Joey King & Joel Courtney Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

'The Kissing Booth 2' stars Joey King and Joel Courtney answer the internet's burning questions about themselves. How did Joey King become famous? How did Joey and Sabrina Carpenter meet? How tall is Joel Courtney? Is Joel related to Joey King? Joel and Joey answer all these questions and much more!

'The Kissing Booth 2' is available exclusively on Netflix July 24. Watch here:

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Joey King & Joel Courtney Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

Miruna Popa
Miruna Popa:
the way she CASUALLY said “i was with jacob i get it”
Katie is cool
Katie is cool:
why does Joel Courtney act the exact same as his character in the kissing booth
Leila Leila
Leila Leila:
Joel just seems like the nicest person in the world
I'm sure this isnt planned, but all three main characters real names start with J 🤣
Hanna Merija
Hanna Merija:
We all know the most searched question was if she still is together with Jacob
Johannah Bagaoisan
Johannah Bagaoisan:
When they said Ross lynch, Joel suddenly sounded A LOT LIKE ross
Joel's throat has six packs
Violeta Purcell Rivera
Violeta Purcell Rivera:
it bothers me how joey is being so mature and promoting the movie and being geniuenly excited about the kissing booth 2, while jacob elordi is not even interacting with the crew or not even promoting the movie just because “he doesnt want to be known for a teen movie” like sis, calm down ypuve done like 2 movies...he could at least be great full for getting the chance to act in a movie that is pretty famous
I guess Jacob Elordi has refused to do any promotion for this movie.
carina mc pherson
carina mc pherson:
OK I respect joey sooo much, I kinds live how she said "cuz I was with Jacob" it was decent of her to mention that x
J a d e
J a d e:
Joel: has a girl name as a last name
Joey: has a guy name as a first name
me: coincidence? i tHinK nOt
Sabrina Melikova
Sabrina Melikova:
I love how respectful they are, like not incorporating Jacob related searches...
Aisha Shakeel
Aisha Shakeel:
last time i was this early joey king was just the little girl who played ramona
Lisa Crawshaw
Lisa Crawshaw:
Joel is not a cusp, he’s just an Aquarius. Who told him he’s a cusp lol
Jahsir Robinson
Jahsir Robinson:
Imagine if their names were Courtney King and Joel Joey
Aryn Ayala
Aryn Ayala:
I get that Jacob wants to be in more mature acting jobs but when your in a movie and you have made money doing it you should always promote the thing that made him famous. I had never heard of him before this movie series.
Ursula McDonough
Ursula McDonough:
it’s awesome that joel and joey are older and they still support their acting in the kissing booth even though it’s such a cheesy (but obviously still AMAZING) movie. jacob is acting like a child right now. he should be grateful that he has such a big role in a movie that went really well. and the fact that he’s REFUSING to do interviews for it. like come on jacob grow up-
Keatina Blakeney
Keatina Blakeney:
They seem like besties, Joel is tall lol
Alikhan Periodt
Alikhan Periodt:
Joey: raaawwwr🦁
Joel: Taurus?
Ella Christine
Ella Christine:
“Dude you are the brother I never wanted!”😂
Jackie Akoi
Jackie Akoi:
I just realized that joey king was in Ramona and Beezus
Ava Farr
Ava Farr:
when she talked about her working out and eating phases, i felt that

edit: thanks for all the likes! :)
kirani pathirana
kirani pathirana:
we all calling out Jacob but nobody's gonna talk about how cute Joel is here 😭
Hiskia Kano Shipanga
Hiskia Kano Shipanga:
Toxic friendship in movie great friendship irl
4:36 can we talk about the fact that he asked her in German if she speaks french xD
Shane Yaw
Shane Yaw:
Does any one else think that Joey sounds like lili Reinhart
i love toasted bread
i love toasted bread:
Isabelle Sousa
Isabelle Sousa:
Joel: “I don’t know much about astrology, but I guess I’m an Aquarius.” Joey: “I’ll give you a hint about mine. *rawr* awkward silence. “I’m a Leo.” 🤣
Andreas Rasmussen
Andreas Rasmussen:
why do they have more chemistry in reality than in the movie it's wired, they seem to be better friends en the real world than in the movie.
And why does joey loke much F**king better than in the movie?
Icy Vlogs
Icy Vlogs:
They fact that in the movie they say “ayeeee” a lot and even Joey and Joel say it to each other in real life is cute
Aisha Shakeel
Aisha Shakeel:
“is joey king a man” omg 😂😂
Lyric Barcoo
Lyric Barcoo:
"who would love a girl named Beezus?"

kaliana is awsome
kaliana is awsome:
they have the most delicious friendship💞 lol
أ ب ن ح
أ ب ن ح:
Joel’s voice sounds like Ross Lynch
savage weirdo
savage weirdo:
'Is Joey King Australian' 😂 people are legit digging the ground
And the way she said 'I was with Jacob' yesss I was wanting her to say that 😂
Taarini Chopra
Taarini Chopra:
She lowkey looks like Rory Gilmore
Ameliaj Stimpson
Ameliaj Stimpson:
If that's Joey's natural hair DAYMMMM that grew quick
chante whyte
chante whyte:
"i was with jacob i get it" why'd I get so emotional
Natasha Fernandes
Natasha Fernandes:
Everybody talking about Jacob being rude....

Dude what about "you're the brother I never wanted"😂😂
sakurabloom xx
sakurabloom xx:
i literally laughed when asked if joey is an Australian lol because jacob is an Australian, they prob mixed it up or somethin
Zoey x
Zoey x:
We all know that if they typed Joey King into Google the most searched question would be about her and Jacob!
Joey King just that wholesome typa gal 🙌🏾
Fingering Things ✔️
Fingering Things ✔️:
My two favourite Joe’s
Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor:
When she was like "I was with Jacob" her and Joel looked like they hated him, just me thinking that?
Aeden Agdr
Aeden Agdr:
"You're the brother I never wanted" LMAO they are so cute as friends
fallon fruchey
fallon fruchey:
the way jan 31 isn’t on the cusp at all 😭😭😭😂
Dashiloh KASSONGO:
Joey King knew she was famous. She's just being modest. :)
snow White
snow White:
i bet the question about her and Jacob was purposely avoided
Daria M
Daria M:
Why would people dislike this video like dude they re just answering questions🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Manisha Mishra
Manisha Mishra:
At 4:31, this maybe the first time that Jacob is mentioned in any of the Kissing Booth interviews. It's both funny and sad. 🤨🤔
Where is Jacob tho 👀
Claire Snelson
Claire Snelson:
Joey referring to herself in the third person is the cutest thing ever!!
Their name... Its like switched
Christian Villareal
Christian Villareal:
0:37 - Well, let me answer that for you, Joey... You become famous when you lead the voice as Katie on "Horton Hears a Who" and got a breakout role in 2010's "Ramona and Beezus" opposite Selena Gomez.
Jacob is literally in the most watched film on Netflix and he has the audacity to be moody and sassy about the series because he “doesn’t want to be type cast!1!1!” Listen I love you Jacob, but open ur eyes. Netflix has built ur career. Joel and Joey are both amazing actors and Joey even got nominated. Like ur no better than anyone else JACOB. 😂😂 why am I so triggered??? 😹
Lydia Banderman
Lydia Banderman:
i love their friendship. the “you’re the brother i never wanted” got me laughing.
srainya. a
srainya. a:
joey king seems like such a sweet person ❤️
Tolliena Doekes
Tolliena Doekes:
Joel was also in “F The Prom”
Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo:
I love that when shes wearing make up she does looks like a younger Rachel Weisz
potato tomato schmewtato
potato tomato schmewtato:
honestly, I came here for Joey but stayed because I fell in love with Joel
Kaya P
Kaya P:
He asks Joey, if she’s French and kind of starts to talk in a mixture of English and German. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
joel is cute when he's not acting as that annoying character
Still can't believe that Joey was in conjuring as well. Man, I keep on reminding myself that that little girl was familiar!!!
hagar toledo
hagar toledo:
we need that with Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Josephine Langdord.
Natalia Muñoz
Natalia Muñoz:
Am I the only one that thinks that Joel and Ross Lynch’s voices are like......the same
Milayne Garcia
Milayne Garcia:
Who else remembers her being ramona and acting with selena? Cuz thats how I knew of her
Srijoni Mukherjee
Srijoni Mukherjee:
Weird that his crush in the first movie and his fiance have the same name.
Bella Colmane
Bella Colmane:
Wow she grow up, she's a woman now, I remember the first time I saw her on TV she was only 9 years old, on movie called Ramona and Beezus one of my favorite movies.i wonder if she still in touch with Selena Gomez?!
Who else thinks they should have each other's name? 🔄
Questyne Luscombe
Questyne Luscombe:
Joey: has Joey king got a twin no I don’t have a twin. Joel: hey I was supposed to read that. Joey:oh sorry. Joel:does Joey king have a twin. Joey:no I don’t have a twin
I swear Joey sounds just like Bella Thorne,
don't kill me lol
Holly Welch
Holly Welch:
You can tell they're the best of friends and it's adorable. 😂
Diana Fekih
Diana Fekih:
"sprechen sie Paris?"
-Joel Courtney 2020
Had me dead hahaha
angelina mora
angelina mora:
when i saw “is joey king a man” i died 😭
They're just so adorable. They seems cool to be with.
Better on Joey’s side of still doing interview’s and promotions instead of Jacob...
Andreea Nicoleta
Andreea Nicoleta:
Joel reminds me of Mr. Peanutbutter, he’s so bubbly.
Natalia Madison
Natalia Madison:
i don;t know who either of these people are but im still watching this for some reason
Moonlight Princess
Moonlight Princess:
is it just me or when they asked the ross lynch question he started to SOUND LIKE ROSS
Yeah, I have a question: is Joey King related to Ben E. King?
20k subs for among us
20k subs for among us:
Literally you won’t see this but if you do have a great day
Amiah Snider
Amiah Snider:
Joey king is so so soooo pretty!!!!

I DID NOT EXPECT all the likes!! Thank you!
Sydney Kong
Sydney Kong:
she's 5'3. joel courtney is 9 inches taller than her but when they're together in a scene on the kissing booth. joel Courtney doesn't look that tall on camera in the movie
Lissete Sandoval
Lissete Sandoval:
No wonder they’re chemistry is good and friendship is great, what better mixture than an aqua and Leo
Kaya Morell
Kaya Morell:
I rewatched the suite life of Zack and Cody and realized that Joey played one of the preschoolers there
"Sprechen Sie" is German XD
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez:
Who thinks there should be a Tech Support for Avatar the Last Airbender involving Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko answering unanswered questions or is just me?
Keeping up with Kaia
Keeping up with Kaia:
Joey and Joel after filming dating slang video: hey guys do you mind just exiting off the call so we can film another video by ourselves?
Last time I was this early earth didn't exist
Morgan's Videos
Morgan's Videos:
If Jacob was an adult in the first movie and Joey was a minor that means...
How. Fast. Does. This. Gurls. Hair. GROW?????
I love how Joey’s camera is so HD 😂❤️
Daniela Archila
Daniela Archila:

Todos los latinos al escuchar que Joey dijo que era de Americana porque nació en América:
Ava Manchen
Ava Manchen:
Omg I just realized that Joey kings birthday is my birthday!!!!!!🥺😂
Joanna Zychla
Joanna Zychla:
"Do you sprechen sie Paris?"
My polyglot soul is SCREAMING xD
alex unger
alex unger:
The king sisters are stunningly gorgeous. Rare breed like the Deschanel sisters.
Those whoever is reading my text, I wish you and your family a healthy, happy & prosperous life ahead. Stay safe. Ameen❤
Ashlei J. Reeves 06
Ashlei J. Reeves 06:
"Your the brother I never wanted" -Joey
Whitney Rhodes
Whitney Rhodes:
I literally just realized two days so that she was the little girl in “Crazy Stupid Love” it’s the eyes! I love that movie btw, didn’t realize how old it was.