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Alan Ferguson
Production Company:
Wandering Cameras

Alex P. Willson - @WanderingCameras

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Production Designer
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BTS Video / Stills:
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Picture Car:
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Cameras Provided by:
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Jon's Dancer Krewe:
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Special Thanks:

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Music video by Jon Batiste performing FREEDOM. A Verve Records release; © 2021 Naht Jona, LLC, under exclusive license to Verve Label Group, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

100+ comentarios:

Danke Mems
Danke Mems:
never heard of this dude until the grammys this year, how is he not more popular he absolutely killed it
Laura Lugo
Laura Lugo:
He’s been the band for Stephen Colbert for years. He’s been killing it there for a long time too. Juilliard trained….unlimited talent!!!
Clive Smith
Clive Smith:
The other day, I was walking in the street and I caught myself singing
"When I move my body just like this..." and without thinking I also did the move 🤣🤣🤣
People around me probably thought "Hey, here's the village idiot", but I felt like FREEDOM.
I am from the New Orleans area, and this video perfectly captures the true essence of the city. The vibrant colors represent many of the city's traditions. He included the St. Aug marching band in the video, and that is just perfect. He went to school there. This is an excellent video, and a love letter to New Orleans.
I first heard this song from my next door neighbors. He is an older gentlemen and his wife passed in early 2020. His family comes over on Sundays and they blast music in their driveway and have a dance party with mostly gospel music or jazz. My family and I always dance in our driveway with them and that's when I heard this song. I really loved it and now I'm a big fan of Jon Batiste. Thank you to my neighbors!
Esan F.
Esan F.:
The colors, styling, energy and gorgeous people...ya'll aced the assignment. Jon, you have a new fan. Pure joy!!!
William Davis
William Davis:
This man won 5 Grammy's, 11 Nomi's 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆. When a real musician people don't really know Busts thru the door 🚪 💥
S M:
I'm so happy that his song was not on commercial radio and still managed to win because we all know that the radio is bias...the real music is the one that exists outside radio!...👏👏👏
Cosmic Goddess
Cosmic Goddess:
This gives me the same pure joyous vibe that “Happy” did when it came out. Talk about a master class in happiness, joy, and living life in full color!! LOVE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Frank Benlin
Frank Benlin:
So happy to see a genuine musician doing well. Thank you.
Claudia Joyner
Claudia Joyner:
This song is pure joy and inspiration. Jon Batiste is beyond talented. He truly has a gift from above. I imagine he dreams in music. CONGRATS to Jon and Suleika on their marriage, and many blessings to her on her path to healing ❤
Stef R
Stef R:
This makes me wanna go back to the last holiday I ever took as a family..with my sister and my dad..he passed away a few months later and my sister passed away two years later. My sister would be 54 tomorrow…it’s been 24 years….the music Jon Batiste writes is so beautiful
Helen Trimble
Helen Trimble:
I am 67...and this song fills my heart with so much joy in a world filled with a lot of darkness and despair.
Such a delightful song in so many ways, but it’s especially fabulous to hear a 12-bar blues framework realized in such a fresh and lively style. A great reminder of why that harmonic structure has been pivotal to so many forms of popular music for over a century!
I feel privileged to watch this young man's rise to stardom.
Clive Smith
Clive Smith:
"Freedom" - Jon Batiste, 2021.

When I move my body just like this
I don't know why
But I feel like freedom (Freedom)
I hear a song that takes me back
And I let go with so much freedom (Freedom)
Free to live (How I wanna live)
I'm gon' get (What I'm gonna get)
'Cause it's my freedom (Freedom)

I love how you talk
You speaking my language
The way that you walk
You can't contain it
Is it the shoes
Jumped up, kangaroo
We're overdue for a little more prancing

Now it's your time
(It's your right)
You can shine
(It's alright)
If you do
I'ma do too

When I move my body just like this
I don't know why
But I feel like freedom (Freedom)
I hear a song that takes me back
And I let go
With so much freedom (Freedom)
Free to live (How I wanna live)
I'm gon' get (What I'm gonna get)
'Cause it's my freedom (Freedom)

The reason we get down, is to get back up
If someone's around, go on let them look
You can't stand still
This ain't no drill
More than cheap thrills (Feels like money, money, money)

Now it's your time
(It's your right)
You can shine
(It's alright)
If you do
I'ma do too

'Cause when I look up to the stars (Stars)
I know exactly who we are (Ooh)
'Cause then I see you shine
You shinin'
You shinin' oh!

Free to be!
(Everybody come on) (Freedom!)
(Everybody come 'round)
(Everybody come on)
Come on now

I'm stuck to the dance floor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape
(Let me see you wobble)
I'm stuck to the dance floor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape
(Let me see you shake)
Give you just what you ask for
Givin' you the whole shake
I'ma give you the whole shake
(Let me see you wobble)
I'm stuck to the dance floor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape
(Can you make it break?)

I say yeah (Yeah)
Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
(Let me see you wobble)
'Cause, you do
I'ma do too

Come on now

I'm stuck to the dance floor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape
(Let me see you wobble)
I'm stuck to the dance floor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape
(Let me see you shake)
Give you just what you ask for
Givin' you the whole shake
I'ma give you the whole shake
(Let me see you wobble)
I'm stuck to the dance floor
With the, with the whole tape
With the, with the, with the whole tape
(Can you make it break?)

I say yeah (Yeah)
Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
(Let me see you wobble)
'Cause, you do
I'ma do too

When I move my body just like this
I don't know why
But I feel like freedom (Freedom)
I hear a song that takes me back
And I let go
With so much freedom (Freedom)
Free to live (How I wanna live)
I'm gon' get (What I'm gonna get)
'Cause it's my freedom (Freedom)
Elder Guy
Elder Guy:
Lovely sounds and good feelings abound!🕺🕺💃💃💃👯🧑‍🤝‍🧑 This will get you up and moving your body!!!
Patricia Gurwitz
Patricia Gurwitz:
John is absolutely one of the greatest dancers, singers, composer... Just a GREAT HUMAN BEING 👍🏼👍🏼❤️❤️
Dani Taylor
Dani Taylor:
He's a true American treasure.❤💃
This guy is bringing music back to how it should be.
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson:
gotta LOVE LOVE the creativity! The dancing, clothes, setting, etc. WOW! Jon Batiste has the best videos out there!
Sofi Harutyunyan
Sofi Harutyunyan:
This guy is so talented and bringing back MUSIC,everyone talks about Kanye’s girlfriends but no one talks about Jon Batiste or his music
Incredible job!
Maria Castro
Maria Castro:
Simplesmente maravilhoso
Awesome!! Love it
Sharon Cullen Art
Sharon Cullen Art:
As a disabled person with autoimmune arthritis and just leaving the hospital with pneumonia, this video rocked my world. I wish I had taken time to appreciate the movement and freedom to breathe. Now sitting here watching this video I can’t take my eyes off of all of you. Jon this video is so uplifting that I cannot stop watching it. Thank you. I will never take any movement for granted again.
The Real Deal
The Real Deal:
Among many awesome suits that Jon sports in this video, the pink silk suit is perfect! Jon Baptiste is such a Dynamo! Love this video!
John Bunn
John Bunn:
This is my new Anthem song, it wakes me up and gets me goin!!! Just love me some Batiste!!! you go Bro!!!!
Ohhh the style, the groove, the voice…”chef’s kiss”
Dr Lynn Vitale
Dr Lynn Vitale:
Love him and his adoration for his beautiful wife. This song makes r get chills!!!!!!!!!!!
No lie, I'm here after the Grammys--because I'd never heard of this guy before. But after listening this song (and I'll check out a few more on his channel for sure), he DESERVED the win! His music is good!!!!
His vocals at 3:15 brought this old Gen-Xer right back to Schoolhouse Rock. And that is high praise in deed.
Linda White
Linda White:
Love the way the dancers pop out of the paintings. So CREATIVE!
Hernán Agozzino
Hernán Agozzino:
Saludos desde Argentina. El mejor tema del soundtrack del Efootball 2022. Me encontré un muy buen artista
Jon you are soooooo multi talented! I am soooooo very happy for you, CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE EARNED IT!!
Mistress of weirdness 84
Mistress of weirdness 84:
Listening to Jon Batiste is like discovering warm rays of sunshine after a long winter ❤️
Ace D
Ace D:
Congrats on album of the year! Fantastic
Manuel Delgadillo
Manuel Delgadillo:
These are incredible videos... fresh with great style. I love them!!
T G:
This song is officially an earworm for me. Can't get it out of my head. I love it.
Kat G
Kat G:
This is becoming one of my favorite songs!
No offense, but why the hell isn't this a top 10 hit? For that matter, why isn't it getting heavy rotation airplay? SO GOOD!!!
Janet Casavant
Janet Casavant:
I love your music, your songs, the way you dance, you are amazing + your soul ♥️👌BRAVO Jon Baptiste ❗️
Roxanne Bourdages
Roxanne Bourdages:
Been listening to your music for two weeks straight Jon, it's amazing, you are amazing! And your videos are so beautiful!
Jens Müller
Jens Müller:
The perfect feelgood song. LOVE it.
Adam Kencki
Adam Kencki:
Jon this is fantastic! sharp as ever
Mari M
Mari M:
He deserved the Grammys, this is the music of healing.
Genevieve Choghari
Genevieve Choghari:
🎭🎶🎭 I can’t tell ya how much I love this song..being from New Orleans myself, this song 🎵 just makes me happy..Plus Jon is extremely nice to look at..Love ya Jon
T. W.
T. W.:
How did I miss this song? And the video! It's amazing! I knew Batiste was amazing, but this is just so crazy happy awesome!
Judith Kpewu
Judith Kpewu:
I love how you presented Africa in the video .Love the Culture 💜.Proud of you as a Ghanaian🇬🇭🇬🇭 and African
Ellen Murphy
Ellen Murphy:
No its not the video of the year. Its the video of the decade! Jon, how do you do that? ❤ ✌ 🎶
Joelida Toebiria
Joelida Toebiria:
Batiste really really deserves all the awards!
Linda Greenwood
Linda Greenwood:
Classic horns and rhythm!! I love this!! 💜🎼🎵🎺🥁🎹🎸💃
María Font
María Font:
Wow! ¡Qué bueno, por favor! 🇺🇾
Monie Camp
Monie Camp:
Sending love and good vibes 💞 and prayers 🙏 to you and yours. I'm a new fan 🥰 much love to a brilliant 💓😍 talented Man🤩💐
I love this video so very much and it always blows my mind to see how multifaceted John Batiste is. My son has a friend who's the dancer and I'm going to send him this link to show his friend cuz I'm certain he'll be very much impressed and probably dancing with it. And I find Mr Batiste to be incredibly beautiful in so many ways.
Clara Smith
Clara Smith:
So glad he's getting his just desserts!! This man is phenomenal!!!
javier r. mori
javier r. mori:
Love this video & song...Choreography.....Wardrobe... Casting.....Colorist... Director...all team.....and Jon Baptiste, makes me happy and free...Thanks a lot....
When I watch this vid
I don't know why
But I feel HAPPY!

Thanks, Jon Batiste!
Avin Squires
Avin Squires:
I loved spotting all the little nods to New Orleans in this video, the second-line style dancing, Mardi Gras Indians, the little kids drumming on fleur de lis buckets, Spanish moss, brightly painted houses, the St. Aug Marching Knights, and more. This video makes my heart both full and incredibly homesick. You nailed it again, Jon! Fantastic job by a true artist.
Robert Forsyth
Robert Forsyth:
He's an incredible talent and you have to understand what he means when he talks about freedom. It's something conservative whites don't understand and don't want to understand. This is a classic song about black pride and acceptance.
Chris Harris
Chris Harris:
I had to watch this at 1/2 speed to fully appreciate the artistry that went into this video. WOW never knew you could move like that! Wierd Al should be impressed.
Mike Lepere
Mike Lepere:
A fantastic infectious song, and a truly excellent video directed by Alan Ferguson. Checks all the boxes.
C'est What?
C'est What?:
Amazing, positive energy soars from Jons soul, lighting up the world for those of us lucky enough to see, hear, listen, and feel. I grew up in a desegregated world. Once left my cleats at our HS stadium. Against my friend's wishes, we went in during half-time at a Black HS football game. The entire stadium was up and dancing to an amazing half-time show. Never seen, or heard such unrestrained joy before, or since, till now. Just freakin' joyful!
Frank Lurten
Frank Lurten:
Feels like James Brown crossed with Michael Jackson seasoned with a heavy helping of New Orleans
LaTanya Cochran
LaTanya Cochran:
Loving this. Great music
Kissable Me
Kissable Me:
This is my morning routine song, do my hair and makeup to this and I'm ready to go!!!!
L C:
So good! I think a lot of these dancers were also in the Grammy performance!
mark darnell
mark darnell:
A Wonderful, Beeaautiful Human-being from an AMAZING City full of them! Honestly...this particular song ain't my thing, but... I love Jon, and HIS is a Positive Force the World SO Needs right now - THANK YOU, Jon!
Hydraxis Frimon
Hydraxis Frimon:
Love Jon's peacock aesthetic, strutting his stuff and looking so fine! And yeah, the whole thing is JOYFUL. Great to see a consummate musician get up and move about in such a FASCINATING way - you are carving your own niche, young man, and we are all enjoying you do that, thank you so much!
Jerusha Maxwell
Jerusha Maxwell:
Love to see handsome Jon's joyous expert choreography, and to hear his smooth, confident vocals! His talents are just limitless!
NYC Artist
NYC Artist:
Jon, your music always makes my day.
Thando Ndlovu
Thando Ndlovu:
Congratulations 👏🥳 on Your 5 Grammy John well deserved.
Jon’s music always brings a smile to my face and hits me deep and I am so happy and proud of his much earned success! Pray for his wife.
This gives me “Happy” by Pharrell vibes and I mean that in the best way because that was an amazing song! The direction of the video, and the choreography really showcased freedom of movement and expression. Very well done Jon! 🎼
Raul Amezquita
Raul Amezquita:
I can tell how much these two guys love each other. I wish all people to have a friend like that! This is not Lord of the Rings Frodo-Sam fantasy. It is the real deal.
Fozi Bear
Fozi Bear:
Such an amazing song sang so well with amazing moves love the video. Jon so deserved those Grammys.Look forward to hearing more new music from him.
MMB Millennial Music Band
MMB Millennial Music Band:
Wow! That is a great performance!! Congrats🍾
Tiffany Marie Delorme
Tiffany Marie Delorme:
Brings back my New Orleans memories with family and friends. Creole Love for NOLA! Jon Batiste is Awesome!
production team: Jon, how many snazzy suits to you want?
Jon Batiste: Yes.
Foxy Turbine
Foxy Turbine:
Jon-Jon!! Amazing song!!!! Man, you've some amazing moves :)
And congrats on all those Grammy awards!!! ❤❤❤
I just love this song. ❤️
Aarya Nakhate
Aarya Nakhate:
Sir Jon's uniqueness and orinality reflects in every song of him🎶👍
Maria del camino
Maria del camino:
Excelente música gracias éxitos
M.N. Shumate
M.N. Shumate:
You got me Jon Batiste!! Love fan here!! Prayers to y'all also!!
I know your music from late night, but wow, I’m so happy to have exposure to your personal projects. You are so lovely, and so talented.
vickie sims
vickie sims:
When I fist saw Jon on The late show I was hooked . I love his music .. the soul is deep and incredible.
Catherine Kennedy
Catherine Kennedy:
I just love him! He’s so cool! Thank you Steven Colbert for bringing him to us!! He’s an absolute joy! ❤️❤️
DJ Christie
DJ Christie:
Nominated for the most #GRAMMY's this year!!!! Seems like for good reason too!!! This is FIRE!!! Can't wait to hear more. :-)
Bill Hilton
Bill Hilton:
He is so talented! I wish his wife a speedy recovery from cancer and many blessings! And congrats on your recent wedding to each other
Dalia Hernandez
Dalia Hernandez:
Happy I've been listening to Jon batiste for years since he's been a band leader on the late show!
He deserves the recognition. Much praise to him and a good recovery to his wife. #freedom
Vladimir Estragon
Vladimir Estragon:
I told a friend that if they listened to this song, their booty would be dancing in whatever chair they were sitting in. Thank you Jon Batiste for showcasing the culture of the city of New Orleans. It is so great to see people pay things forward. Love you Jon and Suleika! You are good people.
Geordie Canuck
Geordie Canuck:
Thanks Jon, we all needed this!! ❤💃🤸‍♀️🕺❤
Michelle B
Michelle B:
Congrats Jon, love you!! So glad you won this!!! 😀
Peaceful American
Peaceful American:
I love the door of the car, stopping what's happening on the street, because it could be good or it could be bad. Kids playing, wanting no trouble. Everyone stops, anticipates, and he begins to be amazing.
This is my new wake up track. AMAZING!!!!!! <3
Deborah Sylvester
Deborah Sylvester:
Jon, you have turned music into magic. Thank you man. Love every moment of every song. 👏👏👏👏
Makes me feel alive. This video is as beautiful as the song. Yes!!!!
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
JON BAPTISTE! Congratulations on winning five Grammys including album of the year!
Wild Daisies
Wild Daisies:
Impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to this !!!🙂💛
Patricia Custodio
Patricia Custodio:
Can’t get this song out my head…this is my morning motivation! ♥️💜💙
Floyd Farano
Floyd Farano:
He comes from a family of many musicians.He gave a wonderful humble speech.Have watched him for yrs on late night.