
Biden/Kamala Want To Make Washington The Capital Of The World - To Take Care of Others Start by Taking Care of Your Own First.
Study and Smile
Study and Smile:
has america ever had a woman vice president?
Sheena345 M
Sheena345 M:
Wonderful! Sarah and Ben.
Taz 52
Taz 52:
Mondale Ferraro 2020
Anna Bkackwell
Anna Bkackwell:
Trump 2020
GET BIDEN ON THE DEBATE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S SEE WHAT HE'S GOT THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tan Lain
Tan Lain:
What is going on, Sarah Palin and McCain are a better candidates.
Wade Watson
Wade Watson:
Song reminds me or the theme to "The Jeffersons". Geez.
claudia castillo
claudia castillo:
*Broke’ Hunter Biden got $450K tax lien ‘resolved’ within days: report*
Sea Beez
Sea Beez:
Hi I'm in Delaware 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Let’s get erratic confederate Trump out of office!
A Krenwinkle
A Krenwinkle:
The choice of intro song is very telling. Not so subtle reminders that Kamala is... well, you know. And that's the way it's going to be. Drummed into us that that is the important thing about her.
Truth not opinion
Truth not opinion:
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deliver remarks, says the title how else would the Guardian luvvies describe it? Certainly not a debate, auto cue Jo and universally despised Harris yeah right!
Sensei McCall
Sensei McCall:
This would be laughable if it wasn't so serious to the world security.
I hope the American people do their due diligence.
Neither person (BIDEN /HARRIS) is creditable or worthy of the office.
Tim Olsen
Tim Olsen:
One thing she brings to the table, during tough negotiations, she has always been willing to lift her slippers toward the ceiling for the power play! She’s never refused Mayor Brown, “WILLIE” to forward her career, AGOC! As “VICE” President, she’ll sure be a negotiator! Even her father is disgusted by her hypocrisy!
Corey Burnette
Corey Burnette:
Did she really compare Ebola to Covid-19??!
Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth
Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth:
Where is hunter ?
bob smith
bob smith:
Bo obituary tributes
video ends at 1:13:43. youre welcome
Is There Not A Cause For All
Is There Not A Cause For All:
50:52 Oh the same Joe who never thought about himself when he was making the laws to keep poor little Kamala from riding the bus to school......I cant wait for the debates
Benjamin Rozman
Benjamin Rozman:
34:06 can someone please tell me what he says here? I swear he was misreading the teleprompter baaaadly
rol pen
rol pen:
i wonder what dirt this woman has on the Biden family to get on the ticket and basically be president because that old man is gone . Not one mention of the riots in america LOL
C 159
C 159:
Trump for 2020 🗽🇺🇸
Brenda Gnader
Brenda Gnader:
I watched this yesterday on CNN. I was so happy to see this team. It was nice hearing intelligent people in their positions talk.
Duke Wellington
Duke Wellington:
If you believe black lives matter, and you vote Kamala in as VP, you are doing the very thing you protest against.
thomas omalley
thomas omalley:
What a race baiter...
Species 443764 Breen
Species 443764 Breen:
Laughs in trump
Jason Hay
Jason Hay:
"Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" - Kamala Harris & Joe Biden [Duet] Cover 2020
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez:
Oh lord, this is content gold.
Why wear a mask ,then take it off and instantly touch your face?
You cannot get more *phony* than *Kamala* , sheesh... 🙄
Krimskiy UA
Krimskiy UA:
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris First. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Matt Patterson
Matt Patterson:
Kamala you had to ride a bus
Lie: 1) to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive 2) to create a false or misleading impression
Biden: "I'm not working for you"
efren chavez
efren chavez:
mkreasifurnitur MK Furniture
mkreasifurnitur MK Furniture:
Joe Biden and Kemala .president.analysa and prediksi for presiden 2020.2024 American president Joe Biden
America is excited!!!✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽
McGannahan Skyjellyfetti
McGannahan Skyjellyfetti:
🇺🇲 *DONALD TRUMP 2020* 🇺🇲
Elton Joel
Elton Joel:
well, I'm not from the US but........... I think u guys are going to collapse like the soviet union
As i read the over flow of negative comments I laugh because I know that they are all RUSSIAN BOTS we won't be fooled this year
irene C
irene C:
Someone call the police, this is elderly abuse. The racist and the honey badger.
Anna Wallace
Anna Wallace:
AWESOME! GO BIDEN/HARRIS! Finally some LEADERSHIP and HOPE! So excited for this election!
Ken McMillan
Ken McMillan:
Well she did admit she'd do anything for him.. We know, we know!!!🤣🤣🤣
A. A.
A. A.:
Has anyone realized that:

Kamala "Heels up" Harris: Is an Indian woman who identifies as black when it suits her
Elizabeth "Flying Hatchet Red Crow" Warren: Is a white woman that identifies as Indian when it suits her
Alexandria Tirado
Alexandria Tirado:
thomas omalley
thomas omalley:
No wonder we had to wait so long to find out the V.P. pick... it had to take him a month to rehearse this speach...
Suresh Khatiwada
Suresh Khatiwada:
Kamala Harris indian woman
Sleepy Joe + sleeping Kama = Make America Sleep Again
David Daniels
David Daniels:
Joe better get a food taster
Chris B
Chris B:
Are they speaking to an empty room?
Maxim Popov
Maxim Popov:
Peace Love and Democracy 💙
Brian Farkas
Brian Farkas:
Money is free !!! It means nothing!! Comes from nowhere!
Debbie Fultz
Debbie Fultz:
Kalamata olives are better..They will not win.
Seek the truth
Seek the truth:
I want to know what you will do to solve the problems of terrorism, violence, ideological extremism, ignorance, oppression, provide freedom of expression and preserve human rights in the countries of the Middle East, and what you will do to stop Israel's aggressive practices against the Palestinian people and the violation of their rights .. We hope that you fulfill our hopes
Seek the truth
Seek the truth:
I want to know what you will do to solve the problems of terrorism, violence, ideological extremism, ignorance, oppression, provide freedom of expression and preserve human rights in the countries of the Middle East, and what you will do to stop Israel's aggressive practices against the Palestinian people and the violation of their rights .. We hope that you fulfill our hopes
Tim Ruth
Tim Ruth:
I wish the democrats would quit talking about DJT and talk about what they might try to do. Blah, blah , blah.
Nia Thomas
Nia Thomas:
Chi Town
Chi Town:
Didn't answer the question I'm talking the current state of all the Democratic cities I nentioned that are being destroyed with Democratic Leadership. Explain that!
Lots of Russian trolls in this thread. They are here to support their Russo-Manchurian Candidate. I think revenge will be sweet.