Johan CRUYFF | FIFA Classic Player

Salute the late, great Dutch maestro, who piled plenty of highlights into the 1974 FIFA World Cup™, when he and the Oranje pushed the boundaries of football.


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He's the only player that I think would be able to play in any era and still be a star
Gone in our eyes but never gone in our heart.
RIP Johan Cruyff.
The Codfather
The Codfather:
That Cigar is bigger than my future
ゞEro Senin
ゞEro Senin:
"Playing football is very simple but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is." Legend Johan Cruyff
“One of the finest attackers of his generation” that’s understatement. Dude is Top 5 Footballers all-time
Netherlands is a country that deserves to win a world cup!
Silver Lemonade
Silver Lemonade:
Netherlands had many legends and played many finals in world cup but weren't lucky to win a single one
They deserve it!
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz:
I miss the old celebration of just bouncing and throwing your arms in the air like a preschooler and proudly declaring, "I did it!"
ogaga tuodeinye
ogaga tuodeinye:
Cryuff's 14 rules:
Team player – 'To accomplish things, you have to do them together.';

Responsibility – 'Take care of things as if they were your own.';

Respect – 'Respect one another.';

Integration – 'Involve others in your activities.';

Initiative – 'Dare to try something new.';

Coaching – 'Always help each other within a team.';

Personality – 'Be yourself.';

Social involvement – 'Interaction is crucial, both in sport and in life.';

Technique – 'Know the basics.';

Tactics – 'Know what to do.';

Development – 'Sport strengthens body and soul.';

Learning – 'Try to learn something new every day.';

Play together – 'An essential part of any game.';

Creativity – 'Bring beauty to the sport.'
Sad I wasn't born in his era...but from what I have seen...he is truly a gem of a genius.
Evaristo Blazquez
Evaristo Blazquez:
Cruyff became a phenomenal coach as well, -
a genius of the game !
Quick fun fact:
The NetherLand kit is associated with addidas that's why they have three stripes on the side, Cruyff wore a shirt with only two stripes cause he was associated with Puma.
Soikot Kor Shomudro
Soikot Kor Shomudro:
Legend doesn't need any kind of trophy to prove he is the best in the world.
3:18 that dive is making Neymar jealous
Johan Cruyff toda una leyenda del fútbol.
Kalmyk [08]
Kalmyk [08]:
I love Netherland and their football style. It is so amazing. Ajax and Netherlands the BEST !!! 👍❤️
Harish Shetty
Harish Shetty:
Barça won't be anywhere without you, RIP
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
Everybody says that Messi is the greatest player of all time. Some say Pele. Some say Maradona. I think Johan Cruyff is
"He is still scoring goals in heaven"
Christian Chris
Christian Chris:
Eterno cruyff ⚽🔥
Sempre estará em nossos❤❤
Osvaldo Rojas
Osvaldo Rojas:
Un Verdadero Fenómeno. Unos de los Mejores Jugadores, de Todos Los Tiempos.!!👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Ante Vukovic
Ante Vukovic:
Defenetly the best European football player in history.
Johnny K
Johnny K:
3:44 That man right there is the world's epitome
Hold Your Breath
Hold Your Breath:
1:10 Cruyff turn, immediately got flashbacks of Berbatov's spin! Hehe great players, great artists of the game!!
What a captain, dribbler, everything you needed from a player. RIP
Mr. Kelly
Mr. Kelly:
Cryuff is the greatest football person ever. One of the greatest players and one of the greatest managers. A Genius
Daniel Ordorica
Daniel Ordorica:
The greatest player ever. Unlike Pele or Maradona, Cruyff was responsible for creating a style of play that began in Ajax, continued in Barcelona (both as a player and coach) and lives up to this day in Barca, in all the players and coaches he mentored.
Azad Shig Murad
Azad Shig Murad:
Johan Cruijff, also known as the most intelligent football player/coach who has ever lived.
Kevan Brown
Kevan Brown:
I loved watching the Netherlands in the 70's,I was a bit young to remember the '74 finals, but 4 years later Holland were my favourite team in Argentina, they played brilliant attacking football,not unlike Barcelona of 10 years ago,they had a team of brilliant player's all of whom could play,neeskens,rensinbrink, Johnny rep and Arie haan,you have to look up Arie haans two brilliant goals from the tournament, both way outside the box,I would say 40 yards, against Italy and Germany, they have to be seen to be believed, absolutely amazing.
Thanh Lam Nguyen
Thanh Lam Nguyen:
he came and changed Barcelona's history. GOAT
Alberto Baudino
Alberto Baudino:
He is the only one to have in himself the movements, the ability to see the times of modern football: J.Crujiff and the Netherlands drove Brazil crazy and they didn't understand anything anymore!
Charming Death
Charming Death:
imagine going back in time performing all the skills of today and shocking the audience and players and doing legendary celebrations for example the dab the archer the SIIUUUUUUUU and so on and scoring all sorts of goals in this era
The greatest to ever grace football. Legend forever 💙
Cinder Luna
Cinder Luna:
Not only one of the best players of all time but also one of the best coaches of all time.
He and Rinus Michels made football beautiful. truly a one of a kind
Grew up hearing about Cruyff, and watching Bergkamp. Amazing players!!
The amount of impact this guy has created in football is just not comparable. Even tho I'm a Messi fan no one ever be like Johan
Hassan Mire
Hassan Mire:
Johan CRUYFF was a great sportsman, and he became a part of world soccer history that the world game (soccer) lovers, will remember him forever. (Rest in peace)
Clébio Gonçalves De Lima
Clébio Gonçalves De Lima:
Que jogador incrível e ainda não usava as três linhas da Adidas qual jogador hoje tem esse poder
SJB XtremE Rocks
SJB XtremE Rocks:
One of the most underrated player and manager in football history..He was truly genius
Sinan Yavuz
Sinan Yavuz:
The best player of all the times. The best talented. He was a leader.
One of the best iconic moments 🔥
Зоран Живковић
Зоран Живковић:
I loved that guy. In my opinion, he was the most useful and perhaps the best of all time.
Francislene Vieira
Francislene Vieira:
Johan Cruyff is the Greatest of all time
jose gnaspini junior
jose gnaspini junior:
Genius! The second best player in all football history!
Marcos Aguiar
Marcos Aguiar:
Não tem como não amar a história
Samuel Pearlman
Samuel Pearlman:
1:43 So weird to see none of the other players jostling for position and storming the penalty area !
Alemania fue el campeón, pero el fútbol de Holanda marcó su huella indeleble en la historia de este maravilloso deporte. El esquema de juego y la figura de Cruyff brillará por siempre...Felicitaciones!!!
Jose Santos
Jose Santos:
Johan Cruyff pra mim e mais de que um jogador e um ídolo ,ele tinha um talento impressionante ele revolucionou o futebol ,levou o Barcelona a ser , conhecido mundialmente ,Johan Cruyff obrigado por tudo que você fez ,pelo futebol e pelo Barça onde estiver saiba que você e ídolo em nossos corações 👏👏😇♥️
αλεξανδρος ραπτης
αλεξανδρος ραπτης:
for me he is number 1 of all time,talent,grace,genious
Football fan
Football fan:
великий летучий голандец!) его техника неповторима. вечная память йохан....
Jim Reilly
Jim Reilly:
He was my favorite player of all time ! Same age I am so I got to follow his career from beginning to end.
Ronald Garry Dunai
Ronald Garry Dunai:
RIP the most influential player of all time... Legend. We were all lucky to have lived in the same generation as you did. You will be missed
Gabe Barbieri
Gabe Barbieri:
It’s funny how I used to do this move in football and called it a Cruyff, without ever knowing about this legendary player
My favourite player of all time. R.I.P Johan.
Rufuto Rahman
Rufuto Rahman:
What I love about him is that he had a resounding influence in football both on and off the pitch. A star on the field with excellent technique and a master tactician off the field who pioneered the modern art of total football.
Gear Dog
Gear Dog:
A legend of Netherlands, Ajax, and AC Milan! Big respect for him
Thomas Grizzell
Thomas Grizzell:
Johan Cruyff was A Genius and one of the Greatest Ever.....
Andreas S Wahlström
Andreas S Wahlström:
In 2011 Johan Cruyff was interviewed in swedish TV before the 2010 football awards. He was asked if he remembered the name Jan Olsson. He didn't remember the name. When he was told that Olsson was the swedish right wing back in 1974 he instantly said. " Oh I know who he is! He played a greats game! I had to come up with something extraordinary to beat him. When Johan was on stage on the swedish football awards, Jan ( and their players from that great Åtvid side of the 70´s) said that when they faced Ajax in the early 70's, that this is the greatest team of all times. Game recognizes game.
Ömer Burak Öztürk
Ömer Burak Öztürk:
Probably the greatest of all times.
Ibrahim Alamin
Ibrahim Alamin:
Forever in our hearts cruyff
Suryo Ardi
Suryo Ardi:
Best footballer in history,
He created any kind of modern tactical strategy until now, tiki Taka, false 9, total football and many more.
Pele opened my eyes to the beautiful game, but it was Cruyff the Dutch master who applied the finishing touches for me after Pele hung up his boots. The speed, skill and stealth of Cruyffs movement in the 1974 World Cup was like magic to the eyes of a 10 year old, the way The Netherlands destroyed Brazil en route to the final was shocking. Never seen football like that in my life, I made The Netherlands my top Subbuteo team after that!
Manoj Gyawali
Manoj Gyawali:
A legend, leader, and warrior.
One of the greatest characters to have ever graced the pitch. The founder of the most iconic football legacy. The best number 14 in the history of football, without him Barcelona would have never been the club they are today. RIP Johan Cruyff.
1)What is the best thing that ever happen to Barcelona??
a)Presence of Johan Cruyff
b)Presence of Lionel Messi
Bence Szonyi
Bence Szonyi:
One of the best players ever
Rohit Sen
Rohit Sen:
That era of Netherlands was something different
Aldo Gooner
Aldo Gooner:
Johan Cruyff was a king without a world cup crown.. Still his legacy will always be remembered..
Mr Toad
Mr Toad:
It's crazy to think that was the first and is still the best example of a Cruyff turn I've ever seen.
He was pure class.
Doctor Strange Love
Doctor Strange Love:
Holland in 1970,s had an amazing team, one of the best ever. Should have won 1974 and 1978 final.
Abdus Salam Islam Badhon
Abdus Salam Islam Badhon:
He was the kind of person who discovered the theories of how to play football tactically. And today's players applying those .👑👑👑
Saswata Roy
Saswata Roy:
The man who invented the 'pressing football' and he made it so famous that even today many great coaches tried to follow his way. A true legend. RIP Johan Cruyff
ronin 9
ronin 9:
“He was an artist who treated the pitch as his canvas and the football as his paintbrush gliding strokes in every area of the field”
The 21
The 21:
75 years ago... Johan Cruyff the legend 🐐
Pablo Rosa
Pablo Rosa:
He looks like a 70's rockstar to me,love his style
The Frankenstein
The Frankenstein:
Epitome of Class 🙏🏻
Bill Butcher
Bill Butcher:
Cruyff the legend... the greatest European player of all time and easily in the top 5 players ever, possibly the most complete.
Marc 1993
Marc 1993:
4:52 such a classic Müller goal...
One of the greatest players to ever walk the earth
Xry Pro
Xry Pro:
The only one you can call GOAT as player, manager & director.
1:29 The opponent even smiles. He knows he's part from history now.
R Hermans
R Hermans:
Cruyff was voted Europe’s best player of the 20th Century. Many forget that fact.
Cruyff changed the game forever. His legacy still remains.
Akshay Chourasiya
Akshay Chourasiya:
The most influential player of the game ever saw.
I named my boy Johan. I hope I'll see him play professional soccer one day.
Вячеслав фриман
Вячеслав фриман:
👍👏 Легенда-всегда восхищался, профессионал своего дела
Klaus Schneider
Klaus Schneider:
Hats off to one of my (born 1957 in - yes! - Germany ) all-time football heroes. In my opinion no other team than the Netherlands would have deserved the 1974 World Cup. If you take a look at the way the Elftal played nearly 50 years ago, you can clearly realize that kind of modern football in our days. Johan Cruyff was head and heart of that amazing team.
Raymond Richards
Raymond Richards:
RIP Johan. My first ever football hero. A true Dutch master. You will never be forgotten.
Kaddahy Mohamed
Kaddahy Mohamed:
Genius player and a real human
Negib Khalef
Negib Khalef:
"If I wanted you to understand it, I would have explained it better." Johan Cruyff
Salvador Hernández Garay
Salvador Hernández Garay:
Lo mejor que pudo haber podido compartir FIFA. Saludos..!!
Gustavo Henrique
Gustavo Henrique:
Best player in history!
a genius who has never won a world cup unfortunately😪
Yariv Haft
Yariv Haft:
Manam Chadha
Manam Chadha:
0:17 he is one of the greatest players of football like I am going to become
Jerry Adamek
Jerry Adamek:
I love this team (for ever) ❤🏆👏👍
Keith Smith
Keith Smith:
In addition to being a brilliant player Cruyff seemed like a decent guy. When he was playing for the Washington Diplomats they were training in Florida at Jacksonville U. After one practice he went into goal and let the students who'd been watching take penalty kicks against him. He bet them a dollar each they wouldn't score. Not many superstars are that approachable.
sql techz Pes Techz
sql techz Pes Techz:
Playing football is easy but playing simple football is hard ~ Johan cruyff
vikito sumi
vikito sumi:
Geeezzz the players that comes out of The Netherlands !!! I wish they win the world cup one day
Football Changed When Johan Played , Football Changed when he became the Manager , Football Changed When Gaurdiola Became the Manager . Dunno who's gonna be the next .
Traveller Babai (Turya) ❤️
Traveller Babai (Turya) ❤️:
Legend of Dutch football he is the best love you sir.
chirag sharma
chirag sharma:
Absolute LEGEND.
Marcelus Henrick
Marcelus Henrick:
Legend! 🇳🇱