Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Defamation Trial-Plaintiff Opening Statement-Camille Vasquez

Happening in court:
Plaintiff Opening Statement - Benjamin Chew
Plaintiff Opening Statement - Camille Vasquez

Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.

The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.

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Very strong opening for Johnny Depp. Whatever the result of this is… Johnny Depp has already proved he was NEVER a wife beater.
the gesture johnny did of pulling the chair for her just really explains a lot he is one of the kindest people and it's sicking for someone like amber to lie about that
Cameron Dutton
Cameron Dutton:
Good to see a light shines on narcissistic psychotic behavior. Not everyone gets out of it unscathed and 90% of abusers end up being perceived as the victim. Gotta be careful who we let into our worlds. I hope gods truth is shown in this case.
Happy Wife
Happy Wife:
CAMILLE VASQUEZ IS A very strong, intelligent and educated attorney. Despite her petite size, she has an immense presence in the courtroom. She is an icon and an attorney who should be modeled for the future careers of our youth. I am proud that the womens movement has come so far in my 60+ years. I recall fighting for equality, and my daughters would ask what I was doing. I told them I was fighting for their equality. I am so proud to see how far we've come. God bless Ms. Vasquez, I'm so proud of you.
Jordan Course
Jordan Course:
You never hear bad things about Johnny. Amber on the other hand….
AH giving Ms Vasquez the evil eye because she’s everything AH wants to be - beautiful, competent, intelligent, talented, professional and graceful.
Crayon Writer
Crayon Writer:
Camille is so good. To admit your clients faults is a great thing to do rather than play the perfect person that no one is.
Anyone who’s ever been in an abusive relationship &/or grew up with an abusive parent can see this situation for exactly what it is. Johnny Depp is a victim & Heard the abuser. Because of his childhood he was conditioned to accept it & to try to make it better. This man has suffered enough, deserves justice & his name cleared.
Tony Duart
Tony Duart:
I love how when Camille finished her open, and went to sit down; her mentor Benjamin Chew, stood up as sign of respect for well done. He is her senior in their firm. Then Johnny gave her a "good job", and a little pat on her back. She AND THIS PART I REALLY LOVE.. she affectionately reciprocates by squeezing his forearm. And when Johnny is supporting Mr. Chew, Camille again, without looking caresses Johnny;s arm. Love it!
Mathew Stokes
Mathew Stokes:
one big thing alone that stands out is johnny was with a woman for 14 years and had children and has never shown signs of being an aggressive person but little miss nobody was the exception... come on you don't just become an aggressive person that far in your life without showing signs or having trouble in the past
Ryan C
Ryan C:
Ms Vasquez and Mr Chew are incredibly talented. I hope Johnny wins this case. He's been through so much unnecessary trauma because of Amber's cruelty, evil, and narcissism
Jane Matthews
Jane Matthews:
I can’t not stand her! Why she looking so smug! Pure evil and why she’s allowed to keep performing when his life has been derailed is completely beyond me!
As part of the legal profession I confirm that Heard is a narcissist. If her face doesn’t scream narcissist, sociopath, nervous, liar, constantly blinking her eyes and leaning over to see reaction’s from Johnny is enough for even a kindergartner to know that she is GUILTY. Johnny on the other hand is calm and confident. Let’s pray God shows up for justice because that’s what Johnny needs. Heard knows that she will fall flat, it’s just matter of time Karma will catch up with her.
I'm relieved and glad that JD has such a strong legal team. Camille Vasquez and Benjamin Chew have both really got their heads screwed on and are giving him a clear and thorough opening.
sarah mcquirk
sarah mcquirk:
I just wanna give him a big hug. I hope he wins he was never the bad guy. Look at her face she is guilty
Now having heard some of that evil's testimony this COULD NOT RING MORE TRUE. Amazing job Camille!
This woman on trial looks exactly like my abusive ex husband as if she never did anything but did everything. Her demeanor is as if she is above everyone else- Narcissist
Michelle Strachan
Michelle Strachan:
My heart goes out to Johnny Depp bc the stuff amber lied about is horrific. I can't imagine what he has gone through
Alexis Rivera
Alexis Rivera:
I’m glad it’s public but at the same time it’s so sad but just so the world could see what type of women she was and that he is innocent and deserves justices! I love you Johnny Depp ❤️
Joseph Purdue
Joseph Purdue:
Thank you, Camille. You nailed it. Let's hope the jury see the truth at the end of the this. Best of luck Johnny.
Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez:
I Love that!! That so honest. Being a swearing drug using drinker...does NOT necessarily mean he's an abuser. That's so definitely true. I love how reasonable that was of Johnny's attorney
scott miles
scott miles:
Regardless of who you believe is the victim and who’s the abuser, it’s still mind blowing how Johnny Depp had to quit all of his film roles due to the controversy when Amber Heard still has everything including Aquaman,
This gives a good preview of what her cross examination with Heard will look like.

I initially wanted Ben Chew as the cross examinator because he would be very hard hittilg and to the point, making Heard doubt herself and fumble her words. But I can also see how that may appear as her being an innocent victim being berated by another man. So maybe Camille having the role fits better.
It’s not about Johnny Depp being a much loved actor and the man who played many of the characters people also love that people are so quick to take his side - it’s the fact nobody has ever made such claims about him, he does not deserve this and I truly believe that yes his communication skills may be poor and he may react in self defence when attacked but this woman is wicked, this is such a strong opening statement and I truly hope she’s receives the medical help she so desperately needs
a e
a e:
They did a great job. His story never changed. Even a blind mind could tell who the abuser was.
Kara W
Kara W:
If you’re “obsessed” with your public image. Maybe don’t try to defame the most beloved actor in Hollywood lol
Black Hawk
Black Hawk:
Camille Vasquez statement is completely consistent with all the witnesses and evidence that was presented later. Depp not only has the evidence in his favor, but also a very professional and humane team of lawers. I hope they also do probono work, because their talents should be shared with those less fortunate finantially
Itana Marko
Itana Marko:
It's shocking how she pulled all this up. And she has still not been held accountable for all her lies, to this day.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts:
He’s such a good man he doesn’t deserve to go through this he has a huge heart dressing up as jack sparrow visinting childrens cancer wards around the world on his own dime
Jacqueline Lovorn
Jacqueline Lovorn:
People have to ask themselves what is that smirk on AHs face? That’s called duper’s delight by TBP body language experts. She’s got a fixed duper’s delight. When she gets called the abuser, her eyes will flutter, that’s a tell that she doesn’t want to hear that statement, you must ask yourself why.
Jouselin Gaytan
Jouselin Gaytan:
All he needed was someone to love him and be there for him as wife in such hard times 🥺 I can't believe how far she took this to hurt him all for financial gain 💔
Sphinx the Minx
Sphinx the Minx:
I wonder if she's woken up to the fact that even people who don't like Johnny Depp prefer him to her.
Angel Eyes33
Angel Eyes33:
Good for Johnny D for standing up for himself and making her suffer her consequences
Laura Stone
Laura Stone:
It's so sad and disappointing that some women are always looking to claw their way to fame on the backs of innocent people. This woman should be ashamed of yourself. Using the "Me Too" movement under false pretenses is horrible.
Robert Shum
Robert Shum:
I find it comical that Camille's speech predicted everything Amber and her team would do.
The way Amber Heard keeps looking left over at Johnny's team. She's trying to gauge a reaction from him. But Johnny you could tell his anxiety is through the roof by how he was fidgeting. I hope he knows he has the internets full support
Jay B
Jay B:
Camille Vasquez is an incredible role model.
For ANYONE who watched this trial it was easy to see this tiny little volcano ready to explode! With her superior skills as an attorney, Camille Vasquez went from an associate at the beginning of the trial, to being promoted to a full on Partner just days after the Verdict, after ONLY 4 years at Brown Rudnick! Camille earned it & certainly deserved it! All hail Queen Camille!👏👏👏
Neon Kix
Neon Kix:
Poor Johnny... this must be so difficult for him. Kudos to him for coming forward with the most revealing and vulnerable truth. Takes serious courage.
Ben McDermott ART
Ben McDermott ART:
You can see Johnny trying hold tears and feelings because he just scared and suffering by amber heard, seeing Jonny look down breaking my heart
Pommie 🐻 Bears
Pommie 🐻 Bears:
No DV victim STOPS their abuser from leaving the argument….ever. It’s the victim who wants to leave, to deescalate the argument. JD is the victim.
Carolyn McLuskie
Carolyn McLuskie:
I love how both Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez briefly touch Johnny in reassurance after Camille finishes her opening statement and sits down. I was so moved by this eloquently simple act of caring humanity. It says so much about the best that lawyering can be. They have his back.
i don’t think her lawyers even believe her
Dani Girl
Dani Girl:
All I can say is that I CANNOT WAIT for Camille's cross examination of Amber Heard.
Naila Aqbal
Naila Aqbal:
Everyone send your prayers up to the Heavens for Johnny Depp! Justice needs to be served!!! AH needs to suffer through the consequences of her actions.
The way she smirk gives me chills, she is scary, sh seems proud of her lie its so scary
The truth is that none of us were there and we simply do not know the facts and both have weird lives and more money than sense. But my god, everything i learn about Amber Heard just sets off alarm bells in my head!
Hope he win this. This Amber person is disgusting
Amber Hearsay
Amber Hearsay:
Jesus she is good, not only a good lawyer but a good person.
Phoebe Wilson
Phoebe Wilson:
You can just tell Amber was the abuser🤢
WickedPurple ooo
WickedPurple ooo:
Lets also point out that Amber Heards Family is not in court defending her I think that is telling.
Opal Emmy
Opal Emmy:
Her demeanor changed from "oh I'm so innocent! I'M the victim" to SCARY!! she looked like she wanted to fight Johnny's attorney..... what a heartless smug narcissist!!!!
Justice for Johnny!! <3
Johnny's lawyers are so supportive. As Camille sat back down, Johnny said thank you and she squeezed his hand. Ben instinctively patted Johnny's back and Johnny squeezed his shoulder as a thank you. Not many words said, but those gestures spoke lot. 😟😊
Ali Saskia
Ali Saskia:
we are with you jd. not as fan but injustice in this case drive me crazy. he should win for all the victims of abusers
Jorge Galvez
Jorge Galvez:
How pleasant is the environment of his lawyers, how cold is the environment that she creates with her respective people
Vee London
Vee London:
Amber and her cheek implants are struggling to look innocent.
Michelle DH
Michelle DH:
Great opening for Johnny ! He’s such a legend and proud he is standing up for himself !
Michelle Strachan
Michelle Strachan:
He has never had any big scandals other than being A addict. I'm 8 yrs clean from 16yrs of pills heroin and Crack. They try to use that so much to hurt him. Drugs definitely affect the addict and those that love them but it doesn't make you a abuser with one female that was arrested twice for domestic violence. She claimed to donate 7 million from the divorce to charity and never did. That alone is absolutely disgusting and shows her true character. I never once believed anything she said
I love her opening statement I'm in tears.
Jason Colegrove
Jason Colegrove:
As someone from the Bluegrass State I hate seeing something bad happening to a fellow Kentucky native. It breaks my heart what Johnny is going through
Melissa Manternach
Melissa Manternach:
His face when his lawyer told the jury they would see pictures of his severed finger 😂😂 I love him!
John Romanos
John Romanos:
All JD's sister had to do was say:
<< AH is extremely manipulative, and at that time she had managed to affect my judgement, and the good will I showed when I believed her lies. I also genuinely wanted to help her relationship with my brother, since at that time I wasn't aware she was so toxic. I trusted her as a woman, but now I regret having done so. I have absolutely no doubt my brother had no issues with alcohol or drug abuse. The messages I send him where I advised him to stop alcohol and pills were more in a form of advice because I knew the Hollywood industry is full of them. >>
More or less, I am certain that such a statement would have been more than enough to completely shut down the defense. 😊
Great opening statements for JD. Ambers attorney just goes on and on about gossip. Heard should do jail time for what she has done.
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew:
Did y’all see Depp pull out Ms. Vasquez’s chair as she stood up? This is an all around decent and kind man. I don’t see how anyone could ever think any differently.
J Eye
J Eye:
Awesome opening by Camille Vasquez, Esq., who’ll be the lead prosecutor next week to cross examine Amber. Very well done! Depp’s team is incredible!
Divine Goddess Tarot
Divine Goddess Tarot:
My heart goes out to Johnny 🧿❤️
the thing that triggers me most about AH is that she can't look at someone normaly. She always has her chin up and is looking down at everyone. Such high level of arrogance, it is making me sick
T T:
Who’s back to watch the beginning after the completion of the trial?
Just Me
Just Me:
The look on her face shows how guilty she is.
Slick Gogito
Slick Gogito:
just the two opening is enough for me to say that Heard was in the wrong and its sickening a humain being would destroy someone's life for her own profit. When the truth comes out, i hope she gets fired from Aquamen and that WB and Disney comes crawling back to JD to hired him back.
10:52 even in a court of law, depp still finds time to make me smile with his facial expressions lol
Moecus Pocus
Moecus Pocus:
I just feel like this isn't going to end well for either of them. It was obviously a terrible break up and goes to show you, people need to move on and stop hurting each other.
What a lesson these celebrities have turned out to be. Best of luck to all of them.
I never believed for a second johnny was guilty glad this is finally happening and this monster gets what she deserves really ran the captains name through the mud
Jo Tracy
Jo Tracy:
Poor Johnny. I hope this brings him some justice ⚖️
AH Lawyer sitting next to her - is TRULY ASHAMED to be there. You can see how he is nodding quietly and agreeing with CV - He knows the truth too.
Nathe London
Nathe London:
Amber Heard is enjoying this. She is not only a narcissist but also psychotic. Go Johnny.
Linda Worre
Linda Worre:
I’m sure Amber is having a hard time seeing Johnny sitting with this articulate and beautiful attorney.
Phillip Beckman
Phillip Beckman:
I'll say it again. Amber looks stressed out and defeated. This has taken a huge toll on her. It's obvious.
Mia roberts
Mia roberts:
johnny's team is so awesome...the way they arranged their witnesses to one by one demolish each and every one of amber's dirty lies. They nailed each one...even got the dog smuggling in lol...Man I love this whole bunch love Team johnny....still awed how after all the pain johnny has endured because of Amber 's lies he is still so lovable and kind hearted...he's great you'll see he even manages to crack us all up by just being himself. I'm so in love with johnny and all the wonderful people he surrounds himself with. amber doesn't stand a chance. So glad you made it out alive johnny. Everyone believes in you... big Kiss to you
you can tell Johnny is terrified to even look at her and she seems excited about her lies
Desiree F
Desiree F:
When the intended donation of the divorce settlement to charities was mentioned, AH almost rolled her eyes but was able to restrain herself twice.
Thomas Lopez
Thomas Lopez:
Those who know about attachment styles might notice the whole anxious avoided attachment seems like Depp is an anxious avoidant and then she become violent when he leaves. She twists the story around.
Dimitra Ap
Dimitra Ap:
Its obvious she's lying!! You dont have to be a lawyer or a judge to tell that! Hope for justice for johnny
Jenna-cidal ♥️
Jenna-cidal ♥️:
Watching this after Camille went on her objection marathon today! 🔥🔥 love her
She certainly did give the performance of her life and let me tell you…. It was awful lol for this to be the performance she depended on it sure was extremely fake. Way to go lol
Meriem Radhi
Meriem Radhi:
Just a thought here but I think that the fact that Johnny loved and took care of his abusive mother until the day she died is exactly what led him to all the substance use and most importantly that led him to be fooled by a woman half his age in his 50s...
As hard as it is to say goobye, cut ties and mourn a parent who's still alive, it is the only possible way towards recovery.
Noman Johan
Noman Johan:
wow looking back now, whatever she said is prophecy. Amber did all those things and failed miserably.
Sugarhill 06
Sugarhill 06:
I hope she gets what's coming to her...she's crazy af and it shows every.where.
Did anyone notice that JD lawyers touch him frequently with affection vs AH lawyers talk to her from afar and that's it? You only touch someone with affection if you really know they are suffering
Ms. Vasquez hit that out of the park. Impressive and compelling.
Petros Zagarelos
Petros Zagarelos:
Heard’s lawyer in closing statements: “give my client back her voice, stand up for freedom of speech” - also: “but award my client millions as payment for defamation for something JD’s friend said”.
They were just preparing the jurors for what would come next. Whoever captured that in mind was aware of the theater and drama and crocodile tears that follow was awared.
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Amber is already realizing she's not going to prevail.
K Jones
K Jones:
I wish she had spoken a bit more passionately and hit on the points more of how Amber is manipulative and cannot be allowed to destroy a man’s life. But they showed exactly what AH did....drama Queen liar and no evidence to back it up. Can't wait for cross!
boughalmi dora
boughalmi dora:
Les scènes décrites par Amber aurait nécessairement impliqué des consultations . Or pas une consultation ni hospitalisation peut venir soutenir ces mensonges !!
fb xx
fb xx:
Ms. Camille Vasquez is an absolute WONDER.
Shrute Farms
Shrute Farms:
I came back to listen to this because she will be crossing Amber and was hoping she was better than the one that crossed Dr Hughes. Not disappointed, she will mop the floor with Ambers lies.
Mattias Bystedt
Mattias Bystedt:
This case genuinely worried me.
Today I remembered as per biological clock that the trial was due in April 2022.
The easiest resolution would be for one to admit the truth and the other to forgive and I hope both have it in them to do their part. I personally believe Johnny Depp, and I am glad for this campaign because it erases a not so pleasant opinion I had about him that The Sun helped form. I feel sorry for them both. They've both done some great films! Thanks and cheers!
It's always good people that are the targets of abusers who come into their lives and ruin them. Amber disgusts me.
Josie's Favorites
Josie's Favorites:
Camille's opening statements were RIVETING! ... absolutely pure and emphatic. BRAVO! is all I can say.