Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial: DISTURBING Text Messages Read in Court

Disturbing text messages from Johnny Depp to his good friend were read in court as Depp and Heard’s defamation trial continued on Thursday. ‘Extra’ has the latest from the proceedings, which also included testimony from Heard’s former assistant and their marriage counselor.

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Jay M
Jay M:
If everyone who has texted terrible things about their ex to a friend is an abuser than we gon need to lock a lotta people up.
Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena:
It's called reactive abuse. A narcissist like heard pushes a man to react then paints them as the abuser. He didn't physically hurt her, he just isn't that type of person, however he verbally reacted as most victims of narcissists do. She punched him in the face and he still didn't pop her one back. That says everything.
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
Yes, how dare a man in the midst of a toxic relationship send (gasp!) Profanity-laced texts about his partner. It's unheard of.
Bee B
Bee B:
Who hasn’t said things they wish would happen to someone or could do. Everyone has. It’s called being human
Khalifa Mohamed
Khalifa Mohamed:
I’m actually relieved that unlike her, he applied all his anger on a keyboard rather than committing DV.
Amy Jeffery
Amy Jeffery:
I've been in a horribly abusive relationship with a narcissist before. From what I can gather (having not actually been there myself) as Johnny was being abused he couldn't take any more and reacted in what's called 'Reactive Abuse.' Am I saying he was right? No, but I've BEEN there. The abuser just drives you insane, and keeps you there jn what's called a Trauma Bond. These are as hard to get out of as a heroin addiction. Johnny has years of counseling ahead of him. I pray for a good outcome and peace in his heart. This isn't a joke, these mental conditions are serious! And they are horrifying to go through.
Erin Fee
Erin Fee:
I feel so bad for Johnny,his name has been tarnished by lies and Amber pushing him to react to him. She yells at him for trying to get away from her when she was beating the sh$t out of him! She is crazy!
I had a step mother who was a narcissistic abuser. She’d taunt me and my sister and even my father. She’d claim wild assumptions about me and my sister and did our character assassination…. It was so traumatizing and going through that everyday for six years caused me to have numerous mental health problems… When I lived with her words and behavior would get so extreme; shouting, banging doors, giving silent treatment for days, gaslighting me etc…
The only way I could release my stress that time was talking to my friends and I will admit that I have said many harsh words for to my friends and wished death upon her and claimed to them ways I would murder her….
But that was my only resort to survive because I had become suicidal…. Thus, I completely understand depp’s actions.
Edit ( I mean we all are humans and deserve to stand up for ourselves and save ourselves rather then keeping silent till our hearts and minds give up)
So, what did they expect him to say about Amber? Omg, she is an angel and just omg 😲
It's almost as if Amber's lawyers have never heard of reactive abuse. Look, almost everyone talks shit about their ex, it's not illegal and it doesn't mean that they are abusers
Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid:
that's ridiculous. those text messages are chats between two Friends to cope with a toxic situation. Does ANYBODY think they would be serious about that. Its ridiculous. In contrast to the actual behaviour of Heard!
So his private conversations and venting is now classifies as threats? Like seriously who wouldn't have these thoughts after what he was put through.
Julie Lea
Julie Lea:
I knew that foolish couple counselors words would be taken out of context. She said the "mutual abuse" was based on what Amber told her.
She's the only one who ever saw a "small bruise" probably due to her plastic surgery ONLY when JD was not present did she tell these lies, & ONLY taking AH's word for it.
I'm a psychologist, this woman graduated in 1982 when Cluster B Personality Disorders were barely touched on in Higher Education, any DECENT therapist would NEVER say " She constantly spoke over him & hitting him was her way of keeping him" & other odd things when she should be able to tell by AH's behavior & words FROM A MILE AWAY THAT SHE IS A MALIGNANT NARCISSIST, which means she has traits high in narcissism, traits of Borderline ( such as her obvious ABANDONMENT TERROR) & her traits of Anti-Social Behavior such as her sociopathiy.
Today former victims with no training in psychology easily identify AH as a narcissistic abuser by her lack of empathy, exploitation of others (not only Mr Depp), her gaslighting, deflection, triangulation, projection, mirroring, pathological lying ( she's lied under OATH on 3 continents & lied in a letter to the Dept of Justice), showing her sense of entitlement & belief she is above rules & LAWS.
These basic traits are impossible to miss, as is her body language of the chin jutting upward & outward, a classic sign of a narcissist indicating they think they are better than everyone else...
which is a facade because they are empty inside &
Isaac's testimony, with Kate James (&many more) show HOW MANY PEOPLE SHE HAS ABUSED... Kate's 3 yr old son, JD's kids, she has used them causing them emotional distress without regard for their well-being!!! A "normal" person would have empathy for innocent children &,their stepchildren. Much Love❤❤
A E:
Just a few key points from what I observed while watching the therapist.
1. Her notes were based off of Amber's say so while Johnny wasn't present.
2. Amber admitted to be physical first. Why does this matter? Bc if this was a women who was being hit first, the man would be in handcuffs and taken away. Johnny most the time didn't engage and every once in awhile did.
3. Amber's on uppers drugs and younger while Johnny is on depressants drugs and older.
4. The therapist admitted Amber is the dominant one.
5. The therapist is fidgeting bc her notes are so bad and she can't understand them either. I mean really?
6. Amber was plotting against Johnny to the therapist. Trying to make a plan. It wasn't out of fear, but out of likely money or bc she already posted pics
7. The therapist said she wasn't a good candidate for the bruising on Amber's face. Why did the therapist feel that way? Isn't she a mandated reporter and hired to do her due diligence? Idk.
8. Have have way more questions than answers now. 😕. This therapist shouldn't of been taken on the stand. If she wasn't told by Johnny and with Johnny present, it's heresy.
Knox Family
Knox Family:
I listened to an audio of the both of them. And in my educated opinion. I personally believe amber has borderline personality disorder nad feel that the initiated a lot of pychological and physical abuse. She minimized the her hitting and throwing pots and pans at him as no big deal. She berated him for him leaving the situation and going into another rooms and demanded he stay when she has her violent outbursts. There is a lot of anger between both but the physical abuse admittedly was made by amber and she discussed.c
I think in a lot of ways they’re relationships probably was mutually toxic, but amber seems to be more at fault than him. Not a single one of his exes has ever accused him of anything. I think she was the instigator more often than not, she pushed him and manipulated him and tried to set him up and yet she might even genuinely believe that she is a victim because of her entitlement and sexism. Even if they were both equally as toxic towards one another, she deserves to lose this case because she made it public only to garner sympathy and to hurt him when she wasn’t any better.
Cody Sray
Cody Sray:
“He sent PROFANITY-LACED text messages!”
example of one of his texts: “when I get back from the hotel please stop hitting me because it hurts like hell and that’s not cool”
A narcissist will push you until you react. Then say, 'see, I told you they were crazy, I haven't done anything, we were just talking'. They will blatantly lie & deny they said any such things & tell you that you hear what you want to hear. They drive you that crazy, you dont know who you are anymore.
Jocelyn cams
Jocelyn cams:
Unless Johnny has admitted to the counselor that he has beat her. She could have made those bruises herself. I know a girl that used to do that it’s crazy.
Tidal Waves
Tidal Waves:
Amber: admits on audio that she has hit and puunched Johnny. has a record of DV of assaulting her exwife in 2009. Former assistant says she spit in her face, her mother was terrified of her, her sister was treated like a dog that was kicked. Johnny loses a fingertip and has a cigarette put out on his cheek
Johnny: sent venting text to his friend
extratv: Johnny is guilty
TrueBliu Nineleven
TrueBliu Nineleven:
Don't forget to report on the texts from Amber to her friends, where they discussed bringing knives to a "conversation" she was going to have with Johnny. There are even pictures of the knives. Just stop it.
A lot of people have never heard of reactive abuse. A lot of people including marriage counselors are not very good to consult when abuse exists in a relationship. It’s actually dangerous for this exact reason, they’re labeled as toxic or mutually toxic when something more exists. Marriage counselors can be good…for marriage issues. Abuse is not a marriage issue. It’s an abuse issue. There is a huge lack of understanding and education.
On the other hand, we don’t personally know these two people, so until then we won’t know what has actually occurred but I do know too many women have been marked off as unstable and crazy and toxic when abused while their partner (who is often a master of facades) gets away with his smear campaign and puts up a front of innocence very well in the public eye and relatives and friends claim to know them very well and they could never do such a thing etc etc….yet they’ve never been in a romantic relationship with this person. How could they ever know their true being. They don’t.
Geraldine Ekhator
Geraldine Ekhator:
As I watch the body language between Amber and Johnny I see that Amber is getting a huge kick out of trying to ruin his name and celebrity status. There might have been drugs and alcohol involved but she seems to be doing this out of some mean streak she has. I see much of what Johnny did as retaliation. Many things shouldn’t have been done but he was frustrated and trying to make the marriage work with someone who was and is trying to make a name for herself by stepping on and using people. This is my observations.
Extra sucks! that was not the demeanour of the trial. The text messages came after her accusations. Even her ex assistant testified against her, what a toxic publication.
But let’s not talk about how Amber admit to hitting JD out of pride/ego if she ever feels disrespected. And as far as mutual abuse NOOOO. That is what Amber said when alone in her word is about as reliable as the sociopath that she is! Jd couldn’t talk while in counseling because she talked over him and AH didn’t want him to change the narrative she had prepped before hand with her private sessions
sherry frazier
sherry frazier:
Amazing reporting. I listened to the court case all three days and never heard the points they are hanging their hat on. Amber is coming off as manipulative and not to be trusted. Luckily the jury is listening to the proceedings and not the reporter spin. Shame!!!
Candid Thoughts
Candid Thoughts:
“You start to slowly realize that you are in a relationship with your ‘mother,’ in a sense.” Johnny Depp

I understand this ALL TOO WELL too. Society pushes blanket statements of “mental health awareness,” but ONLY SELECTIVELY.

If a straight man suffers from abuse, (verbal, physical, or financial) by his female partner in a relationship, he is regarded as a “simp,” or weak… when he is acting according to his natural role as a leader, protector, lover in a relationship, which is an unchanged expectation of men, even when the dating landscape has changed significantly for women.

A healthy person will logically try to access what the issue is in a relationship, and work towards a solution.

A mentally ill [and very often undiagnosed/ misdiagnosed] narcissist, regardless of gender, will abuse, gaslight, and isolate the partner so they cannot make sense of the circumstances, and remain stuck in a fugue state, until discarded when the narcissistic supply from the abuse is depleted.

How many generations of children grew up in absentee father homes where their clinically borderline personality disorder (BPD) or narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) mother ousted the father due to a false accusation and/ or “no fault divorce,” resulting in the well meaning father living in a studio apartment or their car, paying for child support while being denied visitation rights of their own children?

There’s no denying that there are MENTALLY ILL ABUSIVE FATHERS out there.

However, blanket statements disregard the HEALTHY and WELL MEANING humans who suffered horrific abuses at the hands of their UNWELL partners, regardless of gender.

We’ve decoded the human genome, mapped the Earth & the solar system, and have a greater comprehension of psychology, specifically social sciences.

How can we continue to disregard the facts for why society is how it is today?

Familial history and upbringing [genetic and environmental] is VERY TELLING of how a child will develop into an adult, including personality traits and proclivities.

It’s scary, a lot of men like Johnny Depp, Dr. Dre, Prince Harry, Will Smith and millions of other regular humans (all genders), are victims of narcissistic relationships, and that is grossly under discussed in society.

This problem is exacerbated in today’s culture which dismisses men’s perspectives, especially in courts of law.

Narcissism is not gender specific.

I learned the hard way.

My own story is pretty extreme, with an “Amber Heard” type of ex.

They can be dangerous and [attempt to] ruin lives and careers with their manipulations.

She went through my cell phone and has been spreading misconstrued, defamatory messages in a smear campaign to my professional colleagues.

In my defense, I made a public testimonial video, which includes screenshots, legal documents and anecdotal examples of narcissist abuse from the panel, as well as of public figure I hope my story can serve as a cautionary tale and as educational media.

Now she has deleted her social media accounts and still harasses me from multiple numbers, attempting to entrap me.

Also threatening to release my nudes and other sensitive information… which she has already done so, to numerous professional parties I’m working with.

It has escalated into legal action, which she has already dodged multiple legal summons, with the pending court date looming very near.

Men and women can have narcissistic traits or full blown narcissist personality disorder (NPD).

They can be friends, family, lovers, coworkers, anyone.

This conversation comes from a place of empathy, and addresses this severely under-discussed topic.

Learn how to discern the signs and how to communicate with them to navigate life.
Jennifer Watts
Jennifer Watts:
The texts were amazing, and it's clear to me so far that all of the toxic stems from Amber herself. She's copying his wardrobe, the same tie setup a day after he wore the same, that's not normal behavior at all. And it certainly isn't in line with a dv victim. It's in line for a narcissist tho.
Loki - the God of mischief
Loki - the God of mischief:
He never sent texts like that to her though, so it means nothing.
Braeside Bikes
Braeside Bikes:
Amber reminds me of my mother. Also a malignant narcissist constantly trying to frame, entrap and sue people. Obsessed with power and control - and if the person she wants to control won't submit, worship her and suffer, she'd rather they end up in jail or dead. Endlessly psychologically abusing and picking apart, endlessly trying to goad others into violence. To this day I don't feel safe, even with no contact.
Eden Anderson
Eden Anderson:
Shes set back women being abused by 70 years ! I was violently abused by my ex partner it was in court ...I didn't have to see him and he plead guilty because the evidence was outstanding.
I'm disabled because of it ...I didn't get any money I can't work .
I'm just so ashamed that this has tarnished DA vicims.
Its difficult to prosecute these crimes as it is but I had rock solid evidence.
Martina Kuhnert
Martina Kuhnert:
Johnny should have stayed in France with Vanessa. He lived a quiet, simple life next to a village ...his only "demon" was glass of vine. When he went back to LA with his family, problems started and when Vanessa left with the kids....well, what can I say.I remember when Johnny said he went out with friends once and came back very late. Pregnant Vanessa got up and with smile asked him if he is hungry and started to make him something. Johnny said that was a moment he will never forget.
Everyone has sent shitty text messages about people that they're dealing with to their friends--especially when they're going through it. I mean, if anything, it makes Johnny Depp human. Lmao--do you have idea how many cuss words I've thrown around in a text messages from being angry or hurt by someone I love?? Get out of here with that...just play the tapes....PLAY THE TAPES!! Done. Case closed!! Give this man back his life so he can leave that horrible specimen of a woman he made the mistake of getting with in the first place. Please.
ladywhite79 active
ladywhite79 active:
I have been in a Narcissist relationship and know what's going on here. Amber is a Narcissist and she's not going let Johnny go without extracting every bit of his money and destroy him. She's using the reactive abuse against him.
Kayla Jones
Kayla Jones:
I mean c'mon, no one is perfect. But I believe with all my heart and soul that Johnny Depp is innocent. I hope he wins this case. He's one of my fave actors ever.
Her lawyer needs to get real… and I applaud her former employee speaking the truth. She owes that women a big apology and funds to make up for what she missed…
This feels like complete bullshit to me, going through some textmessages. There's no proof of anything if someone sends a message about their ex to a friend. It's not against the law to say that you don't wish good things for your ex.

If they seek to prove domestic violence, they need to have eyewitnesses and doctors reports on injuries and videomaterial.

I'm 100 % with Johnny on this one. This woman seems to have a persona that is somehow poisonous.
Bill Lozier
Bill Lozier:
The fact that Johnny told his art friend about seeing Amber's rotting corpse in the truck of her car is enough for me. He's just a regular guy. Amber is a golddigging witch.
That was just him venting to his friend. He was abused by her, by someone who he had trusted.
Deanna Mastellone
Deanna Mastellone:
I am a Domestic Violence Survivor and sadly so is my partner- his ex wife stabbed him and left him to die and our entire legal system failed him, even when the truth was provided to the Australian courts. The Family Court awarded her over $500k in the property settlement. If he had stabbed her, he would be in prison. Clearly Amber Turd has never been paralysed with fear, never felt shame, humiliation, zero self worth nor zero self confidence. The histrionics she pretends is absolutely laughable and the endless lies so completely unbelievable. I love all the comments so many have written who do not believe her. As a domestic violence survivor she clearly shows she is the abuser. The world must change and believe and support men who are abused and there must be serious consequences for females who lie about domestic violence.
So when someone sends something to another about an ex i assume that it was meant to vent his emotions. Notice it was to his close friend who wouldn’t judge him. If we are holding Johnny to this then they need to hold everyone accountable. I’d like to see what AH has sent to her friends about Johnny.
I friend of mine had a wife that used to injure herself, nobody believed him until he placed a hidden camera and recorded it, he also recorded other things she did. If he had not done this he would have lost custody for sure in the divorce
Imagine if those texts had come out before the voice recording. As someone who said similar to her toxic partner (we were both problems, I’m not trying to lay all of the blame on him- but 7 years deep into a beautiful thing… I dunno!) it was just in an effort to hurt him as bad as he had hurt me. I was in an emotional desert with my ex. I was emotionally invested while he seemed to look at me as more of a dingle berry hanging from his ass-ole.
Anne Silva
Anne Silva:
I mean I’ve talked so much shit about my best friend’s ex, he was next level psychologically abusive. He was horrible to her and even got her into drugs, we hate that man and there’s a lot of texts that prove it. I’m sure many people are in that situation it’s not unreasonable or a criminal offense to send those texts
average joe
average joe:
"She was observed to have bruises". Well that must prove it for sure then, everyone knows that people never get bruised unless they are abused, and theres no way that someone trying to phisically assault someone else could ever come out of the engagement more injured than the other party, right?
I think the fans literally cheering him pulling up to court says it all. I don’t think any rational person cares about her. People love depp
Joshua Hotstuff
Joshua Hotstuff:
This is the definition of a "toxic relationship". Take notes ladies and gents.
Ti Mitchell
Ti Mitchell:
It’s interesting how these kinds of media outlets are trying to paint Amber in a certain light. Please watch Law and Crime on YouTube for this trial because there’s so much more to this
I glad you are reporting on this case and I hope the truth will set them free.
Gamemediafan 17
Gamemediafan 17:
Oh and just to let the public know an interesting detail about those texts:

“I am admittedly too f-cked in the head to spray my rage at the one I love… for little reason, as well as I’m too old to be that guy. But pills are fine!!!”
- Johnny Depp
Lee Costello
Lee Costello:
Taking words of frustration out of context is not proof of abuse. He is venting to a friend. Who doesn’t swear or wish bad on somebody who hurts them or even pisses them off. She is a gaslighter and I hope she is exposed.
T Sorrell
T Sorrell:
He had every right to be pissed at least Johnny just uses WORDS Amber uses PHYSICAL VIOLENCE!!
Thomas Grabowski
Thomas Grabowski:
Ugh I wish they werent trying to capatilize on this. This is a very heartbreaking tragedy. I wish them healing energy. 💖
pnutbutta jelly
pnutbutta jelly:
Im still wondering why this is being publicly shown in such detail but not the Ghislaine Maxwell case ?
Celso DeJesus
Celso DeJesus:
I'd like to see where the scars are from being dragged across broken bottles. That's a pretty easy claim to prove.
Princess Riley
Princess Riley:
I’m glad he’s doing something. Stand up. Teach them that men also need to be seen and heard.
Giselle Martinez
Giselle Martinez:
I really hope she goes prison or gets what she deserves. This why men don’t speak on abuse because they are “men”. They reject Johnny so many times I really hope he gets better and the help he needs
Christina F
Christina F:
I'm so sorry you are going through this johnny. I know mean things can be said when people get mad but I don't believe you were abusive. I have always liked you as a person and actor and I wish I could help you through all this. I myself was abused most of my life, and bullied by others. One of my family members was physically, verbally, and mentally abusive, and I also ended up in a relationship to which my man also abused me. I know I'm not perfect and I have said some mean things in retaliation to the mean things that were said to me but I never really meant most of it. I really do hope things get better for you and that you find someone who will love you for you just as I hope the same for myself. No one deserves to be treated like garbage. My last relationship was my so bad, I came out of it thinking and feeling worthless and unwanted. Also just want to point out that the comment that ah said about you being old and fat and a washed out actor is absolutely false. You are not old and fat, and you are an amazing actor!!! I wish you all the best in life. I will continue to support you. Kindest regards from a loyal fan♥️
Shaina Sterrett
Shaina Sterrett:
Can anyone tell me - will the audio recordings (his and Ambers fights; all of the proof that she’s been an instigator/has hit him etc) be included as evidence in this trial?
Nikki R
Nikki R:
The fact he didn’t smash her phone when he found her recording speak volumes he doesn’t abuse. If you’re abused I wouldn’t put it past using alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. Also if she was so calculated you would think she would get medical reports of the abuse, but she didn’t, not of them were real
Everyone talks shit about their EX, it’s not illegal either
Barbara Celeste
Barbara Celeste:
JUSTICE FOR JOHNNY!!! Let her go back to her extra work where he found her.
Ms MacMama
Ms MacMama:
They were in a Relationship. People fall out of love, arguments happens because there's hurt in it. They stay to fix it and to see changes. Things are said out of context to hurt one another. They confide in someone they trust...then fight it out in court. Divorce is very painful. It's normal emotions. But there's is public in which ppl will judge them and dont even know them...just know of them. Sad all the way around.
Cheryl Allison
Cheryl Allison:
The look on his face when Amber Heard lawyer was speaking of the detailed abuse she's supposedly sustained speaks volumes just his reaction you can tell none of that happened! #TeamJohnnyDepp
T Marie
T Marie:
Her analogy of him "doing things to her," sounds straight out of a movie she's trying to star in!
John M Gaynes
John M Gaynes:
I have to say based on what I know the abusive person in this relationship is Amber, she videod his reactions to things that were not on camera and made the claim all she did was say sorry to avoid a fight. Take a look at the video of her reaction to her "prized" 68 mustang in Overhaulin, She flips out! Is Johnny a man who slams cupboard doors when he is pissed off? Sure, but its a huge leap between a man slamming cupboard doors to a man that would physically abuse a woman. My father was a man who would slam cup oard doors, the frig door, car doors when pissed off, however he would never hit a woman. I dont buy Amber's claims at all.
Zoe Sloman
Zoe Sloman:
Hang on so when they went to councelling together Johnny was able to talk about amber's violence towards him but amber had to go separately to talk about what he did to her. Sounds Sus!
Abby S. Pumpkins
Abby S. Pumpkins:
Does anyone else think Amber’s dramatic, excessive cheekbone-contouring has a similar appearance to bruising??? The shading is so high-up on her cheeks, it brings the highlighting to right under her eyes. Her cheeks remind me of bruises. Whoever does her makeup would be more than capable of creating a realistic-appearing bruise. Just something to think about.
Wow! Did a person texted they best friend angry messages about their toxic ex who ruined their life? This is a joke.
Liz Hurtado
Liz Hurtado:
Her bruises are probably from Botox or filler 😂
Anna Krajewski
Anna Krajewski:
How can the marriage counselor be making statements? That conflicts with HIPAA and ethics.
J L:
This is ridiculous! This was not was not a text sent with intent behind it! He never put a hand in her, he definitely deserves to say something via text, to his friend, after what she had done!!!! Heards lawyer is grabbing at straws! I’d like to meet one person who hasn’t called someone at name or said something in a text in regards to an evil being they’ve dealt with! Come on!!!! ON YOUR SIDE JOHNNY!!!!
We have all said things in anger, I know I've said things which would never be conveyed into action but purely to get it off my chest, Depp is no different here
No Name
No Name:
I honestly do hope HEARD I’d caught with her lies… as just a viewer I can tell SHE has lied about all this because she wants his money it is only obvious… as a domestic violence survivor I can see who the ABUSER IS!!
Samantha Scherschel
Samantha Scherschel:
I should've known that main steam media would paint the picture of Johnny being the abuser. Clearly they don't do their research into things and they are trying to save face since when this first came out they were on her side. I hope that johnny does win and can't wait to see how they react to that.
Throw her in prison. We can’t let women get away with this shit anymore. This is the “He Too” movement, no more vindictiveness and lies from toxic women, no more.
Stevie Bacall
Stevie Bacall:
Well they read these things in court as if not a single person seated in that building or reading this comment in there lifetime has said things they didnt mean when they were angry, as if nothing exaggerated or creative happens when you have an angry outburst. theres no context for how literal a person is in a text message, its thus redundant. i mean if you Think of the amount of times you've stubbed your toe and an exploitive has come out your mouth, nobody would ever thing you had a genuine hatred for whatever you just so happened to hit. But over the internet or via a phone message, context is just not there, you dont know. its just more crap used to denigrate Johnny's character but it goes both ways, and generally when you get more context you get more clarity of the full picture, and guess what? Then everyones opinion miraculously changed. If i were either of em i wouldnt be happy with the outcome, the word overkill comes to mind.
Mary Rose
Mary Rose:
Yes when my best friend talks about the things her ex still does to affect her life I say things like I want to smash his head in with a spade. It’s not like I was going to go and do it. It’s called venting to a friend and to use dark humour is normal.
If my spouse filed for divorce after one of my parents died I would probably vent to one of my friends too about what I FEEL.
user user
user user:
Imagine being sued for 6 years! I would wanna see the person who put me through this suffer
*' Windy Love*'
*' Windy Love*':
It's a shock to me how there is actually people supporting Amber.
There are so many aspects to this case. I seem to be in a similar relationship w a man who presents himself as a sweet, pretty quiet guy. HAH! Its soooo different behind doors. His demeanor/personality pursuade waaay too many ppl. I mean, his movies are GREAT! But alcohol & drugs fueled his career. Don't forget that. I love him..but he is clearly using his charming personality for all involved. I believe its both of them. He can say "get out, leave me alone.." blah blah blah. But he likely started the argument/disagreement & she was defending herself..frustrated. He started w verbal abuse (all about control)...she would act out in defense. Then it escalated. Seriously, this is exactly what happens to me. Living and being w an HARD. My bf says the worst can only take so much..then, only natural, to react. He records me & takes pics of me at my I started doing the same and taking video of him when he was acting nuts. You have to document! Just my opinion. I think verbal abuse started and they started reacting physically. BOTH...OF...THEM.It does not always happen in previous relationships. I believe its exacerbated by certain ppl..but it was likely always there. I have nothing against Johnny. I'm a recovering addict as well. JUST SAYING... I believe its both of them. Everyone praises him bc of his status & persona. I see through it.
Also: HIS ACCENT IS FAKE. He's from Kentucky..
bianca devino
bianca devino:
So what!! Of course JD is not going to say nice things about her. Anyone would.
John Obrien
John Obrien:
There is a fine line between love and hate!!!
I had a college professor who on the first day told us more than half of us would fail.
Two weeks in he died of a heart attack. I was not unhappy.
Kevin Arzola
Kevin Arzola:
Extra is such a shit news source. Incredible how they’re tying to spin it for Amber. She’s legit getting destroyed
So....They still gonna blame Johnny for Amber's crazy and abusive actions
Is nobody going to talk about the disgusting thing she left on his bed, then laughed about it with her girlfriend?
Danny G
Danny G:
We're all behind you johnny. Big up from your UK fans

#justiceforjohnny #amberturd #meepoo
Josette Andres
Josette Andres:
He was just blowing off steam. Everybody who's been spurned by someone who said that they loved the victim of the situation is gonna talk shit about the person who lied.
I live with a Grand Master Narcissist and this is exactly the shit she does lol
I've earned a master's degree in understanding narcissism all thanks to my lady lol she's a gem 💎
Angela Durham
Angela Durham:
AH never accused him while Johnny was in the room… she only did it when Johnny didn’t know… she had this planned I can claim every bruise I have on someone and not tell them, of course THEY COULD’NT deny it if they didn’t know there was even an accusation…
Canadian Raised
Canadian Raised:
"Morning friend" literally brought tears to my eyes
People don’t listen the marriage counsellor clearly said amber heard showed her the picture of the bruises on her phone in person not the bruises being on her face in person. That’s terrible reporting
She took part of this poor man's finger by whipping a glass bottle at him! she is the abuser. Period.
Modern Day Aphorisms:.
Modern Day Aphorisms:. "With Uncle Ray":
Everyone has texted in an emotional rage at some point. Let he without any sin, cast the first stone ...
Caye A
Caye A:
One question, why did Johnny's car arrive to the court house that way, speeding and screeching its tires? LOL!
Filipe Lopes
Filipe Lopes:
I mean I would rather get a text like that instead of getting physically abuse, that idiot f*cking cut his fingers and punched him... You can't even compare a text vs what she did
Sam Conn
Sam Conn:
Dr. Anderson IS SPECULATING that Johnny and Amber had mutual combat because she is going off Amber's sessions with her and NOT with Johnny when she made these accusations. SHE DOES NOT MAKE THAT CLEAR and I dunno WHY Johnny's team did not object to that as speculation! She is wording it as though she was witnessing it or at the very least Johnny being there and saying it himself BUT NO, SHE IS TALKING ABOUT HER SPECULATION that Amber and Johnny had mutual combat due to what ONLY AMBER said in her sessions with her. It is RIDICULOUS that they did not object to that.
Brittany Dawn
Brittany Dawn:
Everyone knows Johnny Depp is innocent..
Deborah Day
Deborah Day:
These 2 people were in a horrific dysfunctional TOXIC relationship. They both played a role in the Nastiness and now that it’s over. She needs to take her CASH and WalkTheF Away. It’s all very Sad and not uncommon at all.
Money, Power, Sex, Greed, Ungodliness.
Just make it Stop. 😩