Johan Cruijff- Legendary goals/skills/passing

Johan Cruijff, a native of the neighborhood Betondorp the outskirts of Amsterdam, Johan and his elder brother two years Heini spent most of his childhood playing football with the kids of the neighborhood; the small Johan was able to highlight amazing talent already at five years of age. His first team was the Ajax where he won three Champions League with the famous totale.Lui football came in the final of the world's 74 'Germany lost the final with West Germany while playing the best football ever seen prima.La his second squdra Barcelona was the club where he won la Liga then returned to 'Ajax and in the end to Feyenoord Rotterdam. Unfortunately Johan legacy we all 'age of 69 years 24 March 2016.
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100+ comentarios:

shaun y
shaun y:
He plays like a modern player. Way ahead of his time.
sandro chelidze
sandro chelidze:
"Football is a simple game, but it's hard to play simple" - Johan Cruijff
Ahmed Alhareeri
Ahmed Alhareeri:
This guy is not just a legend!!
This guy is an Icon he changed the meaning of football.
RIP Johan
Nicolas Bouyiouclis
Nicolas Bouyiouclis:
Back in 1970 - 71
I was fortunate enough to see this man playing several times in Holland, Ajax stadium and it was breathtaking to watch him!!
His ability to change direction was amazing.
As a kid growing up in the 70’s, he was THE man.
kevy brough
kevy brough:
What made him so special to watch was his ball control and grace made the opposition look like they were not even trying, no player in the history of the game has played the game so elegantly and effortlessly , and also a tremendous team player, just note how many goals he creates for others...true genius of the game
Eliaquim Christo
Eliaquim Christo:
Com certeza o maior jogador europeu que já existiu neste planeta , uma genialidade absurda com a bola e sem ela com o futebol total # Johan Cruyff
nemiraj bengre
nemiraj bengre:
Whenever I watch Johan Cryuff playing, I thought, he is no way inferior to best among the five top footballers world has seen. Thanks for entertainment us, Johan. Wherever you are now, be happy.
Cosimo Nuzzo
Cosimo Nuzzo:
Insane accelerations and changes of directions. He had all: dribbling, shot, acrobacy. Formidable assist man too. Complete player and true soccer genius.
Ramdew Krishna
Ramdew Krishna:
In my opinion he was the greatest of them all. Not only a genius with the ball, but indeed, he changed football and was a real leader. The most complete player of them all.
Gordon M
Gordon M:
"Let the people come to the stadium and enjoy themselves..."

- Cruyff
Baraldi Gnegne
Baraldi Gnegne:
Legends never die...bedankt voor alles,amazing Johann.
Rob Kelly
Rob Kelly:
The most important player for the game of modern football.
shaky pirate
shaky pirate:
What makes him great is even if you set aside his coaching prowess and and revolutionary ideas, you still get one of the best player to ever grace the field. If you add all of them, he becomes something football never seen before and probably never will.
R.I.P. legend. You'll live as long as the beautiful game does.
Gary Rae
Gary Rae:
I'll never tire of watching this man play the game beautifully....A true pioneer.
Gilson Carvalho Filho
Gilson Carvalho Filho:
Só curte aqui os brasileiros que sabem reconhecer um craque. Esse dai era monstro, merecia ter levantado o caneco em 74
qert wert
qert wert:
The man who revolutionised football on the field then off the field. Thanks Johan!
Cruyff will always be remembered for being not only the father of a new technique of football he will be never forgot even in years to come
I just smile at this guy. I was born in 66 and admired him. The complete player without the drama of modern football.
amigo de todos
amigo de todos:
El hombre que revolucionó el futbol en el mundo , con su máquina naranja de los grandes futbolistas del mundo... y es el creador del futbol táctico que se practica en este tiempo...
Julio García Atterström
Julio García Atterström:
El mejor de los mejores! Se nos fué muy temprano. España, y el resto del mundo futbolístico, le estamos muy agradecidos.
Martin Beneš
Martin Beneš:
4 years from his death now. I miss him everyday. 😢🇳🇱⚽
Fasi Lathi
Fasi Lathi:
' playing football is simple , but playing simple football is the hardest thing there...'
-Johan cruijff
Pietro Campos Gonzaga
Pietro Campos Gonzaga:
Muito obrigado Cruyff por ter revolucionado o futebol. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🔝
Eddie Moore
Eddie Moore:
His balance on the ball was extraordinary we will never see the likes of him again
Atlantis Rising Podcast
Atlantis Rising Podcast:
"Let the people come to the stadium and enjoy themselves."

- Cruyff
Samuel Júnior
Samuel Júnior:
Eterno Johan Cruijff, Gênio!
Jules Akers
Jules Akers:
Greatest ever. None of the other contenders left the same imprint on the game. He was decades ahead and then remodelled football in his image and the game we see now is his legacy. Very few even went on to coach- Beckenbauer being an obvious exception. You have the likes of Pele or Charlton who went on to play "ambassadorial roles" or Platini who has served as an administrator, then Maradonna or Best who took more hedonistic options in later life. But JC started the Ajax revolution of "total football" via Barca and from there it has been the lineage of Gullit, Van Basten, Ronaldinho, Bergkamp, Messi plus managers like Pep and so on and on. Not just methods and tactics, even the rules are being evolved to suit the Cruyff model. If you love watching the spectacle of modern football, you have Cruyff to thank.
Christopher O'Brien
Christopher O'Brien:
C R U I J F F 1 4
C R U I J F F 1 4:
sinceramente para mim ele foi um dos melhores da história
Liouba Stoupakova
Liouba Stoupakova:
Cruyff is simple you can play like his play style, but you can’t play exactly like how he played, that’s what a genius is
Carl Thomas
Carl Thomas:
2:12, Amazing skill, dragging the ball down from behind him in mid- air and crossing for his colleague to score. Literally a goal from thin air.
The Best European Player of History
Cruyjff Legend 🇳🇱 🇳🇱🇧🇷🇧🇷
Iuri Korolev
Iuri Korolev:
Puta gênio do futebol. Domínio impecável da bola, preparo físico espantoso. RIP !
I'm Brazilian and for me Cruyff is in the Top 5 of the best and greatest players in history. I read his autobiography, one of my favorite players. Johan Cruyff is one of the GOAT's🇧🇷❤️🇳🇱🐐
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor:
For me he was the best ever. He could do it all and had great vision. Also one of the few natural talents who had a huge impact as a coach because he understood the game so well.
Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj:
As a Barcelona fan thanks for everything Cruijff
Johann Wiebe
Johann Wiebe:
Slender athlete and remarkably quick for his size, impressive accelerations too! His philosophy is woven throughout the whole fabric of modern football mirrored in the template he designed, on and off the pitch.
jack daniel
jack daniel:
Cruijff is the greatest player of all time. Not only was he amazing, but he made other players amazing. He revolutionized how the game is played with 4-3-3. Long Live Johan!
Lucas Cainã V
Lucas Cainã V:
Quando vejo este vídeo, às vezes choro, as vezes me alegro, mas sempre tem um aperto na mente, mal sabia eu que aquilo que eu tanto gostava, me traria uma amargura tão profunda, que o legado de Cruyff dure para sempre.
His goals are as renowned as his quotes:
‘if you have the ball, your opponent can not score a goal’. - Johan Cruijff.
FakeExøtic Shorts
FakeExøtic Shorts:
“Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple”
-Johan Cruijff
I would call him as the best forward, midfielder, defender in all of Europe and its surroundings.
mokhtar chelih
mokhtar chelih:
an unforgettable football legend! it's a pleasure to watch him play. Rest in peace, master!
He redefined the term ball wizard. I grew up in Belgium and enjoyed every minute watching him fold an entire defense with his dribbling skills. He just stunned them so they didn't know what was up or down anymore...and then he was gone with another outside of his foot banana swirl to a teammate scoring...
Thanks for the memories Johan, rest in peace...
Murilo Oliveira
Murilo Oliveira:
Obrigado johan pelo seu futebol importante e revolucionário
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Eu sou brasileiro mais admito croyff foi e será o melhor estilo de Messi e Ronaldinho Gaúcho um Monstro é ainda seu estilo de equipe é fantástico é individualmente dentro da tática proposta era insano. Sem comentários com a tática e o Stilo de jogo lindo que não apenas ganha mais convence.
Harry Woodward
Harry Woodward:
The greatest player ever! Not just for his ability but also his legacy!
Eric van Dorp
Eric van Dorp:
The man who changed football. What a great tribute to the one who really changed football totally! It was never the same again after Johan...
Mihai-Erno Kiraly
Mihai-Erno Kiraly:
Man he was so fast with the ball at his feet, no one could stand a chance against his speed
simon freeman
simon freeman:
Absolutely the most skillful player of his time
David Royackers
David Royackers:
Legend. Genius. Best player I have ever seen on the football field. I grew up in the Netherlands in the era he played. We almost got sort of used to him. But now I see really how great and far ahead he was.
Scott Dangerfield
Scott Dangerfield:
One of my 3 footballing heroes, growing up- a magician with the ball, but could dish it out when he needed to..
Mexican Zeppelin
Mexican Zeppelin:
His speed always amazes me. He could have been a successful sprinter on the track. This dude could fly even while he danced.
Alan Tillett
Alan Tillett:
That was football at its best. Non of this tippy toe diving, looking for penalties, free kicks. Like today’s football. Getting in where it hurts and having the skill to come away with the ball. Sad loss to the game. RIP Johan.
My father talks always about this man.
I Didn’t know he was that good 😮💯💯💯❤️
Legend !!!!
Stephen Andrews
Stephen Andrews:
To my mind, the greatest footballer of all time. Only Messi comes close ⚽️ & I will never forget THAT penalty (9:00) 😂 Thanks for the memories Johan
Elliott TC Animation and Films
Elliott TC Animation and Films:
I remember copying his famous turn like the rest of my generation.....absolutely stunning player. Like a Zen master with a football. Thank you for the memories.
vivaldo sacramento
vivaldo sacramento:
Grande jogador holandês pena que o país ainda não foi campeão mundial. A Holanda deveria ser sede da copa do mundo de 2030. País rico em tradição futebolistica
he literally revolutionized the football world as a player and a manager, truly one of the most, if not the most important figure in football history.
Doctor Strange Love
Doctor Strange Love:
Amazing player, part of a golden generation of Dutch Football.
João Augusto
João Augusto:
Dj Lazzlow
Dj Lazzlow:
A True Legend of the game..
EdwinPeter Higginson
EdwinPeter Higginson:
Pure magic. Had the honour to see him play vs England at Wembley. He made them look like amateurs . Gave a totally dazzling display.
Ravi Krishnamurthy
Ravi Krishnamurthy:
He is the only player which I love in football history
Renato Ferrari
Renato Ferrari:
Il più grande, l'inventore del calcio moderno!! Rip Johann...
A player with confidence pace skill and a grace that will never be surpassed
Quinten mantez
Quinten mantez:
He was a football god! Beautiful to see this!
Santiago Maskaraque
Santiago Maskaraque:
Johan Cruijff Fué el amigo del mejor fútbol Descansa en Paz 5 años que nos dejaste Hacer un amigo es una Gracia.
Tener un amigo es un Don.
Conservar un amigo es una Virtud.
Haber sido tu un amigo es un Honor. Dios Bendiga a tu Familia Shalom -
Martin Margerrison
Martin Margerrison:
It's the fact that this football legend was as tough as nails and had the skill of Rembrandt. 👍
Lipson Baby
Lipson Baby:
He is an amazing player and a good legend
Build to live
Build to live :
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee:
He really was a special player.

Total respect to Johan.

R.I.P the legend.🙏✊😔
Liouba Stoupakova
Liouba Stoupakova:
There’s no way to replicate this man’s skills
Man who changed the definition of football❤️
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar:
Long Live Johan Cruyff's Memorable Performances on Field.Salutes to the Legend.
Julian Guerrero
Julian Guerrero:
Sin duda el mejor video que eh viste de Johan hasta ahora. Muchas gracias!!!
Caic Meneses
Caic Meneses :
Revolucionário 🔥
Last weeks i watched some full matches of this ajax/holland era and i have to say that these compilation videos dont show how great he really was
Darius Sarrafi
Darius Sarrafi:
RIP Maestro! Thank you for bringing so much creativity and joy to my childhood!
Fanuel Patrick
Fanuel Patrick:
Am happy we had a chance to see this precious moments. And the coming genaration are also in the line to witness the greatest talent ever.
They’ve all come and gone, and I can say this guy had it all.
Phoenix DNA
Phoenix DNA:
Cruyff was class outside and inside the field. RIP legend.
Oscar Humberto
Oscar Humberto:
My favorite player, the complete genius, Maradona was the most technical, but Cruyff is the complete genius
Pierangelo Medina
Pierangelo Medina:
Definitivamente esto si es fútbol del lindo .. poesía pura.....❤️
5:35 one of the greatest goals I’ve ever seen 🐐
Ralph R.
Ralph R.:
I was lucky to see him playing by Ajax and growing up when he let the world see that he was one of the greatest in the world.
Slayerftwrongdoers 😈
Slayerftwrongdoers 😈:
What an amazing player. His touches are second to none.
Alffonso Daniel
Alffonso Daniel:
Capooo! Gracias por tu fútbol distinguido y elegante , desde Argentina 🇦🇷
Emanuel Virtuoso
Emanuel Virtuoso:
Great player!! Monster! Amazing. He was one step foward of everyone!
Mark Forster
Mark Forster:
Best ever. As a player and manager he changed the game more than any other and he was incredible to watch.
Boris Gorski
Boris Gorski:
5:32 Self-assistance... I'v never seen something like this before... Amazing... Genius !...
Simon Fernandes
Simon Fernandes:
Monstro 🔥❤️
Prince vegeta
Prince vegeta:
Ooh man, why couldn't i watch this man live. He's amazing!
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson:
Probably the greatest complete player and coach of all time. A genius as player, captain, and coach.
So beautifull to watch someone living his legend by using its talent to the fullest.
dark gameplay
dark gameplay:
O melhor 14 de todos os tempos
R. DB:
Best European footballer ever. Not even close, what he did as a player but also as a manager. He changed football, he introduced total football. One of the most underrated players ever