John Wick Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe Movie HD

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John Wick Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Keanu Reeves, Willem Dafoe Movie HD

An ex-hitman comes out of retirement to track down the gangsters that took everything from him. With New York City as his bullet-riddled playground, JOHN WICK (Keanu Reeves) is a fresh and stylized take on the "assassin genre".

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100+ comentarios:

Nathan Mulready
Nathan Mulready:
movie was 200x better than the trailer.
Don't mess with a man's family, don't mess with a man's money, and DO NOT mess with a man's dog.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
"That nobody........ Is john wick" favorite line of the whole film
I definitely underestimated this movie. Trailer looked like another generic action movie but man I was in for a surprise when I watched it in theaters
Who's here after watching the John Wick 3 trailer?
He's not the boogeyman...

He's the one you send to kill the boogeyman
Usual Theon Greyjoy making bad decisions
Xeno G
Xeno G:
This is not a movie, it's a documentary on Keanu.
what made me angry was when they killed the dog..
Darius Galasiu
Darius Galasiu:
What happends if:

you burn John Wick clothes:get injured
you destroy his car : you die
you destroy his house: people die
you kill his cat : a lot of people die
you kill John Wick dog:nuclear explosion
This trailer does no justice for this film
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
Its not just the dog, its the fact that he cant have peace, he walked away from that life to be with his wife, she dies, then he gets this dog as a last gift from his wife, that gets taken from him too, he's tired of losing everything he loves, his old life keeps trying to drag him back, id be pissed af too
You never learn do you Theon
Yonas Campbell
Yonas Campbell:
This move is so underrated. Nobody saw it!
Eason C
Eason C:
Gosh!!  Keanu was at his 50 when the film was shot... wtf. His look, his shape and energy were like he's at 30 something.
Buwanaka Perera
Buwanaka Perera:
The length a man would go for a dog.
Neo + Constantine = John Wick xD
Reeves is awesome one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood off the screen.Seriously...with so many douche bags in hollywood its great to see a good guy get a hit! Glad to see him being cast right where he can really shine.Years to come this movie will be a true classic revenge movies are a dime a dozen.This one will stand out thanks to Reeves absolutely owning the role... 

If he is cast right he is amazing he needs more roles like this.Love to see him in a western or even another sci-fi thriller...
This movie was bad ass! Looking forward to the sequel!
You don't kidnap Liam Neeson daughter!
And You Never Ever Hurt Keanu Reeves Dog!
Anthony Trifoglio
Anthony Trifoglio:
Keanu is one of my favorite actors now, because he ACTUALLY knows how to operate! he shoots guns irl and is one of the few actors who actually supports the condition.
this translates into him being competent with guns in movies because he ACTUALLY knows what he's doing
AND they ACTUALLY show everyone reloading at realistic intervals!
Random RimRock
Random RimRock:
When Thanos snapped his finger and his dog disappeared, Thanos was like "OH NO NO NO SORRY IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!" **John Wick shot Thanos's life out of existance**
QUAK Tornado
QUAK Tornado:
How could they make such an uncool trailer for such a cool film??
Who's here cause of the chapter 2 trailer?
Debojyoti Sanyal
Debojyoti Sanyal:
Finally a movie that expresses the sentiment of animal lovers. If we had the skills, we would do it too.
Insanity On A Bun
Insanity On A Bun:
This movie was so cool
Gibson Fanatic
Gibson Fanatic:
Who’s here after watching Parabellum?
Jorge R.
Jorge R.:
Three great movies that are under rated: John Wick, Jack Reacher and Equalizer.
Damn Theon, back at it again with the screw ups!
Alberto Quinones
Alberto Quinones:
This whole trailer is so diferent from the movie... And ive seen it over 20 times no lies.
Em Borja
Em Borja:
- easily on the the sexiest lines by Keanu Reeves ever :D
biggie tempah
biggie tempah:
Starts slow and sad. Depressing, unjust, hopeless! But then......lets just say absolute mayhem and all out "gun-fu"!! gr8 watch....10/10
i promise i will feed bathe and walk my pooch mr wick
Joshua Skabelund
Joshua Skabelund:
Came here Bc of key and Peale movie
0:32 Greyjoy is that you?
Gotta say this movie is amazing. Straight up awesome and don't disappoint
Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali:
Best action movie ever
Dee soul
Dee soul:
Hit like if u have watched John wick 3 and come here just to see how the journey started. 😍💓
Dan 96
Dan 96:
That nobody was John Wick
Erdene Chinzo
Erdene Chinzo:
Walting for John wick 4 like
Arunoday Dutta
Arunoday Dutta:
mothers to there chikdren: "if you dont listen to me then a demon will come after you"
mafia boss to there children: "if you dont listen to me then john wick will come after you"
reggie rock
reggie rock:
"how good is your laundry?"
"no ones that good" lol
Velse 9
Velse 9:
The fight choreography was unexpectedly korean action film good
When your like I know this guy he’s from fortnite
John Wick is amazing. One of my favorite recent action films along Dredd
Tad Pierre-Louis
Tad Pierre-Louis:
When this movie got going it practically became a kid playing cod going for the nuke kills treat
Askant Fire
Askant Fire:
Quem diria que se tornaria uma das melhores franquias de ação atuais, hein, rs
Ekke Krüüner
Ekke Krüüner:
Here after John Wick 3 trailer?
L K:
All over a dog huh, well it was cute.
Its 2019 and its still the best movie ive seen
KEMO comMENtary
KEMO comMENtary:
Jaw Dropping action movie!
Just rented it on #REDBOX and I really want to own this just to start up a collection. This is the first time where I see the bad guys running from the good guy, and they had every reason to. 👍👍👍👍👍 UP. A full 10 action movie.
"Started from the bottom now were here."
Me after watching parabellum then re-watching this trailer. 10/10.💕
Neo is back so is Morpheus...cant wait for this
Cletus Van Damme
Cletus Van Damme:
It's no as simple as a dog... It the last living gift from his dead wife.
wilfredo roger ccahuana romani
wilfredo roger ccahuana romani:
Espectacular , genial , John Wick ... grandioso !!!
Moral of the story : never mess with the dog and car of a man
Ninja YT ᴩʀøꜰʀᴇᴇꜰɪʀᴇ
Ninja YT ᴩʀøꜰʀᴇᴇꜰɪʀᴇ:
Like si hablas español y si lo viste en 2019 el trayler
Sum of John Wick: Keanu Reeves is practicing headshots for the new CS-GO spring season with the altruist help of the Russian maffia...
Meg Griffin 666
Meg Griffin 666:
Brian: I'm A dog and I Love this MOVIE
Adriana G Flores
Adriana G Flores:
After watching the trailer it got me thinking 🤔 John Wick was out for a while so he must of been a little rusty . And if he did all of this while being a little rusty Imagine what he was capable of doing in his prime .
Ed venuto
Ed venuto:
The first one my favorire

I bought the last of us part 2 so I can play like John.wick
Yessics Rodriguez
Yessics Rodriguez:
Este hombre me sigue encantando desde su pelicula " máxima velocidad" me enamoro
The fact that he got real mad after the dog and went after them warms my heart 🥺💞
I dont know why i avoided this movie for so long, this movie was amazing
kala vivekanand
kala vivekanand:
I remember the day, that I watched the trailer and everyone in the comments were talking about how much of a cliche this is movie is going to be.. and here we all are watching the trailer again after its 3rd successful movie
Movie: A hitman killing half of a city.

Me after watching this: Beautiful film about love for the family XDDD
lol the russians are always messing with the wrong ppl
first the equalizer, now john wick who is next? chuck norris?
Renn Volk
Renn Volk:
Why oh why did the Cowboy Bebop movie have to get canceled!!
Karuppi en karuppi 😂

Like if you get it...
Harshit Chaudhary
Harshit Chaudhary:
Those who are saying it was just a dog, animals also have life and feelings
2019. Just for john💝
Taken 5 - this time its the dog, and liam neeson was busy
JKevz Reyes
JKevz Reyes:
"evacuate the city,
engage all defenses ...


... and get this *Man a GUN."*
(lot of guns) 😂
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear:
Just imagine for his dog he had just finished entire 100's of people for revenge and if someone by mistake had killed his wife

New trailer would be MAX PAYNE..
Peps- John wick is made by fortnite
Me- bruh wth
Me-shows this
Peps- thats fake
Me- u have no Life bro
Btw fortnite sux
Who’s coming after the Fortnite Battle pass 😂😂
Shell Star
Shell Star:
Keanu Reeves at his best
Syahrul Nizam
Syahrul Nizam:
Who is here after John wick chapter 3??
Felix Eleazar
Felix Eleazar:
A Legend Was Born
Miguel M.
Miguel M.:
John Wick 2 PLEASE
I went and saw John Wick a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It's easily the best ACTION movie this year.

The action scenes were absolutely phenomenal. It was so refreshing to actually see what was going on during the fight scenes. (They didn't use any of that shaky cam BS that most action movies use) Also, the choreography was easily some of the best I've seen and had my eyes GLUED to the screen. It was nice seeing Keanu Reeves kicking ass again.

The story was simple and straightforward and unlike a lot of other action movies these days, it doesn't insult your intelligence. (Some of the scenes actually brought a tear to my eye)

It also had some surprisingly funny moments that had my theater laughing out loud.

If you wanna have a good time at the movie theater, GO SEE JOHN WICK. You will not be disappointed. 
"That f*ckin nobody.... is john wick

Favorite line!🔥
Léon (The Professional) vs John Wick. Who wins?
Mahdi Jellali
Mahdi Jellali:
Eyyy eyyyoo we dont want some 2020 guys
Not the beagle ;_;
They killed his dog
Took his badass Mustang
Good enough reason for his killing spree:D
Dynamic Entry
Dynamic Entry:
best movie for dog lovers
Tomboy Said
Tomboy Said:
AAHHH this was an awesome movie!! I recommend it to anyone who like action movies and a tough guy with a soft spot ;)
Kasim kasim
Kasim kasim:
I just watched it on DVD . I give it a 4 stars liking wow
a_esthetic _420
a_esthetic _420:
*Thanos snaps*
Jhon: hey did anyone see my dog ?
Thanos: Oh snap
Brooklyn Gamer 77
Brooklyn Gamer 77:
Please make this a franchise.
Mike Edelstein
Mike Edelstein:
Action packed adventure with a lone gunman's quest for revenge. I have seen this film twice and was drawn in with Keanu Reeves in the lead, he is awesome in this action thriller that had me glued to the screen. Wick was created with two great stunt directors (David Leitch and Chad Stahelski), as this movie rocks with action.

The film starts with the death of Wick’s wife and the introduction of a beagle puppy, the adorable Daisy was a gift from Wick’s deceased wife. Russian thugs break into Wick’s house because they want to steal his classic Mustang, then mercilessly beat him as well as kill his dog.

What these young thugs don’t realize is that Wick is a retired hit man with a frightening reputation. Wick's former employer, Russian mafioso Viggo Tarasov (Michael Nyqvist), is the father of the ringleader of the raid to steal his car and kill his dog, Alfie Allen from Game of Thrones. 

Nyqvist is positively Putinesque, cruel and menacing with his heavy Russian accent and squinting eyes. When he’s not yelling or pounding people, he sits by his fireplace singing Russian folk songs.

Reeves, with shaggy hair and a three-piece suit, plays the introverted assassin well, it’s easy to root for a grieving husband who has just lost his devoted pet. John Wick goes the distance and beyond with the films increased carnage threshold. Brawls throughout each sequence attempts to outdo the last. John Wick has a more interesting storyline and better drama than most that draws you in and never let's go, I highly recommend this film as one of the best action films I have seen in years.
The entire movie is made for dog lovers, for me.
KCBkotastrophie -
KCBkotastrophie -:
As i’m re-watching all 3. I start thinking about JW’s reputation and how everyone knows his reputation. Shouldn’t he be the boss? everyone should think of him as the “judge, jury and executioner” in every sense of the Idiom.
Chengfu Saechao
Chengfu Saechao:
keanu is a great actor...
my top favourite movies:
Awesome movie. The people complaining about the dead do is weird, what if your wife gave you a last gift before she died and someone destroyed it? I know I would have been pretty mad.
Nina Kalajdzic
Nina Kalajdzic:
Whos here after John Wick 4 is out?
Shabbir Ahmed
Shabbir Ahmed:
Two persons definitely deserve Oscar, one you all know and second is viggo. The best presentation. Osam, best perfection, actually I am out of words for him.
Ava Sina
Ava Sina:
I watched it yesterday with my dad. We both were so shocked by the brilliance of the movie.
You should check it out 👍