Joey King and Jacob Elordi Talk DATING in Hollywood

Jacob Elordi and Joey King open up to ET’s Katie Krause about the hardships of dating in the public eye as they gear up for the release of ‘The Kissing Booth 2,’ out on Netflix on July 24.

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It sucks that everyone hates on Joey king, constantly comparing her to zendaya when they’re both genuine people. One is not better than the other especially when she is not a hateful person. Edit: I made this post to bring awareness that they’re equal and to not bring either one of them down yet you guys can’t stop commenting that zendaya is better or Joey is. Let’s not forget they both managed to date Jacob elordi. Checkmate x
Jackie Potter
Jackie Potter:
Honestly I don’t think he necessarily hates being in this movie, I feel Jacob just doesn’t wanna work with Joey because they’re exes. I wouldn’t wanna work with my ex either tbh. I don’t judge him.
Jem Tahana
Jem Tahana:
Who else knows her from Ramona and beezus?
Sariah Gittens
Sariah Gittens:
He looked more interested in talking about his birthday than the actual movie
Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta:
So Joel is engaged?
And he plays a high school boy? And looks like a middle school boy? Gotcha
I understand that kissing booth is not so deep film unlike euphoria, but he should've shown more interest because joey also acted on THE ACT. Which she basically got an emmy nomination.
Charlotte James
Charlotte James:
Interviewer : do you think Elle and Noah are endgame?
Jacob : *awkwardly pauses for a few seconds* yeah why not?

This guy couldn't be more uninterested
Mochi Luv
Mochi Luv:
OK guys don't yall think Jacob Elordi isn't in the same interviews cus he's quarantined in Aussie and there is a time difference?
Olivia Dobbs
Olivia Dobbs:
Everyone worried about how uninterested Jacob is. Me sitting there going does he have a mullet !?
makayla o'brien
makayla o'brien:
I feel like I’m the only one who did not know he was Australian.
Ashleigh Rose
Ashleigh Rose:
Is it me or does Jacob seem kinda uninterested? When promoting the first movie he seemed like such a nice, sweet, fun guy... Now he seems more like "I don't wanna be here, I'm above this." What happened?! And no, a breakup doesn't change who you are morally as a person, before anyone blames Joey and his break-up.
Linder Forstna
Linder Forstna:
that is the reason i would never date an co actor
Kenyatta Allen
Kenyatta Allen:
I hate that everyone in the comments is saying Jacob looks uninterested , he honestly looks calm and collected
Mendes Lover
Mendes Lover:
Ugh I hate when actors date their co stars and break up and then they let it affect the movie because part of a good movie is a good crew Edit: guysss stopp 😭😭 fr tho I mean part of a good movie is to know that the cast enjoys each other and has fun interviews
B B.B.
B B.B.:
I like Joey because she doesn’t have an ego like Jacob. Dude is acting like he’s above everything!!
Yasmin Taylor
Yasmin Taylor:
Everyone: talking about how uninterested Jacob was
oisika dev
oisika dev:
Honestly, i think he was normal in the interview. I didn't find him grumpy on anything. I feel like even though he is a great actor, he is kind of a shy guy. When the interviewer asked him about his bday, he happily talked about all the gifts he received
I thought the interview was okay and hr was behaving okay too.
Ikram Dakhchi
Ikram Dakhchi:
Am I the only one who shipped Joey King and Jacob Elordi?

Edit: Omg!! Thank you guys so much for all the likes and comments! <3
Tessa Lam
Tessa Lam:
no hate but it looks like Jacob always asks for a separate and alone interview when it comes to the kissing booth... EDIT: i’m so sorry! i totally forgot he was in australia yeah of course he can’t be with them bc of the huge time dif, sadly 😪 but i just wish we could see him being happy and goofy with the cast like for the first movie (and i think i’m not the only one that wishes that). sorry again for the misunderstanding...
Maitte LD
Maitte LD:
I’m the only one who doesn’t like Jacobs haircut?
The fact that everyone is saying he looks uninterested is weird, if i hadn't of looked at the comments I wouldn't have even thought of that. To me he seems cool calm and collected, plus he's Australian that's just how we talk, we don't have to be bouncing off the walls to be happy at something, it's like when we say something is good we literally say "Yeah nah, it's sick"
Star Storm12
Star Storm12:
It’s so annoying that everyone hates on Jacob. He’s being chill and honest with his answers. Maybe instead of assuming the worst of him, think about how he feels. Actually show some care. Is he tired? Has he slept well? Has he eaten? Is everything okay with him? There’s so many things that could contribute to his “uninterested” attitude instead of him just being rude. We should all remember that he filmed both kissing booth 2 and 3 consecutively after filming euphoria for 8 months with little space in between. He’s probably really tired. Let him be
booboo who
booboo who:
Everyone’s commenting on his personality but he’s honestly just a shy Australian dude... this is how they all act hahah they’re chill and they wanna go surfing, I’m not kidding
arianna’s world
arianna’s world:
guys he’s acting in a movie with his ex of course he’s gonna be uninterested in it like-
NIA Gilbert
NIA Gilbert:
Everyone is saying Jacob should be more excited, just because his personality is a bit more relaxed doesn’t mean he thinks he’s better than everyone.
Just Isra
Just Isra:
Everyone’s commenting about Jacob being off/rude but I honestly don’t see it. That just seems to be his personality? He’s naturally reserved/chill but he was super polite. I thought he was pretty great considering it was night too.
why is no one talking about the fact that it looks like Jacob has a mullet lmao I love it
It’s so funny that everyones so mad at Jacob and saying that he thinks he’s above everything in the comments when he’s just chilling in Australia with his family and going surfing
It’s Isa
It’s Isa:
I think Jacob is just being super Aussie hahahaha, he’s not acting above anything. Just super chilled out after spending more time here with his family. Less of the glamour and glitz and more surf and sun, that’ll do it for ya.
Hikari jp
Hikari jp:
yall are so judgemental lol u never know whats going on in others people’s lives
Regina Garcia Antonio
Regina Garcia Antonio:
this movie made him famous, and he just acts like he doesn’t care. boy be professional and keep your feelings apart
Viktória Trnková
Viktória Trnková:
I dont get all those comments about Jacob... he isnt in the same interview, because he is in Australia and he answers the quenstions and explains things... it seemed pretty normal to me🙈
Sorry but I ship Joey and Jacob 🤷🏽‍♀️.
beth v
beth v:
Who here isn't offended by Jacob and just wants to see him succeed as well as the others!
Kaydee Maree
Kaydee Maree:
Jacob is literally acting like any other beachy Australian dude. Leave him alone. 😂 us Queenslanders are chiiiiiiiiiillllllllll af
doesn't matter
doesn't matter:
There is a time difference that's why they are not in joint interviews. People are looking for drama when there is nothing wrong with this interview
he has a mullet NJSJWJD
Nickbo 89
Nickbo 89:
To all the teenage kids who are dissing this guy Jacob saying he’s uninterested or rude, grow up. Just because he broke up with Joey doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or wasn’t respectable in this interview. You are looking for reasons that aren’t even there to hate on him and it’s incredibly immature.
Laura S.T
Laura S.T:
People are acting as if he’s the only actor who ever disliked a movie he’s in. He didn’t say anything bad about the movie or any of the people who worked with him, just that he wouldn’t like to be on the third movie, it’s no big deal. Robert Pattinson said way more shit about Twilight, it’s not that deep. Yeah Joey was on the act but only because she liked acting on the kissing booth it doesn’t mean he has to love it too
Lmao, so many people in the comments saying Jacob is “rude” and “uninterested” and “cocky” and I’m like he’s literally just a chilled out Australian guy. They’re all like that, kinda like us brits in the sense that we’re not over the top just to display happiness. He seems like a really sweet, shy and honest guy. Also I don’t know why people are assuming he hated the movie? Did you not hear what he said? He just said he was tired and had to wing it, we all do that in our lives and jobs. He is human just like the rest of us. Also too many of y’all aren’t getting his dry sense of humour. Honestly it’s beyond me how ignorant some people are. He isn’t necessarily going to have the personality y’all want him to, get over it 😅 roll on TKB 3!!
This franchise is to him is what Twilight is to Robert Pattinson. A bad reminder of the past
Renee Mobley
Renee Mobley:
They are GROWN ass adults it is about time the media starts putting stories surrounding celebrities personal life on the shelves.
Otterly Emusing
Otterly Emusing:
Why is everyone saying Jacob looks uninterested/uncomfortable and full of himself??? He looks the exact opposite... really calm and down to earth. he kinda looks a little shy too.
Diana Chavira
Diana Chavira:
Jacob is a shy person, he was different around Joey when they were dating for that specific reason. People need to chill. All his interviews are this articulate and serious. He does not need to be al hyped all the freaking time. He is an adult. He’s acting like one.
This dude is literally in a different time zone and y’all making it seem like he doesn’t want to do the interview with Joey. Be realistic.
Shana S
Shana S:
I think he seems like someone who got into acting and was initially excited and now regrets how many people are involved in his personal life and wishes he had more privacy.
*All yal talking bout how Jacob isn't in the same interview but no one is talking about how JOEL IS ENGAGED!! Ma heart hurts pero if he's happy, I'm happy* 💔❤
I can feel the awkwardness 😭
Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention:
I read the comments before watching the video and was expecting something different. Jacob was fine in his interview. I'm not understanding all of the judgment. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Djanira joseph
Djanira joseph:
i cant be the only one that saw Mia is played by a different actress
Unity op
Unity op:
he’s going end up being like Robert Pattinson lol 😂
Jenny Tan
Jenny Tan:
Jacob doesn’t have a big ego. He’s just chill just like every other Australian.
Samantha Behling
Samantha Behling:
This interview was just cringy. If you are going to ask that type of question, it needs to be done with more skill. Honestly seemed to me that the interviewer was just trolling for info about their break up.
I dont want to think of jacob that hes very ungrateful for KB but he makes it really hard
I love how we gone in the comments thinks that Jacob is acting “above everything” and arrogant when to me he seems chill and slightly introverted like he’s not rude at all wth? 😭🤷🏾‍♀️
l.p 890
l.p 890:
am i the only one think jacob always wants to be alone and not hangouts with the crew ?
Morgan's Videos
Morgan's Videos:
I wanna know how much money they paid Jacob to do this.
Aniyah Hart
Aniyah Hart:
Everyone’s talking about his demeanor, but I’m focused on the accent😭‼️ I never knew he was Australian until I scrolled through the comments
cupcake thomas
cupcake thomas:
I believe he wants nothing to do with tkb bc of his ex 🤷🏾‍♀️.Just imagine how much he’s being payed not to care about the movie and ex that made him Famous. SMH 🤦🏾‍♀️
Didn’t Jacob have a thing with zendaya a few months ago
Nyla Mitchell
Nyla Mitchell:
LMAO I can never unsee her as Gypsy Rose Blanchard😭😭
Jacob is like that because he commented that the first movie made him too famous and he wanted to go out like a normal person. That’s why he said that he doesn’t want to take projects like this. Respect his attitude and his true personality. I think it’s totally understandable, and he seems like an actor that is not interested in fame or all that toxic shit.
Yasmeen Porter
Yasmeen Porter:
I think that jacob paused after the endgame question bc he wanted to answer withough spoiling the movie lmao, but NOT bc he doesn't care
Jay dot.
Jay dot.:
I'm kinda over co actors dating leave the romance in the movie
Kay. C
Kay. C:
Sad that as an actor he's not even trying to act like he cares. It's like dang dude suck it up for the fans of the movie and if it's so beneath you don't do another Netflix movie.
T D.I:
Jacob is an aussie, and most aussies are chilled, which is such a contrast compared to most Americans in interviews
tanja gallmetzer
tanja gallmetzer:
lmfao does he think he's better than anyone else after Euphoria? This Movie literally made you Jacob
Can we all appreciate Joeys professionalisms, Joels smile and Jacobs kindness?
Michelle Figueroa
Michelle Figueroa:
Jacob talked about “I’m getting older I feel like I shouldn’t be making high school teenager role ” boyy that’s the point of acting, they give u the script and you act it. No matter what kind of role they give u they way u act is what makes you a great actor.
Gianna Ramirez
Gianna Ramirez:
OKAY. So here's the deal. Basing from Jacob and Joey's videos when they were still together, Jacob was really enjoying himself and seems like he really is himself: The guitar part, the playing with bells on the gym, the talkative attitude on live... WOW. Just compare it to Jacob's demeanor right now on his recent interviews. He seem really off and down. Some people say that he's just a shy and quiet guy, but have yall seen the Jacob in in videos when they were still together? Does he seem to be the shy type? I think not. After the breakup, there was a huge shift in his demeanor and he stayed quiet. Seems that he really was himself with Joey, and so was Joey. They really seemed perfect and on the same wavelengths in terms of weirdness, quirkiness, and attitude. Just sucks to say that we will never really know what happened between them. Hurts to see how they can come from here, to being strangers.
Willard Seijuro
Willard Seijuro:
Can't wait tommorow from cebu Philippines
A A:
I hope this is the last 'teen hearthrob' he plays. He's so much better than that and he knows it. He's a phenomenal actor.
Danielle Andrade
Danielle Andrade:
Everyone’s complaining about Jacob being rude? I don’t see it like he seems super chill
sakurabloom xx
sakurabloom xx:
i never clicked this fast in my entire life because of the thumbnail gshsbshs
Reggie Necesario
Reggie Necesario:
such a heart break after the break up of jacob and joey)) :
Shazia Miah
Shazia Miah:
It’s funny how Jacob is being such an ass about doing a season 2 when this movie is what really gave him recognition and then you have the queen joey who has won an Emmy and is so proud of her work and doesn’t have an ego
Tyler Madison
Tyler Madison:
I love how all their names start with J aww
im so exited for tommorow!!
cupcake thomas
cupcake thomas:
Joey is very mature about working with her ex but Jacob acts like it the end of the freaking world and disowns the movie. 🤦🏾‍♀️😕
TikTok Complications
TikTok Complications:
I’m kinda hurt with all these Hate comments about Jacob Elordi, Guys The kissing booth one would not have happened without our Noah Flynn and if Kissing booth one never have happened there wouldn’t be a kissing booth two all you guys are kinda going overboard with these Hate com meant Jacob went from Euphoria to The kissing booth how you’ve switch characters coming from a psychopath back to the Charming Noah Flynn we all Loved so calm down and #JacobElordi
Bruh leave Jacob alone maybe he had a bad day, maybe he hates the movie. He did the interview and he wasn't having an attitude at ALL. His personal life it's not anyone's business 💀💀
Nour Habli
Nour Habli:
Y’all are literally so dramatic... he literally seemed so chill and happy to answer her question. Why do u like to assume/judge everything?💀
Sanskriti Barua
Sanskriti Barua:
I feel like Jacob was off in the movie. Like he's uncomfortable the whole timee!
Y’all hating on Jacob like it ain’t awkward to do a movie with your ex- when he’s moved on. And let’s be honest comparing Kissing Booth and Euphoria. Kissing both is a little trivial compared to his other work. I’d be over it too lmao
Carolina Contreras
Carolina Contreras:
since everyone knew that jacob didn’t like the kissing booth, everyone started focusing on that (negatively) when he is just answering like every other interview...
Seneca Crouse
Seneca Crouse:
Everyone has to realize that Joey grew up in the Bizz, she knows how to work these interviews and all, Joel and Jacob are new to the game so obviously they’re going to come off a little more reserved and awkward.
i think he’s just like that. if u watch euphoria interviews he’s low key the same
No matter what Jacob does y‘all aren‘t happy. He did the movie and interviews and he seems totally fine in this one. Just because he isn‘t overly happy doesn‘t mean he has an ego. I‘d feel a bit shy and awkward to answer questions like this lol
TikTok Complications
TikTok Complications:
I feel like Jacob is going through something In life private and all of us have no idea so stop with the hate comments and it’s not gonna take you no where 😭❤️
it’s so weird hearing his australian accent but i think i’m even more in love 🤣
Alba Rivadeneira
Alba Rivadeneira:
Jacob is acting normal yall... but anyways how’s yalls day ❤️
Robb Khan
Robb Khan:
I ship them both love Joey and Jacob ❤
Kay. C
Kay. C:
I've seen huge stars act more humble than him it's like the chick from grey's anatomy but a male version. I wish he would stop acting like he's above a Netflix paycheck.
Eisna Denise
Eisna Denise:
i was kinda relieved after seeing the ksb2 bloopers where joey and jacob were laughing
I just love how everybody becomes so judgemental and making assumptions about Jacob... These guys already filmed Kissing Booth 3 ... all I can do is smile
People commenting things about Jacob as if they know exactly what’s going on. It’s just sad to see how nasty people can act when they comment based off an assumption. I hope the same people who are commenting rude things also look into the idea that the interviews might be in two different times zones .🤷🏾‍♀️
Lily Smith
Lily Smith:
I could feel the awkward tension through the screen
Izabela Scaunas
Izabela Scaunas:
"so Noah and Elle are scrutinized, did you feel scrutinized in real life" give them a break already... It's not the first Hollywood couple who breaks up... I cannot imagine how difficult is for them to answer the same question again and again...
Jordy Pordy
Jordy Pordy:
So I didn’t know Jacob sounded like that and now I love his voice
i don’t judge jacob for feeling the way he does lmfao like sit down and let the man live