John Legend Is the Sexiest Man Alive - The Voice Live Top 20 Eliminations 2019

John Legend is declared People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive during The Voice Live Top 20 Eliminations.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.

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The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.

John Legend Is the Sexiest Man Alive - The Voice Live Top 20 Eliminations 2019

The Voice

98 comentarios:

Crystal Monroe
Crystal Monroe:
He said “ I finally impressed my wife 😂😂”
Ezekiel Elliot
Ezekiel Elliot:
John Legend is the only voice coach this season that all contestants turned more than 1 chair
Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine:
first I just wanna hang out with Blake... he's so damn funny
2nd John Legend: "I finally impressed my wife"
Men everywhere: "all it took was winning the

Voice an
Emmy a
Grammy an
Oscar a
Tony and
Alive 2019..."
Brittany dk14
Brittany dk14:
😂😂 "VEGOTSMA" those shorts are Perfect! 🤣
Rema Rahime
Rema Rahime:
I Love John ! Loool some of Blake "rubbed off on him" i cant with him and Blake this is one of the best seasons of The Voice 😂😂😂
PJ *
PJ *:
Congrats John..
The dialogue was too was the
Michely Alba
Michely Alba:
I lost it when Will told John he deserved to be the sexiest man alive after John had told him he deserved to be in the top 12 😂 I don’t know why they didn’t put that out online
Kari Bu
Kari Bu:
If people like Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Nick Nolte, etc. have been selected by People as the "Sexiest Man Alive," John Legend certainly deserves the honor. He is a sexy, decent, talented & well respected man, husband, & father; unlike many of the others who have been selected... Congratulations to John Legend... After all these years, he is only the 4th person of color to receive this award...So happy for him & his family! Cheers!
Jennifer Mosley
Jennifer Mosley:
He deserves it just for writing the song for his wife. That's the sexiest thing u can do for a woman in my opinion. Congratulations John!!!
David Smith
David Smith:
Marybeth Byrd you're so talented. I love you. I love Marybeth Byrd. Wherever she is I love her. I hope she wins the voice finale season 17. Christian Davidson Smith loves Marybeth Byrd so good
Debra Thompson
Debra Thompson:
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what in the Hell !!!!
thousandyard gavri278
thousandyard gavri278:
So my top 2 is gone in the playoffs. And I doubt Myracle will last long..
Uh, sure...
Karl Hayman
Karl Hayman:
B Genesis Thomas
B Genesis Thomas:
How can this be the Voice without Khalea? I’m so disappointed!😜👠🎤🎤👠😜
I lost it when Blake showed that-hot-pants-with-vegotsma-written-on-it 😂
Mizuka Young
Mizuka Young:
Awesome! Congrats John you deserved the title honestly. He really honestly looks sexy as hell and very hot and tasty. He's such a sweetheart.
David Balanchivadze
David Balanchivadze:
thats true !!!! love u John
Ethan Weisman
Ethan Weisman:
I wanted khalea to go through. Wrong place to comment about it tho
Ian Ovo
Ian Ovo:
Where is the instant save performances?
Sachin J.
Sachin J.:
tim little
tim little:
I guess when they were voting,they never heard his laugh,defiantly not sexy
Gary Lindsey
Gary Lindsey:
Hilarious,they must just give that to whoever is on the Voice. First Adam got it then Blake now John. Just sayin.
I'm glad they are able to joke about this ridiculous title which was previously taken seriously.
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner:
Yesss he got my vote
Amit Ranjan
Amit Ranjan:
Hahah but he feels like.. legend..
Christy Abner
Christy Abner:
No one asked me. Sorry I wouldn't have voted him sexy at all. Stands up on his platform and bashes the president. Causing more division.
I still feel like this is all a dream and that Kyndal is still in the competition😔
Sephi Marz Liclican
Sephi Marz Liclican:
“I finally impressed my wife” DEAD ☠️
Ruthie Hayes
Ruthie Hayes:
John is very very handsome love his team
C Y:
You want to be the Sexiest Man Alive just go be the Voice coach.
rudi setyatmaja
rudi setyatmaja:
Next year Nick Jonas will become the sexiest man alive
Richard Clark
Richard Clark:
Sad state of affairs when this is the sexiest man alive...I mean he's not ugly but the sexiest? Not by a long shot. I'm convinced people pay for this type of exposure.
Ronny Wertz
Ronny Wertz:
where is that gay boy sexy?
Actually #mendeleyev is sexier than John!
Yoyok Gobel
Yoyok Gobel:
Valerie Necsulescu
Valerie Necsulescu:
Next year is Carson's turn. He is good looking and sexy.
Cynthia Miller
Cynthia Miller:
I guess next year Nick Jonas will be Sexiest Man Alive since he will be joining The Voice...He fine though.
I’m so glad Hello Sunday got voted through!! So deserving
B Ruiz
B Ruiz:
Trevon - ETN & More
Trevon - ETN & More:
Spoiler for Top 13:

Katie Kadan (Voted Through)
Marybeth Byrd (Voted Through)
Will Breman (Chosen by John)

Kat Hammock (Voted Through)
Ricky Duran (Voted Through)
Cali Wilson (Chosen by Blake)

Joana Martinez (Voted Through)
Rose Short (Voted Through)
Myracle Holloway (Chosen By Gwen)

Max Boyle (Voted Through)
Jake Hoot (Voted Through)
Shane Q (Chosen By Kelly)
Hello Sunday (America’s Instant Save)
elisabeth murphy
elisabeth murphy:
A true alphabet Man
A B:
This is a kind of news that will drive Trump Crazy...
dynasty joe
dynasty joe:
I feel like Blake and John should do a song together
Tommy Ward
Tommy Ward:
You People crack me up!!! When Blake was named the sexiest man alive people went stupid on him!!! Its not like he's not 6 foot five blue eyes and a mega star!!! But now that John is named sexiest man alive I keep hearing how,oh it's not about the looks, he's successful!!! You hypocrites make me 🤢🤮!!!
Is this a joke?
Anna Carter
Anna Carter:
Marcos Zimmermann
Marcos Zimmermann:
Moa'ath zilaai
Moa'ath zilaai:
Jonh I love his sexy way and he's so so sweat he deserves every things as he said
Traciblagg54 blagg54
Traciblagg54 blagg54:
Congrats John on Sexiest Man Alive 💜
jay charleston
jay charleston:
Congrats to John! Now I want Carson to get sexiest man alive 😏😎
Verónica Hanna Salazar
Verónica Hanna Salazar:
Dye Nuh
Dye Nuh:
John is so classy and him ❤️
Treasure Trovel
Treasure Trovel:
if he was the sexiest man alive, he would not have married a bhal bhu ster. He is probably the most pah usey wip ped man on the planet. No man envies him.
junior walker
junior walker:
this would be a better celebration if you had saved khalea, what the hell were you thinking. i am so torn up over this and that damn song you chose for her to sing. i want to fight so bad. i listened to her knockout performance more than a hundred times for the past week and you gonna tell me it ends here uuugh.
No such man.
Tammie Tammie
Tammie Tammie:
He is adorable not sexy man alive
Weird looking face!!!🤢
Bill Bill
Bill Bill:
He's not good looking at all.. Homely at best
Deej T
Deej T:
Three Voice judges have won...Adam Levine in 2013, Blake Shelton in 2017 and now John Legend in 2019. Wow!!!
Vicktoria V
Vicktoria V:
Paul Veinti
Paul Veinti:
Alex and Khalea were robbed tonight, but after last night's performance Alex deserved to go through
sapphire raven
sapphire raven:
Well he IS so sexy, no one can argue with me lol 😜
Frehiwot Teshager
Frehiwot Teshager:
well deserved john
John legend us so cute
Hicham Meftah
Hicham Meftah:
Elissa The Royal King
Elissa The Royal King:
Go Legend
betty cogswell
betty cogswell:
Sorry but Dimash Kudaibergen is the sexiest man alive....
Melvin Thompson
Melvin Thompson:
Opinions vary!👎🏼
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa:
John Legend is great
rainbowinthecity !
rainbowinthecity !:
The male coaches of the voice seem to achieve this particular award. Adam, Blake, and now John. Bravo!
Now why are you lying?
opinions all over social media,
say he is not.
He is an Arrogant man with an egotistical, badly shaped wife.
Ꮭ Ꭶ:
Who the hell decides this 🤣🤣🤣 I think he is far from sexy at all 🤨 no one can be the next sexiest man alive until Liam Hemsworth Dies 😁 and that won’t be for a long looooooong time !
t z
t z:
Oh please...Blake looks more masculine.
Tammy Dear
Tammy Dear:
John Legend is the new sexy?!!! LOL 😎
thousandyard gavri278
thousandyard gavri278:
Blake should've saved Braddy
The public should've saved Kyndall and Alex.....
Claudia K
Claudia K:
Not noted here is that there are charges from numerous sources that Legend and his wife are Satanists.
Miss Kathy
Miss Kathy:
Give in to me
Give in to me:
Sexiest man alive? Really? Arthur? Who voted? The anteaters?
He is a very sexy man
Hair R US
Hair R US:
Too soft. Soft men are not sexy.
No he isn't! Lmfao. I'm better looking than this goof. Wow! This is insane.
Interested Observer
Interested Observer:
I thought he was going to say that Blake made it possible for him to get People SMA because he set the bar so low!!!! Or at least I thought that maybe Kelly would say that. See, that's what I miss about Adam's presence on the show - he definitely would have said that!!
T. B.
T. B.:
HELLO SUNDAY? REALLY ???? They were a disaster yesterday and today again! Completely unmatched, mismatched voice and an uncontrolled scream at the end of the performance. HS are being carried away by the old story of young age. Gracee and Alex were MUCH better at IS. What a disaster!
Stephanie Page
Stephanie Page:
We don’t care about this. Where are the contestants!? Make this about the CONTESTANTS not the COACHES!
Paul Letchworth
Paul Letchworth:
Poor women of the world if that’s the best they can do with that choice 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Yalia_ Btsarmyforever
Yalia_ Btsarmyforever:
I’m sorry but I don’t agree like the only people that are handsome in this work is either BTS in general or 1 member from BTS no other choice and there is 1 member from the group that is the most handsome man alive and Itz true cuz we call him World Wide Handsome💜💞I know the title says “Sexy”not “Handsome”but tbh,bts are actually the most sexiest and attractive group in the whole world so if u don’t believe me,look it up and if it doesn’t show u these factz,then sweety some wrong with ur phone
Jonny J
Jonny J:
lol, well considering Liberal American hates masculine men this is no surprise they would pick a 90 pound boy who pees sitting down as the sexiest man. lolIf you listen closely you can hear the sound of past winners tossing their copies out now that it means nothing. lol. Next year, the award goes to a women who identifies as a man. Or did that just happen?
Betty A Baptiste
Betty A Baptiste:
Your wife is a lucky women...and you are the sexiest men Alive..along with Adam and Blake all winners
Siv Jensen
Siv Jensen:
He looks like an asian women.
So a homosexual looking man is considered the sexiest man alive now.
Fredo ChickE
Fredo ChickE:
Trump is sexiest man alive.