John Wick

"The stories you hear about this man, if nothing else, has been watered down."

Hi! Thanks for watching my tribute video to the Boogeyman himself, John Wick.
Keanu is a gift from god, his character of John is overwhelmingly badass and tragic. this is my way of showing both of those aspects in a short video edit.

[[ This is a re-upload. The original video received a fraudulent copyright strike from a scammer and YouTube refused to help me out. Sorry for the inconvenience. ]]

Headphones are highly recommended!

Editing software : Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2019
Music(1): Audiomachine - Earth Shaker
Music(2): Secession Studios - Divided By One

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Ilia TS
Ilia TS:
Hey! Just to let you know, this is a re-upload. The original received a fraudulent copyright strike by a scammer and long-story-short I couldn't fight back, YouTube refused to help. Sorry for the inconvenience.
A little side-note if you will: As most of you may know, I don't earn anything from Youtube. If you feel like you want to support me in any way, you can follow these links for one-time donations. I am planning on creating Patreon in near future with it's own rewards too, but until then this is what I've got. Thank you so very much in advance.
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David Trinidad
David Trinidad:
This is good, you deserve two pencils ✏️✏️
you can steal a mans car, destroy his house, and try to kill him..... but the moment you kill his dog......the world will suffer.
Kayne Edlinson
Kayne Edlinson:
The scariest line in the whole trilogy :

"John is not the boogeyman, he's the one you send to *KILL* the f*cking boogeyman."
Noah Beier
Noah Beier:
Now this is a satisfying revenge story - thank God this wasn't written by Naughty Dog
When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks the closet and under his bed for John Wick.
Dipayan Gupta
Dipayan Gupta:
there's a legend that once John Wick threw a grenade, he killed all the ppl in the room and then the grenade exploded.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Everyone else: "The pen is mightier than the sword"

John Wick: "The pencil is mightier than the gun"
He was doing all that for vengance but he wasnt pissed, now he is pissed off. Cant imagine the level of action we are going to get in john wick chapter 4
Deus Ex baby
Deus Ex baby:
"What are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?"
"No, Neo. I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to."
Omni User
Omni User:
Scariest movie line of all time.
The Bowery: "Are you pissed John? Are ya? Hm?"

John Wick: "Yeah"
This guy puts all his efforts in making these videos, as an editor i can see how much work and time it took to edit this video... manages to adjust the music with the dialogues, like here 4:00, and the gunshots with the music beats, like here 4:43... Sometimes you don't know about these little details but you subconsciously enjoy them, i know there are a lot more other details that i can't determine, its sad that someone who give their efforts and work so much into something and doesn't get paid for it. YouTube really should not do that.

Ilia Tsardsitze as we can see this is your passion you don't do this for money but still i suggest you to make a patreon so people can give you some money as appreciation.
Imagine there is a guy out there who is actually like john wick.
What made this series so good, and what is shown so well in this video, is the gradual introduction of the world that John inhibits. The first film was absolutely fine on it's own, it didn't need a sequel, but they made one and in one of those rarest of moments in film history, it was not only better that the first, but expanded on its own universe without destroying itself in the process. John Wick didn't need to be so good, it's a pure action series, but they managed to construct a living, breathing world and a villain that is truly horrifying. John is not a good guy, he's an evil motherfucker who kills without hesitation and the line, "He's the man you send to kill the boogeyman" cemented his place in history and film lore.
Lambert Holtland
Lambert Holtland:
No wonder his new dog is still alive. Everyone knows what will come if someone try to kill it.
Thanos’s maid: sir John Wick is alive
Thanos: so?
Thanos’s maid: but his dog isn’t
Thanos: Oh..
Zubeyr Farah
Zubeyr Farah:
This the only time that I've ever seen a Russian Mobster this afraid
zaid diaz
zaid diaz:
Imagine Being the angle of death and you hear John Wick is back.

“Just when I thought my job was getting slow” “Gonna miss these weekends”
itachi the savage 117 175
itachi the savage 117 175:
"Demons run, when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies. Night will fall and the dark will rise, when a good man goes to war."
Teaghan Lewis
Teaghan Lewis:
“People have been asking if I’m back, and I haven’t really had an answer. But yeah I’m thinking I’m back” sums up the return of this tribute perfectly
itachi the savage 117 175
itachi the savage 117 175:
"Kill a man, one is a murderer; kill a million, a conqueror; kill them all... ...a god -jean rotand
Imagine what this man could do with a geometry set
Leon Wounded Warrior
Leon Wounded Warrior:
Just to think John Wick 3 wouldn't have happened if Santino just left him alone.
I didnt even know this was an edit, i just saw “john wick” and i press
Moral of the story: Never piss John Wick off
One of his greatest movies. Personally I think it’s better than the Matrix.
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez:
The boogyman:"Who is my next target"
Sees john wick
"I need to get out of this city,because im his next target
El coco de lacoste
El coco de lacoste:
Just imagine this ...
John kills every member of the high table or werber the hell the name was so its about fully ritire is leaving the headquartes serverly hurt and his dying you feel how the life is leaving his body john finaly dies he close his eyes leaving a black screen
And you hear a calm soft voice very familiar and its says
"Wake up neo"....
Panthera sapiens
Panthera sapiens:
I think this is perhaps the only movie series in which the bad guys speak of the protagonist in such tributes and homages.
I can't get over 4:42. The flow of this edit with the fire shots and the music is just perfectly executed.
pie face
pie face:
thanos: with the snap of my finger i shall kill half the population, millions of people will die
john wick: hold my puppy
*Thanos - I am invetable*
*Jhon wick - Give me pencil*
*Thanos - Sweating intense ly*
Funny how John is a ruthless, merciless, dangerous and unstoppable man

While Keanu is an absolute sweetheart
"You stabbed the devil in the back"
"Forced him back into the life he had just left"
"You incinerated the priest's temple, Burned it to the ground........."
Greg The Flying Whale
Greg The Flying Whale:
John Wick: - Who killed my dog???

John Abruzzi: - first you tell me where is Fibonacci!!!
Shubham Bhattacharjee
Shubham Bhattacharjee:
The moment Viggo said “Oh” knowing it's was John Wick's dog that his son killed..that time he was sure his son is dead
This look likes a high quality studio edited 5 min trailer for the trilogy of the movies. Very well done. Gave me chills Ill give you a like👍
Zayden Johnson
Zayden Johnson:
Llia: Adds subtitles, and music to a movie with edits

Me: “Have you heard of Jesus?!? Not even HE could do this
AR Enhance Knowledge
AR Enhance Knowledge:
Keanu Reeves is irreplaceable for the role John Wick
Dear Naughty Dog,

This is how it's done.

- The Average, none elitist, every day consumer
Kadim Nadim
Kadim Nadim:
Alfie Allen : **murders dog**
John Wick : *GUN GO BRRRRR*
Mason Stanford
Mason Stanford:
Me: I hate pencils.

Me: *After watching John Wick* I can turn this pencil into Crossbow Ammunition.
Though a Marvel quote, I often use it when thinking about John Wick,
“I have patience, and experience, and a man who has those can do anything.”
- Zemo
Consequence No. 62
Consequence No. 62:
Insane editing skills you have there. This feels like an official trailer.
Valérie Pélissier
Valérie Pélissier:
It's like watching a trailer that never ends.
Can’t believe Wick can move so freely, seeing all those bodies he’s dragging behind him
1K subscribers without videos challenge
1K subscribers without videos challenge:
Thanos’s maid: sir John Wick is alive
Thanos: so?
Thanos’s maid: but his dog isn’t
Thanos: Oh..
Those 146 dislikes are people that would've tried to kill his dog 😒
sunil varma
sunil varma:
0:18 that “oh” has separate fan base
This man was so badass that even the enemy’s considered him as unstoppable and just gave up killing him and let the new guys try to take him down. RESPECT
Psycho Lyfe
Psycho Lyfe:
This is how the actual trailers should've been
DOGGO 2.0:
My favourite part of all three movies is when Vigo just went “oh....”
Salim Zighe
Salim Zighe:
This should be the official trailer for John Wick: Chapter 4
Not a cell phone in sight. Just people living in the moment.
srikanth reddykurri
srikanth reddykurri:
Are you pissed john........ "Yeah"
I can see a pile of dead people already 😂😂😂
“He shot my dog!!!” “Yea, I understand”
SuperNate G
SuperNate G:
Me being an introvert: Well I guess the coronavirus doesn't change much in my life.

Also me being an introvert but a John Wick fan too: The coronavirus needs to die! I need to see what happens to JOHN WICK NEXT!!
Ignorant Anime
Ignorant Anime:
The stories you here about this man have been watered down. Imagine how stories are normally the irony.
4kandc :D
4kandc :D:
Me: *Sees John Wick Edit*
*Clicks Automatically*
This is a dope edit, bro. You killed it. I've seen some edits where they add the song plastic heart and yours doesn't have it and its still sick. Keep up the good work!
Before John Wick....
Before Neo....
There was the best hero of all time...

"Are u pissed john"
Panthera sapiens
Panthera sapiens:
I appreciate how the soundtrack is fitted so as to sync beats with gunshots.
A good example is 4:42 onwards.
Really enjoyable and commendable 👍
"How many?"
" *Yes* "
Ayan Ahmed Khan
Ayan Ahmed Khan:
One of the coolest lines in the trilogy that described John's situation
*"This life, it follows you. It clings to you."*

It was just very cool
H ? p p y
H ? p p y:
The 1 dislike is the son who killed his dog.
Deda Hermana
Deda Hermana:
Dear John: The Killing
Yxng Tofu
Yxng Tofu:
Lesson in life : Never kill a man's dog.
Toby Riecke
Toby Riecke:
The beginning feels like the intro to a mission in a Call of Duty game
Barbara Weaver
Barbara Weaver:
Hush! Here comes Baba Yaga!
Wonderful, wonderful edit!
I loved the shower scene in reverse
-- but then, I would! 💔
Chapter one, totally glorious + something understood -- I thought I noticed a connection.....I went on to Amazon to check something;
'Le Samourai' on DVD, after being unavailable for years -- there it was!
The technical team on these movies certainly steal from the best -- even 'Le Circle Rouge'!
Thank you for your great work! 🙏🏼
Finally, this video is back.

I've been looking forward to this!
Beelzebub Sama
Beelzebub Sama:
That little boy didn't know what he got himself into when he destroyed the only thing that is keeping the monster at bay
Incredible, I'm so glad I found this channel, I'm going to watch every single one of them. This is so visual, so well edited, and when you put the song in sync with what's happening, it gets more and more entertaining to watch, I'm just so speechles of your work.
Adneya Barad
Adneya Barad:
Perfectly made man...its like a biography on John Wick...
Dante Cobián
Dante Cobián:
If someone wanted to see the 3 movie's they should see this first as a trailer
** fraudulent copyright strike **

Are you Pissed,
Ilia TS?
Ilia Nour
Ilia Nour:
this video was on recommended because my name is ilia too.
The most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon.
Damn good editor, you should try to become a social media head editor for a movie production company.
You even make my dog feel uncomfortable, this will seem like a Disney film.
Ethan Turrano
Ethan Turrano:
I love how Vigo knows he can’t protect Josef from Wick
Ethan Murray
Ethan Murray:
oh damn, I got shivers watching this, a perfect tribute to all the badass moments of John Wick, thanks for making this masterpiece of an edit
John wick series is best one man action movie can ever happen and I can't imagine John wick without Keanu Reeves
I really like the way John say "Yeah~"
Those 5 minutes flew by...that's when you know it's good.
shabaz uddin
shabaz uddin:
"Man of Focus" I like this sentence alot
i sleep on couches
i sleep on couches:
I know you’re taking a break and Inception is next, but have you considered doing a Netflix Daredevil or Punisher edit? Love your work, stunning job. Keep it up!
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix:
This is killing a 7’0 basketball player with a book good!!!!
The people who dislike this masterpiece of a video are obviously cat people
Aditya K
Aditya K:
John Wick is the perfect example of "the quiet kid in the class"
You should make one of darth maul or megaton
doug dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome
doug dimmadome owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome:
This deserves an awoard
(Sorry for spelling can’t spell for my life)
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny:
Bruh this edit is on a whole new level
Triky Briky
Triky Briky:
This is quality . Subtitles .
This edit deserve to be official .❤️
When I see the Thumbnail, I thought this was a song.
This movie series show mental or spiritual battles by killing scenes..
your edits are the best i've seen on the entirety of youtube, without a doubt
have you considered editing Sicario, both films? that would be amazing
tfw you tell people "its gonna be uploaded in a few days"
But then it takes 3 whole months to get reuploaded.
Mr. Pan-Pan
Mr. Pan-Pan:
All they had to do was leave him alone. And now he's back.
Santiago Quezada
Santiago Quezada:
Like if you would like him to do an edit from game of thrones
Dude just want revenge for his dead wife’s dog